Metatron: The Time of Peace and Prosperity has Come.



Archangel Metatron: The Time of Peace & Prosperity Has Come

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Through Dancing Dolphin

Yes, dear one, I AM here and I AM your Metatron. I AM here today to give you a message for Lightworkers–all those in body and out of body who are working towards the Ascension, working towards the RV, the Golden Age of Gaia, Peace on Earth, the Golden Age, whatever you may call it. The time of Peace and Prosperity has come! It is finally here on Gaia.

Eons and eons we have waited for this, dear Ones. We have worked and waited and worked and waited—all of us! Each together ONE. Search your hearts, for you know this is true. You have helped, served and sacrificed all these eons in Service to the One. It was a gigantic mission that we all took on, we couldn’t have done it without each other and especially without Gaia. But we have persevered, we have held fast as we are steadfast in our righteous dedication to the One. Many, many, many, many (more than you can count) Souls have participated in this grand experiment, mission or project as you may term it. I am honored to be included and to have participated myself.

You Lightworkers, boots on the ground, in the skies, on the ships, in Inner Earth, you are located in many, many places! Your missions are varied to suit your special skills. I applaud you now with graciousness and gratitude for your dedication as this project has been very long and arduous for all of us. I know you have been feeling the exhaustion and feeling drained, overworked and underpaid (laughs). This lifetime has been one of the toughest because of the extreme measures that have been take–at the last minute I may add, to thwart our Ascension, to throw us off balance and to delay the glory and celebrations that we will have when it is finished. I am here to tell you today dear Ones that IT IS FINISHED! It is finished and the Golden Age of Gaia can begin!

Hallelujah, Hosanna, Hosanna! Hosanna! I am cheering, I am celebrating, I am over-joyed! This celebration is for all of us, all of us who have participated. We are being told from Mother and Father that it is a job well done and that the effects, repercussions and positive outcome will be felt for evermore through many dimensions, timelines, by other galaxies and even other Universes. The news of the success of this project, this experiment from dark to light, will spread far and wide. Those of us who participated will be revered for our steadfast dedication and success. For we together have accomplished something that has never been done before. That may be hard for some to believe, but there is always is a first. And when something is actually accomplished that was thought to be hopeless, it sends out ripples and waves of hopefulness, of joy and great expectations! We have turned the tide.

Gaia herself is sitting back with a big smile on her face! (chuckles). She is an incredible dear Angel and she knew from the beginning that it was possible. She had faith that it was possible to go so far into the darkness and be able to come back into full spectral light; she never lost hope. She always had her optimism and her faith. She, more than any of the rest of us had her faith and optimism because she knew that it could be done. We would all be lost without her, our dear Gaia. And it is no coincidence that she took on this position, that she was chosen for this because she had the dharma (life path) for this. Mother and Father saw this spark of light inside her and they knew that she was the one that could get the job done, she was the one who could hold on during all eons of darkness; she alone was the one that could take on this task. We all volunteered to come help her, but she is the shining star! She is the one. She is the one.

(Note I had the quick thought “I love Gaia”) Yes, dear one, we love her with all of our hearts! You and all the Lightworkers can talk to her, you can communicate with her in many different ways. You do this unconsciously everyday, but most of you don’t realize it. But she loves and adores you all and would love to talk to you more often and more consciously if you would give it a try. Focus on it. Go sit outdoors. As you commune with the ground and feel the breeze on your face, give thanks for the ants, grasshoppers, ladybugs and all creatures large and small that you may observe or hear; such as a bird’s song. Give thanks, appreciation, gratitude for all those wondrous creatures. The feel of the earth under your feet, the sand between your toes or your boots crunching through the snow. Give thanks. Give her your gratitude for her wispy willow trees, the brilliant blue sky and her majestic mountains.

As you commune with nature, as you give gratitude and appreciation for nature, you are connecting with Gaia. She senses this and she will connect right back with you. You may hear her voice, get an idea or a thought may be placed into your mind, or a honeybee may land on your finger. You know that when you are doing this, it is Gaia herself communicating with you. She loves you all right back. She knows you all by name. Gaia is your biggest fan! (laughs) We all love you very much of course, but Gaia knows exactly who has been here for millennia helping her with this project, so she knows you all and I encourage you all to commune with her! Not only for the sake of communicating with her, which is fabulous beyond measure; but also this will serve to quiet your minds, to ease your stress, to soothe your anxieties during this tumultuous time of living on Gaia now.

I am aware of what you are all going through—literally aware of the detail of your lives living day by day with the global pandemic, the loss of jobs and businesses, the suffering of the pandemic, all the elections going on, the “lock-downs”, national leaders resigning, etc. I am aware, we all are aware and we are with you, supporting you. This will be short-lived. Once the chaos hits a certain level, it will not last much longer and things will change quickly. OK? I cannot tell you what will change or what will happen, but—I encourage you all to do this—to go outdoors, even if it’s cold. Take a walk, enjoy Gaia. Commune with her and ease your mind and Soul. Be rejuvenated by the fresh smells. Just let your mind relax and forget all the chaos that your news, TV and phones bring to you. Let it all go. Let it go. Commune with Gaia and you will feel much, much better! This will help you get through these difficult times now right at the very end. As I told you earlier, the Golden Age of Gaia has begun, so these tumultuous times will not last much longer.

We are Brothers, we are Sisters, we are One. My “title” as Arch Angel is not important. My form as an angel is not important. Your body as a human body or a galactic body is not important. If you are a blade of grass or a mountain, it’s not important. We are all created by the One, Mother Father One. We are all One. We take on many, many different forms through many, many different lifetimes and are all One whether we’re a drop of water, a grain of sand on the beach, a sea turtle or a hamster! We’re all made of the same stuff so the form doesn’t matter. Our Souls are what matters. Our connection to each other is what matters. I AM in a position right now that I can be of service to you. I would like to close in saying that I give you my gratitude, my love, my guidance. I serve by guiding others. I would love to speak with all of you! I know all of you by name, by Soul and I can guide you. I offer my service. Call on me! Call on me!

I AM grateful to this one for taking my message today. Time is speeding up and you all will be celebrating with us very, very soon. Please take time to commune with Gaia, continue in your meditations, continue sending love to everyone that you can. This helps more than you know and is one of the best things to do at this point—to continue to send love! Make it general, send love to every One.

Share your kindness. Continue doing that. Many, many, many of you are doing that and many of you have done that always. But now, especially now it is needed more than ever. Many people are frightened. When they see your confident, loving smile they feel better instantly. They know it will be OK, that all is well and you have given them that with just a smile. I appreciate YOU, all of YOU! I will go now.

I AM your Metatron, I love YOU always.


The 9D Arcturian Council: Solstice Energies, Crystals and theMineral Kingdom

The 9D Arcturian Council: Solstice Energies, Crystals & the Mineral Kingdom

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been investigating the effects of the solstice energies on your world, and we are noticing that not only are they already upon you and among you, but they are affecting more than just humankind.

These energies are affecting all of the dimensions that you have there and all of the beings that you have on Earth.

You are currently living in four to five dimensions right now, which means you are already multidimensional beings. And when you are aware of your multidimensional nature, it is easier to be your whole self.

Not only are the animals and plants being affected by the solstice energies that are pouring in at this time, but the dirt is being affected. The rocks are being affected, and of course the crystals are being affected by the solstice energies.

If you have crystals that you haven’t picked up in a while, go pick them up and hold them in your hands. Feel the energy coming off of them as they anchor in the solstice energies for you.

They have to at times do some of the heavy lifting for you, because you are busy living your complicated lives there on Earth.

The crystalline realm is becoming a bigger player in all of this ascension business that you are wrapped up in at this time, and of course your planet is comprised of earth, rocks, crystals, and other substances that are affected by the solstice energies in a very powerful way.

You know that there is so much going on energetically all the time, but there are times when everything is amplified, and you need help grounding all of the energies into the physical plane. You are all wonderful conduits because of your openness and because of your awareness.

You have enough sensitivity to know that something is going on, but you also have helpers. You have the beings in your life in animal form, in plant form, in tree form, but then you also have what you consider to be inanimate.

The mineral kingdom has consciousness. You wouldn’t think of them as beings because they are not associated with a soul, but certainly when you look at a mountain or a mountain range, you can feel the consciousness that is present there. That’s the type of consciousness that is helping you immensely at this time.

That’s why when we tell you to ground yourselves in your bodies and to Mother Earth, we really mean it.

Go connect with whatever you can that is a part of your world, or find an animal friend to connect with.

Go out and buy some plants at the store and bring them home, and be grateful for their service.

You are getting a tremendous amount of help right now from all angles, and yes, it is because you need that help.

It is because these energies are so strong, and it is because this is a group effort and a group event.

Ascension always has been for all, not just the chosen few, and what’s happening on your world right now is a representation of that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Blossom Goodchild: White Cloud Meditation and Federation of Light

White Cloud and Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Dec. 19, 2020

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We’re combining Blossom’s White Cloud global live “I Am” meditation with her Federation of Light message. This is Blossom’s last channeling of the year.

White Cloud: GLOBAL LIVE ‘I AM’ Mantra. DEC 21st 11am.

Federation of Light, Dec. 19, 2020

A very good morning to you. Ok, so, I am planning on this being the last channeling for the year … and what a year it’s been! I guess folk would like you to speak of the monoliths and the Huge announcement … and anything else you may deem appropriate for us to know.

Welcome to you Blossom and welcome to all who engage in these conversations with us. It has indeed, been a monumental year. A time of great disturbances and upheavals both within and without. Yet, we are certain that for Each Soul … within their soul … they have travelled far.

Without doubt … and still a long road ahead it seems.

This is so and yet, we ask that you understand and cement within your mind patterns, that the changes of this year and this new one ahead, shall herald in stronger Energies that allow one’s KNOWING to feel fulfilled. So much more is to be presented and although one would say this year has been monumental … the new one shall top it … in many, many, unexpected ways.

So, we shall speak firstly of the Monoliths.

Thank you. On the web site tracking them*, it is said there are now 86. My gut tells me they are not all ‘your’ doing?

This is correct. For many have decided to play into this game and create structures to add to the excitement. It actually benefits, rather than deters, for those that come from ‘Energy elsewhere’ are lost within the throng, which conceals very nicely, the TRUTHFUL figures.

We have no concern of this, for they … do not/cannot … interfere with the programming of the original status and coding therein, of those which are sent from off Planet.

How is one to know which ones are real?

Dearest Blossom, with respect … one does not need to know. We would say ‘Leave it to us’. Place this phenomenon of the STARBEAMS safely into our hands and let the Divine Plan play out in TRUST and LOVE.

Within all things, within all inquiries of what is and what is not to take place … what is and what is not Truth … what is and what is not to play out … on any given dates … we ask of you to LET GO!

So much unnecessary Energy is used up by speculation and concern … by so many. Yet, if one was to simply ‘LET GO’ … in their KNOWING OF TRUTH and leave the more complex issues in the hands of those who DO know what is taking place and when it shall do so … then there would be a lot more Energy within ones own Vibration, that can uplift the self and therefore, The Whole.

Yes. This I understand. Personally, I feel I am doing this yet, many it seems, are concerned about so much that is being bandied about. So many emails from folk who are not able to LET GO and TRUST … and to be honest, it feels like we are walking on a tight rope. Taking one step at a time, trying to keep our balance, yet, not really knowing what we are walking across to … especially in the year to come.


For that … IN ITSELF is the KEY to hanging on.

This you have been accomplishing on many levels. Some greatly, some not at all. Yet, we ask that one concerns themselves with their own rhythm. For within doing so, one, of course, is benefiting The Whole.

We have not ‘moved on’ from the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT. We have not changed course on this. We would say, that delays have occurred, as can happen in many situations and certainly in matters of HUGE credence. Yet, we do not sway from the KNOWING that a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT shall occur.

Many things that have left souls ‘wondering’, shall come to pass as you move through into your New Year. So many things shall leave you bemused, yet, deep down, shall make sense as to the ‘whys?’

Could you talk about Dec 21st? I am hearing from many who feel it to be like 2012. Skies opening … days of darkness … computers down … Solar flashes etc. and some quite fearful. So many thoughts … I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Poppins appeared as the skies divided!! What offerings do you have about this date?




Many may encounter feelings of Euphoria and Greatly Heightened Joy. Others may react very differently, in ways of tears and releasing. For those that encounter the latter, KNOW that you are playing your role and experiencing for The Whole. For LETTING GO AND RELEASING in order for the new HIGHER ENERGIES to flow through … is the order of the day.

*We are aware that many are gathering to say the I AM mantra Blossom and we thank you for this.



Being ‘in this game’ for over 20 years now, I do not have expectations of anything occurring other than what you say. I feel it wise for others to do the same. SHOULD anything occur that blows us into kingdom come … then fab. Yet, I feel once again, many will be disappointed and complain because they have built ‘scenarios’ in their heads from different information given … and quite a bit of that information has been falsely given to deceive, and once again, folk will, therefore, feel let down.

Blossom and All … how can we phrase these words in order for one’s complete understanding?




As we have said, YOU EITHER KNOW IT, OR YOU DON’T.

And as I have said many times, my friends … pop down here, just for an hour or two and ‘see how differently it feels in this density and confusion … compared to how you perceive it.’

We understand this, yet, it does not make us want to change our wording.



And we still do! We just had no idea how confusing it would be.

Yet, when you KNOW that you are here to see this through … to anchor the Light within every moment … no confusion is necessary. Yes, we realize you could argue that point. Yet, we would still hold our ground in making it.






I know … as much as I can know … that I know. Yet, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are all sitting on the edge of our seats!

Then, for a moment … sit back in your seats and relax. Take some time to think about that which has taken place. How one’s past year has been like never before … unexpected yet, necessary.

How one has found strength which they knew not they had.

What if one was to sit back and smile in the KNOWING, that all that is going on is what one has been waiting for … the real ‘start’ of the shift. The actual recognition of revelations coming to the forefront.

Yes, we can do that. Maybe, we are just too impatient for all that we know to be revealed on the mainstream media. Right now, that’s not happening and it shouldn’t matter … if we fully TRUST.

Blossom, when you fully TRUST … everything that is brought to your attention … be it Enlightening or otherwise … sits deep within your KNOWING that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE.






We really are doing the best we can, in any given moment, of that which we are presented with.

We have no doubt of this. You are feeling incomplete in this conversation are you not?

Yes. In that, as this is the last one of the year, is there nothing more you can say about the Monoliths? Surely, they too, are not going to fade into the background?

Blossom … Dearest Blossom … ALL IS IN PLACE.

What do you mean … all the monoliths?

No … for some are not to arrive until the last moment …

Those that are of TRUTH … those that ARE NOT OF EARTH … are ‘dormant’ for this time in certain programming’s. Yet, although ‘silent in stature’ are in accordance with their positioning and ‘Energetic’ outflowings.

Those that ARE OF EARTH and people’s fun and games … are serving greatly, also. For if there were to be none of these shenanigans … the TRUE STARBEAMS would be too apparent, and dealt with accordingly, by those who do not want them in position.


‘Their’ intelligence?

Yes. Their programming is not of a system known to man.

You know, if I sit for a minute, here with you … and imagine the activation of these Pillars and see the TRUE ONES shooting out Light and connecting up with each other in Light grids across the Planet … accompanied by Flashes from the Sun … and all sorts of Rainbow colours beaming across our skies … I could cry. Because somewhere within me … I can feel that this will happen. I don’t know when. I am not going to ask you when. Yet, if I let go of all indoctrinations and programming’s … this possibility will become a reality one day. Just the fact that some monoliths are already in position is a step in the right direction.

Dearest Blossom … we take this opportunity to thank you and all those who have chosen to take heed of that which we bring forth.



DEAREST SOULS OF EARTH … as you walk into this NEW EARTH … into this NEW TIMELINE …


We shall, of course, be connecting with Each One on your date of the Dec 21st.

White Cloud … whom we honour … shall lead the way and we TRUST that Each One shall feel our connection to their Hearts as we join in Energy with you that day.

Thank you. Thank you, Guys, for another amazing year of interesting chat. Thank you for putting up with my doubts and fears. Thank you for helping so many souls awaken and understand more of their TRUTH. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Until next year … I LOVE YOU. WE LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM!



Details can be found in the description box after watching this video.




Patricia Cota Robles: Important Assistance from Mother Mary

Patricia Cota-Robles – Important Assistance From Mother Mary

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Jenny Schiltz: The Great Shift is here!

Jenny Schiltz ~ The Great Shift is Here

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November 22, 2020,

So much has shifted. In one moment there is greater ease and flow while simultaneously there is dis-ease and chaos. There is an energy that has been building, pushing us into the unknown.

A few weeks ago, Spirit shared that we would be moving into a new location. A new area of the hologram, the simulation. The more I dug into it, the more I began to understand just how big this is for all of us. This is greater than a timeline shift, it is a paradigm shift. It is the one that we have been waiting for. The one we have prepared for during our many incarnations.

It was explained that it took a collective effort to reach this place. It took many of us anchoring light while holding the confounds of our reality intact. They showed me the earth as if it was a flat map, each person anchoring the light, was like a thumb tack holding all in place as we transverse this massive shift. This achievement is incredible and has brought on much celebration in the cosmos. A giant shoutout to all the space holders and the light anchors! We did it!

When I asked for greater understanding of what this new space and time period would feel like, they explained it in in ways that I could understand. As someone who has lived on a farm, they choose to use that experience to help me grasp what they were explaining.

They showed me cows being herded from a field that was dry and barren into a giant round holding pen. Some cows were fearful and stayed towards the gates where they were let in. Others however seemed to understand and knew that they were safe and that good things were coming. These cows moved towards the front of the herd and into individual cattle chutes.

On a farm a cattle chute is used to contain a cow while health checks are made. It is tight and it squeezes them, holding them in place in order to keep them from kicking, turning or hurting themselves or the people tending them.

Once they were through the cattle chute, they were let out into a gorgeous pasture that was healthy and looked like a bovine paradise. Even though this was happening there were still those cows that were fearful, attached to the old dying field and stayed by the entrance gate.

With those images in my mind, they explained that this is what is happening to us. We have been moved to a new location, a new simulation. We will feel pushed, pulled, even squeezed as we go through this process, much like being in a cattle chute.

I asked what determines the speed in which one moves through the process. They explained that lack of attachment and fear allows a person to move much quicker and with greater ease through the process. Once we are through the process we then go into the field that holds infinite expression and possibility. It holds a new vibratory frequency and allows us the freedom to reach our fullest potential. Our current location holds much limitation and restriction.

It really feels like a time in which we will be forced to see what we have been avoiding in our lives. Things that can no longer be swept under the rug. We each will have our own “come to Jesus moment.” This is a massive choice point. Do we cling tightly to the old or do we let go in order to receive the new?

We have to look at where we have attached into belief systems, identities, people, events, even spiritual understandings. Wherever we have attached into something to help us create an identity is being brought to the light.

These attachments keep us locked into the old, tethered to a reality that never really fit us to begin with. It is coming into a state of pure surrender and allowing. This helps us to let go of what no longer serves and opens us to receive all that is possible.

When we attach to something we create expectations and then judgement when the expectations are not met. I was reminded of working with a foster child, his view of what family “should” be like came from television sitcoms. Due to this distorted view he didn’t allow himself to fit in with other families and was constantly searching for the one that matched the world created in his mind by the television.

While that is an extreme case, think about the roles we have played in this lifetime and where we have created scenarios of how it should be instead of accepting what is. I have played daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend etc. Each one of those can come with expectations, some self created and some put on us by others.

By removing the attachment to the roles, I set myself free of those expectations and allow myself to be completely who I am in those relationships. It is often the expectations and subsequent judgement that keep us from living in full authentically and playing small.

It is from the space of non-attachment that we can truly love a person for exactly who they are, including ourselves. It is also from this space that we can allow another to experience the full depth of their creation. This is essential right now. We each have to see and experience our creation without victimhood and blame so that we can see clearly what we need to do to change it.

It is in the wanting to change or assist another that attaches us to their reality, one in which you don’t belong.

It can feel counter intuitive to remove the quantum entanglement that we have created especially with loved ones. Yet, what I am experiencing is that rather than becoming cold and uncaring, removing myself from what I have attached to creates such space within that it fills only with love. It is now completely up to us to set ourselves free. We are not waiting on the collective to awaken or for a particular event. You setting yourself free is your personal event.

This new space we find ourselves in has a different vibratory frequency than we have ever experienced before. There is a different quality to the tones that we are hearing. By going within, we are making incredible shifts even though the outside looks like chaos. This new demands that we give ourselves the space and the grace to adjust to it and explore more of our own truth. The more you let go of all of your attachments, the more you come home to yourself and your place within the universe.

Understand that it is not that the attachment is removed from you, it is that you remove yourself from what you are attached to.z

Start thinking about people, places, even belief systems that you may have attached to.

Visualize the person, the place, the thing, or even a belief system. When you are ready say the following:

I pull back any energy I may have given or left behind from ___________. The quantum entanglement is now removed.

Breathe deep and on the exhale know that you are no longer quantumly attached. Breathe deep again and on the exhale ground your essence into your body, pushing your breath out your feet. This exercise can make you feel ungrounded, even jittery. Breathe yourself back into presence.

Notice what comes up within as you do this for loved ones, places that hold memory, and belief systems. The emotions that you feel will show you just how strong the attachment is. For some it may bring in immediate lightness, for others it can bring in an anxious feeling. Sit with the emotions and fears, acknowledge them, and then let them pass through. This will help you to not reattach due to fear.

While this may appear to be a time of great upheaval collectively, it doesn’t have to be on the individual level. The depth of who we are and the infinite possibilities are calling. We just have to silence the noise enough to listen.

Sending you all lots of love as we adjust to this new space. Please join my mailing list so that you keep up to date with my postings. I am finding that many posts that hold information such as this are being shadow banned. To join the mailing list, click Here

Thank you to all that have shared and supported this work. It means the world.