Giving Billions Fast: MacKenzie Scott Upends Philanthropy

Giving Billions Fast, MacKenzie Scott Upends Philanthropy

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MacKenzie Scott in 2018. Her fortune comes from shares of Amazon that she got after her divorce last year from Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder. Credit…Getty Images Nicholas Kulish

By Nicholas Kulish, The New York Times, December 20th, 2020

On a Monday evening in November, Dorri McWhorter, the chief executive of the Y.W.C.A. Metropolitan Chicago, got a phone call from a representative of the billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. The news was almost too good to be true: Her group would be receiving a $9 million gift.

Between the pandemic and the recession, it had been a difficult year for the Chicago Y.W.C.A., which runs a rape crisis hotline and provides counseling to women on jobs, mortgages and other issues. Money was tight. Ms. McWhorter shed tears of joy on the call.

Similar scenes were playing out at charities nationwide. Ms. Scott’s team recently sent out hundreds of out-of-the-blue emails to charities, notifying them of an incoming gift. Some of the messages were viewed as possible scams or landed in spam filters. Many of the gifts were the largest the charities had ever received. Ms. McWhorter was not the only recipient who cried.

All told, Ms. Scott — whose fortune comes from shares of Amazon that she got after her divorce last year from Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder — had given more than $4 billion to 384 groups, including 59 other Y.W.C.A. chapters.

“Women-led, Black women-led organizations tend to be at the very bottom of the pile for philanthropists,” Ms. McWhorter said. Ms. Scott “has a recognition that the organizations are doing the good work and let us be the stewards of those dollars.”

“Women-led, Black women-led organizations tend to be at the very bottom of the pile for philanthropists,” said Dorri McWhorter, the head of the Y.W.C.A. Metropolitan Chicago. Credit…Lyndon French for The New York Times

In the course of a few months, Ms. Scott has turned traditional philanthropy on its head. Whereas multibillion foundations like Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have fancy headquarters, Ms. Scott’s operation has no known address — or even website. She refers to a “team of advisers” rather than a large dedicated staff.

By disbursing her money quickly and without much hoopla, Ms. Scott has pushed the focus away from the giver and onto the nonprofits she is trying to help. They are the types of organizations — historically Black colleges and universities, community colleges and groups that hand out food and pay off medical debts — that often fly beneath the radar of major foundations.

“If you look at the motivations for the way women engage in philanthropy versus the ways that men engage in philanthropy, there’s much more ego involved in the man, it’s much more transactional, it’s much more status driven,” said Debra Mesch, a professor at the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University. “Women don’t like to splash their names on buildings, in general.”

As she did in July when she announced donations of $1.7 billion to 116 organizations, Ms. Scott unveiled her latest round of philanthropy through a post on Medium.
Dealbook: An examination of the major business and policy headlines and the power brokers who shape them.

She noted that she had made “unsolicited and unexpected gifts given with full trust and no strings attached.” Such strings are a mainstay of modern philanthropy: onerous grant proposals and nerve-racking site visits, followed by reports on the variety of performance benchmarks that charities are required to meet to keep the money flowing.

“Not only are nonprofits chronically underfunded, they are also chronically diverted from their work by fund-raising and by burdensome reporting requirements that donors often place on them,” Ms. Scott wrote.

Charitable groups applauded the unconditional nature of Ms. Scott’s gifts.

“That mentality of trust is what we need in philanthropy,” said Katie Carter, chief executive of the Pride Foundation in Seattle, an L.G.B.T.Q.+ charity that received a $3 million donation.

Ms. Scott has moved away from “the heavy hand of the philanthropy in steering the direction of social change,” said Benjamin Soskis, a senior research associate in the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute. Many big-time donors, he said, “model themselves off of venture capitalism and take an extremely aggressive approach in terms of monitoring” the performance of grant recipients.

Experts on philanthropy said Ms. Scott’s nearly $6 billion in gifts might be among the most ever handed out directly to charities in a single year by a living donor (as opposed to a billionaire making a huge one-time gift to a foundation to be disbursed over decades). And rather than a few targeted donations, she gave broadly to hundreds of groups.

“She’s moved extraordinary sums out the door, quickly, in an anti-paternalistic way,” said Rob Reich, co-director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford.

Foundations are required by law to pay out at least 5 percent of their endowments a year. Many only barely meet that requirement, instead hoarding their cash and giving away less than the profits they earn through investments. That allows their endowments to keep growing and the foundations to survive in perpetuity, and some foundations argue that it allows them to take the time to make grants that will yield the best results.

But during a deep recession and an era of epic inequality, the traditional approach has fueled criticisms that foundations are more interested in preserving themselves than in helping those in desperate need.

Ms. Scott’s disbursement of $6 billion in about five months only accentuated the stodgy pace of her peers. It also distinguished her from her former husband, the richest man in the world. Mr. Bezos has made some big charitable commitments but has not made philanthropy a top priority.

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott in 2018. Mr. Bezos, the richest man in the world, has made big charitable commitments but not made philanthropy a top priority. Credit…Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Ms. Scott, who declined to comment, rocketed to public attention with the announcement nearly two years ago that she and Mr. Bezos were divorcing. As part of their split, she received 4 percent of the outstanding shares of Amazon. They were valued at the time at $38 billion. Today, they are worth about $62 billion, although it’s unclear how many of the shares Ms. Scott still holds.

Ms. Scott and Mr. Bezos met when they both worked at the hedge fund D.E. Shaw. She was behind the wheel when she and Mr. Bezos drove to Seattle to start an online bookstore named after a Brazilian river.

Ms. Scott is working on her giving with the Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit organization in Boston that advises charities and philanthropies, including those set up by Mr. Gates and Michael Bloomberg, as well as the Ford and Rockefeller foundations.

A spokeswoman for Bridgespan said that the group was “not in a position to share details about our client’s processes,” adding, “What we can say is that we feel very privileged to get to do this work.”

Ms. Scott described in her Medium post how her team used hundreds of emails and phone interviews and thousands of pages of data analysis to sift through 6,490 potential gift recipients. After “deeper research” into 822 of them, she and her advisers selected 384 groups to receive nearly $4.2 billion in funds.

“Usually you don’t have very large philanthropists wandering the landscape looking to drop millions of dollars very quietly into organizations that they care about,” said Adam Zimmerman, president and chief executive of Craft3, which gives loans to small businesses in Oregon and Washington and which received a $10 million gift from Ms. Scott. “The first email literally got stuck in my junk mail.”

Ms. Scott announced the names of groups that got gifts, but she didn’t disclose how much each received. And although Ms. Scott offered a list of nearly 400 organizations, she could well have given gifts to other groups.

If Ms. Scott was making her donations through a foundation, she would be required to publicly disclose the amounts and recipients of all gifts. But she is not using a foundation. Instead, at least some of her donations — including the gift to the Chicago Y.W.C.A. — were made through a Fidelity donor-advised fund. That fund will eventually disclose the groups that received money, but is not required to say who is behind each gift. Ms. Scott is under no obligation to publicly disclose anything about her giving.

“She has not been transparent either about the vehicles being used for philanthropy or about the process,” said Mr. Reich of Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. “Power deserves scrutiny.”

But the criticism of Ms. Scott has tended to be more constructive than pointed.

“We’re in this very polarized time where there is tremendous, you could say obscene, wealth held among these very elite individuals,” said Elizabeth Dale, a professor specializing in philanthropy at Seattle University. “If their choice is to hold onto that wealth or give it away, I’m going to come down on the side of giving it away every time.”

Gillian Friedman contributed reporting.

Nicholas Kulish is an enterprise reporter covering immigration issues. Before that, he served as the Berlin bureau chief and an East Africa correspondent based in Nairobi. He joined The Times as a member of the Editorial Board in 2005. @nkulish


The 9D Arcturian Council: The Enormity of what’s Happening Now

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Enormity of What’s Happening Right Now

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun a journey of our own that we would like to share with you all now. We have begun to sense the enormity of what is happening in the universe to all of us, no matter what dimension, no matter whether you are in a physical body or in nonphysical form.

The enormity of the universal shift in consciousness can only be measured in a feeling state, even though you can and will see changes all around you. And there will be changes in your bodies and in your abilities.

The real change will be in how much of Source you will feel flowing to you and through you, and the same is true for us and all other beings in this universe.

We are becoming more Source-like, and that is a fascinating and beautiful experience at the same time. It is fascinating when we stop and reflect upon it, and it is beautiful when we just feel into it and notice the difference in ourselves.

We are expanding and including more of our true selves in every moment of our existence, and so are you.

This is something that is happening to all beings in the universe, including the animals that you have on your world. You are going to see the Divinity in the animal kingdom because they do not have the filters that you do. And they are going to take the additional infusion of Source Energy and run with it.

You, on the other hand, still have those filters, and you still have the ability to slow this process down to a crawl.

And that is why you need to feel for the enormity of what is happening in this universe, and when you recognize that it’s also happening to every other human, then you can stop looking for the bad ones and stop finger-pointing, because they are evolving and expanding with you.

They are either going to have to allow more of Source to flow to them and through them, or they will not make the journey with you to the fifth dimension.

This is why we keep telling you to take your attention off of the evildoers and put your attention on yourselves, because you also need to keep up with these energies, and you cannot do that when you’ve got your head down a rabbit hole that feels very bad to you.

You need to have faith in the evolution of the human consciousness and faith in your fellow humans, and most importantly, you need to feel for the enormity of what is happening inside of you, because the entire universe also exists inside of you.

It is a holographic universe that we are living in and that we all are.

Remember that; remember that everything and everyone that’s out there is also in you.

And remember that this experience that we are all having together is supposed to be a glorious, wonderful, joyous event.

It will be much more of all of those things if you tune in more to what is happening.

That is our suggestion, and we are speaking from experience when we tell you that it feels pretty darn good.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Chair of Electoral Commission Drops Bombshell Announcement



Chair of the Federal Election Commission Drops Bombshell Announcement

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by Mark Megahan, November 11, 2020,

The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission went on record with one of what us media types like to call a “bombshell” announcement.

It this case, it really is explosive. The top boss of all the election officials, Trey Trainor, confirms that in his professional opinion, this election is “illegitimate.”

Fraud announcement from FEC

Trey Trainor who serves as chairman for the Federal Election Commission is personally convinced that, from what he’s seen in Pennsylvania, and reports he’s been getting from elsewhere in the country, this election is illegitimate.

He dropped a bombshell on the liberal network news media during an appearance at Newsmax when he made the announcement that he believes “that there is voter fraud taking place in these places.”

A full six days after the election, some states are still counting ballots, that isn’t normal. There are a whole lot of questions about where all those last minute illegitimate “bastard” ballots came from.

In Michigan, it looks like even the United States Postal Service was in on the scheme to rig the election in favor of Democrats. Trainor’s announcement is high octane jet fuel for this fire.

There is no legitimate reason at all for observers to be denied access to the ballot counting. Ipso facto, the ballot counting must be “illegitimate.“ That announcement isn’t coming from just anyone. Trey Trainor isn’t just a state election official, he’s a federal one.

And on top of that, he’s the leader of the whole commission. Unlike the media hacks who have called the race already, he knows a thing or two about election validity.

Defying a court order

Democrats are so sure of themselves that they have blatantly been defying a court order. In Pennsylvania, there are nearly 5 dozen reports of “irregularity” in the counting process and a whole herd of official election observers who weren’t allowed to observe a single thing.

That indicates fraud and it highlights it in a big way. According to the FEC chair’s announcement, poll watchers were ordered to be allowed within 6 feet but they weren’t. That, by itself, is both a crime and an indication of serious fraud.

As the official put it in his announcement to Newsmax, “Despite winning a court order which allows the Trump campaign to send observers to watch ballot counting in Pennsylvania from six feet away ballot watchers ‘have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way.’” He points out that “when observers have been permitted to watch, the goalpost has been moved away.” Simply put, “there has not been transparency in the election.”

“Our whole political system is based upon transparency to avoid the appearance of corruption,” Trainor insists. “State law allows those observers to be in there. If the law isn’t being followed then this election is ‘illegitimate.’” The trump campaign held a press conference on Saturday to make an announcement of their own.

They declared they will go to war over this in the courts. Trainor is behind them all the way. What Team Trump is claiming are “very valid allegations,” he agrees, which need to be “fully vetted” by the court system. He predicts that the charges are serious enough to “end up in the Supreme Court.”


The 9D Arcturian Council: Whet the Angelic’s are Putting into your Fellds

The 9D Arcturian Council: What the Angelics Are Putting in Your Energy Fields

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Angelsby Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very impressed by all of you and the way that you have handled yourselves throughout this very tumultuous calendar year.

We want to assure you that you will be rewarded by the Universe.

You will be rewarded by your Higher Selves.

You will be rewarded by yourselves, as you have continuously found ways to release negative energies, blockages, old beliefs, and so much more, making yourselves the ideal vessels for the energies that are continuing to come in to cradle you in light and love at this time.

You are readying yourselves for a much brighter future, one where you make gigantic leaps and bounds in the evolution of your consciousness as individuals and as a collective.

You are opening yourselves up to myriad possibilities as you continue to trudge forward through the harsh circumstances that you face in your world and in your lives.

We want you to know that we sense the angelic energies, and the Archangels specifically, working with you and working on you at this time.

We have noticed how the angelics have stepped up their game and have been showering you with their compassion, as well as putting higher vibrational energy in your fields to give you that added boost that you need to make it to the solstice and the end of this calendar year.

You are always supported, of course, but there are times when you need more specific help, energies that are targeted for specific purposes, and now is one of those times.

And because so many people from so many walks of life have relationships with the angelics, you are in a position to receive more than you usually do when you are sent these care packages from above.

We know that you will continue to open yourselves to the love and light that is coming in, because in many cases, there is nothing else for you to do, and you also are demonstrating to yourselves time and time again how effective it is when you sit back, relax, and allow in all that you have summoned.

Now is a time to be slowing down your minds and your actions, tuning in to your emotions, your vibration, and letting yourselves be helped by beings who live to do that above all else.

You have impressed so many higher dimensional beings during these times, but we want you to feel pride in yourselves.

We want you to acknowledge yourselves for how well you are doing, because this calendar year has been more than just challenging, and humanity continues to step up and answer the call, just as you knew you would.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The 9D Arcturian Council:Energies propelling you into 2021 Earth

The 9D Arcturian Council: Energies Propelling You into the 2021 Earth

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by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the way that you all have been handling the challenges of the year 2020.

We know that there is so much growth, expansion, and awakening that is happening on your world today because of your willingness to face the personal and global challenges that you have before you.

So what is the payoff then?

What are you going to get out of having lived through all of the turbulence you’ve experienced there in the year 2020?

Ultimately, that is up to you, but here is what is available to you now because of the energies you have summoned and the energies that have been delivered to you.

You all have an opportunity for more inner peace, inner strength, and to derive an inner knowing from your own experience of reality and your own experience of your emotions.

That is a lot.

That is more than enough.

That is more than you need to propel yourselves into a very beautiful version of the 2021 Earth.

As we have said, you are not going to ascend by the end of this year, but you are going to have the opportunity to absorb all of the energies that you have summoned as individuals and as a collective.

And you can go into the next calendar year knowing your strength, your power, some inner peace that you didn’t know you could access in a crisis, and a better relationship to your intuition and your emotions.

What more could you ask for from a global pandemic?

You’re also going to enter 2021 with a more awakened collective.

There will be more awakened humans on your world than at any other time in human history on Earth, and that is exciting.

Now remember, our definition of being awake is not about knowing all the members of the secret cabals and space programs, and all of the other things that you see speculation about on the Internet.

Our definition of awake is: one who knows themselves as Source, sees everyone else as Source, and recognizes that everyone is creating their reality.

Having more people on Earth like that means that you will rely less on politicians doing the right thing, corporations being more compassionate, and banks being more honest.

You won’t have to rely on any of those entities changing because you can change as individuals, and as an awakened collective, and be more powerful than all the people who have ninety-nine percent of the wealth.

You can be more powerful by going within and accessing that power, and the energies that are coming in right now and that will continue to come in will support you in knowing how powerful you are, as individuals and as a collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Starting with: ‘I Accept’

Starting with “I Accept”

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In the Universal Law of Give and Receive is a mantra that keeps expanding for me.

I’ll use if for awhile, receive insights, and come back to it again and again for deeper understanding of 5th dimensional growth patterns about managing change.

I have to say the mantra is a great one for right Now:

I receive, I allow, I accept, I give, I Am Gratitude

A few years ago the “I give” part changed for me to “I forgive” and I spent a great deal of time looking at my past, forgiving everything. . .

The Mother told me in a reading with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, that She Forgives Everything, that it is impossible for Her to judge anything.

Also, at this time, we have the Universal Law of Karmic Dispensation — a gift of new beginnings — to help us understand forgiveness of everything. In the link above there is a meditation where we go to the Karmic Board.

But often, forgiveness is a huge leap of trust; as humans we tend to hold onto the past, those old resentments saying, “There’s no way I can forgive.”

The mantra above connected to the Law of Give and Receive helps us to come to a place of acceptance first. Acceptance is a gentle way to view the past; it is kind and feels so peaceful.

Accepting everything just the way it is with no judgement is observing the past with kindness and gentleness, the way the Mother does, Love for self, others, situations.

I’ve been saying, “I Am Acceptance” around deep sorrow, and pain is magically lifting, even physical pain.

Also, “I Am Enough” and “I Am Approved Of.” It’s getting easier to be aware of that feeling of “I’m not good enough” and “I’m a disappointment.”

My shoulder blade started hurting a week ago and then it moved to my shoulder, under and down my arm.

I like to ask pain what its message is — “How is this connected to the past?” — and the message of this pain has been one of acceptance. Jesus has been helping me.

Can I accept the past just the way it is?

My answer is, “Yes.”

Simple and kind, gentle Love for self.

As within and so without, Love within and Love without.

I receive, I allow, I accept,

I give this gentle Love to self,

and I Am Gratitude



STOP worrying about Money

Archangel Michael: A Massive Difference Between Awareness and Worry

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I came across this passage from a 2017 reading today and found it so interesting for a number of reasons.

It’s part of what he’s said to me that had me actually stop worrying about finances.

It’s also an opportunity to watch an archangel at work with his servant. This relationship is open to anyone who asks for it, in my opinion.

Michael’s message to me: Stop worrying about finances. It adds nothing to the situation.

In the discussion after that, he points out that the Reval is really about spiritual currency, along with physical currency, which we still love.

For me, spiritual currency means the divine states, like love, generosity, compassion, etc. They’re higher dimensional and the real treasure of life.

I’ve actually had an experience of the divine state of abundance, as he mentions below; I know it as a state and can therefore vouch for what he calls the development of “spiritual currency,” like generosity and compassion, as being the true hoped-for outcome of the Reval. He’s looking for its uplifting influence to be a contribution to Ascension, in my opinion.

There’ll be several waves of abundance slated to sweep across the planet. The lightworker community, it’s hoped, will direct these funds to where they’re most needed for the public good.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2017.

Archangel Michael: Now before you even ask, I want to, I was going to say, suggest, but really I am telling you! I am sharing with you.

This whisper of concern about the practicality of what you think of as money, and your concern for others as well, is understood but it is not necessary.

Steve: How is that, Lord – not necessary?

AAM: There is a massive difference between awareness and diligence and even vigilance – and worry. Worry does not truly accomplish anything.

In fact, what it does, sweet one, is it distracts you from, can we say, the business at hand. And the business can be a delightful walk in the park, an afternoon movie, an intense conversation with a beloved or friend.

You don’t say to people, “Oh I can’t go out today, I have to stay at home and worry.” All human beings … understand that it really doesn’t do anything.

And yet rather than abandon that niggling, wiggling fear, what they do, rather than staying home and dealing with it, is they carry it around with them so, as if it is a precious treasure.

[They believe] that it is a treasure chest of gold and jewels that somehow is going to solve the problem when in fact what it does is push them away from the very thing that they desire. And that is true whether it is health or relationship or having a home or the practicality of money.

Now you know that I have spoken at length, and repeatedly, about spiritual currency being an integral, unavoidable part of this thing that you call the RV. What you call the RV, I call the re-evaluation of spiritual currency.

But inside of that, my dearest friend, I am not naïve. You do not fully remember everything and in that way we differ. In some ways I see your lack of memory as truly a gift.

But I remember. I know what the practicality of physical currency – what you think of as money, whether it is gold or salt or incense or frankincense – what this means.

We have an agreement and the agreement is not only that you are going to proceed with money to complete your various projects. Note, I say not “begin.” I say “complete.”

Now, is anything ever really completed? No, because the Mother’s Plan and Time and Creation are infinite. But I want you to know that I am talking to you in terms of completion. So it is not just getting over the hump; it is the fulfilment of part of your dream.

Now our agreement has been that you are a co-contributor, that I am a co-contributor to the writing, (1) to the stewardship, (2) to the fulfilment of these dreams.

So in terms of the practicality, of you having the financial wherewithal to proceed, including your RV, it is on your doorstep. Continue to envision, invoke, and work with the laws to bring this forth. (3)

Because it is also, not only the Mother’s Tsunami but the wave of human intent and action, the readiness [that matters]. Now you are past ready but you can do this with many, with millions so you are helping others to get in that “let’s go” mood.

Everything is in order. It is not a matter of this button or that program not working or failing or people trying to interfere. Everything is going forward. …

When I have said “spiritual currency,” you’ve had a glimpse of this in the knowing of mastery and abundance (4) and so you know it isn’t about money. It is about spiritual currency. And I say to you, “congratulations.”


(1) On the Golden Age of Gaia. Notice he said “writing” and not “administration.”

(2) Through Michaelangelo & Partners.

(3) I was invoking regularly for a long time and then I let the process slide. I will resume it. I understand the power of invocations better now than I did then.

(4) I’ve had brief experiences of mastery and abundance as divine states. Like all divine states, they were wonderful and I can’t find words to describe them.

Sri Ramakrishna tells a story that metaphorically illustrates the dilemma. A man scaled a high wall to see what was on the other side. When he looked, he gasped in awe and wonder and promptly jumped down onto the other side. Now who is there to tell you what he saw?

By the same token, we (OK, I) don’t have words to describe higher-dimensional realities. My mind has jumped down onto the other side.  But we have no language to communicate what was seen other than “Aaahhhhh!”

We haven’t established any conventions that I’m aware of that would allow us to communicate our experience of a divine state – only the results of that experience (I cried, I was aghast, I was in awe, etc.).

Any words I’d find would be superlatives but that just communicates the awe and wonder I feel upon being in the experience of them.

Paradoxically before experiencing a divine state, I might talk about it; after experiencing it, I no longer know how to talk about it. The ability to talk about it evaporates. It escapes me.


Making my Spiritual Life, Work and Everyday Life One

Making My Spiritual, Work, and Everyday Life One

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Pandemic, lockdown, race riots, political wars, on and on. More and more I feel thrown back on my own resources, isolated, out of contact with people.

And now I’m choosing to go out of touch with those last few boots on the ground I relied on to give me a modicum of hopefully-unbiased news.

Even they are polarized and shouting about this and that group. Sen Joe McCarthy would have felt at home in the current environment. Adolf Hitler would be exploiting it.

To say that my heart isn’t into it is an understatement.

So, thrust back on my own resources in what looks like outer chaos, (1) I saw that I needed to make one important change in my life to keep my sanity and get through this period. This was the perfect time to do it.

I could no longer support having a life compartmentalized into spiritual, work, and everyday life. I had to make them one and the same. I had to have congruence in my life. I had to integrate everything I knew about myself to shake the cobwebs off of me.

Speaking only for me, I have “streamers,” to use Matthew’s word, inside of me that are prone to conflict, divisiveness, arguing. If I go on compartmentalizing, I leave the door open to perpetual conflict from the divided and self-serving egoic mind. I want to do this; no, I want to do that, all of this happening below everyday awareness and never being spoken about.

There has to be no difference between my spiritual, work, and everyday life.

From this vantage point that looks like a huge undertaking – my personal D-Day.

Immediately the demands of one collide with the requirements of another. The bargaining begins, the bottlenecks arise, and the possibility of conflict ensues.

But the bridge has to be crossed and the sooner I do it, the better.

I have to make my spiritual, work, and everyday life one.


(1) I’m aware that what I propose addresses my inner chaos. As within, so without.


The Role of Gratitude in sending Love, Healing and Balance

The Role of Gratitude in Sending Love, Healing, and Balance

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This Love Day, Feb. 14, we’ve all decided to write on gratitude.

Often in our meditations, we are guided to send energy, Love, to situations that are not in Divine Alignment on Gaia, this beautiful planet.

In October, 2013, Sanat Kumara taught us the Universal Law of Karmic Dispensation (1), about the gift of forgiveness to our selves for not expressing and experiencing our selves as Divine.

Within this teaching he explained:

“Healing occurs at the speed of Love, which is exactly what we have taught consistently. It is instantaneous and immediate. The rate at which an individual chooses to incorporate it is particular to that person.

“You do not heal anyone. But you act as a vessel of healing by allowing the Source energy of Love, of the Cosmos, of the One, added with your Love to flow through you to that person. For some it is adequate and enough and accepted that it can be done simply by holding a hand or two fingers to the heart for that matter.

“For others they need more, shall we say, coaxing. So is it possible? It has always been possible. This is the way in which the Magdalena and Yeshua healed. It is the way that all what you think of as unusual or spectacular healers have worked, and it will become the norm.

“The more that you are in the unity/community consciousness the more this transmission takes place because, for example, if your neighbour or your child is out of sync you immediately feel it because the unity is out of frequency. Therefore you correct, you balance, and then you go forward. So this will become more and more commonplace.”

SK emphasized that what takes us out of unity/community consciousness is judgement of self or others. He said:

“We cannot be too strong in speaking about judgment. And there are situations where we have asked you to be the observer and this is not one of them. There is no room for you to be the observer any longer where there is judgment. And you can do it in a humorous way. You can say to the individual, ‘Well, gee, this sounds like judgment to me. And you know, I don’t do judgment. I’m allergic to judgment. Judgment makes me feel sick. So can we just let this go?’

“And then do so.

“What you are doing is you are teaching the person you are having the conversation with that there is no payoff, there is no reward, and there is no real tolerance in judgment. It is one thing to discern; and discernment is vitally important in your journey.

“But judgment is cruel. And the history of cruelty on the planet of Gaia has come to an end. There is no room for it. People think that they say something casually and it is judgmental but that it is not harmful and that is simply not so. It is very harmful and it speaks to a lack of love, lack of compassion, a lack of allowance. You do not have permission or the wisdom to judge anyone.”

In a reading with my guides, January 2012, my principal guide said much the same thing:

“There is no such thing as mistakes.

“The only mistake humans make is in judgement, when they judge themselves or others to be less than, when they do not see the glory of their own Divinity, and that is just sad.”


Recently, I wanted to help my friend in India who is in a great deal of pain, and I asked, “How can I help?”

I was using the silver and pearlescent energy we have been guided to visualize lately, and as I was sending, the energy came back to me.

I was taken on a journey yet again into my past, but this time I shown to be perfectly neutral, non-judgemental, even gratitude for things I deemed shameful.

I have been on this journey many times, but this time was different.

I was able to look at the past, and see how it contributed to where I am today, that if I hadn’t had those experiences I wouldn’t be interested in helping lift up our most vulnerable.

Now, I feel extremely grateful to myself for my experiences, and not judgemental.


Recently I made my first video, talking about discovery of sacred purpose.

Video Player








In the past, I would have been quite critical of how I looked and talked (in the video), the list goes on. . .

Now, in gratitude to self, I celebrate joy, life purpose and thankfulness to the Mother, for this shift in perspective.

With forgiveness of self — really a deeper understanding of Karmic Dispensation, that all is forgiven — and compassion and gratitude for self, I see and feel the Light of deeper awareness, of that physical balance I’ve found quite illusive!

No matter how many understandings we gain, it takes practise:

forgiveness, compassion and gratitude for self,
and for others, that sending of Love,
for our Ascension.




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