Preparing for the Particle Convergence

Preparing for the Particle Convergence
February 7, 2017 by Tiara

The Particle Convergence is a really big occurrence for Earth and all humanity, which essentially reflects a stronger merging of dimensions and timelines into one while heralding in a swift matrix shift for our planet. The significance of this occurrence is that Earth continues to be pulled into the jtrajectory of zero point and the merged timeline of its highest dimensional potential.

This can be envisioned as a complete re-write of all other non-serving timelines to finally bring a firm close to the old system that is commonly called, ‘third dimension’. Planet Earth is returning back to its original seeding and point of origination as a higher dimensional planetary body.

This gives great meaning to the immense level of purging we are now witnessing from the collective mainframe and mass consciousness morphogenetic field. All that is happening in the world of upheaval is on purpose and as result of Earth’s ascending pulse.

In our physical dimension, there is a three-day solar ecliptic window beginning on August 21st when we are literally in the sweet spot for this particle convergence activity and grand seeding of new circuitry. Everything within our field gets super magnified at the level of thoughts, feelings and creative action.

What this means from a spiritual perspective, is an occurrence with monumental potential to propel and elevate our own timeline transition into the reality of our highest held preferences. Just like the Earth, our bodies are making way for the new energetic foundation and crystalline hubs to come online.

When this first big wave of the Particle Convergence streams through, from August until December, it will be like crystal rivers moving and flowing throughout the energy architecture of Earth to securely anchor the new circuitry that supports higher dimensional existence.

The strongest places on Earth that this can be experienced are the main nodal points along the crystalline grid network including the sacred sites, the leyline grid and geographical regions that hold a high level of crystal energy in the ground.

As individuals and as a collective, we are placing high priority on matching our vibration with Earth’s ascending rhythms. Some ways to do this include getting yourself activated through group coherence building activities. Going deeper into your spiritual work. Being the calm eye of the storm while unplugging yourself from the mainstream chaos. Surrendering all unnecessary distractions and focusing yourself in the pure clear spiritual light of the soul.

It is also very important to stay grounded and centered while these higher frequencies anchor in. Be sure to take plenty of time to integrate, spending time in nature, peaceful contemplation, whatever brings you into that place of inner quietude.

Finally, and perhaps the most important of all, listen to the signals from your body and your higher mind. During these times of great upheaval, our natural instincts and divine intuition are the unfailing homing beacons that will guide us safely through this planetary transition.

It is certainly going to be a powerful year of shift for us all.

May your greater emergence be blessed,

Tiara Kumara
I AM Avatar & The Institute of Divine Potential

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Message from New Earth

light-body01Message from New Earth

A “Greeter” from New Earth

Hello, I am a greeter on New Earth. We have an agreement here that whenever a new being appears, we stop what we are doing to offer assistance. I say “being” rather than “person” because non-human life forms are also entering this higher frequency version of Earth.

In fact, many of the animals and plants that have become “extinct” on Matrix Earth are alive and well on New Earth. Since all life here is conscious and able to communicate with other life forms, we are able to assist plants, animals and elementals, as well as humans.

It is a wonderful experience for us to be able to communicate with animals, plants and the Sylphs (air elementals), Undines (water elementals), Gnomes (earth elementals) and Salamanders (fire elementals). These wonderful beings do not speak English, as I am doing now, but neither do we.

All life on New Earth speaks Light Language, as it is the language that humans, plants, animals, and elementals have always spoken in the higher dimensions. Hence, we are very pleased when another being joins us on New Earth, and we can instantly communicate with them.

It is also an amazing experience for humans, especially the humans who have always felt separate from Mother Nature, to commune with all the plants, animals, and elementals. On the other hand, learning this manner of communication, which we call Light Language, is one of the biggest challenges for some of the New Ones who visit from transmuting Earth.

Because we have no time or space here on New Earth, those who visit us from “Transmuting Earth,” which is the version of Gaia that has not yet fully expanded into the fifth dimension, are often surprised that we all speak Light Language.

They try to move their tongues and express separate words in a linear fashion. This manner of communication is appropriate for a time-based reality based on separation and linear thinking. However, that means of communication does not work in a reality that resonates to the HERE and NOW.

Communication on New Earth, even threshold New Earth, is a form of communing with each other by merging our consciousness. In this manner, pictures, emotions, and thought-forms are automatically transferred to each other, as well as into the group consciousness.

In fact, whenever there is a new arrival, their entire history of incarnations in duality is instantly copied to the crystalline field that contains our world. This information also goes into the Quantum Biological Computers that we can all access. In fact, I am communicating with you now via a Quantum Biological Computer. We call them QBC’s.

When we first come here, we usually access our QBC via an interface within our living quarters. However, as we adapt to our new life, we realize that we can simply direct our thoughts into the Group Consciousness of the crystalline field and all communications will be instantly available.

Since New Earth serves as an interface between the third/fourth dimension and the mid-fifth dimension, there are many “devices” or “machines” for the “new arrivals” to use until they can become comfortable with their own powers, which are quickly activated within our group consciousness.

Learning these new forms of communication is their second challenge upon entering our world. Their first challenge is to totally master their every thought and emotion so that they can stay here. When I first arrived here, I often helped visitors from Matrix Earth. My assignment was to assist those who could not master their thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, they would arrive here, but were quickly lost in their fear-based emotions and/or thoughts. These fearful thoughts and emotions instantly lowered their resonance back down to the third/fourth dimension, and they disappeared from this reality.

When I first returned to Matrix Earth on an assignment, I could not release all the fear-based thoughts and emotions that quickly attached to my consciousness. Then I remembered that fear-based thoughts and emotions are created when we feel limited and/or separate from any person, place, or “thing.”

Once I remembered that fact, I found a quiet place in nature and communed with Gaia Herself. As soon as I merged my consciousness with Gaia’s Planetary Consciousness, I returned to the awareness that, within that NOW, Gaia was returning to Her fifth dimensional expression.

That experience reminded me how important it was to keep my consciousness calibrated to the NOW of the ONE, so that I would NOT fall back into the third dimensional illusions of the separation and limitation.

When the New Ones first come to Fifth Dimensional Earth with the habit of separation and limitation, they are often frightened by the overload of collective information that is instantly available to them.

There are also many different forms of life here on New Earth, which may frighten them. Furthermore, many visitors are new to the concept of thought transference and still believe that they cannot communicate with different forms of beings.

Fortunately, I crossed over here with a group of friends. At first, I lost track of them, as everyone must find their inner fifth dimensional SELF before they can perceive fifth dimensional Earth.

But, as soon as I was crossed-over, as we call it, I saw my friends. We all hugged, exchanged stories, and comforted each other before any 3D fears or doubts could lower our consciousness. With the support of my friends, I was able to gain a level of mastery over my thoughts and emotions that allowed me to stay here on New Earth.

Another thing that can occur when we first enter New Earth is that we suddenly realize that ALL our thoughts and emotions are shared with the unity consciousness of our world. At first, this realization can frighten us because we are not, yet, accustomed to this degree of Unity Consciousness.

The New Ones, who cannot find comfort and guidance from their new friends and mentors, may allow fear to lower their consciousness back to the third/fourth dimension. Because of this situation, many of us are using whatever means we can discover to teach possible new ones while they are still in the third/fourth dimension.

It is for this reason that I am writing you, the ones who are ready to join us. We know that education and unconditional love are the best ways to heal all fear. Therefore, we have many individual and group meditations that we send to those who are preparing themselves to log-out of the 3D matrix.

An “individual meditation” is sent when the 3D one’s body while they are still able to tune into our fifth-dimensional group mind. Also, a “group meditation” is sent to any group of third/fourth dimensional beings. We are very happy to see that, more and more, humans are inviting animals, plants, and all other third dimensional life forms to merge with unified group to receive a message from the fifth-dimensional group mind.

The humans of these inter-species groups may, or may not, be aware that there are non-human members in their group who serve to amplify the fifth dimensional message, as well as ground that higher dimensional energy field deep into the body of Gaia.

We want you to know that any form of Group Mind serves as an open window, or portal, which serves to connect the third/fourth dimensional reality with our fifth dimensional reality.

Initially, we, the awakening ones, can only ascend to the “half-way” frequency mark. This “mid-way mark” is a frequency where we can still maintain many concepts, traditions, and habits from our long sojourn into the third/fourth dimension, but we are also becoming increasingly, aware of our fifth dimensional reality.

In this manner, our adaptation to a totally different concept of life can be gradual. Also, we greatly enjoy this transitional stage, as all we have wished for in our third dimensional realities is instantly experienced while we are on the higher resonance of the “transitional frequency just before the fifth dimension.”

In fact, we often experience a wonderful healing and inner contentment while this transmutational energy field surrounds us. When we are ready to move on to fifth dimensional New Earth, we will no longer need to have the experiences of separation or limitation that still occurs within our early transitional stages.

No matter how of us experience this transition, we never perceive a line, or threshold, which divides New Earth from 3D Matrix Earth. From our point of view, we perceive that we are in the process of a gradual, or swift, alteration in our thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, perceptions, and creative forces.

For most of us, the adjustment to this reality is an ongoing adventure filled with unconditional love, unity consciousness, and the inter-dimensional adventures, that prepare us to “remember” our Light Language.

In fact, learning Light Language is similar to the manner in which we learned to speak 3D language when we were earth-bound babies. Learning to communicate with another often begins with looking at each other eye-to-eye. This visual, eye-to-eye, Mental Connection often leads to a heart-to-heart, Soul Connection.

One of the most wonderful parts of visiting and/or returning to fifth dimensional Earth is that we can share ALL of our incarnations via this manner of eye-to-eye Soul Connection. This connection usually leads to deep, and intimate friendships.

As we share our many physical incarnations with each other, we can remember, and collect, all that we have learned during all our physical lives. Then, we can share this information with Gaia. Yes, on New Earth, even threshold New Earth, Gaia is a living being with whom we can, and do, communicate on a regular basis.

We experience our selves as the many “Protectors” of New Earth. In fact, we are speaking from the NOW of the early beginnings of New Earth. So that we don’t confuse you, allow us to talk a bit now about living in No Time.

New, fifth dimensional, Earth is free of the “time” that created the separation and limitation on third dimensional Earth. Now, we know that this next part might be pretty confusing, so we will try to make it very clear.

Since there is NO time and NO separation on New Earth, we can all experience any timeline, and be with any person, place, or being, whenever we desire. Since fifth dimensional Earth is not just a planet. Fifth dimensional Gaia is a large, living, circular being known as Gaia.

To assist with “personifying” Gaia, we will share that Greek Mythology spoke of Gaia as a living, breathing being who was the personification of the Earth. According to Greek Mythology, Gaia was “born” of Chaos. Others say that as Chaos receded, Gaia came into being.

Either way, Gaia ruled over confusion in the void of emptiness. In Greek Mythology, Gaia became one of the first of the immortals from whom all others sprang. Once, Gaia was held in such veneration that her name was always invoked whenever the later Gods took a solemn oath or asked for assistance.

However, by the “time” that Earth was a “modern world” most of the “educated and modern people” thought of the being named Gaia as a myth. These “modern people” could not perceive, or understand how Gaia, and Her planetary body, was a living being. In fact, humanity has often thought of Gaia as “merely a planet that was theirs to use and misuse.”

It was then that Gaia, the heart and soul of planet Earth, knew that if She were to survive, She would need to return to the higher dimensions from which She first descended. Gaia was also aware that the NOW of the fifth dimensional Light now shinning onto Her planetary body will greatly assist Her planetary body to return to Her innate, fifth dimensional expression.

Since the lost of Atlantis and Lemuria, plus the many wars, hostilities, nuclear explosions, Harp and years of ruthless pollution, Gaia can wait no longer for humanity to join Her in Her fifth dimensional journey home to the fifth dimension.

Gaia is aware that if She is to survive as a living, breathing being, she must return to Her innate fifth dimensional frequency. Therefore, Gaia will take her Planetary Self, Earth, back into the fifth dimension resonance. Because She is your Mother Earth, she invites all of Her children/inhabitants to “ascend” their energy field into the resonance of the fifth dimension where they could join Her.

But can humanity give up their need for “power over others,” as well as their need to “possess all that they perceive?” Whether humanity is ready or not, Gaia is transmuting into the innate fifth dimensional frequency of Her Planetary SELF.

As this transition continues, only those who can expand their consciousness into the resonance of the fifth dimensional will be able to remain in conscious connection with Gaia as She continues Her ascension back to Her innate fifth dimensional, Planetary SELF.

Unfortunately, many humans, if not most of humanity, have forgotten that they too are innately fifth dimensional, and beyond. Life on third dimensional Earth has been extremely difficult since the ancient loss of Gaia’s protective mantel.

Then there was Gaia’s loss of both Lemuria, then Atlantis, which was followed by the invasion of the many forces of darkness that chose to use Gaia’s planet as a format for “power over others.”

Fortunately, higher frequencies of Gamma Wave Light are NOW entering Gaia’s planetary body. This Light is also entering the physical bodies of ALL her inhabitants. The “primitive people,” as well as all the animals, birds, fish, even algae, will accompany Gaia on Her “return trip” to the NOW of the fifth dimension.

How many humans will be able to remember that Gaia is a living being?
How many humans will join Gaia in Her journey Home to the fifth dimension?
How many humans will be able to perceive and accept the higher light?
How many humans will transmute back into their innate, fifth dimensional Light Body?
How many humans will know that the process of Ascension is occurring NOW?

Greeting From New Earth. We all hope that you will join us soon!
I AM one of the many Greeters on New Earth.

(More about Gaia, from the Internet)
Gaia’s Appearance: A beautiful and voluptuous woman. Sometimes she is shown as half-buried in the earth.
Symbol or Attributes of Gaia: The earth. Fruits.
Gaia’s Strengths: She is a primal mother goddess, complete in herself.
Gaia’s Weaknesses: She brought forth from her own body Uranus, to be her companion. This turned out to be a mixed blessing.
Gaia’s Parents: None. She is “born” of Chaos, but this not really a birth; as Chaos receded, Gaia came into being.
Gaia’s Spouse: Uranus; then Tartarus, Pontus
Children of Gaia: Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, the Titans Hyperion and Iapetus, Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys, Cronus or Kronos, and the Python of Delphi, among hundreds of others.
Some Major Temple Sites of Gaia: She was usually worshiped in the open or in caves. Delphi was probably one of her main sites in very early times.
Gaia’s Basic Story: Gaia was the first deity, from whom all others sprang. But Uranus, Her first creation whom She created from Her own body, was lustful and cruel to Gaia.

This is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius Part 3/3


Sue Lie: This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 3/3
February 6, 2017 by Steve Beckow

Sue Lie February 26, 2015In today’s concluding part, Sue and the Arcturians explain the ages or yugas and the different consciousness states.

The Kali Yuga [ or Dark Age] is approximately a 2,000-year cycle that is furthest from the last excursion through the higher frequency energy fields once known as the Photon Belt.

We are within the Photon Belt for 2,000 years, which is a marvellous Golden Age filled with high frequency Light. Then, once we leave the Photon Belt, we go through five two-thousand-year, cycles, or Ages, in which there is less and less high frequency Light.

By the Kali Yuga, the final Age, we have been out of the Photon Belt for ten thousand years. Fortunately, the Kali Yuga is followed by the re-entry into the Photon Belt and another two thousand years of a Golden Age. (1)

Within the joint illusion of the time/space rotation around the holographic galaxy, the Photon Belt comes up every 10,000 years in the Age of Leo and the Age of Aquarius, which we are now entering. The vast concentration of fifth dimensional, and beyond photons, in the Photon Belt facilitates the awakening of the players of the hologram.

Those who have already awakened to the fact that they are united in a joint holographic reality of life in form, as well as those who are awakened by the proximity of the Photon Belt, are presented with an opportunity to log-out of the virtual reality and return to their multidimensional, Creator SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond.” (2)

In your human state of consciousness, there are three major categories:

Unconscious Mind – alpha and delta waves – fourth dimensional Self

Conscious Mind – beta waves – third dimensional self

Superconscious Mind – gamma waves – fifth dimensional Self and beyond.” (3)

So now, what we’d like to say a little bit is the states of consciousness — and we’ll start at the beginning, like Steve has asked.

There is a beta-wave consciousness, which is your daily, everyday life and your third-dimensional perceptions, third-dimensional discussions. In beta-wave consciousness, you are able to perceive the third-dimensional physical world because that state of consciousness is calibrated to your third-dimensional physical world.

So, much like a camera or a radio station, if you want a certain radio station you have to put it on that frequency to be able to receive that radio station. And the same with your brain.

If you want a certain degree of information, a certain frequency of information, you need to calibrate your consciousness to be able to conceive that. Now. Beta-wave consciousness is 3-D consciousness and so you will perceive your physical world as your physical world.

Now the next frequency up from that is alpha-wave consciousness. And alpha-wave consciousness is when you are dreaming, when you are in the midst of a creative act or having a peak experience. And with an alpha-wave consciousness, you are more innately creative. So whereas beta-wave consciousness is “How do I get through my third-dimensional day? Let me write down my chores. Oh, I have to pay my bills and pick my kids up at 3. Get the dinner off by 3 because we have the PTA we have to go through.”

All of these third-dimensional components of life have to be lined up sequentially in a physical line-up within your beta-wave consciousness. (4)

We are here, Beloved Ones, to remind you that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who chose to take a third dimensional Earth vessel on Earth to assist Gaia with Her planetary Ascension. We ask that you NOW remember that YOU are your “superconscious Self.” (5)


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This is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius Part 2/3


Sue Lie: This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 2/3
February 5, 2017 by Steve Beckow

sue-lie-zadkiel(Continued from Part 1.)

We continue with Sue Lie’s discussion of gamma-wave consciousness. Sue shares an experience of it that she had and tells us more on the impact of this ascension energy on us.

Humanity is moving into a state of immense power over their abilities to transmute their reality to a higher frequency. And this has a lot to do with the gamma rays.

You move into this whole other world. “Wow, look at that aura,” or you look at chemtrails and say, “Blaze, blaze, blaze the violet fire. I release all chemtrails.” You take a second, you close your eyes, you look up and the chemtrails are all gone. …

Now this is me, Sue. I’m going to tell you about one experience I had where I was in gamma-wave consciousness. I was meditating with a friend in a whole different country (laughs). And he was asking me questions and kind of keeping me in it.

And I had this solar-system view and I looked at the solar system like a human family. And I could see different things that were happening with the sun and the moon, and all these different types of things. And I was outside looking into it.

Now obviously I was in my room by myself, fully in my body, on the computer. But my consciousness was at such a high frequency that my perceptions were not bound to my physical body. My perceptions could go into a reality that had always been unknown to me.

I’d never had gamma waves. And gamma-wave consciousness is what people get when they meditate in one of those little stalls for 20 years. It was really, really hard in the past.

Steve: Yes, very hard.

Sue: But now, we are in this stream of gamma-wave energy. It is actually coming into our environment.

We have to let go into the stream of it. In the past when I said, well, it doesn’t enter Earth. It doesn’t enter Earth because it isn’t the Now. It isn’t the Now to merge and it’s intelligent. If someone could blast you with a gamma wave, it’d probably kill you. It would totally upset your nervous system like crazy. It’s very high frequency.

Steve: Hence a lot of our waiting, we’re gradually being brought to this ….

Sue: Yeah, people are saying, “When is this going to happen?” You have no idea what’s actually going to happen! And so, when it happens, it’s “No, wait! This is too soon, I’m not ready!”

Steve: (Both laughing.) Right, not ready.

Sue: Cause we won’t be. But to the extent that we can expand our consciousness, if we can just have some experiences of this gamma-wave consciousness. It’s not easy to get to. You have to really be centered. You have to be someone who’s a long-time meditator.

When I had that experience, I’d been meditating since the 70’s. I’ve been meditating for a really long time. And I learned how to let go!

So that’s what that delta-wave thing is, when you come up to a threshold. There’s a threshold. Meditators will know this. You’ll get to a place where, “Okay this is it. I can’t go further.” That’s a threshold. That means that something has to adapt within your own consciousness before you can perceive that.

This is a free-will planet. These energies don’t bombard us. I mean, there are bombarded energy fields that the Illuminati have been putting on us for a long time, like those cell towers. And then they would blast people with 50 decibels? And that makes people brain dead. They become easily manipulated.

But the thing is, anyone that has any desire to have power over others is not even going to be able to make it more than a little bit into the alpha wave. These [higher] waves are faster and they’re closer together. And it makes your life happen faster. And what you think about you bring about more quickly.

So if people go into these states of consciousness with mal-intent — pfft! — that mal-intent comes back to them. …

I had one class, one webinar and I was talking about the stream of light, the higher light, and how it comes through, comes into your heart chakra and then flows out through your body, and it feels like wings of light.

And then after I posted it, a girl called up and says, “I have wings of light. I can see them. I can feel them. They’re heavy.” It’s like “Whoa!” And other people have had that experience, too. So this higher light, the gamma rays are coming in and transmuting us. …

Steve: They’re also activating the 97% junk DNA, right?

Sue: They’re activating the 97% junk DNA, and they’re breaking the programming of the young Illuminatis.

(Concluded in Part 3.)


(1) “Transcript: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on Gamma Waves, the Ascension Energies, February 22, 2016, at

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The beginning of the Age of Aquarius

img_0387Sue Lie: This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 1/3
February 4, 2017 by Steve Beckow

Sue LieI promised you a series on Sue Lie and the Arcturians’ view of gamma waves or photons. (1)

And then I found a transcript from An Hour with an Angel that, by way of a general introduction, gives most of the picture.

I’m going to excerpt from it in the next two posts and add a third on the ages or yugas and states of consciousness.

Sue Lie: Beta, alpha, theta, delta, then gamma waves. Gamma waves are Fifth-Dimensional states of consciousness. …

Some planets or solar systems will actually emit gamma waves.

Gamma waves are only in the outer atmosphere. They don’t normally pierce the inner atmosphere of a planet.

Steve: They’re up there in our upper atmosphere but not in our lower atmosphere?

Sue: Well, very often they’re not in the atmosphere of the planet at all. There’s the ionosphere, the lithosphere, different spheres. [Gamma rays] stay outside the spheres of the planet.

Within the atmosphere of the Earth, there is the effluvia of all the pain and suffering. So it hits this wall. You’ve got this immensely-high frequency and then it hits this wall. And it doesn’t go in it.

Steve: Yes. Now is that why we’re doing all this clearing?

Sue: Yes. We’re doing the clearing so we can receive it. We always have known that this was a very special time coming up.

Moving through outer space is like being on an ocean. You’re in the ocean and you’ll have warm sections of water and really cold sections of water.

In outer space, there’ll be lower-frequency sections and higher-frequency sections. And [the higher-frequency sections have] these gamma rays that we have been moving into.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which actually involves moving into this area of space where there really are gamma rays….

Sue: Light is alive. And especially gamma rays. Gamma rays are very powerful, formative rays. Gamma rays are intelligent waves. They will respect the barrier.

And also there’s been a quarantine around Earth.

But as we move deeper and deeper into alpha waves — there’s more and more of them coming in – the shields of the Planet are beginning to say “Maybe this is okay.” …

Remember they talked a while back about the wave of higher light coming in. That wave of higher light is the gamma waves.

Steve: Yes, I’m not surprised.

Sue: The gamma is that higher frequency of light.

Steve: And that’s the Ascension energy.

Sue: That’s the Ascension energy.

Now it’s difficult. Humanity seems to hold to a belief that all these humans are alive and sometimes some animals are alive but plants are just plants and light is just light.

Steve: Yes. I have that point of view.

Sue: Everything is alive. Planets are alive.

Steve: What does it mean to say “alive” when we’re talking about a gamma ray?

Sue: It’s light. In the beginning there was light. Light is what created life. (2)

(Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.)


(1) See “Sandra Walter on the Nature and Impact of Photonic Light – Part 1/4,” January 27, 2017, at

(2) “Transcript: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on Gamma Waves, the Ascension Energies, February 22, 2016, at

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