Mike Quinsey’s HS Message: 12 Mar 2021



Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, March 12, 2021

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12th March 2021. Mike Quinsey.

At last events appear to have reached a point where it seems possible for a major event to take place, it could be just weeks away but the timing must be absolutely correct as so much is at stake. It will certainly not be broadcast in advance, as it would give the dark Ones warning of a long established plan to make their supporters answer for their crimes against humanity.

Such action would be the forerunner of many changes to restore freedom and the right to be allowed a peaceful life without fear and threats of violence. For too long mankind has been controlled and continually involved in wars or threats of wars, that have been instigated by those whose agenda was for total world control and a major reduction in the population.

To many of you such claims may sound preposterous and that is because the dark Ones have been clever at hiding their activities. Although they have been bound by Galactic Law to make known their intentions, those with the power to respond to them have not taken sufficient action that could have thwarted their plans.

However, matters have taken a turn for the better and the Forces of Light now have the upper hand. It is only a matter of time before you shall become aware of what has been going on. If you wonder why the dark Ones have been allowed to reach such a point that the world has been under threat, it is because the “game” has to be played according to Universal Laws that revolve around not coming into conflict with “your rights to exercise freewill.

Out of the chaos will come some massive changes all for the good, although it may take some time before you see an obvious plan in them. Your freedom will be returned to safely release all that is unsuitable for the New Age that promises much that will ensure a happy acceptable existence. Naturally the inequality of life that presently exists will be gradually changed, so that all will enjoy a happy one in the prosperous times that lay ahead.

We tell you these things so that you know your present suffering and the poverty many are experiencing will end. Understand that all souls are equal and that their roles on Earth are to gain the experience they need to evolve to a spiritual level, where the vibrations are much higher and where the negative Ones and their energies cannot exist.

You must have wondered at times what life was about and its purpose and hopefully it will now have become clearer to you. Unlike the last Age that finished in 2012 you have since been given more freedom to decide your future and are laying down a pathway of opportunity that will reflect your desires. It will also be a time when your Galactic friends can come closer and help with your progress. Know that they are all of a similar form to you and some are almost identical.

There are also robotic types that are normally used as workers in the same way as you have developed, but they are not recognisable as the human form. Automation has come a long way since you first developed it and compared to the potential that exists, you have so to say only scratched the surface. All will come in good time and as you become prepared, ideas for your future will be given to those amongst you who have the ability to develop them.

The wait-and-see period continues as matters start coming to a head, and most certainly most of you will be surprised when you realise what has been taking place behind the scenes. We expect some major announcements in the very near future that will explain what has been taking place largely without your knowledge, although some of you have suspected what is behind all of the activity in the USA.

In this present period where most people are housebound or very limited in their movements, it is an ideal time for moves to be made to curtail or stop the dark Ones from escaping justice. There are moves to take them into custody and face trials for their crimes against humanity. However, it would not be the first time that proposals for such action have been held back, but it is inevitable and plans are so advanced there is no doubt that they will go ahead very soon.

After many, many years of planning the final days of the dark Ones are drawing near, but no doubt as is their nature they will fight to the bitter end. They are not noted for “coming quietly” and to say the least there are many scuffles or worse to be expected. As we have mentioned, it is while the present conditions are ideal to make arrests by giving them little chance of escaping.

As you might imagine it will be a mammoth task to carry out but in numbers the Forces of Light are in a superior position. There is unlikely to be another opportunity like the present time so you can be sure that making the best of it is under consideration, so do not be surprised if action suddenly starts unexpectedly.

Everyone who is of the Light can help future events, and be the maximum help by thinking positively and sending Light and Love to those souls who are in the front line and acting in the name of peace and justice.

There are clearly great risks involved to life and limb when confrontation takes place, but be assured that they do receive love and protection. Those of the light act to the universal rules of engagement whilst the dark Ones will use every trick they know to avoid arrest. It will however be to no avail as the odds are now against them as far superior forces are on the side of Light.

Remember that the power of Light is formidable and will repel and destroy the lower energies. It can be used by anyone who is a Lightworker, and providing it is focussed and directed in a positive manner it will help overcome the dark Ones. You have come so close to being the prisoners of them, not imprisoned behind bars but under their control but they have failed in the final stages of their planned takeover of the Earth and her population.

The Forces of Light were never going to allow them their final success but it has been quite a battle to save Humanity from their heinous plans. People will be shocked to learn the truth because humanity could have been almost completely decimated. Have no fear the danger has now been passed and peace and happiness in a free world is on the horizon. Be patient and do not lose hope as everything is destined to ensure you benefit from the changes that will at last bring you all that you ever wished for and much more.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


The Word From Behind the ScenesPart1/2

The Word from Behind the Scenes – Part 1/2

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Let’s review what we know from our channeled sources about where we’re at in the external world in a time of political upheaval and pandemic.

Matthew Ward told us at the beginning of the year:

“Everything that has happened since the end of 2012, when Earth left the last wisps of third density energy, has been the groundwork, you could say, for revelations to come forth this year. …

“Some publicly known developments and judicious actions behind the curtain of the world stage are heralding the end of an ages-old dark reign.

“The darkness that was killing Earth less than a century ago is being completely replaced by light, the same powerful energy as love; and, during your year 2021, you will see changes that have long been needed so the civilization can advance and flourish.” (1)

He warns us that change will be characterized as political partisanship and resisted.

“Change will not come without resistance, perhaps especially in the United States, where the Illuminati are certain to motivate those who are uninformed or misinformed to denounce developments as political partisanship. They are not. Action in the weeks and months ahead will end control by that secret society, which ensconced itself in the government soon after it was established by the nascent nation’s founders.” (2)

John F. Kennedy through Losha informs us that America has not had a clean election in many years and now must fight its own government to win its freedom again.

“Even though we had won our sovereignty once early on, it did not last very long, unfortunately. Subsequently, here we are again … valiantly fighting to regain our independence and sovereignty…only this time we are attempting to take it back from our very own ‘government.’ …

“It has been many, many years since the United States (and many other countries) have had a true, authentic election, without some form of cheating being utilized by the infamous cabal.” (3)

Meanwhile, Blossom Goodchild’s Higher Self, White Cloud, warns us that “your world is to get far more topsy-turvy than what took place in your last year.”

“So it begins, my friends, the unrest … is taking place not only in the country where there is much unrest this day, yet the ripple effect it has [will go] all over the world and the fact that everything you hear on your news is there to bring down, to suppress, and to confuse.” (4)

He reminds us that, regardless of how things look, there is a Divine Plan taking place.

“You must know, dearest souls, that there is a Divine Plan which is taking place. And within this topsy-turviness that is causing so much disturbance of mind, of soul, of heart there is a place for you to hold your swords of light to the skies. “

And he exhorts us not to waver at this time. Our steadfastness is a valued contribution.

“You came here to do this, my friends. Let it not be now that you waver, that your thoughts go under, that your heart lies low. No, instead let it be now that those swords of light are raised up and charged with the energy of love that is filtering down to your beings from the Divine Source.” (5)

The Federation of Light through Blossom predicted a huge announcement, rioting, and upheaval.


Blossom Goodchild: That’s very bold!

FoL: These are bold times, Blossom.


YOU ARE READY to console and comfort those who are overwhelmed with news of WHAT IS … and WHAT HAS BEEN.

For a ‘time’, everything shall be so Topsy Turvy and it shall continue to be so. There shall be rioting and upheaval everywhere. For that which is about to be revealed will shock and abhor.

All this that we are saying is of a ‘repeated nature’ as you are aware, and yet, we say to you NOW, that THIS IS THE TIME WHEN YOU WILL SAY ‘This is what the Federation of Light spoke of’ … And we know this will give you comfort and strength. …


We would state quite categorically, that the waiting is over. (6)

They tell us that a great deal of planning has gone into the upcoming events and our safety has been their paramount concern:




(Concluded in Part 2, below.)


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Blossom Goodchild: TheFederation of Light 18 Oct 2020



The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, Oct. 18, 2020

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Greetings to you. Blossom Goodchild reporting for duty! (I know it’s not a duty!) Just had a very frustrating morning trying to get a White Cloud video done … so I thought I’d go for a double whammy and see if you have anything to say today, also?

Dearest Blossom … Dearest Lights that Brighten you Planet Earth, allowing those who are not of it, to see the Energies of those who are completing their mission as you LIFT YOUR MOTHER EARTH INTO HER RESPECTED, RIGHTFUL POSITION.

Yes, we are aware of much that is proving difficult to contend with. Yet, we KNOW that the winning streak is around, above and within Each One.

As White Cloud said (this morning) KNOW, KNOW, KNOW THE LIGHT HAS WON.

I try hard to hang on to this. Truly, I do, because if I didn’t think so, well then, who knows what would befall us. Yet, there just seems to be such negativity all around. With respect to all … I know there is A DIVINE PLAN. Yet, at the moment all we can do is TRUST that, for there is little concrete evidence. Much speculation, yet, no concrete evidence as such.

Yet this is soon to change Blossom. It will not be too long (in your timing of days) before evidence to the contrary of that which is being broadcasted on your mainstream media will be brought to Light.

Exposure of the deepest, darkest secrets are to be revealed and so much so, that there will be no question as to whether or not your world has just turned upside down!

It is then … although one will be confused and ‘disturbed’ … that A STRONGER YOU shall emerge.




You have mentioned before that there will not be mandatory vaccines etc. because the plans of the dark ones will not come to fruition and Divine Intervention will have stopped this from taking place. Is this a certainty?

IT IS. We say this boldly to you, Blossom, and yet, is it that you are questioning …?

I feel you are wanting to add some term of endearment to me like ‘little one’ or ‘our Loved one’ or something like that, but cannot find the term you want. White Cloud has called certain souls ‘little one’. Shall we just skip that and I’ll just take the warm feeling coming through? Thank you and yes … I am questioning a little, because how is it that you are so sure?

Because it is a Divine Plan that is playing out and that … doesn’t/wouldn’t … include souls of Earth being ‘held against their will’ to do anything …

Yet, already the ‘control’ is taking over and many falling for its reasons. And we are to go into another more ‘sinister’ lockdown you have said … so more control?

Let us reiterate that ‘sinister’ when ‘you’ checked it’s meaning read ‘Giving the impression of something harmful’. This is what it shall be … for it is necessary to keep one inside to discover all that is to unfold. Yet, this next step/Phase will not be able to take you into the depths that many are assuming it might. For there shall be far too much taking place and many cracks in the walls, enabling the Light to let itself through and reveal what IS actually taking place and what HAS been taking place behind the scenes.

‘Perhaps’ it may be that the Phase Two lockdown, which is not far away now … is a double-edged sword?

‘Perhaps’ it may be conducted as a ‘safety strategy’ for a time, as mayhem … if it were not in place … would certainly become rife and much emotion from souls could spin out of control?

I know you can’t spill all the beans, yet, do you mean this could possibly happen because of that which is to be revealed to us?

Yes. Eventually, as the lockdown progresses, so much more will become apparent.

Yet, it will start under the guise of the ‘virus’ … as you have said before?

Yes. Yet, know it is indeed, a dis ‘guise’. Eventually, as Truth comes out of the woodwork … more and more will come to the understanding of the reasons and necessity behind it.

You see, Blossom … this time that you are walking right into NOW, is to CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER.

An explosion of emotions from all sides is to come to the surface and Each Soul must go within to connect with their Truth.

There already is such a divide … is it to get even more confusing?

To a degree … for a while. Yet, as more and more is ‘shown’, more and more will accept the Truth and therefore, more and more shall Awaken unto themselves and the Light shall get ever Brighter.

Take your meditation times to be filled with PEACE.

PEACE within your own Beings …

PEACE within and without your Planet …

PEACE around your Planet …


Can you imagine, Dearest Souls … a world where there is no fighting … no war … no greed … no animosity … no hatred?




There are many who … know this /feel this … yet, wonder if it will be within their lifetime, as many have been serving upon the Planet for many long years and are in their late 80’s and more.

Yes, they shall see Great Changes. As we have said, this change cannot happen overnight. Yet, the Energy transference from Dark into Lighter times shall certainly be most apparent and those whose ‘time’ it is to leave, will leave in PEACE … KNOWING they played their part and that all is going according to plan.

That’s nice to know. Thank you.

Allow your KNOWING that this Divine Plan is on target, to fill your Beings with HOPE.

Allow your KNOWING that this Divine Plan is why you came. In all Truth, would you have volunteered if there were possibilities of it being otherwise?

Well, I guess yes, we would … where there is a will, there is a way. So, did we KNOW then, that the LIGHT was definitely a winner … and that outcome would not change?


HOW was it known it would not change?

Because it is a Divine Plan, Blossom.


The Game has played itself out. The LIGHT-LOVE that is … cannot be beaten.

Sure has seemed like it on this Planet.

Yet, have we not said many times ‘It is all a Game’?

Yes, and many who do not yet understand that, get infuriated by that statement, for it makes us feel like pawns.

Because they do not understand THE GAME. Because you are not in a position to see it for what it is, whilst living within it.

Yes, I get that and we have discussed this before.

Blossom. Blossom. Blossom.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


Then, with respect, heaven help the weaker ones!

‘Heaven’ is nurturing the weaker ones.

‘Heaven’ sent the stronger ones to finish The Game.

So, when we have moved everything up into a Peaceful Lighter Brighter stance … will we no longer be in The Game?

A NEW ONE … Of a very different sort.

Blossom … EVERYTHING is a Game … Depending on how you interpret Game …

You are asking me to look it up and I usually go with what I am presented with straight away … in this case:

An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.

A complete episode or period of play, ending in a final result.

Eager or willing to do something new or challenging.


Love is never-ending … in order to experience Life and Love in all of itself, it will play games. It will experience ALL that can possibly be experienced … in order to BE ITSELF and it shall continue to play out Games FOREVER.

Think of that!

To be honest … I’d rather not!



Couldn’t have put it better myself chaps! Love you … We are hanging on by tooth and nail … and SOON … very SOON … we shall KNOW the next step of the way … shall we not?

Without question.

Oh! I doubt that … as more unfolds the more question shall arise! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


A new video with White Cloud. and myself. Although it is quite apparent I am not my usual Joyous self! Just one of those mornings. Started well and went steadily downhill from there. I am fine now, thanks for asking!

The 9D Arcturian Council: The September 20 Equinox Energies

The 9D Arcturian Council: The September 2020 Equinox Energies

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By Daniel Scranton



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the different possibilities that you have in front of you for the equinox that you have coming up this month.

You have been able to assimilate the September energies quite well thus far, and all of us who are responsible for sending you new and improved energies take note of what you do with what we’ve already sent.

We know that you are asking for a feeling that everything is going to be all right, but we can’t just give you that feeling. It has to be a choice.

And so, what we are excited about regarding the upcoming September equinox energies is giving you all a louder and clearer mechanism internally for recognizing that you have a choice.

You get to decide whether you are going to look at what is happening on your world right now with a sense of positive expectation or with negative expectations.

If you truly believe that you are ascending, then you must also believe that everything is in service to your ascension and that nothing can stop it from happening.

Of course, you also get to decide whether you’re going to suffer between now and the completion of your shift, or if instead you are going to choose joy.

You can choose to go outside and breathe in the fresh air at any time, leaving all of your devices behind.

You can choose to sit under a tree and meditate.

You can choose to play, like you did when you were a child.

Or you can continue to let other people decide for you what your fate is.

You can look at the numbers, the trends, the articles of speculation, and you can go on a downward spiral with all of that, or you can do what is natural, which is to be on the upward spiral of ascension.

And when you are in Nature, things that are natural tend to happen.

What we are saying here is that you don’t need as much information as you’re getting in order to make a choice.

All you need is what we were just telling you about in our previous transmission, which is a little powerful thing called awareness.

You need awareness in order to choose. You need to be aware that you are the ones making the decisions.

You are the ones choosing the timeline, and we are here to help you look within yourselves for the only information you really need.

But you have to pay attention, and you have to act, and speak, and think based on what you are getting when you go within.

So it is our desire to give you a stronger, louder, more powerful inner voice that will convince you that you get to decide what is going to happen next on your world and in your lives.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Lorie Ladd: Vaccines, Solar Flares, False Prophets, Neutrality

Lorie Ladd ~ Q&A | ET Disclosure, Vaccines, Solar Flare, 5G, False Prophets, Neutrality

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August 24, 2020

Lorie brings through the Galactic Federation of Light and advises that we hold our focus on the timelines that we choose rather than what we don’t want. The chances of our needing to prepare for any doomsday timeline is slim to none.

Our Galactic friends are mitigating the dangers from 5G and any number of other perceived threats to our safety. Worth a listen, and if you’re like me, you might consider changing the playback rate to a higher number. 1.5 works for me.


The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Determine Where to Put Your Trust

The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Determine Where to Put Your Trust

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very sophisticated in our approach to measuring your progress there on planet Earth.

We know how to feel for your overall vibration as a collective, and we can tell that it is on the rise. We can tell that you are making progress by how we feel when we feel into you as a collective.

You also have the ability to use your sense of feeling to determine whether you should put your trust, your faith, into a person, into a movement, into a video, or a documentary that you are watching.

You have that ability that is really your sixth sense.

Your sixth sense is your ability to feel the vibration coming off of something, someone, some creation, some ideology, or some story that you are reading.

You have the ability to feel whether that which you are tuning in to is moving humanity in the direction you all want to be moving in.

You could, theoretically, sit around the house all day and think about what is wrong with society, what is wrong with humanity, what is wrong with this government, or that organization, you could do that, feel terrible, and then go to bed that night in that lower-vibrational state.

Now, what we are witnessing there on your world is that there are some people who are completely closed off from their sixth sense.

And they are also forgetting the truth that they create their own reality. And they are spreading lower-vibrational stories, ideas, memes, videos, and so on, because they feel in their minds, not their hearts, but their minds, that they are doing good.

What we have noticed is that after a while, even the most out-of-tune person, even a person who has really shut themselves off from their feeling sense, will eventually get tired of spreading lower-vibrational information.

They eventually get tired from all the resistance, all the arguing, and simply the way that they are vibrating when they post something that is of a lower vibration.

They cannot help but get that on them. And so, eventually, these individuals are going to tire themselves out, and they are going to ask whether there’s another way to help humanity.

We are here to tell you that there is. Not only can you meditate, process your emotions, start a prayer circle, and focus on the version of reality that you want to experience, but you can also send healing energy, love, compassion, and forgiveness to where it is most needed in the world.

You can be a part of the solution, instead of continuing to point fingers, make accusations, and spread stories that may or may not be true.

You all have an opportunity to do something monumentally big. You who understand that you create your reality can come together at this time and catapult humanity into a higher frequency range.

It is up to you, and you will know when you are moving in the right direction, for your sake, and for humanity’s sake, when you tap in to that sixth sense.

When you become as concerned about your vibration as you are about what someone that you don’t even know is doing or saying out there in the world, then and only then can you be the changemakers you were born to be.

This is our invitation to you. Join us in our willingness to feel in order to determine whether something is of a high vibration or a low vibration, and then act accordingly.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Early HCQ intervention, 79% lower Mortality Rate

Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate

Lorie Ladd: The next 2 weeks

Lorie Ladd ~ The Next Two Weeks

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July 30, 2020

Looks like it’s going to get crazier. Get ready for more censorship and more attempts to control…but no matter what, we’re Ascending.


Lightworkers: Another view from a Higher timeline

May I also suggest you invoke the energy of Green Tara, Goddess of epidemics. You can refer to Green Tara in the index to the left.By clicking on her, it will take you to my blogpost on her.

Green Tara, ‘She of a thousand stars’

I know Green Tara as a Buddhist deity, particularly Tibetan.  She is from Sirius and is working with nature kingdoms. She is also associated with Tara of Ireland. She assists with communication and the voice and channelling

OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA  Chant is an invocation to her.