Part 2 of Transcription of David Wilcox and Dannion Brinkley video

David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley video: Prophecies Fulfilled! 6-21-20 Part 2 by Kat

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David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley video: Prophecies Fulfilled! 6-21-20 Part 2

by Kat

“Spaceships” by Gilbert Williams

David Wilcock is a best-selling author, professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of energy and matter.

His books The Source Field Investigations, The Synchronicity Key and The Ascension Mysteries were New York Times bestsellers.

Wilcock is also a consulting producer for and appears regularly on The History Channel’s hit show, Ancient Aliens. He’s been in over 600 television episodes in total.

Dannion Brinkley is world-renowned for having four near-death experiences.

His books outlining his experiences in the afterlife Saved by the Light and At Peace In The Light, were New York Times and international bestsellers. He has sold more than twenty-two million books.

In Part 1 of the 6-21-20 Wilcock/Brinkley video, Brinkley revealed that he’s worked in the Intelligence Community since the 1970’s and held a Security Clearance for forty-eight years.

Brinkley’s Security Clearance was just upgraded to a High Counter-Intelligence Level in the last few days.

I found this an inspiring quote from Brinkley’s book “Saved by the Light:”

“…I had gained the knowledge that I could use to correct my life.
I could hear the Being’s message in my head as if through telepathy:
Humans are powerful Spiritual Beings meant to create good on Earth.
This good isn’t usually accomplished in bold actions
but in singular acts of kindness between people.
It’s the little things that count because they are more spontaneous
and show who you truly are.
I was elated.
I now knew the simple secret to improving Humanity.
The amount of love and good feelings that you have at the end of your life
is equal to the love and good feelings you put out during your life.
It was just that simple.”

~ Dannion Brinkley (1.)

As a child of the ‘60’s, I’ve heard that beautiful idea in song:

“And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make.”

~ The Beatles, The End, 9-26-69

I present Part 2 of my transcription of the 6-21-20 Wilcock/Brinkley video and I wholeheartedly concur with what they say:

It is time for the official Disclosure of Extraterrestrials on Earth.

It is time for the Truth about what’s really been going on for the last millenniums on Earth, who exactly the deep state/cabal/illuminati are and why they have been systematically destroying Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity.

It is time for Humanity to wake-up to our Divinity and Immortality; to understand who we are and where we came from.

It is time for the implementation of GESARA and the immediate release of 6000 patents of technologies that have been suppressed by the deep state for over a hundred years, that will vastly improve the quality of life for Earth, her Kingdoms and Humanity.

I hope you enjoy David and Dannion. They are fascinating, informative and helpful, especially in this topsy-turvy now moment during the Ascension of Gaia, Kingdoms, Humanity and Galaxy.

David Wilcock has a rare gift of being able to sift through cabal-deception and come up with facts and plans behind the illuminati veil. He’s brilliant at it.

These men inspire me to realize, to absolutely know without a doubt, that we can have right this minute, a miraculous, pristine and exciting World: Cities of Light, Rainbow skies, Peace, Truth, Happiness, Health, Abundance, Brilliance, Creativity, Innovation, Kindness, Reverence for all life, NO MORE HARM, Inter-dimensional, Time and Space travel by craft or thought, and more wonders than I can imagine. I’m so grateful to them both.

With blessings of Peace, Health and Abundance for all — we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free.

xo, Kat


David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley video: Prophecies Fulfilled! 6-21-20 Part 2
Transcribed by Kat

36:55 David Wilcock reading from President Trump’s remarks at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland on January 21, 2020: This totally sounds like Disclosure…

“But the wonders of the last century will pale in comparison (David: includes smart phones and all that stuff) to what today’s young innovators will achieve because they are doing things that nobody thought even feasible to begin. We continue to embrace technology, not to shun it. When people are free to innovate, millions will live longer, happier, healthier lives.” (3.)

37:00 David: What else could it be but anti-gravity and free energy? (GESARA!!) (4.)

37:20 Dannion Brinkley: Think how wild this is in my 70 years to where it was a spoof and then in the ‘50’s we started talking about Extraterrestrials … we had movies… that’s all driven from Roswell… understand there were 2 crashes like 4 days apart… there was another one… (5.)

When you look at the innovation of what’s happening… we have electrical cars… a car company taking us to the space station and back and landing on its own landing pad… on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean… and it just did it again and took 50 more satellites…

38:08 This is so remarkable and the remarkability about what he’s describing and bringing forth… come on everybody… all that stuff that you’ve been made fun of… and that people don’t believe what we’re talking about… and the innovations that we’re capable of… we have plasma weapons… we have laser weapons… Nikola Tesla death rays… we have all of these things in the arsenal… do you hear anything about it? No… But do they exist? Yes….

39:02 David: Well you have personally met an insider, who we’re not making public at this time, and had long conversations with him and with me here in this house… a guy who personally worked at Area 51… who personally built 8 different types of working anti-gravity systems… and we’re trying to get this going now and we appear to have the approval to do so… what is your opinion of this insider from having personally spoken to him for hours?

39:26 Dannion: There’s literally no doubt that this guy’s telling the truth, David. And not only that, the nonsensical approach that he takes to Inertia Driven Craft… he doesn’t say anti-gravity… [David: Right, it’s called Inertial Propulsion]…how he describes it and how he compares it to craft we now have… and how much fun, I won’t say cynical… but what he knows equal to what we are presenting as weapons of war, is silly…

You can go all the way back to the Germans and the bell…. (6.)

I’ve never been into UFO stuff… I only know these couple of things and I have a couple of pictures that defy it… but when the President of the United States says “it’s interesting”… and he’s making these kind of statements… there is an interaction without any question that’s going on … but we, once again, must push it.

40:29 David: Well let’s go into this for just a second… we have a lot of slides I want to get to…

41:00 Dannion: I’d like to say this before we start diving in.. come on everybody, please, through the course of this program, please pay attention to your BREATHING… it becomes so important that right now we pay attention to how shallow or how deep we’re breathing…

So as we’re celebrating the Beginning of Summer and we’re celebrating Father’s Day… let’s all celebrate and have gratitude about our BREATH… so please take a deep breath… please settle in… and as you listen, feel this information…

41:43 David: Well Dannion, I find it kinda’ strange… that basically what you’re saying is everybody in the Intelligence Community above middle management knows that we have reverse engineered flying craft that would be able to take us… apparently they’re Interstellar capable because they would have had to come from somewhere else to get here…

42:00 Dannion: ‘Hyperdrive’ was the term… I don’t really know what hyperdrive is… but I remember the term and remember once asking what was Hyperdrive?… only once… somebody said “jump time and space…” somebody who, like the guy who was here, this nuclear physicist… very factual…

42:47 Dannion: (David: You’re talking about the guy who builds Inertia Driven Craft)… he keeps reinforcing the fact that we are so close… based on the things that comes from the boxes of knowledge… we’re so close of expanding who we are…

Now think of this… last week NASA came to a conclusion that there’s at least 36 planets in our galaxy the Milky Way that has intelligent life… (7.)

Think of them to say that… realizing that there are 40 BILLION possible Earth-like planets…. First, it makes me realize just how stupid they think we are…

And Second, the fact that they will now go on record that there’s 36… how in the world and what would make them come to that conclusion?!? Because they see water? Intelligent life is not amoebas, OK?… so that in itself last week reinforces communication…

44:06 David: Well it definitely looks like there’s a plan in place to get this going… but to get back to the question I was setting up here… if you have everybody from mid-levels on higher in the Intelligence Community that knows that this is going on clearly we can see the benefit to this planet if this technology was declassified…

Why do people think it is being kept secret? Or is it a general understanding that there’s a force in place that will keep it secret…

44:40 Dannion: Well this is just a personal reflection… and this is things I hear old-timers say… you listen to them and you think “well why are they not telling people this?”…

He said think about this, Dannion… If you can jump through space and you have a craft, how many miles per gallon do you think it’s getting? And how much gasoline do you think that fool holds?… (laughter)

Now this is a guy, I was in my ‘30’s he was in his ‘60’s, so he’s been around, (David: And he’s done lots of these classified missions) yeah… been around… and a good ol’ boy from Tennessee… and he says “How many miles per gallon a jumping through space ship gets?”… and the fact that there are craft that have this kind of propulsion systems…

What happens to the oil industry? What happens to the electrical energy? What happens to the forces that control us and the powers that we think moves us into the modern age if it’s not petrochemically driven, or gas or oil driven…

Well the very moment that we knew there was a craft, OK? [Roswell]… look at what our rockets are… Hydrogen… liquid hydrogen… look at the stupidity… we’re using hydrogen now… what is taking SpaceX (Elon Musk’s rocket) is liquid hydrogen and water… it’s what the propulsion is… (8.)

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 blast-off with NASA astronauts
Dough Hurley and Robert Behnken 5-30-20

47:48 Dannion cont.: …The Russians was nothing but heavy fuel burning enormous amounts of fuel… oil, petro-driven… So what happens to who controls our life if you knew there was an engine… what Nikola Tesla described and even did drawings on it… and that there were more than us out there…

What happens to Religion? You have Religion that has to face the fact that we’re not the only ones here, which is devastating, number one… Number two, the oil industry disappears… the control mechanism that drives the economy and the growth of us…

I just saw they’re launching a test on an airplane that works off electricity, that moves based on the wind moving over the top of the wing… the wave of the air moving over the top of the wing is enough at above 40,000 feet… when you start hearing that kind of stuff… that you’re going to have an electrical plane that you’re gonna fly on… What’s next?

Inertia Driven is the only thing next… And this is something else funny… I happened to meet the guy who invented the Rodin coil… (David nodding: Yeah, Marco Rodin)… (8.)

48:30 Dannion cont.: Probably one of the craziest people I ever met… but I saw this coil operate by myself at 68 years old, saw Free Energy… I saw Inertial Driven Coil… he had it… it was easy to start up… he could do it with a 9 volt battery… I saw it operate…

Once you stand and you see something like that and then you read about it… everything becomes possible in this side of the veil… where I know that on the other side of the veil even MORE is possible… but as it moves forward on this side of the veil, I have seen it…

49:26 David: So if everybody in the mid to upper levels of the Intelligence Community knows that we are hiding this technology because it would damage the economy, it would damage the use of oil, then clearly, there would also be a widespread understanding of a control system. That there is some sort of control system that is keeping us from going to this next level… (Dannion: And Religion)… well they’re afraid of upsetting Religion…

Dannion: But this is another thing I just discovered… you know, when you start looking at all this stuff you’ve been talking about for years…

50:00 Who is the main funder of all the observatories on the Earth that looking into telescopes into space?… The Catholic Church… (David: The Vatican was what I was going to say, yeah )… the Catholic Church knows something from all of those things that have been gathered through the thousands of years by the Church… (10.)

50:30 Dannion cont.: One of the coolest things that made me come to realizations… I was in India once, David, on a “project” (Intelligence project)…

(David: You gotta learn how to talk in a new way.. you can’t just say what really happened… Dannion: Well I have to… I know what an NDA is… my [Security] upgrade on my clearance was Counter-Intelligence… (these were asides on being careful about what to say on a public video)

They took me to a temple that was carved out of a single rock… (In India) and they carved from the top down… there is absolutely no way it could be done… there is no way… like all this stuff I’ve seen in my life, now that I’ve put Extraterrestrials into my domain as a concept… I mean, I’ve been all over Central and South America… I’ve been all over everyplace where there’s anything that resembles a pyramid… because I’ve been fixated on that for years and years…

But once you start incorporating that they were here (ET’s) and you see these monuments that are carved so distinctly… and you see these chambers like in Malta and in Turkey… they are identical… the same chamber cut in such a way… that the harmonic sound is in a perfect pitch… (David: Like Cappadocia, Turkey)

52:28 David: There are multiple floors underground that are all right on top of each other like they had some kind of GPS or something… and why would they need to live underground?… Why would they do all that work? To carve out these huge areas underground for multiple-thousands of people to live in?

52:47 Dannion: And how? (David: How did they do it, right?) You have a piece of copper, some wood and a rock… when you start to look at all these structures that existed that is no way they are explaining it… I’ve been in 94 countries and 48 states…

So I’ve seen stuff that no matter what you try to tell me at the time and the tools they were supposedly using there is no way possible they could have built that… especially in Northern Bolivia and on the Peruvian, Bolivian border… there is absolutely no way….

I was there doing National Geographic… and it’s colder than he*l on this mountain… and there’s holes drilled through these rocks 2 to 4 feet (David: Oh yeah, the bore holes that are laser control perfect)… they were shooting lasers down through those holes… they had to be at least 20,000 years old… they had to have been built… then something would have had to happen to create ruins… they figured that those holes they drilled was how they moved the stones… which makes sense until you shoot a laser beam down the hole and the hole is perfect…

54:44 (David: Right, the laser shows up the whole way down.)… It’s perfect… it’s perfect… We have no device that exists on the Earth today, not even a diamond drill, that is capable of drilling that 20,000 year old hole…

55:01 David: Well on Ancient Aliens, on History channel, we covered these amazing, amazing underground caves that have been found in China that you hardly ever hear about… and you can see that it looks like everything was drilled and considering how tight space would be and space would be at a premium if you’re building an underground base… the ceilings are like well over 20 feet tall… everything was carved out of the solid rock… it’s huge…

55:32 Dannion: Unbelievable but the best part, David, is when you go… I want people to understand there is no way you could build it today… no matter how much talk, no matter what you say, it could not happen… and they started from the top of the rock… it sits in a rock… (India) no way we could do it today… it is magnificently carved…

56:13 So all of a sudden for me, being around you and listening to the kind of conversations that go on in the world of David Wilcock… I promise you everybody you cannot believe the stories that I get a chance to eavesdrop on and listen to… Nothing like what you’re being heard here, even greater and more phenomenal…

But what it’s done for mis is it’s opened my mind to the potential of a broader viewpoint… not only the magnificence of us who are here… but the magnificence that is being kept from us for reasons that they say we’re not capable of handling… (Kat note: Grrrrrrr!!)

57:02 Dannion cont.: Well… I’m capable of handling Inertia Energy… I’m capable of reviewing my Religious viewpoint because I had to review my Religious viewpoint from being dead, OK?… so a few Aliens, and a couple of Spacecraft and a fleet in 1954… a fleet of designed Spacecraft cigar shaped, kilometers long, going to Mars in 1954… [written about in William Tompkin’s “Selected By Extraterrestrials Volume 2”…] Why would he [Tompkin’s] lie?….

58:00 It becomes important that we get the chance to look at this kind of stuff and know that it’s real… and that I can hear it in a coffee shop from a guy that’s going back to his teenage years… but this is something else…

58:10 Dannion cont.: For everybody who is listening to this, if you have an NDA because I know I have an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)… if you have an NDA and you’re old… (David: Uh oh, don’t get us in trouble now!)… and you’re old like me… and I really have nothing to use… literally nothing to lose… come forward… come and tell us… you don’t have to tell David, just come and tell me… because I don’t care what they do… I’m going to tell you…

58:41 David: Well I appreciate that… it is always great when we get new whistleblowers… and Tompkin’s book is the biggest new whistleblower development we’ve had this year… it’s really exciting I can’t wait to read it… I know I’m going to find all kinds of cool stuff in there that I’ve seen and heard from other people…

59:00 As you know Dannion, the anti-gravity guy that you met through me and you’ve had hours and hours of conversation with now… came directly through Pete Peterson, who I met in 2009… and when I met Pete Peterson in 2009 he was always talking about this guy…

59:21 And he was describing how he had been in Antarctica, that he’d worked with Extraterrestrials, and worked in Area 51, he had 8 different ways to make Anti-Gravity…

59:30 David cont.: The story is really interesting because we are moving forward, there are contracts being put out now for Hover-Cars and our company is the only one offering Inertial Propulsion Solution… so this is actually happening…

We’re right in the process of getting money lined up for these things to take place… I’m just not going to be more specific until we know we actually have it… because that’s the big key…

David cont.: Suffice it to say our goal is to have commercially available, affordable Hover Cars that you can park in your garage, that’s the size of a car, they don’t go above a 1000-foot altitude… we’re getting the zoning regulations then…

But seriously affordable Hover Cars are the goal and it’s much much closer than we think and I know because I’m working in that vein and you’ve seen this (Dannion)… not only can you visualize what I’m talking about, cuz you’ve seen it…

Renault Hover Car named “The Float”

1:00:29 Dannion: Not only can I visualize it everybody, but let me tell you something… because I’m not going to give up any information… I can guarantee you what he’s saying… I’ve listened to the 6 and 7 people on the Board members and the interaction between the Billionaires and how they’re all jockeying for position…

1:00:55 David: Good Billionaires! We’re not taking any cabal deep state illuminati money whatsoever…

1:00:57 Dannion: And I’ve seen them get eliminated… I’ve seen those people collectively, mostly pushed by David and this physicist, to drive and not take Billions of dollars from certain people… and to say NO!… when other people on the Board says Yes, why don’t we do it..

But it’s trying to stay pure and trying to stay clean and keep it from being controlled and there are people who are trusting enough to see this…

1:02:07 I’m kind of excited about it everybody because the fact that Donald Trump in a campaign sponsored and paid for and interview made it where we can openly talk about it… we can openly push for Disclosure… and please, make it a part of your life…

Go to your elected official… they gotta come home to go back to Washington… we gotta take this piece of information and we need to push it on them… make the representatives know we want to know… they cannot keep it from us if they make it part of an election cycle…


‘Spaceship’ by Erial Art

End of Part 2



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The Beatles lyric from The End, released 9-26-69

Dannion Brinkley NDE! Dead and back 4 times! Interview 5-26-19 “EXPLORING THE HUMAN JOURNEY S2 E21: Dannion Brinkley has died 4 times and has come back to talk about it! Struck twice by lightning, his first NDE happened in 1975 and is the most complete Near Death Experience on record! Dannion is an International best-selling author and his books include Saved By The Light. In this episode we talk about religion, THERE IS NO HELL, Trace Minerals, how he is functioning on a heart that is only at 15% capacity and so much more! For more info about Dannion go to

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The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part6/7

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 6/7

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Oil lubricates the tectonic plates, the galactics tell us

(Continued from Part 5, yesterday.)

Oil is Mother Earth’s lifeblood

We may not know it, but oil is vital to Mother Earth’s well-functioning. Our sources compare it to the planet’s lifeblood.

It forms an essential lubricant of the tectonic plates, Goldenlight’s sources tell us.

“The oil that is currently being extracted from Mother Earth/Gaia’s body is actually the essential lubrication that is needed to keep her tectonic plates moving easily and freely in her body. The removal of this essential part of her earthen body, and yes it is her body, has caused great harm to her and will STOP.” (1)

Another group of sources through Goldenlight repeat the assertion.

“We have many technologies which will guide you along on your higher dimensional path….beautiful healing technologies given to us by Source Creator and used in a loving manner for the highest good of all. Wonderful free-energy technologies will propel your world ‘into the stratosphere,’ so to speak, and reduce your dependence on oil, which is the lifeblood of Mother Earth Gaia.

“Removing this oil from her body is akin to removing the blood from your body. It drains her and is so unnecessary!” (2)

Matthew Ward makes the same claim:

“The root of this environmental destructiveness is the intention of a few minds steeped in greed to keep your world dependent upon petroleum, and to that end, they have suppressed the developments in free energy that would have eliminated their source of mammoth fortunes.

“The relentless pursuit of monetary wealth has withered their conscience. Thus there is no consideration given to the potential effects of desecrating the environment; and they don’t understand that Earth is a highly-evolved soul, a sentient being whose blood is the fluids within her planetary body.” (3)

He explains that we can help the Earth heal by moving away from these unbeneficial sources of power, towards beneficial ones.

“You can greatly aid Earth in her healing process by moving away from nuclear power and fossil fuels and advancing toward renewable and free-energy sources.” (4)

Reliance on coal, petroleum, and nuclear power will inevitably end, Saul says:

“With abundant free energy readily available wherever needed, coal mining and oil ‘harvesting’ and exploration will first be greatly reduced and then finally cease, as the industries that require that kind of energy become obsolescent.

“Cleaning up and repairing the damage that those basically barbaric industrial conglomerates have caused will be a major task in the next few years, and much, in your terms, technologically very advanced assistance will be provided to ensure that this is done cleanly and efficiently.” (5)

Keeping the essential function of petroleum in the back of our minds, let’s now reflect on the arrival of this technology to Earth and the end of our dependence on petroleum, coal, and nuclear power.

(Concluded in Part 7, tomorrow.)


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The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part 5/ 7

:The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 5/7

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Stan Meyer, inventor of the water car (at the wheel), was widely believed to have been assassinated to prevent development of his gas-free invention. His fate is believed to have had an impact on free-energy inventors as well

(Continued from Part 4, yesterday.)

Free-energy people are still underground

What’s happening to bring about the sharing of this new and beneficial technology? Wes Annac’s sources tell us:

“Myriad individuals and organizations on your planet are coming to understand free energy and are working diligently to bring its technology to the world, and the first free-energy device you see, whether … small or big, will be the tip of the iceberg in regards to complete disclosure of this technology.

“Patents and production will swiftly follow, and we can potentially predict free energy technology being widely understood by the time we make open contact with your planet.” (1)

Free-energy devices will not come from only one source, SaLuSa says. They “will come from us and also many sources on Earth where they have already been developed.” (2)

However many among the inventors have kept their inventions hidden.

“Many such devices already exist but, like much that has been kept from you, have not been released and instead deliberately hidden.”  (3)

Michael states that many inventors choose to remain underground:

Archangel Michael: A great [many] of the free-energy people are still slightly, can we say, underground, under cover.

Steve Beckow Aren’t [the cabal members] in containment, Lord?

AAM Not everybody who is wealthy from these enterprises is in containment. And do not even forget that not even a middle-level manager – we are not talking about brutality or murder, but we are talking about sabotage and the ability to throw a spanner in the works.

So there is some residual fear on the part of those that are working on free energy to completely go public. But they will be there shortly. (4)

Nevertheless, SaLuSa says, the truth must eventually come out.

“Do you see, Dear Ones, how eventually the truth must come out? … There are already calls for an alternative source of power, and our allies will be pushing for free-energy devices that are already available.” (5)

Matthew Ward sees the self-serving interests of those who’ve sequestered free-energy technology being exposed, freeing the technology to manifest.

“The ever-intensifying light … is exposing the self-serving interests that have long-suppressed your developments in free-energy sources and other technologies. Soon those will ‘come to light,’ and along with your space family’s advanced technologies, they will be used to cleanse and purify soil, water and air; and transform your methods of transportation, medical care, food production, construction, manufacturing and communication.”  (6)

The galactics have the demise of the old technologies planned for. SaLuSa discusses that plan:

“What you are beginning to become aware of [are] the vast opportunities presented by the use of free energy. Naturally the Oil Industry fights against their introduction, but it is the way forward and progress cannot be stopped.

“In time none of the old polluting fuels will be used, and everyone will benefit from clean and efficient methods, that most importantly will include new means of transportation.

“For those presently employed in those industries we must tell you that your future will be secure. By that time everyone will have benefited from the new financial systems, and the re-distribution of wealth will ensure that the loss of jobs will not affect your position.” (7)

That’s the plan. All we need now is a Reval.

Unlike SaLuSa, Matthew Ward finds it difficult to give an estimate of when free-energy technology will be released.

“It is completely understandable that you would like to have ‘forecasts’ [of] when suppression of free-energy sources … will end. Those are some of the primary questions in your thoughts, which we see as clearly as we see your light that sparkles as brilliantly as a field of diamonds in the sunlight.

“If we could give estimated times for those and other developments of interest to many, we would do so joyfully. Earth’s energy field of potential is in such commotion, with the dark ones fighting bitterly in desperate last stands, that it would be folly to offer even ‘best guesses.’ So we tell you what we DO know with absolute certainty – your patience and steadfastness in the light will be rewarded beyond your grandest imagining.” (8)

In summary, inventing and developing free-energy technology has proven risky in the past. Consequently, many people with workable devices have kept them hidden. However, self-serving interests are being exposed, hastening the day when the truth of free energy can become known. After the introduction of free energy,i t’s anticipated that abundance programs will ensure the prosperity of workers laid off as a result.

Moreover, the new technology will restore Mother Earth in a way that we might not suspect.

(Continued in Part 6, tomorrow.)


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The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part4/7

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 4/7

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(Continued from Part 3, yesterday.)

Free-energy devices have been around since Tesla’s day. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that the military and elites have sequestered them for their own use and advantage. Most of the public have never heard of free energy.

These devices, the Pleiadian High Council tells us, “have been around since, at the very most recent, your 1930s and in many cultures [such as Atlantis] before your current society.” (1) They tell us what has transpired:

“The revolutionary inventions of many inventors were again suppressed for ‘national security’ reasons and in many cases funneled into the various military industrial complex projects as well as used and enjoyed by the elites of your world and only the elites of your world.

“The very existence of such things has been kept secret while being used by the top elite classes for their own gain, and you have been kept on ancient ways to produce your own commodities and needs that such elite souls can make money off of while themselves using the better alternatives.” (2)

We’ve been exploited and kept in the dark. “The dark Ones,” SaLuSa informs us, “have [had] no intention of sharing them with you.” (3)

“The Human Race has been exploited and used for the benefit of the few, and they have deliberately denied you the progress that would have avoided the calamity and chaos you are experiencing now.

“But for the Illuminati and their minions you would not be at the mercy of the Oil Industries and free energy in its many forms would have seen exceptional progress. The hidden discoveries would have brought you into the 21st Century some time ago and avoided the collapse of your society that you are now experiencing.” (4)

On another occasion, he informed us that:

“Through deliberate policy [free-energy devices] have been held back by the Illuminati, to protect their own investment in oil and the utilities. …

“You should have been able to advance your standard of living much more than it is now. Every civilization is entitled to benefit from new discoveries, that are not given simply to be enjoyed by the privileged few, or your armed forces. The ideas for such devices that already exist were intended for the good of all, and made available to you for your independence and self-sufficiency.” (5)

According to the Pleiadians and Arcturians, the cabal relied on national security as a pretext for sequestering them.

“But the truth is that they’ve worked actively to keep your populace held back from space travel and understanding that even close to your Earth, there are star systems with planets boasting brimming advanced societies who are actively fixated on the evolution your Earth is experiencing.” (6)

Disclosure will end this hiding of technology, the Pleiadian High Council says.

“When the beginning disclosures and revelations begin to come to the fore as they truly are to so very soon, you will hear about the inventions in depth and you will be shown these inventions and how they pair with your consciousness to produce that which you need.” (7)

The Pleiadians and Arcturians inform us that “your cabal is finding themselves less able … to stop individuals in your collective from introducing free-energy-based technology to your world formally.” (8)

“The lost years will be made up to you in next to no time,” SaLuSa adds. “The Light is bringing back balance, and once the power and influence of the dark forces is overcome you shall see great changes come in quick succession.” (9)

In the end, “their actions will serve no purpose,” he explains, “as no one group of individuals is allowed to evolve at the expense of another.” (10)

How have those who try to develop free-energy technology reacted to the threats made against them?

(Continued in Part 5, tomorrow.)


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The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part 3/7

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 3/7

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In 2001, John Christie and Lou Brits announced they had developed a free-energy power supply.

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

What free energy is and does

What exactly is free energy? Goldenlight’s sources help us here as well, to understand the nature and uses of free energy.

“Free energy utilizes and harnesses the inherent co-creative energy of the Creator Source which is energy that permeates everything and All That Is.

“It is the Creative Energy of Universes, Multiverses, Galaxies, Planets, Beings, the energy that propels, creates, gives life to, and animates everything.

“This energy allows your Planet, Mother Earth Gaia to be suspended in space… allows the Sun to beam forth its tremendous power and energy. … It gives life to your being and your lower-dimensional body on Earth as well as your Higher-Dimensional, Multidimensional Being which lives in the higher dimensions.

“We of the Pleiadian civilizations have learned over eons of time how to harness this power of the Source Creator of All That Is.” (1)

That’s a pretty important description: Creator Source energy that supports and gives life to everything.

The Pleiadians use it to propel their ships and have been using it for a long time.

“This Free Energy propels our ships and allows us to travel to your atmosphere to be near your civilization, in tune with you and your energy harmonics. As this channel is not versed in scientific formulas or physics, we will not attempt to have her translate the complex mathematical and physics-based algorithms used to harness free energy and propel our ships, but suffice it to say that we figured out the formulas long ago.” (2)

Wes Annac’s sources include cleansing our planet of pollution among its many uses:

“The clean, free-energy technology we’ll offer will be used for various different important and leisurely purposes, and devices will be and have already been Created that orient specifically toward using free energy to mitigate and cleanse the widespread pollution that remains in your current moment.” (3)

Grener of Ashira, President of the Intergalactic Council, tells us that ideas for the development of free energy have already been seeded into the minds of inventors on our planet:

“So often you say, ‘I want my replicator. I want my healing chamber. I want free energy.’ … We have already seeded so many of those ideas [into] your planet.” (4)

Free energy, Mike Quinsey’s sources tell us, is already available “and many projects have resulted in the design of equipment and appliances that will change your way of life.” (5)

Wanderer of the Skies tells us that the galactics will supply us with their free-energy technology after Disclosure:

“In large measure, it will change because even the least of you will have access to free energy and other technological marvels as you can only now dream about but which exist on your world at this time.” (6)

These inventions will make for increased independence, Diane of Sirius tells us:

“Most of our technologies are simple and easily installed, and allow for much more independence than you have now. We shall set high standards where your daily needs are concerned, and bring you all into systems that are self-supporting. This is essential in locations where people are away from the main areas, and tend to be isolated.

“It is a matter of equipping you in such a way, that your standard of life is immediately improved. A clean supply of water and an ample supply of free energy will overcome many health problems, whilst at the same time giving you heating and lighting where conditions warrant it.” (7)

If the technology is already available, then what’s the problem?

(To be continued in Part 4, tomorrow.)

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part 2/7

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 2/7

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(Continued from Part 1, above.)

Nova Earth will have a New Kind of Energy – Free Energy

Goldenlight’s informants tell us that Nova Earth will have a new energy source, generally known as “free energy.” Other names for it are scalar energy and energy from the Void.

“This New Earth has FREE ENERGY, wherein the multitudes are no longer slaves to the energy corporations or the oil corporations for their heat, electricity, fuel, telecommunications, and basic utility costs. …

“This FREE ENERGY also runs the modes of delivery and transportation; not only are these transportation methods free but they do not generate any pollution at all.” (1)

Free energy isn’t new. It was used in Atlantis and Lemuria, SanJAsKa reminds us.

“Free-energy-based technology … was widely utilized by many of your ancient civilizations [such as] Atlantis and Lemuria. [When it is] disclosed and given to all, the pollution that’s been fed will truly cease to be and widespread prosperity, abundance and ease of Living will rapidly begin making their way to all of your civilizations.” (2)

Its advent will end all forms of domination by companies connected with the old-energy paradigms.

“The [four] basic methods that the world corporations and government were once using to dominate and control the people are removed: oil company domination, utility company domination, corporate monopolies of control, and mass media brainwashing. Oil extraction and production no longer exists as there is no longer a need for it. …

“There will be a new form of energy developed to run things that are now run by electricity, a new energy that is similar to electricity but not created using any fossil fuels or running electrical poles with wires all over the earth, which also harms Mother Earth’s own energetic field.” (3)

Their energy needs no wires or towers, but travels through the ethers, Ker-On of Venus explains. There’s no such thing as private ownership of it.

“Our energy use is through distribution from central points, and requires no means of transportation as it is sent out through the ethers. Free energy covers all of our needs, and personal transportation such as it is. There is no necessity for ‘ownership’ as all facilities belong to everyone alike. These may make Venus sound like Utopia, but in the near future you will also take your place on your ascended Earth and enjoy the same.” (4)

It’ll involve the use of crystals for distribution, such as were used in Atlantis (and whose misuse caused its destruction).

“The use of these electrical lines has suffocated [Gaia] and will eventually be removed and replaced with a clean form of energy that does not use wires. All we can say now is that it does involve the use of extremely large crystals, crystals similar to those used in Atlantis which generate massive amounts of energy and that will be regrown to create a similar type of energy that was once used in Atlantis. Your new Cities of Light, which have been visited and ‘seen’ by many upon your Earth, will be the centers for much of this type of energy. …

“Just try to envision and imagine this!” (5)

Let’s imagine it! Imagination is creative on the higher dimensions. May it speed the advent of free energy.

But what is free energy?

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


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