The 9D Arcturian Energies: The March 2021 Equinox



The 9D Arcturian Council: The March 2021 Energies

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in the process of exploring all of the various timelines that are in front of you now there on Earth in 2021, and we are very impressed by the timelines that you are currently creating and that you have been creating so far in this calendar year of yours.

You are looking for opportunities to go deeper in your connections, and that is of paramount importance to the unification of the human collective.

Now, as you start coming together in more powerful ways because of the connections that you feel to one another, you are going to see powerful co-creative councils forming there on Earth.

We are talking about councils and collectives made up of human beings, and these groups will not just be affiliated with one government, or even one political party.

These groups are not going to form based on race, religion, or economic status.

The groups that you will be forming there in 2021 will be about your desire to raise the level of consciousness there on Earth and your desire to reach out to the e.t.s that are present and available to you right now.

The desire for more unity has been birthed by the divisiveness that you have all experienced in one way or another there on your world, and the coming together will occur because of the energies we have told you about that are already beginning to come in as you begin the month of March and get closer and closer to the March equinox.

You all are beginning to experience less and less of the distortions that have plagued humanity for far too long. Your energy fields are already beginning to operate as the beautiful filters that they were always meant to be.

And so many humans are already experiencing a clarity that they have not known within themselves for quite some time, or ever in this or any other lifetime.

You now have granted yourselves the power to feel clearly what is going on inside of yourselves and outside of yourselves, and more and more of you can see the futility in being divided and in arguing over who is wearing a white hat and who is wearing a black hat.

You have the ability to take back your power to have more faith in yourselves and in your ability to come together, and now is the time.

Now is the time to put down your torches and your pitchforks and to come together as one human race, united with the knowing that you all have these deep connections that go back many lifetimes, and in most cases they go back even further than the first lifetimes that you experienced there on planet Earth.

You are one unified collective, but most people just don’t know it yet, and we see that beginning with the tremendous download of energies that is coming in for the month of March, that is all about to change.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Collective: Ending Cycles through Forgiveness

The Collective: Ending Cycles Through Forgiveness

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by Caroline Oceana Ryan


Greetings, Friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today. Today we respond to another question from a Light Bringer, who asks:

We are all aware that difficult people are meant to teach us lessons around patience and forgiveness. And there are various ways to do that (cut cords / affirmations / writing decrees / visualization), especially around birth family.

We may have forgiven a toxic family member and are not consciously engaging with them. But we can’t deny the fact that many Lightworkers at this time are stationed in their parents’ home and out of a job.

They’re doing their best to earn and be independent using their gifts. But sometimes, conditions like a lockdown or financial blocks force us to stay longer with a toxic family.

How is it possible to forgive a family member who constantly abuses you, looks down on you, or is sadistic? To forgive and not be hurt when they continue to attack?

In that moment, have our efforts to remain patient gone to waste? Are we right in feeling hurt and wanting to cut all ties for good, to walk away when the moment arises?

We would say, that this is indeed a time of added challenge that can feel to be an unreasonable extreme on many levels.

Many are having to deal not only with the added requirements of protecting themselves and loved ones from a virus, but also the stresses of less income, and therefore living with family members whom they would ordinarily avoid or see only occasionally.

You have heard it said, that simply because a group of people are related does not mean that they will all get along or like one another, whether on a personality level, and regarding chosen ways of living.

Yet there is a further weight added, which is that most Light Bringers will incarnate into a bloodline or a family that contains members who have also been difficult or abusive, or dismissive or abandoning in other lives in which they have known them.

This can be difficult, as all concerned have some slight memory ringing quietly in their heart at times, to finally settle old grievances in peaceful ways with this person whom they may love, yet cannot see eye-to-eye with.

This adds to the confusion, as it is Love that motivates people to want to finally make Peace with someone, yet the very things that divided you once will most assuredly seek to divide you again.

You have come in—and we speak to all now—to know who you are and to grow further, in the context of struggles such as you describe.

Yet you also came to plant a bright Light in dense and difficult family circumstances—your own, and the world’s.

This would seem to be the perfect time for any spiritually aware person to ask “Why?” in terms of the exclusion, derision, and other forms of abandonment they receive from those they feel ought to be loving and supportive of them and all family members.

Yet it is the most unnecessary question you could ask, because of the path you all marked out for yourselves before incarnating.

Most of you volunteered to come into the most difficult family circumstances, and in some cases, the darkest, in terms of the least evolved and conscious people or connections you could encounter for your soul path.

And so, yes—this has meant what is termed abuse, which from the higher perspective is simply a form of density that many have written into their life charts as a way of continuing the “grand experiment” of Earth life.

That experiment of “good vs. bad” duality has held most of you in a cyclic repeat of experiences.

Each attempt, each life lived in the third dimension, is determined to break the cycle, yet generally, only nominal progress is made.

Earth is well known amongst the planetary civilizations for dense emotion and behavior.

Your planetary culture is considered by most other races of beings in this Universe to be both wayward and backward, both violent and regressive, though that is changing now as both Earth’s and humanity’s vibrations rise.

Deep down, you understand that you came in to learn how to Love difficult people, in the sense of releasing them to their path, and not needing them to change for you or anyone—and to let go the need to have your Love returned, for often, that is not the path you chose.

That understanding can be of assistance to you, yet there will still be moments when you desire simply to be far from them and the density of their energetic confusion.

You are still living inside of human bodies carefully trained to respond to outer stimulus first, in terms of survival and self-preservation.

For most people, that means a self-protective stance that reacts with disappointment and pain at being on the receiving end of dense energies.

It is also very demanding for most Light Bearers, who are natural healers, to see density and to allow it, without wanting to mend or fix the problem at its core.

It is also not your logical mind that receives the words and actions of loved ones.

That is how you receive the words and actions of those with whom you have no emotional investment.

With loved ones, you receive their words and actions through your desire to love them and to be loved, and considering the other-life history you will have had with these persons, that amounts to receiving what they say and do through your woundedness, and your desire to finally settle old scores.

What our friend who sent in the question is really asking how they can not allow the behavior of others to affect them, despite who those people are to them.

And how to get beyond the feeling that once you have forgiven someone, they ought not to be insulting or difficult any longer.

Yet we assure you, they will be a thorn in your side for as long as you allow.

And you need not allow it.

So it is not a question of whether it is “right” to be hurt, or to want to walk away.

Feeling hurt is a choice, though for most, a deeply unconscious one. Walking away is what must occur for many who realize that the dialogue they came in to create will not seed and take root as they had hoped.

That is also acceptance of the other person–allowing the gap between you to be as it is, without trying to fix or mend.

And yet–you are still stuck in the house with these dear ones who are so confused, as you have been in many other lives–as all have been.

And so, let us suppose you were speaking with a three-year-old in the family, and they announced to you one day, “You are old and fat and stupid!”

You would probably laugh at this, and then patiently explain that these are not nice or acceptable things to say to someone.

You might then add, “Can you think of something nicer to say? People will be happier to spend time with you when you point out their good qualities!”

Now, it would of course be useless to say this to another adult who is used to being insulting.

What is relevant here is your reaction–your calm response–to the out-of-control three-year-old.

You understand certain things about the three-year-old that are necessary for responding to him or her in positive, even logical ways.

You are aware that they have very little life experience, and that they still live at a level emotionally in which they are unaware that anyone’s feelings count but their own.

They are also stuck for how to express themselves in ways that reflect well on themselves as well as others—it doesn’t occur to them that by behaving “badly,” they are making themselves look bad.

And they may have been influenced by others in this or another life to behave badly as a way of functioning in the world.

You don’t receive the words of an immature child, or a mentally ill adult, or someone suffering from dementia, as ideas to be taken seriously and reacted to strongly–you remain patient.

And we would say, dear ones, if there were ever a time to not react—to not endlessly slide up and down the emotional scale according to what you see and hear happening around you—Now is that time!

We would say also, that the person you are most looking to forgive is yourself.

Forgive yourself for not being so independently wealthy that you need never live with family, or anyone who is not kind and supportive.

Forgive yourself for being caught up in a world situation over which you have no control.

Forgive yourself for not having a job, or much (or any) business income at the moment.

Forgive yourself for once again incarnating into a third dimensional life and having to face all the discord, shock, and density therein.

You will come through this, dear ones, but you speed things along to the higher dimensional solution by refusing to “play”—refusing to react to that which is designed to hurt or frighten you.

Understand that those who abuse are usually the utterly unconscious tools and vessels of dense forces that wish to diminish your Light, and which live off of the dense emotion of those who abuse and abandon others.

It is not your path to re-route or save them. Send them Light, then shake the dust from your feet and move on inwardly, even if you cannot yet outwardly.

Do not allow yourself to react to their comments, their actions, their low intent.

Get physically away from them when they act up, and give yourself the breathing room needed to return to your calm center.

If you feel to be physically in danger, you must find other housing—require direction from your Spirit team, and stay open to possibilities you will not have thought of yet.

No one is abandoning you to these difficult situations, nor will they last indefinitely.

Break away from the dark atmosphere of an unhappy home whenever you can by spending time outdoors or in a neutral setting.

And know that we are with you—in your meditation time, in your daily goings on, as you travel etherically at night—we and all your Divine helpers and soul family support and believe in you, and the path you chose before incarnating.

Let your Spirit team, your guides and higher self, know what must change now, and what you need assistance in releasing for all time.

Step out of the cycle of repeating conflict and denial, and know that you are whole, powerful, and a sovereign being in all ways, and cannot be otherwise.

Namaste, dear ones! You will come through this.

And we are with you, always.


My Experience using Ho’oponopono

Charlotte: My Experience Using Ho’oponopono

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Credit: Sandra Rolus

Guest Writer

I’ve been a regular reader of this blog since its beginning, when it was calledThe 2012 Scenario. I met Steve and Kathleen on their 2014 West Coast Express trip through Northern California.

I connected on a heart level with them and knew we were all traveling similar paths. Not long after that I was introduced to the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono by a yoga teacher. Kathleen also started writing articles about it on the blog.

Simply stated, the practice consists of four easy to remember phrases repeated by the practitioner to facilitate forgiveness and self-healing: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you.”

I read about it and tried using it, but it didn’t feel real to me until recently. I have never contributed my writing to a public blog, but feel prompted to share this experience. I hope it can be helpful for anyone struggling with this as I did.

Like many here, I have been consciously “clearing the decks for Ascension” for decades by releasing layer-by-layer all that no longer serves my highest good so that I may be of use. A few weeks ago a YouTube video on Ho’oponopono came into my feed which renewed my interest and I decided to try again, at a deeper level, for which I felt ready.

I was guided to commit to a month of regular practice. When unable to sit for extended meditation I simply used the phrases as I went about my day while interacting with others and especially when negative thoughts intruded. The words soon became a mantra to me. After about two weeks of this I set aside some time to meditate and go deeper with it.

Before each session I asked my Higher Self (I call her “BC,” short for “Big Charlotte”) to bring to my awareness any person or situation that needed healing, forgiveness and release. My stated intent was to free myself and anyone connected to me (which ends up being everyone) from past, present or future hurts caused by me, intentional or unintentional, across all Timelines. Tall order, right? I tend to like to keep things simple, but it felt necessary for me to be very explicit here, and sincere.

What happened over the next few days was miraculous for me. I was guided to be very gentle with myself and listen to my body. I started a routine of salt baths instead of a quick shower. I lit candles, set Pandora Radio to a healing sounds station and relaxed into a deep meditation. On the first day, once I reached that state I found myself standing at the edge of a gently running stream in the forest.

On the opposite bank there was a clearing at the edge that opened to a field. In that opening familiar people started showing up one by one. These were present-day friends and relatives. I said the words to each one and sent a Namaste blessing, after which they would step onto a small raft lit with candles and float away.

As they drifted downstream I could see the heart flame grow brighter and brighter until they went out of sight. It felt like hours had passed while I did this, but it all happened in about 15 minutes. I felt very light and peaceful, but sensed there was more to come.

On the second day I was glad I had enough time to do it again. I arrived again at the stream. This time I stood with my arms extended and hands open, willing to receive any more souls who wished to participate. Instead of one-by-one familiar faces, a crowd had gathered on the other side, uncountable. They started stepping forward in groups. I repeated the process, saying the words sincerely, even though I couldn’t see who they were.

The rafts on the water this time were large enough to hold many now, and in unison they would receive my words, step onto the raft and float downstream. As each group floated away the entire forest started to glow with the growing light. The crowd thinned and eventually it felt finished. Many tears flowed and I was sobbing by the end. I felt washed clean, inside and out, and thought it was done.

BC informed me that there was more to process. The third day more groups showed up, but I could see an end to the lines this time. I repeated the process until there were no more. I naively guessed it must be finished now, but BC had other plans. I remained open but decided to do it in a separate session. BC agreed.

On the fourth day I quickly dropped into a deep meditation. When I arrived at the shore the opening on the other side stayed empty. Confused, I asked BC what I needed to do. At that moment a golden glow surrounded me.

Actually, I was outside of my body and a Light Being was with me. I was instructed to continue the same process, only this time I was to direct it to my own heart. I wept deeply as I watched my own heart transform before me. As I repeated the mantra I was given a close-up view of my heart center.

It was locked up with a heavy-duty metal chain wound round and round my heart and up around my throat. I could only see tiny holes where my heart light peeped through. As I continued the process the chain started unwinding.

First my heart, then my throat. For a second I could see a little light shining through, only to realize that under the chain were leather straps tied tightly, but a little looser than the chain. I felt exhausted and wanted to stop, but the Being insisted I continue just a little longer.

As I repeated the words over and over I saw the straps start to pop off and open. A great relief came over me, but it was quickly replaced with panic. I felt naked and vulnerable, not safe. I told the Being I could not go out into the world like this. I just knew I’d be eaten alive. In a flash a set of beautiful feathered white wings cradled my heart.

My heart light glowed through. The wings were soft and comfortable and I felt I could relax. The last words I heard from the Being before I came back were, “A feather is enough.” I understood immediately that the feathers would filter what entered my heart but still allow the Light to shine through. It is no longer necessary to lock it up in a dungeon to be safe.

A week later a Ho’oponopono meditation came up on YouTube which I have found to be very useful for this phase of my practice. I realize loving and forgiving myself must be a priority for me to thrive. If you are interested, it was posted by Sandra Rolus and is titled “Ho’oponopono for Self love & Radical Forgiveness.”

An interesting thing happened when I used it. In all my years of meditation, whenever I was told to open my heart center during a guided meditation I could not seem to understand how to do it. I could never feel anything or even visualize it when asked. Now I know that I had it chained up so tight there was no way to do it.

Now that I’ve done the forgiveness work, my heart is cooperating. In the mentioned meditation Susan suggests to breathe in deeply and slowly, then open your heart, say the words and receive the healing.

To my surprise, when I got to the opening the heart part I got a clear vision of the white feathered wings opening gently as I chose to open my heart. When the forgiveness was received fully, the wings gently went back into place. I realized that as my heart continues to grow and change my wings will accommodate it without restraint.

Words seem inadequate to express the experience I had. The most profound lesson for me in all of this is that the healing of my own heart through forgiveness allows me to more easily and happily extend the forgiveness and healing to all.

Namaste, Light Family.



Need to Forgive Great!

Need to Forgive Great; Things to Forgive Difficult
July 16, 2019 By Steve Beckow

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Forgive text on hand design concept
I’d like to follow on from the Federation of Light’s request of all lightworkers to lead the way in forgiving everyone and everything. They said:

“May we … suggest you ‘Forgive’ in a general manner? Offer out the Energy of Forgiveness as A WHOLE … FOR ALL THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE … TO ALL THAT ARE IN NEED OF THIS LOVE … Perhaps do not focus on any one particular event … should it be that your ‘mind’ finds that too difficult, yet, as we say … Send out Loving Forgiveness … AS A WHOLE … TO THE WHOLE. …


Let me be tongue-in-cheek for a moment. Don’t get offended. I’m just joking.

If someone put a weapon to my head and told me, “Forgive everything or die!” what would I do? Very likely I’d forgive everything.

And, wow, everything connected with resentment would magically disappear from my body in a second!

Holding patterns in the musculature, ways of looking and gesturing, meaningless cliches would all now magically lift or be visible and probably sidestepped.

But it’d take something like staring death in the face for me to finally and completely “get off” resenting people.

Short of the threat of imminent death, there falls a range of territory more noticeably governed by our will, our choices.

Within this territory, we may make excuses about why we’re not forgiving, resolve to never forgive, create tales of disasters that happened when we forgave, etc., etc. Our choice not to forgive may be bolstered in a thousand ways.

And then we spread a layer of self-servingness over it all and cast the story of our unforgiving life in the best possible light, chipping away here and smoothing out there. This we then serve to others as the truth of the situation.

We do seem to need a reason! And a compelling reason where forgiveness is concerned.

In my fictional example, it took a weapon to my head to get me to drop all of my silliness and forgive.

Previously I might have forgiven because it stops a festering inside of me that doesn’t feel very good. But that may not be a reason compelling enough for society at large or even lightworkers at large to take up universal forgiveness.

The Federation of Light offers a more compelling reason and one that has the power to inspire us to action: Lightworkers are needed to mitigate the tailspin that people – and society – may feel when they see their celebrities and leaders falling in quick succession. We need to stop the tailspin our society is in by everyone forgiving.

By the way, this is going to be work for me. Not saying otherwise.

As lightworkers, we assist by teaching, modelling, and invoking forgiveness.

We need to buckle up to endure the coming flood of revelations. (2) After surviving, we then need to provide the teaching and modelling that the rest of society may require to recover from their shock without hanging the Illuminati from the nearest lamp posts, as George Bush Sr. feared.

It presents work for me, but I’m up for forgiving everyone and everything. And starting afresh. I won’t wait for the truth to be on the table and our true situation understood before beginning work on this one.

The Epstein Trial promises to reveal the truth, along with the various reports waiting to be declassified. And other trials allegedly underway. Before we drain the swamp, we’re in for a big storm.

The moment when we as a society will need to forgive the past – and present – fast approaches. And the circumstances that demand it couldn’t be more difficult to endure. But that is the job at hand for lightworkers – to come from forgiveness of everyone and everything in the face of heart-rending circumstances.


(1) “The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 15, 2019 (Important Message),” July 15, 2019, at

(2) Buckle up = Ground ourselves, remain calm, explain to others (but not too much), etc.


Universal Mother’s New Year message

Universal Mother Mary’s New Year’s Message, Jan. 5, 2019

Greetings, I AM Mary. Greetings, I AM Maré [i.e., the Ocean of Love], Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of One, Mother of you, Mother of all. Welcome my beloveds, ascending and ascended angels…welcome home…for you join Me this day in the Heart of One, in the 13th Octave, in the place and the state of reunion.

When last we spoke, just prior to this time you think of as Christmas, I have offered you a gift and it has been the gift of being reborn – in every sense of the word. No, not like dying but crawling back into my womb, into the Essence of One, the Essence of All, and reemerging refreshed, renewed, reborn…there are many ‘re’s’…reconstituted, rejuvenated.

Many of you have said “yes” and you have come to me and surprisingly, confusingly, and understandably, some have said “no” and some have not answered at all! And they have said “no”, or not answered because they did not believe in resurrection, they did not believe in rebirth, they did not believe in the potential of miracles, and they did not value themselves deeply and wholly enough to say “yes”.

Now, does this mean, in any way, shape, form, reality, dimension, or realm, that these ones are ignored or released? Of course not! We never do that. But what I wish to speak of is this new beginning that has confused some of you. Now, for some of you, this has become a major event and you have woken up on Christmas morning feeling bright and shiny and reborn.

But for the majority of each and every one of you, dear hearts, even though you have a long-standing love affair with events, you have embraced and entered into the process of rebirth. You have literally crawled back into my womb, settled upon my lap, cradled within my arms, and you have said, “Mother, I have yearned to be back with you. And I am tired, I am worn out, I am exhausted, so let me be home for a while.”

It is not that you have, in any way, shunned or abandoned your beautiful mission of fulfilling My Plan, and yours, upon this beautiful planet Gaia. But, you have come back, and I have welcomed you because you needed a break. So, for some of you, it has been a time of confusion… you’ve said, “Mother, I’ve said ‘yes’, and yet I am more tired, more exhausted, more immobile, more confused than ever.” And that, sweet ones, is because you have chosen and I have chosen to have this period of reconstruction…the brushing away the troubles and woes, the disappointments, and yes, even in some cases, the despair…and the renewal, the reintegration, the elevation of you.

This is the time of Epiphany…yes, what some, what many, think of as a religious event. But, what this occasion marks is, in fact, more gifts, the Gifts of the Magi, of which St. Germaine was one, Serapis Bey another, Sanat Kumara another. It was the marking and the honoring of the Christ Consciousness, of the love consciousness upon this planet.

So, what I offer thee this day, at the beginning of this New Year of 2019, is the gifts of hope, and trust, and forgiveness, for this is the retinue that you most deeply need in this beautiful array of the 13 Blessings and Virtues. Yes, you require Fortitude and Beauty and Compassion to sustain you, but in this moment and in this year, you need, and I give thee, hope, and trust, and forgiveness; for hope and trust, as you well know, are brothers and sisters, first cousins and family.

Hope is the ability to see beyond, to hold and to know Divine presence, both within your sacred self and in all things, all situations, all environments, no matter what. It is the ability to be on the earth, on the planet, but not of it and most certainly not of the chaos…that is still being cleared.

And trust is the impetus, the excitement, the joy to move forward, not merely to embody the Divine Qualities but to claim your birthright, to claim your ascension, to claim the truth of who you are, and to act accordingly, to live this life that you have come to live.

Yes, I have spoken to this channel…if you do not put yourself front and center first, then who are you putting first? And you say, “Oh Mother, I am putting you first!” I do not want to be first, dear heart. I wish, we wish, to walk alongside of thee, arm in arm, hand in hand, in the sacred union of our family. You are the wayshowers, you are the pathfinders, you are the pillars and the portals…you are this because of my faith and trust in each and every one of you. And that is why I have given you the gift of rebirth!

And yes, this year, this brand new year of 2019, yes, is a year of resolution and completion, but it is also a year of rebirth…of rebirth of you, of rebirth of humanity, a rebirth of ideation, of values, of societies, of institutions. The old is being swept away by my final waves of my Tsunami of Love…and this is My Plan. It does not mean that we abandon those who have said no, or maybe, or thanks but no thanks, but what it means, regardless of those who ignore, is the new paradigm emerges, anchors, is fully present. And it is not merely fully present because of our input, energies, downloads, teachings…it is fully present, beloved ones, because of you, because of your choices, your decisions, your actions, your interactions, your creations.

I have said to the channel as we have discussed Conscious Creation this week, that the history…you think of current history, and when I say current history I mean the last several thousand years…the history of humanity has been about ten percent creation into the physical realm. This is particularly true of love-holders, light-bearers. Ninety percent of what you do has been beautifully, magnificently, powerfully in the unseen realms and it is those creations in the unseen realms, which, at times, have been so frustrating to you, but it is those creations that have allowed this rebirth, this reemergence of humanity.

Now, what we do in this coming year and in this golden age is we begin to shift so that you become…let us give you a new nickname – the fifty percenters – so often that is looked on and referred to as an insult. Fifty percent of what you do will be creation in the physical reality of bringing forth and anchoring and building Nova Earth, in the physical, tangible, experiential realm that you can taste, smell, touch, experience.

Remember what I have said, “Love, in the human realm, is what you experience and what you express.” Now you are bringing into physicality so that you can experience it physically, so that you express it physically. The other fifty percent remains in the unseen realm and this is a new concept known as balance and this is the time of balance. And yes, you are tired sometimes and that is why you are being reborn. But this is the key, this is the key and this is what lies ahead.

And so my beloveds, my children, my angels, I fortify thee with the Gifts of the Magi, with the gifts of hope and trust and forgiveness…forgiveness of all, of self, of others seen and unseen. There is no room for injury and grudges, revenge, hatred, greed; there is only room in your hearts, in your love, in your life, for what brings you joy. And let me be very clear…what brings you joy ignites my heart and the heart of every legion throughout the omniverse! You are loved, you are cherished, you are valued, you are powerful, and I am with you, next to you.

Let us proceed in glee, excitement, and joy. Happy New Year. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ©2019 Council of Love, Inc.

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Forgiveness is not approval

The Forgiveness Road: Eliminating Judgement
February 22, 2018 By Kathleen Mary Willis

Voice of

Shooters gunning down children, war, pedophilia, the opioid crisis — how do we forgive?

We know a place of balance is in detachment and attachment to the highest vision.

But what if the action is so heinous, we get caught in the wheel of judgement, anger, hatred, fear. . . ?

Archangel Michael, interviewed by Steve, February 12th on An Hour With An Angel told us:

“Forgiveness is not about liking everybody. It is about being the Love.” (1)

I’m feeling judgement for external patriarchal control, in the without, not the people, but the behaviour, the actions.

But as within, so without. . .

So what am I judging within?
Where is my own control within?
What am I afraid to forgive?
My own experiences
not of love?

Archangel Michael says we, as lightworkers, are forgiving “our not expressing and experiencing” ourselves “as Divine Perfection,” of “allowing” ourselves “that scenic detour to be less than:”

“What you are doing is you are taking the Mother’s and the Father’s Essence of Forgiveness. One of their Divine Expressions, and bringing it down. And anchoring that forgiveness, that sense of deep compassion and awareness of gentleness, kindness.

“Forgiveness is never permission other than permission to surrender.

“So, you are anchoring that. And in anchoring that you are beginning to feel and to know and experience the forgiveness of your sacred self.

“Your inclination may be, ‘I forgive myself for not being perfect,’ but that would be erroneous.

“What you are forgiving is your not expressing and experiencing yourself as Divine Perfection, of allowing yourself that scenic detour to be less than.

“And you look at that, and you let it go. You forgive it.

“Forgiveness has the ability of elimination: more organic change, the dissolving of what may have felt like a huge boulder, which you have experienced. and allowing it to dissolve.

“Then you take that, and in that you can begin to forgive externally. In the without as well.”

So I wrote down the internal and external things I judge/am here to forgive:

I judge/am here to forgive
my scenic detours,
over lifetimes.
I Am the Love

I judge/am here to forgive myself,
for not expressing and experiencing
my self as Divine Perfection
this life, many lifetimes.
I Am the Love

I judge/am here to forgive the people waging war, who rape,
are involved in pedophilia, trafficking, the opioid crisis.
I Am the Love

I judge/am here to forgive shooters gunning down school children.
I Am the Love

As lightworkers, Loveholders, gatekeepers, pillars,
forgiving ourselves within creates
change in the without;
as within, so without.

Archangel Michael says that heinous behaviour is not something to like:

“Now, let us go back. Do you think that when we or the Mother observe some heinous behaviour that she likes it? No. That she likes the person acting that way? No. But the Love for the Divine Expression is always there.

“So, it is not really about…it is almost, might I suggest today, insignificant whether you like or dislike an individual or a group of people. That is you, that is your personality. And when I say you, I mean all of you who are listening this night. That is your personal preferences based on your life experience, your many life experiences, your culture, your acclimatization to society or to institution. It is simply personal choice. Love overrides that.

“Let me repeat: Forgiveness is not permission.

“So, when you forgive yourself or, let us be very particular, when you are forgiving someone you dislike, you are not saying, ‘Let’s have dinner together’. You are not saying, ‘I have a spare room in my house, come and live with me.’ You are not saying, ‘Be my best friend.’

“The gift of forgiveness is to yourself. Because carrying around a burden of what you feel is injury, because that is really what it is about, is injury to your sacred self. So, that is why I suggest to you, I tell you, the forgiveness begins with yourself. And then you can move out to the outer realm as it were. But it has nothing to do with liking or disliking. And I am not suggesting to you (this is a good topic), that forgiveness eradicates boundaries.”

The gift of forgiveness is to me. . . in unity, connectedness, balance.

Archangel Michael reminds us again that forgiveness is never permission:

“Now, more than ever in this time of new beginning, in this process of creating, and co-creating Nova Earth, in this time of a unified grid, boundaries are more important than ever. Because as you are progressing what you are saying — passively, actively, silently, or in heart speaking — you are saying, ‘This is acceptable, and this is not acceptable. And invading my values, my heart, my Love, my sacred being is not acceptable.’

“As Yeshua has often said, and I will repeat, ‘Turn the other cheek,’ which is forgiveness, does not mean that you will allow that individual, or that group, or that energy to beat you up.

“That is not acceptable. And that is why we say, ‘Forgiveness is never permission.’ It is simply lightening your load, your burden. So, when you dig deeper, beloved, when you say, ‘I really am having trouble forgiving this or that person, and what will happen if I do extend an apology?’ And the apology does not always need to be in person, or even spoken. But what will happen?

“I ask of you. All of you. What are you afraid of? It comes back to where we have started this conversation. And it is that those that are reluctant and recalcitrant are in fear.”

From personal experience apologies are wondrous, whether one is asking or receiving, when guided, I highly recommend proceeding.

However, with my issue of judgement of control, I feel there’s more. . . What to do?

Archangel Michael says:

“Now I have this new mechanism that I would like to suggest to each and every one of you who may be caught in this tricky recalcitrant position. And I will share it with you.

“Ask for help.

“Yes, my friends. If you feel stuck, this is not about you always demonstrating Herculean strength, determination, fortitude. This is not about flexing your Divine Muscles.

“Ask for help.

“We are Legion. When you say to us, when you say to the Mother, when you say to Gabrielle, or Raphael, or Uriel, ‘I am stuck. It is too much. I am giving this to you. Help me,’ it will be over in an instant.

“If it takes a little time, it is because there is an understanding not lesson, understanding, a comprehension inside that situation that you need deeper insight into. But when you ask for help, my beloveds, it is a guarantee, we’re there.”

I call on the Mother and the Mighty Ones for help:

I invoke the Mother
and the Mighty Ones for help
for elimination with forgiveness
all futility, judgement, anxiety, doubt,
disappointment, sorrow, shame, anger, fears,
lack of self-love, lack of self-worth,
feelings, thoughts, actions.
There is no hierarchy/control in the higher realms.

Sitting still.


Feeling the sorrow.

Deeper sorrow, the tears

from this lifetime, past lifetimes.

Allowing, allowing, allowing, allowing,

seeing the scenes, apologizing, forgiving myself.

I Love you, myself
I apologize to you, myself
I forgive you, myself
I Am the Infinite and Eternal Flow
of Apologies, Forgiveness and Gratitude,
Love, Peace and Joy
I feel compassion, kindness for myself, others, LOVE

There is no such thing as mistakes.
The only mistake humans make is in judgement,
when they judge themselves or others to be less than,
when they do not see the glory of their own Divinity,
and that is just sad.

My Principal Guide