The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Explore the Galaxy



The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Explore the Galaxy

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are still in the process of exploring every aspect of our beautiful galaxy, which you all refer to as ‘The Milky Way.’

We are very similar to your space explorers, who are looking for different truths that they might discover, different scientific facts, and the unknown.

The physical realm is very similar to the non-physical realm, and there are parallels that you could draw between each.

Even as non-physical consciousness, even as ninth-dimensional beings, we are still explorers. We still know that we don’t know everything that there is to know.

We also understand that the galaxy and the universe are always expanding, always becoming more, and that is exciting to us because it is the feeling of expanding that brings us so much joy.

You are all in the process of exploring different truths, different realities, and different aspects of yourselves, and we are here to remind you that condemning and/or judging anything that you come across is only going to perpetuate whatever it is that you are focusing upon in that moment.

You want to explore your world, yourselves, this galaxy, and the universe with your hearts open wide and your light shining brightly for whatever you find.

And why is that, you might wonder? Well, it is because only with love will you ever expand. Only with love will you ever truly become more of who you are.

And it is also true that only with love will you ascend.

We keep telling you this, but it bears repeating; nothing outside of you is going to make you ascend.

No one can just flip a switch and illuminate the fifth dimension for you. The fifth dimension is something you find within yourselves, and you find it by accessing more of the love that you truly are.

Spread that love around, and now you have a fifth-dimensional realm in which to roam and explore.

And as much as you have yet to discover there in the fourth-dimensional realm, imagine how much you will have to explore and illuminate in the fifth dimension.

There will always be more, and you will never get bored once you ascend.

And if you are bored now, then take our suggestion and get out of your head, get into your heart, and see how much love is present there.

When you do, you will transform yourselves and everything and everyone outside of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


How will we react?

How Will We React?

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Our sources have suggested to us that a huge show is underway, which we’ll be informed of as the next step in the process.

The pace will almost seem too rapid as the mainstream media begins to report the truth.  We’ll feel like we were on an emotional rollercoaster, they say. (1)

We’ll hear much that will upset us. But “the denser energies must be exposed for what they are in order to be recognized and acknowledged.” (2)

Let’s think about that for a moment. If we were talking about an individual, we’d say that we’re about to learn things about them that have remained unknown until now and may shock and upset us.

And then we found out that the person was a pedophile and what that explicitly meant in today’s context. Or that he or she was into adrenochrome production and child sacrifice.

How will we react?

Well, now we’re about to hear that news at a social level. Our society has hosted a network of child-torturers and killers that will shock us to hear about. Celebrities will be charged; politicians, religious leaders, judges, etc.

How will we react?

To return to the individual level, we’d react as our body, senses, mind, emotions together impelled us. We call this “shock.” Once that wave had passed, we’d pause and assimilate what had just arisen.

After that, we’d make what we’d call a “considered” response.

But what about when it’s a society?

How will we respond when we find that the corruption was endemic and widespread and beyond distinctions. In short, it was everywhere and we did not know, did not bother to know, or left it to others.

Our self-serving bias will run riot. Added to the dissonance from seeing what happened on our watch will be the emergency fire crews trying to put out the fire. All will be chaos inside us, exactly at a time when we need to remain calm.

Hey, I’ve got vasanas. I’ll be rushing around too, trying to discover what I need to do when all around me are losing their heads, as I am. Or am about to do.

Life will become very basic when that time arrives.  I can hazard a guess at what I’ll find.

There’ll come a time when I (I can’t speak for others) will find I need to make a choice between love and everything else.

I will choose love. But just thinking of that time brings on the experience of love.

I make that choice now and avoid the rush later.


(1)  “Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: The Second Wave,” May 14, 2020, at

“Such turmoil, havoc and confusion. Such media hype taking you this way and that. Such obvious misunderstanding from so many and you feel there is no way for you to get through to them.

“ALL OF THIS we have spoken to you about. All these things we have said will be ‘in your face’ and much discernment will be needed. …

“There is so much going on right beneath your noses and yet, it is still kept under wraps. That which is taking place is releasing from … that which is/has been … and all such knowledgeable atrocities are being cracked open.” (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, April 18, 2020, at

“In order for change to take place … many things must come to a halt as opposed to a ‘ticking over.’

“Much disruption must be endured by everyone on many, many levels, due to the need and necessary adjustments to take their place in this Game.

“Yes. It will get much more serious. Yet, the ‘illness’ will subside, yet, not be forgotten in the ‘Once upon a time’ story.” (“Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, March 21, 2020,” March 21, 2020, at

“The entirety of the situation that is presenting itself NOW is to become much deeper and severely more intense. …

“Because you are in a situation that cannot be … brushed over/ brushed under … the carpet. The changeover has begun and it is not going to eventually all disappear and return to normal.

“That which you knew as normal shall never return. It cannot.”  (“The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild,” June 14, 2020, at

(2) The Arcturian Group in “Reassurance for Those Who Feel Disturbed by the Cabal’s Plan,” May 25, 2020, at




Day to day 2


I had no sooner posted yesterday, than a good friend rang to say she’d read my post and how sorry she was. She said you must have been so hurt by what happened. I said, more shocked really, but in acknowledging I felt  the sadness of what has gone, In the 3rd Dimension, we were happy as children, close as a family, able to enjoy life have fun and laugh-that all went with the death of my mother. She would have been 100 years old last week, my brother reminded me. I am grieving for what has now gone forever. We seem to have lost our innocence.

We will create a future that is worthy of us, but it is now time to grieve the 3rd dimension is closed, gone forever, a new way forward must be found and we are ones who will forge it.   The message which is coming through is ‘Comfort my people’ .

i drew the card Galactic Giggle, card 27 in Remembering Love and Light Language by Nalinee Diosera.

HELLOoooooo I am Blue and very pleased to meet you. Well, this is not the first time we encounter one another. WE have met many times actually, more than just meeting, Hehehe we hang out together all the time! You are my brother, sister, family, friend, companion and many more.

I am filled with Joy in my heart, everytime we make a connection. My service is simply to remind you of your galactic connections, the love and excitement which we share. Close your eyes and welcome me into your presence. Remember; when we fly through space, swim through galaxies and galaxies, and even ride a comet. We share so much laugh and fun times. Haaruu Noo yaa Haaruu no yee No nu ya ree Tai ta wa ra ree Haruu na tai wa Haree na ru Wee na ya ra As well, I feel your joy and sadness. I share all your feelings. Know that I understand what you are going through cry if you need scream if it makes you feel lighter and end it with laughter! I know you miss “home” Dear friend, know that earth is your home on earth and in your body as well as this vast universe that we are in. You ARE home and I, we, your galactic family is with you.

Blue, one of the friendliest guide you can ever have, is eager for you to make conscious connection with him. He brings through joy, happiness, love, comfort, and gentleness – all qualities that a friend can have. He is here reminding us of the happiness we have when we fly through space in many forms. He is transmiting joy and the highest state of excitement of coming into earth; learning and conducting our services, and soul expansion opportunities. Blue is a blue being of Sirius. His DNA links to the Arcturains as well. He brings through codes of flush of water element. Water which contains memory of his planets. Tune into his codes in your meditation by calling upon him, or simply tune into them through his image. This brings forth your memory of galactic families and deepen your connection with your galactic selves. Moreover, when you connecting with him notice how he is “speaking” to you. He is sending balancing frequencies through your energy centers and aligning you with your light body. Messages: Here is a confirmation that you have deep connection with the stars and their being, particularly to Sirius and Acrturus star systems. You also have a very strong connection with water and the aquatic beings Time to be certain of your connection with your galactic selves and families. Hold on to joy whenever you feel “home sick”. Know that everywhere in this universe is your home. Notice the power of laughter and its healing vibrations. Remember the excitement in your heart. Joy and happiness and state of celebration of existence and to be connected with the family, family of souls and lights . Connect deeper to water element and its being. Send light every time you drink or bathe. Meditate near rivers or oceans. Call upon Blue in your meditation or before you sleep. Feel that excitement and joy in your heart for it is his as well.

I’ve been finding it helpful to breathe, In through the nose and out slowly through the mouth. This seems to stabilize the energy.