Marilyn Raffaele: The Arcturians, 31 Jan 2021

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, Jan. 31, 2021

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JANUARY 31, 2021

Dear readers, we greet you with love in these changing times. As best you can, avoid allowing the fear and doubt of the collective so prominent at this time to overwhelm you. Because most are unaware of what is taking place behind the scenes, it is very easy to judge by appearances and slip into fear.

Fear, confusion, and doubt plague even the most evolved at this time for you are seeing nothing that resembles what you expected to see. Understand that energy shifts and changes in every moment. Trust that all is proceeding according to plan as new and powerful energies of Light continue flooding earth

Events predicted by highly respected channels can and often do turn out to be completely different or predicted events never happen at all. This is not because the channel was incorrect, but because the energy in place at the time of the channeling has changed.

It is important to cease looking outside of yourselves for what is needed, be it information or anything else. See outside information including channeled messages as being guides rather than an unchangeable realities. You must begin to accept and trust that the only unchangeable reality that exists is within you.

​If you read something that does not resonate with you, trust that regardless of how many letters the author may have behind his name or how many others believe it. Something that may be true for one person will not resonate at all with another. This is because there is or isn’t energetic alignment.

​Stand silently, secretly, and confidently in truth. Be open to guidance and information where appropriate, but never allow some person, religion, government, tradition, or anything else to dictate what you must believe.

Times are quickly changing and many issues that were acceptable even last year, are being recognized as no longer right and appropriate. Trust that you are right where you are supposed to be at this time even if things are not what you expected (concepts).

​As dense creations formed of duality/separation energy surface, they encourage those in alignment with these energy forms to act out in a similar way. However, this is an important part of the unfolding ascension process because nothing can change until that which needs changing is seen and then rejected by the majority. Trust that all is proceeding according to plan.

When someone living fully in the three dimensional belief system believes that he/she is separate from what they need for fulfillment on any level, they will automatically seek it through whatever means they can. Even those who violently act out in some way believe that they are achieving some form of good according to their attained level of consciousness.

​Every person seeks peace and happiness. Most continue to seek where they believe it exists, in outer effects. In reality, the seeking for fulfillment on all levels is the yearning of the soul to be recognized and once again unite in Oneness.

​Every person will at some point awaken to their ONEness but the evolutionary journey requires many learning experiences which in a dimension of time and space (earth) means many lifetimes. Most of you who read and align with these messages have done the work and are very close to that point.

Fear is the bottom line of all destructive behavior and is the outer effect of the belief in separation which then manifests as a sense of being alone, helpless, and subject to an infinite number of outside powers. Fear looks to a far off God, or something outside of self for salvation. The belief in two powers, of a power outside of Self, is what created and continues to sustain the three dimensional belief system.

The world is presently wading through a swamp of mud in order to get through and out where mud no longer exists. You may occasionally find yourself stuck in the mud along with those who actually like and identify with mud but your work as an evolved being is not to fear the mud or give it power, but rather know that you are not, never could become, and never have been mud.

Because fear springs from the belief in separation and because separation is an anchor in the third dimensional belief system, you will always be tempted to fear when living on earth. Recognize and then neutralize fear simply by not feeding it with your energy because it is not yours unless you claim it as yours. Fear will lose power over the majority as increasingly more awaken to the truth of ONEness because fear has no law to support it and can only exist if energetically fed.

A realization of oneness begins at the person’s level of awareness. In the beginning it may express as the desire to help someone less fortunate within one’s immediate circle–family, friends, or church group. Over time the person begins to be aware of and take an interest in the needs of individuals and groups outside of his immediate circle (strangers and animals) and eventually expands to include “enemies”.

​Finally, perhaps over lifetimes, as a person’s state of consciousness evolves, he/she begins to realize that One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Divine Consciousnesses is and always has been expressing ITself as every living thing simply because IT is all that exists. This awareness of ONE is what constitutes unconditional love.

Illnesses, violence, and the circumstances so many find themselves in at this time are serving to bring about a sense of oneness previously not seen on earth. These events are necessary for the awakening of those who would rather stay glued to their comfortable concepts. However, many are or soon will get booted from their complacency, and it will be frightening for them, but necessary for spiritual growth and evolution–the real purpose of three dimensional experiences.

​No one incarnates simply to live the high life after somehow attaining the world’s concepts of success. Everyone comes to earth to experience and learn, but the density of three dimensional energy causes them to forget this once they are no longer in alignment with the higher frequencies they came from. This is why young children often remember past lives and where they are from until the denser energies of earth become dominant.

​With the help of Guides, every individual creates a plan for themselves before incarnating, a plan that includes having experiences that they feel are necessary for further spiritual growth. Some plans and many of today’s plans are to assist with earth’s awakening. Know that a soul plan never includes lessons that the person is not yet spiritually prepared for. A soul contract can be added to or changed at any time.

Some may choose to experience a “perfect” human life in order to learn that material success does not fill the empty spot within them that is always seeking for “something”. Many choose lessons that can only be learned through experiences of poverty, war, disease, or struggle but most of you have completed these dense types of experiences because you are no longer creating them.

A person can leave the physical whenever they choose. Many leaving at this time through disease wanted to leave and come back into new and higher energies and the current disease situation provided an easy way to do it. This information may upset some of you especially if you have lost a loved one, but know that death is always the soul’s choice, not a three dimensional choice, but one made on a deeper level.

There is no such thing as death. That which is termed death simply means leaving earth in order to return to one’s real home where the soul can have a well deserved rest, re-evaluate lessons learned, reunite with friends and family, and work with guides regarding further lessons and plans.


​Trust your Higher Self to know what you need and when you need it. Trust your intuition in the realization that it is the voice of your soul expressing ITself. Trust that you are here at this time for reasons other than just to experience three dimensional rewards, success, fun, or material comfort. Trust that a Divine Plan cannot fail.

​These are powerful times indeed that you are experiencing. Embrace them for they are the reason you chose to be here lighting the path for others.

IT is you, IT is what you are made of, IT is… I AM

​We are the Arcturian Group 1/31/21

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Ivo of Vega: Why you are not Calm and why you should be Meditating

Ivo of Vega: Why You are Not Calm, and Why You Should be Meditating.

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by Sharon Stewart

Sharon:  Could you explain why we should be meditating. Ivo?

Ivo: Thank you, my love. You are doing fine. This will abate for you shortly. There may be another dip at New Year’s as this is another favorite satanic holiday.

Me: True.

Ivo: As for those who are living in fear, there is a way out of this. And it is easier now to procure than it ever was before. As positive energies arise, you are taking in more and more positive energy. So, when you magnify this intake while meditating, you are aligning more and more with your higher self.

The positive energies coming in are relieving you of your negative frame of mind. All that you have learned in the Matrix is being challenged by these higher energies and your guidance team.

However, you still go to work in the Matrix; you still engage with your families as in the Matrix; you watch television, Netflix and more.

All of the body’s chakras align with a gland of the endocrine system. The endocrine system has been targeted by your Frankenfood systems (adrenals, pancreas), refined sugars (pancreas and adrenal glands), chemicals (pineal, pituitary gland, thyroid gland).

You will note that the sacral chakra, which aligns with your emotional body, corresponds to the adrenal glands. This is why you can have adrenalin bursts when you experience emotions such as fear, terror, horror, and excitement. This is also the sexual chakra, and sexual excitement corresponds to the adrenals as well.

What you may already understand about the chakras, is that when they are out of balance, so is your expression of life.

There are two nervous systems within your body: one is energizing, giving you energy for fight, flight, or fleeing, and the other is calming: this helps to maintain your serenity when you may be experiencing situations that would normally upset you, such as trolls, or aggressive people, or war situations.

The first is called the Sympathetic Nervous System, and the calming aspect is called the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Most people on earth have out of balance adrenals or sacral chakras, which indicate they have too much energy or hyper energy controlling their nervous system. You call this “stress.” When stressed your adrenals are producing too much energy and your second (sacral) chakra is not balanced or calm. If you study your extraterrestrial friends, or the masters upon earth such as Adama or St Germain, you will see they are always calm. That is the true alignment for a powerful human, not hyperactivity or stress.

The parasympathetic nervous system is aligned with the intuition. The sympathetic nervous system is aligned with the intellect. Your brain is largely divided and this has been through deliberate intervention, so that you experience predominantly your sympathetic nervous system.

Westerners learn to live life through the intellect because that is what is encouraged and what is taught to you. Your Matrix is created and set up to favour the intellect and to disregard the calming parasympathetic nervous system and intuition.

This is an off-balance life. Of course you require the use of the intellect and this is in order to do your soul’s work. Your soul has the intellect of the spiritual (Light), which is intuition to you, and this is channeled down to your mind so that your intellect can take appropriate action.

For example, Sharon was warned today as she went through the drive through that the server would mess up her order and that she was to remain calm. Despite her aggravated third-dimensional state, she complied, and remained calm when the server added items and disregarded other items.

Me: I stayed calm. I figure there’s something wrong with her headset or she’s nervous or something.

Ivo: But this information was relayed to you and you were warned to stay calm and you did.

Me: I suppose if I ever want to jump back to higher timelines, the faster way to get there is to stay calm.

Ivo: You are taught what you need to know to get to higher timelines, and when you drop back again to do transmutation work, it is best to simply use what you have learned, of course. That way you master yourself, rather than becoming a victim to the energies you are still transmuting.

Me: True.

Ivo: The intellect is supposed to be used to do the work of the higher mind in the physical. In your western world, you use the intellect alone and therefore, you end up in stress and many have adrenal burnout problems. Your endocrine glands are under attack by the dark forces because they keep the corresponding chakras out of balance, particularly the lower 4 glands: the thymus (heart), pancreas (solar plexus), adrenals (sacral) and the sex organs (root chaka).

Your entire society is created to entice you to indulge in excesses, which imbalance your chakras and produce stress in your sympathetic nervous system. On top of ignoring your calming parasympathetic nervous system, this makes for much illness and stress, where it is not necessary.

The solution is to engage your parasympathetic nervous system and to strengthen it as well. Shift your focus from stressful thinking to calming the mind. Perhaps long hot baths, other types of non-active relaxation, painting, or pleasant strolls, and most of all – meditation. Meditation strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system and the calming response.

There are many types of meditation and there are many people offering their guidance for free on your social media.

Me: Like Youtube videos.

Ivo: Yes. When your parasympathetic nervous system is activated and strong, it helps to combat the stress response that you predominate to. It helps you to stay calm during times that normally would be stressful.

It helps to strengthen your endocrine system.

When you combine meditation with a diet free of white sugar, carbohydrate, caffeine, alcohol and chemicals, your sympathetic nervous system, and the corresponding chakras get some relief from stress.

Currently there are doctors who are aware of this overactive stress response and the damage it causes to the endocrine system. They are aware of the causes of this as well. If you are interested, research “Metabolic Syndrome” and follow any advice given.

This will help to calm you during the coming year and beyond.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, the body is intuitive, intelligent and self-healing. However it must be used appropriately to be allowed to heal. Your western society throws the body out of balance, and of course this is in order for you to create loosh. Relaxation is possible, even during trying times.


(edited for content by permission)


Adama of Telos: Nothing matters but the People

Adama of Telos: Nothing Matters But the People

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by Sharon Stewart

ETs understand that life is the most important thing. That’s why they’re here with us now. Because they care about our lives, even if we may not.

Because they’re highly telepathic, they feel everything that everyone else on their world feels. So they all work at keeping balance. If someone’s out of balance, it’s everybody’s concern and they deal with it appropriately.

Me: Adama, how do you feel living with us upstairs?

Adama: We can shut you out, Sharon, otherwise our lives would be as low in frequency as yours are. We understand that outer earthlings are doing something very important for the galaxy: hosting the dark entities that have plagued us in this galaxy for many many years, and for this we revere the work you’re doing. However, for the sake of our own sanity, we can’t connect telepathically except with all but the most balanced, high energy beings.

Me: So if you don’t understand why you’re not being contacted, that’s why. Because you need to work on re-balancing yourself.

Adama: Yes. When you carry too much negativity and not enough positivity, you’re harder for us to work with. There’s also the question that we can’t understand you as readily as when you’re in a higher frequency.

Me: So how do you in Agartha keep circumstances working so that people don’t experience trauma like we do on the surface?

Adama: A good question, Sharon. In fact we understand that we create our own circumstances and so everyone is responsible for thinking upwardly and keeping their frequency in a higher realm. When you allow negativity to seep in and change your mindset, you are in fact creating a negative future for yourself. You’re inviting negativity in and bringing on, yes, some call it this “bad luck”.

Me: LOL I don’t believe in luck. There’s nothing lucky about life at all. Life isn’t random – it’s created by you. Keep your mind in a high frequency and you’ll live well.

Adama: And that is what the Agarthans do. We live well because we think and emote well. It would never occur to us to even dream of some of the things that you consider normal on the surface, such as aggressing towards another person, attacking another person, meting out justice by death penalty, stealing from another person. We would never envision ourselves dying in a fire so that way we don’t have fires. We never would envision ourselves relating more to our computers than to our fellow men and women. We get so much joy out of interrelating to each other it would never occur to us to want to replace our relationships with cell phones or computers.

Me: Yep.

Adama: We just wouldn’t think of it. Paradise is paradise in the mind, and good interaction with others. Your people are far from that and many have a lot to learn. You need to release fear. There is nothing to fear. When you fear you allow it to encroach upon your mind, when you love you allow yourself to be who you truly are.

Me: Of course people fear because they don’t realize how they’re being manipulated into being fearful, but that’s another video and Ivo and I have already covered it, but it’s worth mentioning. There are dark thoughts produced by demonic entities, who are attracted to those on the planet who can easily be sucked into their game. If the attachment is a succubus, then it will find a woman who is sexually viable to play their game. If the attachment is a liar, then it will find a person with the propensity to lie and a need to hide the truth. If the attachment is a miserable type, it will find itself a chronic whiner to attach to to express itself and allow itself to feed through human interaction.

Adama: Yes. Another thing we could never fathom.

Me: LOL Well, we didn’t really fathom it, but it came calling anyway. So we have to deal with it. Dry up your negativity and turn it to positivity and these mosquitos won’t light. They’ll have nothing to do with you.

By the way, when my chronic fatigue gets to me and I feel down, I do service. That’s one way I can always count on to raise my frequency. Always. Give to others. Do up a video. Find some way to give to others. It helps you as much as it does them, maybe even more so.

Adama: Yes. That is the true purpose of the human: to serve. Not to be exploited, but to serve and to give of oneself. Because we are God incarnated, we are creation in the flesh, and because we have so much to give. Your people don’t believe this because they’ve been tricked into thinking themselves as so much less than they are, but we have so much to give because we are gods.

You don’t live in a structure that allows you to recognize this until perhaps you are put into situations where you put others’ lives before your own. How many times have you read of a mother who stopped a car from rolling over her child? A 140 pound woman who couldn’t curl ten pounds at the gym, with the strength of Atlas? How many times have you read of a super human who braves the wild fires to find his wife and son? When you stop fearing for your own lives, you are capable of many great things.

Fear stops you from recognizing your greatness. Join in with Sharon as she meditates to bring rain to Oregon and California and know you have accomplished this.

Me: I certainly brought rain to my town because it’s pouring today. LOL I’m wondering if there was a misunderstanding.

Adama: No misunderstanding. The rain will come. Focus on it. When you see a mention of the fires, state your intention of bringing rain to the west coast.

Me: Thank you Adama.

Adama: Thank you for allowing me to serve, Sharon.


Adama of Telos: Choosing Light or Fear

 Adama of Telos: Choosing Light or Fear

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Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, Bringer of Light

Generally I’m an open-minded person but I’ve become very skeptical about what I read or which videos I’ll watch regarding current events.

Even in the ‘alternative media’ as well as the mainstream media which we know is complete cabal-rubbish.

I can feel the massive ‘behind-the-scenes’ amount of information that is NOT being reported. Most of us can. We KNOW we’re not getting even 5% of a true picture but we are getting whispers of truth here and there.

This time on Earth is all about intuition. Spirit. Sensing. Prayer. Meditation. The unseen path. Feeling what is true and standing in that truth regardless of the ‘sky is falling’ narratives and images raining down on us from all quarters—except in our own hearts and souls.

I don’t recognize the way I’m currently living and breathing — It is total faith. I am walking an invisible path that makes no sense ‘out there’ but feels right to me.

When I hunt around for verification I find it everywhere.

Many are putting out articles or videos practically on a daily basis about ‘what is actually going on:’ David Wilcock, Magenta Pixie, Laura Eisenhower, Sacha Stone, Lisa Renee, Simon and Becky Parkes, Blossom Goodchild, Kryon, Zingdad/Adamu, etc. Bless their hearts.

When the Covid-19 narrative was sprung on us and the global March-lockdown initiated, I found David Wilcock particularly uplifting. I transcribed some of his videos because I felt he had a calm clarity on ‘what is really going on.’ (1.)

Wilcock explained that the Alliance anticipated the illuminati Covid-19 lockdown and used it to mask their military agenda of freeing the planet from deep state / cabal control.

One of the important global shifts after the lockdown that many have spoken about, including Wilcock, is the Great Economic shift. A complete financial rewiring has been taking place across the planet while everyone’s been at home.

All the old 3D debt-slavery financial structures—banking, stocks, precious metals, loans, debts, taxes, energy, etc.—will be either non-existent or unrecognizable as a new, fair and level playing field is to be introduced along with tsunamis of abundance for all.

The plan that has been written about for several decades is that there will be an RV (Revaluation of Currencies,) a GCR (Global Currency Reset,) and the implementation of GESARA [The Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act or Global Economic Security and Reformation Act.] (2.)

The RV, GCR and GESARA are some of the many shifts that have been organizing behind the scenes of the covid-19 lockdown. As well, there have been reports of a global Military arresting the deep state across the planet and liberating the victims of their abominable satanic practices.

According to David Wilcock, after the lockdown, not only will there be a financial shift, but the internet will have been completely rewired and all spyware removed.

When it comes to channels and me being choosey, I particularly resonate with Adama of Telos via Asara Adams. His messages harmonize with my thoughts.

This is the first message I read, in the early stages of the lockdown, that I particularly resonated with:

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, March 21, 2020

It has begun.

The great shift that so many of you have been asking for has begun.

First there is an entire reset of all systems on planet Earth necessary.

This is the state you are in right now.

At this time, humanity has created two intense energy grids around the planet:

One is a fear based energy grid.

The other one is a higher dimensional energy grid that is filled with Peace, Love, Abundance, Wellbeing and Freedom.

With every moment, you have the choice to enter either the fear-based energy or the higher dimensional energy grid.

Whichever one you choose, both have a very fast momentum at this time

Be very mindful of what you are focusing on right now.

Choose consciously.

This standstill of the world is your opportunity to fully surrender to Source/God.

As you turn inward and connect with Source, begin to feel that this love, wisdom and freedom is the only real thing.

Everything else is an illusion.

As you go further inward and fully connect with Source, begin to imagine for you and the world being lifted up into the higher dimension…

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, March 21, 2020

On this Sunday, June 21, 2020, the First Day of Summer, we find ourselves in that powerful moment of stillness just before the orchestra starts to play.

A conductor stands at the podium holding out his hands like a statue as every musician casts their eyes and focus on him. He needs everyone’s attention before he gives the downbeat.

The audience sits quietly in their seats excitedly anticipating what they are about to hear. All in the concert hall are holding a collective breath.
In this very powerful still moment, before the next global symphony is about to play, we ask ourselves: What do I choose? Light or Fear? A New Age or more of the same old-same old?

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, June 20, 202

You are now entering the next phase of the Grand Shift of Planet Earth:

You might think that nothing is moving and at the same time, you might have this inner knowing that very good things are about to happen.

This is in fact true.

Things are about to take place that will be an entire new paradigm shift for humanity and Planet Earth.

It is going to be such a profound upleveling of all countries and societies, that soon the current experience will seem like a distant memory.

So, what it takes from each individual now is to let go of the current experience and look forward to the new reality.

The energies are gathering for everything to shift.

There will however be a portion of humanity that will refuse to move with this shift and they will remain in their old third dimensional reality.

For all others: If you are ready to focus inward, towards your inner knowing and Divine I AM Presence on a consistent basis, you will enter the New Earth.

[Kat note: According to Dolores Cannon and the Law of One, you only need to be 51% positive in order to make the Shift.

The deep state-owned-MSM are pushing a negative narrative: Government chaos, financial lack, disease, masks, lockdowns, riots, disruptive 5G frequencies, etc.

All we need do is stand in the vibration of truth, love and light which is against the negative current. We are powerful multi-dimensional light-beings and have been told by masters, philosophies and channels for millennia that we came here for this.

We are here in this now moment to hold the peace, compassion, light and love with and for Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity, especially in the onslaught of negativity.

As Sacha Stone often says, ‘we are living men and women of the living soil.’ What he means is we are powerful pure God-souls and not any part of the illusory veil. (3.)

You will still have the choice to move with this shift and not give into the illusion of your reality that is being perpetuated in your TV media, news media and some of the social media.

The way you can tell if a piece of information is part of the 3D illusion is by the way it makes you feel:

If you feel worried, stressed, fearful and anxious, it is part of the 3D illusion.

If you feel uplifted, inspired, hopeful, peaceful and love in your heart, it is part of the New Earth.

It takes your determined intent and discipline to focus towards your New Earth reality, which is beginning to peak in — if you let it.

All Inner Earth Civilizations of Light, The Galactic Civilizations of Light, The Angels and the Ascended Masters are holding the energies of Love for each individual’s journey.

We champion your victory in the Light

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love……….

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, June 20, 2020

I choose light.
I choose love.
I choose peace.
I choose happiness.
I choose health.
I choose abundance.
I choose beauty.
I choose a pristine sparkling Divinely-restored Gaia.
I choose beautiful shining Divinely-restored Kingdoms.
I choose a radiant brilliant Divinely-restored Humanity.
I choose Christ light.
I choose God’s love.
I choose God’s peace.
I choose all good and wondrous things.

I surround and saturate Earth, Kingdoms and Humanity with Christ’s Light, Divine Mother’s Blue Light, Saint Germain’s Violet Flame and my own Divine White Light.
I choose the immaculate God-created-blueprint bodies of an ascended Earth, Kingdoms, Humanity, Galaxy, Multiverse — now and forever across Creation, unlimited and unbounded as Divine light cannot be contained.

“And when this happens,
and when we allow freedom ring,
when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet,
from every state and every city,
we will be able to speed up that day
when all of God’s children,
black men and white men,
Jews and Gentiles,
Protestants and Catholics,
will be able to join hands
and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last
Free at last
Thank God Almighty
We’re free at last”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr., Lincoln Memorial, August 28, 1963
We are Goddess, Sovereign, Free at last,

xo, Kat


(1.) David Wilcock Videos transcribed by Kat for GAoG

(2.) GESARA: The End of Poverty, the End of Debt, The Beginning of a New Golden Age

(3.) Sacha Stone Profile


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Ivo of Vega: Fear and Adrenochrome

Ivo of Vega: Fear and Adrenochrome

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by Sharon Stewart

Me: Folks, Ivo and I have to explain something that was just intuitively downloaded to me.

On earth now, there have been many children that have been abducted and used to provide adrenochrome to the dark entities and the humans who co-exist with them. By co-existence I mean a parasitic existence, as in a shapeshifter, but it’s also possible for older humans to benefit from drinking adrenochrome, which are the adrenal hormones produced by the adrenal glands.

You need to understand the relationship between fear and adrenalin, which is the hormone that adrenochrome is based on.

The adrenal glands are part of the sympathetic nervous system that create the stress response. When we’re stressed out, which is a fear response, we create adrenalin, and there is a relationship between the two. Ivo, I’ll let you continue.

Ivo: Thank you, my love. The relationship between adrenalin and fear is that when you are stressed out, you create adrenalin. When you fear, you create fear-based energies, which is loosh.

This is why your western societies are run on stress. Because the fear that you are producing creates loosh for the dark entities who are controlling your world, and when you are young and traumatized, you learn to respond to everything as if it is something to fear.

Sharon was commenting on the movies and cartoons she watched as a child. The wicked witches, the Abomnible Snowmen, even in the movie The Sound of Music she was frightened by Colonel Von Trapp, a terrible man indeed. These all scared her.

When you are born into a traumatic situation, your most common response is fear.

What happens as you age is your adrenals begin to fail because they have been overproducing adrenalin all your life, and so you seek reactions within yourself that create an adrenalin response in order to feel energetic. Some are into extreme sports, some are into large amounts of sugar which includes alcohol, and others fight and argue all the time.

This is because you seek to raise your adrenalin levels because your adrenals are burning out. You have been living on large amounts of adrenalin all your lives, which have caused stress and unhappiness.

And these large amounts of fear you have used to create the adrenal reactions, has been utilized by your demonic attachments as food, or in other words, loosh.

In order for your adrenals to recover, you must calm down and stop utilizing whatever you are using to create extreme reactions within yourselves. Meditation is also helpful as it helps you to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates an anti-stress or a relaxation response within you.

The reason you are not a relaxed society is because you seek more adrenalin. This adrenalin then is only siphoned off by your attachments, and then you will go on to seek another stressful situation to re-create this response or indulge in more sugar. All you are doing is feeding your attachments and wearing out your body.

In the same way that these demonic attachments feed off your loosh, they also feed off the adrenalin of youngsters to maintain their physical bodies because their physical bodies do not run like the body of a human with a soul. They do not create adrenalin. So they utilize it to help them maintain vibrancy in your world. This is part of the satanic rituals they have been engaging in – it helps them to appear human.

For those in the know, it is best to walk away from people who will not change from this stress response lifestyle as they are sure to involve you in it. Sharon has. She will not engage people who continue to seek to create stress as a reaction to prompting from their demonic attachments, and I suggest you do as well. Seek peace because that is the basis of life for the human. Your environment now is artificially created and artificially maintained to support the needs of unseen attached demonics. That is the entire story of your lives right now.

If you should feel triggered or feel you need to respond in stress, remember you will be producing adrenalin and this adrenalin will attract feeders who will continue to prompt you to create adrenalin. A peaceful response to all situations must be sought out.

I wish to point out that children are being taken because they are good producers of adrenalin for these demonics and this feeds their physical bodies.

You are feeding their non-physical bodies by continuing to stress yourselves out. Mind control programming is entirely about prompting you to create these adrenal reactions, and your western societies are set up for the same reason. Why do you think you earn so little? So you can stress out and create adrenalin, that is why. Why do you think your foods are so full of sugar? So you can overreact and create stress, so the sugar will rev up your adrenals. When your adrenals are revved up, these demonics can then feed themselves.

Me: Gross.

Ivo: Nothing in your world is as it appears to be. You are feeding demonic others in any heated transaction, stressful outburst, crying fit, angry argument, or any other fear-based reaction. Fear and adrenalin go hand in hand.

Me: I can’t help but think our bodies were modified to do this, Ivo.

Ivo: They were. You were changed to focus on this adrenalin response and then fed stories about cavemen and running from saber toothed tigers to make you believe that this response is useful for you. It is not. A response of peace is the only response that works for you because the human is a being of peace and love.

You have been lied to. It is time to walk away from the lie and take control of your own lives.

Me: So you’re saying that that’s the whole point of everything, Our whole world is based on this parasitic relationship and most people don’t even know it. Wow!

Ivo: Yes. My love, you will get your adrenalin strength back; just refuse to become stressed out and refuse sugar. These things will help. Take time to relax and to meditate.