Egypt trip preparations 3

The Father Archetype

The channeling by Jennifer Starlight of Egyptian entity Min

The session began with stating our name and intentions. This was a transformation of our relationship not only with our biological father but our genetic line, accomplished in present time.

The heart chakra is the father of your soul’s creation. Biological fathers are a blessing, surrender to your heart. Your soul is the living mother, an ever flowing creative force like water. Gods are inside your heart. Father fire is the active burning desire for life. Mother moon or water is the ebbing and flowing of the emotional body.

At the beginning the feminine represented the mother. Darkness is the power within you, the unmanifest. The hardest step is to take responsibility for what happened, the roles you had to play.
The reason is you lost your innocence.

When you say I am going to transform this myself, the misunderstanding was he was so damaged by his father and so. It takes Mastership to take on a physical body. If you were standing on the other side of the veil, you would see human pain does not ha e to exist.

In the beginning you were magnificent divine beings participating in creation. You are he only consciousness in existence that have created heaven. You wish to know more of what you are to take the experience further.

Your biological father love you more than you could bear. Can you take on that is preordained this experience. The soul has been in a karmic gridlock. You have an invitation to creat something called ‘kinetic consciousness’, the understanding to step back from society’s programming.

For a man to express himself is programmed out by roles of ‘father the protector’, ‘father the judging God’ which is emotion based on misinformation. Go back to your inner 7 year old, and see your father as a magnificent soul. You are reawakening innocence as purity, trust and faith. Your father is reflecting back your own abuse and abandonment.

Emotional father issues are based on the Church’s programming of beliefs. Innocence is your heart – it just gives and gives. Perhaps connect on a magnetic level or perhaps a physical level.

A girl in a family of 5 males
We have all been working from the masculine, because we live in a masculine society. You set it up to find the balance. When you do what is loving, nurturing and creative, you will find the balance. In 3 months you will find bring the feminine back. The intuitive child must come back first. You must become the one you attract by finding the balance.

Every human has been programmed with inadequacy. It has stopped you becoming a whole person. You don’t have to vibrate to the same soul group.. There is nothing to work out with him, it’s to do with mother, your feminine aspect. If you want to follow a soul path, your must receive for yourself. Soul and spirit, I surrender to receive, like a child in innocence. Desire to receive so you can give. Surrender to the unknown. You do not have to search and seek and struggle.

The ‘will’ centre is the throat, surrender to know within your heart. Humility is the flip side to inadequacy. Humility is the ability to surrender to receive. You are a sacred sentient being who deserves everything without struggle.

Sacrifice is a Christian script. If you don’t know your father, you don’t know God the Father. Demand to know God within you. Many women are experiencing a blinding rage at the masculine. Father told you, no one is good enough. This was done out of fear. When you push men away, love comes in, mind stops it. The base chakra issue is where the rage is, rage is love unexpressed. Love hurts is a false belief. Feminine force wants to be loved.

‘Kinetic consciousness’ is creating in every moment. Drop into soul – go by feeling, into the feeling body. Breathe and give soul permission. Trust, faith, innocence, imagination, sit in stillness, be present, start to feel.

Mars is rage, anger, Mars sits in the throat chakra.

Fear of pregnancy is a programming.