Collective Evolution: Deplatformed by Facebbook

Collective Evolution Deplatformed by Facebook

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This in from Collective Evolution, who’ve been censored/deplatformed by Facebook.

Good Afternoon,

Hope you are well. Here’s a quick update on our situation right now regarding our Facebook page…

As of yesterday afternoon, we officially lost access to our Facebook page with 5.3 million fans. We can no longer post anything to the page. This is a huge blow. 11 years of work to build, and we have no access.

This is like the ultimate shadowban as the page is just sitting there, and we can’t do a thing with it.

We are not worried or panicked, we trust things will work out as they need to, plus we have been planning for this to eventually happen.

However, given this will severely crash our website revenue and ability to generate new subscribers to CETV, we are looking into a few options to secure CE’s sustainability we speak.

As of now, crowdfunding is amongst those options. We are also considering looking for investors, but this option is unattractive for a number of reasons.

All funds we seek would be used to put the necessary resources into finishing our pivot into making CETV a sustainable platform. That way big tech has no power over us.

We’ll have more updates in the coming days.

For now, you’ll be able to hear from us here on e-mail or on the following:




Thanks for all of your love and support through this challenge, together we will create a critical mass to overcome this.Be in touch soon. ️

The CE Team