Upgrades and downloads and Light Codes?

Upgrades and Downloads and Light Codes, Oh My!

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What the heck does it all mean? Energetic downloads, Light code upgrades and DNA re-activations? I have a TON of questions about this entire Ascension process. I’m just not sure who to ask. This is more of a “you’re on your own” journey with occasional guidance thrown in.

We are on a path no one has ever walked before, so there’s bound to be confusion and we’re bound to feel lost now and again. Onwards we trudge.

However, there can be no doubt that the energetic shifts in March 2019 have been doozies physically, as well as mentally, because the physical has been soooooo INTENSE.

Some people have felt throbbing pain in their head, back or neck. Steve wrote he hears ringing in his ears. For me, it’s my knees.

The pain in my knees has been excruciating this month. When I’m in an especially dark hour and believe that the searing pain will NEVER end, and I’m doomed to limp for the rest of my life, and I’m crying with frustration because I can’t bear the soreness anymore, I’m ALWAYS saved by my friends. They might text or Email: “Just allow. Surrender. Let go of everything you ‘think’ you should be doing and let your body be. Allow. The energies are intense. Breathe.”

That helps a lot. I remember to let go of all the stresses I’ve put on myself and manage to breathe. Rest. Allow. The pain remains but if I quit fighting and thrashing around, it won’t feel like constant spasming but more like a steady dull ache. Until I have to stand up and then, oy vey! I move slowly and walk gingerly, like a 900-year-old woman. Just so you know, this isn’t “normal” for me. I’m actually, generally, physically fit. Until this month. And then WHAMO! Upgrades.

In a recent 9D Arcturian Council channeling, Daniel Scranton described it this way:

“We are extremely happy with the way that you have been handling the recent energetic downloads that you have been receiving… You have been given codes that, when you access them, you will begin to know yourselves more as 5th-dimensional beings… There are, of course, certain side effects to receiving downloads like this one. You may be experiencing more tiredness, more thirst, more hunger…” (1.)

That is for sure.

(I made a list of some of the physical symptoms many have experienced in my Ascension and Symptoms Follow-up article.) (2.)

I’m learning that many of us have been “ill” for years with varying sicknesses, like Chronic Fatigue, or worse, but I’m coming to understand that these ‘diseases’ have been Divinely ordained. Sounds odd, I know, but especially the exhaustion illnesses that many have reported experiencing.

(In her personal story, Lisa Renee beautifully describes her physical symptoms during her awakening. Highly recommend) (3.)

If there’s one thing 3D Humans have been great at it “busy-ness.” Doing, doing, doing, running around, no time to think, to eat, to sleep, to pray, it’s Go! Go! Go! 24/7. Spinning like tops. Pummeled at home, at work, at play, by continuous cabal-fed-disinformation from their MSM, and the old cabal-constructs of Education, Science, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Religion and Military—push, push, push, stress, stress, stress, spin, spin, spin.

I guess the idea was, if you keep Humanity burnt-out and spinning, they won’t be still long enough to go within and connect with their powerful Spirits. They won’t Be Still and Know.

However, those of us who have consciously chosen to Ascend with Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity—to help in every way we can, to be conduits of light for all, and lay down new light grids on our blessed planet—have often been literally laid flat by Light-code-upgrades starting, by my estimation, more than 20 years ago.

When I was in my deepest, most debilitating years of Chronic Fatigue, which I had for 16 years, I thought, “Better to be dead than this, which isn’t alive but not dead either.” Or I would cry out, “Why, Lord, why?” Sometimes I thought I heard the Universe whispering to me, “I want you to slow down, missy. I need you to stop spinning like a top and get very still and quiet within.”

I now understand that the reason for all those years of stillness was so I would be able to receive the Light-codes and Energetic upgrades that are happening now for all. When you HAVE to be still, all you can do is pray. (Genius on the part of Source, hafta say.)

Stillness and quiet is what I love best, but I had to be shown that in a very dramatic way.

As to what is happening right now, Lisa Transcendence Brown has outlined it perfectly, imo:

“…These COSMIC RAYS AND CONTINUALLY ACCELERATING SOLAR (SOULar) Activity, the increase in ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCIES do many things, all important in this mass awakening/ascension process for all on “this planet” (and beyond). These ultra-high photonic, sonic, gamma, (and so much more) frequencies GO STRAIGHT to the cellular body/DNA, straight to the program, go straight to the constructs, straight to the SOURCE of where all was “housed” (within the body), to activate, stimulate and create a disruption in the old frequencies that kept each “bound” to that dimension/density/reality…. These Cosmic/SOULar Frequencies are LIGHT ENCODEMENTS that disrupt the old “signals” that held the old illusions in place. They go straight to where EACH’S DNA is “waiting” to be activated to AWAKEN FULLY, yet the human aspect is unaware of all still, because there are so many programs, mentalities, beliefs, illusions, distortions to clear in order for one’s PHYSICAL BODY/LIGHTBODY to awaken enough through CONSCIOUSNESS to clear the heavy-duty density held within….

This is as much a physical process as it is an energetic one. This is an immense emotional process for a while, clearing all the hurt, betrayal, inner-pain, anger, hate and distrust, blame, shame, guilt and so much more…. and the process “takes as long as it needs to take”, which is often years, because not only must the emotions clear/cleanse the body, the thoughts, the physical density, the beliefs, the resistance and the HOLD THAT EACH’S EGO HAS… every bit has to be “reworked” vibrationally, literally…. in every way. All while the physical reality is being aligned too. Every compromise, every acceptance of anything not PURE, every suppression, every avoidance, every linear thing created/held, every attachment, every lack (power, love, inner-connection), must not only BE REVERSED… all new everything must be created to replace the old…. NEW UNDERSTANDINGS, new access, new ways… of doing things, of thinking, of acting, of living…. our entire lives have to be re-built, re-aligned and re-configured to align on a Universal/Soul/Cosmic Level… which is not an easy task, because “outside” isn’t where we go to get our answers (except at first, when we seek/utilize guides to point us inwards to find our own truths/answers, which is the opposite of giving our power away to anyone else)…..” (4.)

Lisa Renee just posted a beautiful “clearing” meditation, which will help us during this intensive downloading month of March:

Beloved Holy Presence of God. May we open all channels of Light, clearing all Light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Eternal Living Light code…” (5.)

When I have a moment of peace, and I’ve had many this month, even through the physical intensity, I remember to tell myself: “I am strong. I am powerful. I came here for this. I can do this.”

(FYI, I’m writing these March Ascension blogs so no one will feel alone out there. If any are going through intensive physical/mental/emotional or Spiritual whatever, know that many of us are as well. You are not alone.)

In a beautiful channeling by galaxygirl, Mira of the Pleiadian Council, tells us:

“…And so with great respect,

and to avoid stepping on any fingers and toes

of your creative freedom,

we would say with great love –




to be heading your way.

And then however they come to you,


That is a lovely lesson of creative power:

State your intention for more good things

and wait with joyful expectation as the universe delivers!


Be open to the wave in however it will show itself to you.

There are myriads of involvements and possibilities.

The next few days are energetically rich as well.

Best to ground into Gaia and be the light for the others.

Not much longer.” (6.)

“Not much longer.” That is a happy thought. Thank you, Mira.

xo, Kat


Moving to Experiential

Moving Up to the Experiential

Raven meeting room at Cold Mountain Institute

There are three levels of knowledge: the intellectual, the experiential, and the realizational. Our job is to move knowledge up the incline from intellectual to realized.

Because of that, I lay stress on the experiential, without forsaking the intellectual. To move our knowledge up from being merely ideas to being shared experiences.

I want to share an experience I had at Cold Mountain Institute during a three-month resident fellowship in 1975-76.

Cold Mountain is a growth center like Esalen, located in rural BC (now called Hollyhock).

We did workshops for three months – much of it encounter, but also awareness, meditation, sexuality, art therapy, and communication workshops.

All of it was conducted at the experiential level and I had several realizations, nothing major, although they were the first I’d ever had and so they were major for me.

But the experience I wanted to share with you was of watching a man stand up in the dining room and hold forth for perhaps ten minutes.

And  all he said was how he felt. He went through nervousness, shame, and whatever lay on the other side. I remember sadness as well.  He’d repeat how he felt over and over and over again and it would change.  “I feel nervous.” x10  “I feel shame.” x10

Why was this magical for us?

We so valued him baring his soul. And we had another reason for valuing it.

We were there to increase our emotional acuity or awareness. Regarding ourselves for sure but also regarding others.

We paid attention to how each other was feeling but on few occasions did we get confirmation that we were accurate or off base in our estimations of what those feelings might be.

For sure people would share how they were feeling, but I mean more on a minute-by-minute basis – watching the flow of feeling.

Now here was Sathyam revealing himself in this way, being the feeling and naming it at the same time. It allowed us to validate our ability to perceive others’ emotional states or not. We could set our compasses on what Sathyam was saying.

So it was not only moving but also supremely helpful.

That whole environment was experientially savvy. We’d do ourselves an injustice if we thought that generation was somehow behind us. In many ways, they were ahead.

I’d like to see us up-level our knowledge from the merely intellectual to the experiential as well. Fundamentally that would involve being or becoming aware of how we and others feel.

When we asked, “How are you feeling today?” it wasn’t an invitation to reply in just one word. It was an invitation to share all that we’d seen and noticed since last we talked.

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