Mike Quinsey’s HS Message: 12 Mar 2021



Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, March 12, 2021

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12th March 2021. Mike Quinsey.

At last events appear to have reached a point where it seems possible for a major event to take place, it could be just weeks away but the timing must be absolutely correct as so much is at stake. It will certainly not be broadcast in advance, as it would give the dark Ones warning of a long established plan to make their supporters answer for their crimes against humanity.

Such action would be the forerunner of many changes to restore freedom and the right to be allowed a peaceful life without fear and threats of violence. For too long mankind has been controlled and continually involved in wars or threats of wars, that have been instigated by those whose agenda was for total world control and a major reduction in the population.

To many of you such claims may sound preposterous and that is because the dark Ones have been clever at hiding their activities. Although they have been bound by Galactic Law to make known their intentions, those with the power to respond to them have not taken sufficient action that could have thwarted their plans.

However, matters have taken a turn for the better and the Forces of Light now have the upper hand. It is only a matter of time before you shall become aware of what has been going on. If you wonder why the dark Ones have been allowed to reach such a point that the world has been under threat, it is because the “game” has to be played according to Universal Laws that revolve around not coming into conflict with “your rights to exercise freewill.

Out of the chaos will come some massive changes all for the good, although it may take some time before you see an obvious plan in them. Your freedom will be returned to safely release all that is unsuitable for the New Age that promises much that will ensure a happy acceptable existence. Naturally the inequality of life that presently exists will be gradually changed, so that all will enjoy a happy one in the prosperous times that lay ahead.

We tell you these things so that you know your present suffering and the poverty many are experiencing will end. Understand that all souls are equal and that their roles on Earth are to gain the experience they need to evolve to a spiritual level, where the vibrations are much higher and where the negative Ones and their energies cannot exist.

You must have wondered at times what life was about and its purpose and hopefully it will now have become clearer to you. Unlike the last Age that finished in 2012 you have since been given more freedom to decide your future and are laying down a pathway of opportunity that will reflect your desires. It will also be a time when your Galactic friends can come closer and help with your progress. Know that they are all of a similar form to you and some are almost identical.

There are also robotic types that are normally used as workers in the same way as you have developed, but they are not recognisable as the human form. Automation has come a long way since you first developed it and compared to the potential that exists, you have so to say only scratched the surface. All will come in good time and as you become prepared, ideas for your future will be given to those amongst you who have the ability to develop them.

The wait-and-see period continues as matters start coming to a head, and most certainly most of you will be surprised when you realise what has been taking place behind the scenes. We expect some major announcements in the very near future that will explain what has been taking place largely without your knowledge, although some of you have suspected what is behind all of the activity in the USA.

In this present period where most people are housebound or very limited in their movements, it is an ideal time for moves to be made to curtail or stop the dark Ones from escaping justice. There are moves to take them into custody and face trials for their crimes against humanity. However, it would not be the first time that proposals for such action have been held back, but it is inevitable and plans are so advanced there is no doubt that they will go ahead very soon.

After many, many years of planning the final days of the dark Ones are drawing near, but no doubt as is their nature they will fight to the bitter end. They are not noted for “coming quietly” and to say the least there are many scuffles or worse to be expected. As we have mentioned, it is while the present conditions are ideal to make arrests by giving them little chance of escaping.

As you might imagine it will be a mammoth task to carry out but in numbers the Forces of Light are in a superior position. There is unlikely to be another opportunity like the present time so you can be sure that making the best of it is under consideration, so do not be surprised if action suddenly starts unexpectedly.

Everyone who is of the Light can help future events, and be the maximum help by thinking positively and sending Light and Love to those souls who are in the front line and acting in the name of peace and justice.

There are clearly great risks involved to life and limb when confrontation takes place, but be assured that they do receive love and protection. Those of the light act to the universal rules of engagement whilst the dark Ones will use every trick they know to avoid arrest. It will however be to no avail as the odds are now against them as far superior forces are on the side of Light.

Remember that the power of Light is formidable and will repel and destroy the lower energies. It can be used by anyone who is a Lightworker, and providing it is focussed and directed in a positive manner it will help overcome the dark Ones. You have come so close to being the prisoners of them, not imprisoned behind bars but under their control but they have failed in the final stages of their planned takeover of the Earth and her population.

The Forces of Light were never going to allow them their final success but it has been quite a battle to save Humanity from their heinous plans. People will be shocked to learn the truth because humanity could have been almost completely decimated. Have no fear the danger has now been passed and peace and happiness in a free world is on the horizon. Be patient and do not lose hope as everything is destined to ensure you benefit from the changes that will at last bring you all that you ever wished for and much more.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Judith Kusel: Expansion



Judith Kusel: Expansion

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We are in the process of immense expansion as immense and continued upgrades are occurring and intense shifts. With all this the Old Earth is disintegrating at the core and with it so many will start exiting the planet and this includes all species.

We cannot step into the New Earth, as said so many times before, with any baggage. We will and are being stripped crystal clear of all which has been before, for our new existence and our much higher vibrational frequency body will not tolerate any of the old 3D stuff. Thus all which has not been resolved, all which you are still clinging onto, or which needs to be released, even a deep subconscious levels will now be churned up.

I was explicitly told this morning to keep things simple. To not overextend, nor push nor take on more than one can handle currently. To make more time for stillness and quietude and go even deeper within. We will not be able to handle the powerful transition, without Divine Assistance and being fully assisted by our Higher Guidance and thus Cosmic Help.

This transformation goes very deep. You may not even realize just how deep. The more I become aware of this, as I am being shown, the more I realize this is unlike anything humankind has ever gone before.

We are stepping into totally unknown territory, the uncharted. In my Soul Readings it is reiterated time and again, that the future cannot be determined yet, as the future is very much dependent on your own personal choices and how you managed to navigate these changes. More than this, how ready you are to leave all behind you and allow yourself to be transformed into a much higher Universal you, with a much higher light body and thus living and operating in totally different dimensional frequency band.

Note that this is not only affecting humans, but also all of life. Let us therefore remember to also assist animals and all living creatures and life through this transition. For all is one.

Let us embrace the New Mother Earth and understand that as she is new, we are newly born into her, and thus we are stepping into the totally new, which is unchartered, unexplored and we need to step fully into our Soul Mastery to cocreate within her.

There are so many avenues of expansion now opening. We can only navigate these through our heart center which causally links to our Soul and Soul Group, and the Divine. We are being lifted into the highest levels, where the current knowledge on earth will not suffice. We need to step beyond all we ever have known, into the unknown, to expand into the new knowing, the new expanded consciousness which transcends all which has been before.

Be kind to yourself. Allow the quiet times. Rest. Simply learn to be in this present moment, for indeed in this present moment, you are already creating the future you. Of course where you wish to create depends entirely on yourself – whether stuck in the Old Earth and the old you, or totally stepping out of it. You have free will and choice.

I struggled to find words here. All I know is that I am being told to allow myself to reinvented, and rebirthed and thus to also allow the fact, that I need to seek out quiet and calm, stillness, so that I am lifted beyond all which has been, into the unknown, so that I may reconnect with the deepest knowing within, and from there learn to operate and navigate my way ever deeper into the New Earth and a totally new life and new beginnings.

This is in truth what transfiguration means – to change from one form into a totally new form. Look at immense changes the butterfly needed to go through before she could emerge in her new body and form. Yet had the butterfly resisted the change, and refused to be reinvented, she would never have seen the light of day in a new existence and form!


The 9D Arcturian Council: Enjoy your Personal Shifts

The 9D Arcturian Council: Enjoy Your Personal Shifts

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by Daniel Scranton




Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited about the possibilities that exist for the human collective as you continue on in this evolutionary journey that really is never-ending.

We talk about the shift in consciousness and the shift to the fifth dimension, but those are just singular experiences. What you get to have on your way to that experience are many different experiences of your ascension.

You get to experience your own breakthroughs, your own a-ha moments, and you are awakening parts of yourselves a little bit at a time because you want to savor the experience.

You want to chew slowly when you’re eating something that is particularly delicious. You want it to move around in your mouth so that it hits all the different taste buds until you swallow it, and the same is true of this experience.

The reason you don’t all just jump to the fifth dimension and start having those experiences as your higher selves is because you want to enjoy every morsel. You want to enjoy it all. You are not there on Earth to just take the giant leap and skip over all the good stuff along the way.

So we invite you to let go of your timetables for the shift.

Stop waiting for something out there to happen and give yourselves growth experiences.

Feel what it feels like to take yourself deeper in your meditation or to the highest vibrational state you have ever been in.

Take yourselves on adventures in consciousness, and don’t worry so much on what’s happening out there.

You don’t have to focus on what the leaders of your governments are doing and saying. You really don’t.

That’s not how consciousness evolves.

Consciousness doesn’t evolve through voting or tossing someone out of office.

You don’t have to wait to have the right politicians and leaders in positions of power to go out and make a difference in your community.

You can meet someone who lives on the street or believes in something that is different from what you believe in, and you can come together.You can experience oneness even if no one else is joining you on that journey.

You need to take your little victories as they come along and stop waiting for the main event to come along and catapult you past all of the little, yummy experiences and moments along the way on this journey of the evolution of your consciousness.

Only you get to experience how you are going to experience the entire shift, every step of the way.

Don’t give that power away to any event, just as you don’t want to give your power away to any person who is in a position of authority.

You are your own authority, and you get to empower yourselves.

We suggest that you do that, even if you don’t know what the means, even if you don’t know what that looks like.

Feel for it, and it will show up right in your face, beckoning you along on another journey on this never-ending adventure that we are all on.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The 9D Arcturian Council: Whet the Angelic’s are Putting into your Fellds

The 9D Arcturian Council: What the Angelics Are Putting in Your Energy Fields

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Angelsby Daniel Scranton



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very impressed by all of you and the way that you have handled yourselves throughout this very tumultuous calendar year.

We want to assure you that you will be rewarded by the Universe.

You will be rewarded by your Higher Selves.

You will be rewarded by yourselves, as you have continuously found ways to release negative energies, blockages, old beliefs, and so much more, making yourselves the ideal vessels for the energies that are continuing to come in to cradle you in light and love at this time.

You are readying yourselves for a much brighter future, one where you make gigantic leaps and bounds in the evolution of your consciousness as individuals and as a collective.

You are opening yourselves up to myriad possibilities as you continue to trudge forward through the harsh circumstances that you face in your world and in your lives.

We want you to know that we sense the angelic energies, and the Archangels specifically, working with you and working on you at this time.

We have noticed how the angelics have stepped up their game and have been showering you with their compassion, as well as putting higher vibrational energy in your fields to give you that added boost that you need to make it to the solstice and the end of this calendar year.

You are always supported, of course, but there are times when you need more specific help, energies that are targeted for specific purposes, and now is one of those times.

And because so many people from so many walks of life have relationships with the angelics, you are in a position to receive more than you usually do when you are sent these care packages from above.

We know that you will continue to open yourselves to the love and light that is coming in, because in many cases, there is nothing else for you to do, and you also are demonstrating to yourselves time and time again how effective it is when you sit back, relax, and allow in all that you have summoned.

Now is a time to be slowing down your minds and your actions, tuning in to your emotions, your vibration, and letting yourselves be helped by beings who live to do that above all else.

You have impressed so many higher dimensional beings during these times, but we want you to feel pride in yourselves.

We want you to acknowledge yourselves for how well you are doing, because this calendar year has been more than just challenging, and humanity continues to step up and answer the call, just as you knew you would.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The 9D Arcturian Council: Nov 2020 Energies – Giant Leaps

 The 9D Arcturian Council: The November 2020 Energies – Giant Leaps

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are experiencing expansion in every moment that we exist, because we have nothing to cling to and nothing to push against. We allow our expansion to occur and experience it in real time, so to speak.

You all often hold back from the experience of your expansion because you are clinging to something or pushing against something else, and eventually you have to let go. You have to surrender, and you make giant leaps forward in the evolution of your consciousness.

That’s what November is going to be like for most of humanity.

And so, the November energies are going to be all about cradling you all in the light, sending more healing and loving energies to support you through what will be a giant leap forward for the human collective and for many individuals who have been holding back from their own expansion.

A lot of the energies will be utilized by the awakened collective  so that you can be there for those who need, because there will be many. There will be many who need your assistance with the giant leaps forward, with the somewhat unexpected expansion.

And since you have been making incremental steps forward, you will know how to guide those who need your guidance, and you will be able to receive the energies that we and others like us will be providing all of you.

We support the supporters.

We help the helpers, and we heal the healers.

And you will be called upon to be all of those things and more to your fellow humans, those who are close to you, and perhaps even those who were once in your life but had fallen away.

All of them will be the ones looking to you for assistance, and hopefully they will feel the support coming from us and others like us, as we live for these opportunities, and we invite you to take the same perspective we have.

Our perspective is that there is no greater joy and no bigger sense of fulfillment than when you help another or several others grow spiritually.

You don’t have to brace yourselves for the November energies if you are receiving this transmission, but do open yourselves up to them, because they are coming for you and for those you will be serving in the coming month and in the coming months and years that you have ahead of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”