The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Explore the Galaxy



The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Explore the Galaxy

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are still in the process of exploring every aspect of our beautiful galaxy, which you all refer to as ‘The Milky Way.’

We are very similar to your space explorers, who are looking for different truths that they might discover, different scientific facts, and the unknown.

The physical realm is very similar to the non-physical realm, and there are parallels that you could draw between each.

Even as non-physical consciousness, even as ninth-dimensional beings, we are still explorers. We still know that we don’t know everything that there is to know.

We also understand that the galaxy and the universe are always expanding, always becoming more, and that is exciting to us because it is the feeling of expanding that brings us so much joy.

You are all in the process of exploring different truths, different realities, and different aspects of yourselves, and we are here to remind you that condemning and/or judging anything that you come across is only going to perpetuate whatever it is that you are focusing upon in that moment.

You want to explore your world, yourselves, this galaxy, and the universe with your hearts open wide and your light shining brightly for whatever you find.

And why is that, you might wonder? Well, it is because only with love will you ever expand. Only with love will you ever truly become more of who you are.

And it is also true that only with love will you ascend.

We keep telling you this, but it bears repeating; nothing outside of you is going to make you ascend.

No one can just flip a switch and illuminate the fifth dimension for you. The fifth dimension is something you find within yourselves, and you find it by accessing more of the love that you truly are.

Spread that love around, and now you have a fifth-dimensional realm in which to roam and explore.

And as much as you have yet to discover there in the fourth-dimensional realm, imagine how much you will have to explore and illuminate in the fifth dimension.

There will always be more, and you will never get bored once you ascend.

And if you are bored now, then take our suggestion and get out of your head, get into your heart, and see how much love is present there.

When you do, you will transform yourselves and everything and everyone outside of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Dismantling the Old

The Dismantling of the Old

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by Judith Kusel

I woke this morning with a strange dream, in which I was driving a car in a big city and with me was an ex colleague of mine, whom I have not seen or had contact with for years.

I parked the car in the street and left her in the car. I then entered a huge building, and did something there. Yet, when I wanted to return to my car, the car and passenger had vanished. I was wondering why I could not find the car nor her.

I seldomly remember my dreams, and when I do I pay attention. I then asked for Divine Guidance and the answer I got, was that this was symbolic of what is now happening in my life, and life in general. I had long since moved in and moved into a totally new life and new beginnings, literally leaving the old life and the old me behind. In a much higher way I understood that the soul in question had exited the planet and it was last resolution of what once was.

At the same time I was told that this is symbolic of what is happening now, as those souls who have made the transition into the New Earth, will find that they cannot step back into the old Earth. There are no ties anymore. One can interact with souls on the old earth, but one has transcended them and it.

I was then shown that how everything is systematically being dismantled of the old structures, the old forms, the old organizations, old systems. All is being churned up and all is surfacing which needs to surface, in this dismantling stage. This goes for the greater structures, etc. as it does for the individual soul. Indeed, all life on earth and all which was created in some form or another on and in the Old Earth.

I again realized how important it is, at this time especially, to refrain from judgements, and not to allow us to move back into duality, polarity and separation. It is a time to truly forgive and ask to be forgiven and to allow all negative cords to be severed – in freeing ourselves – we free others.

Indeed, when one transcends the Old Earth, one cannot see nor experience duality in any form and way, and neither can you judge anymore.

The heart center is open and there is only unconditional love. Indeed compassion.

I was again told, that stepping fully into the New Earth is like stepping into a totally new and unexplored terrain and thus into the unknown. Yet, step by step all will be revealed and manifest into form and being, as and when needed. One single step at a time.

Indeed, time itself ceases to be.

So do not mourn the passing of the Old Earth, nor the passing of the old life, and the old you.

All served your soul growth in myriad of ways, yet now it is time for a totally new existence and a totally new way of life and to explore beyond and create and live a life beyond all we have ever known before!

Judith Kusel




A Galactic Fleet Command: Dream State Experience

Galactic Fleet Command: Dream State Experience

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by Beth Stormont

Loving greetings, Dear Ones of the Light! We are always pleased to speak with you, even if it is only briefly.

That is what this will be today. In one of our recent posts, mention was made about sleep and the dream state. We would like to elaborate on that topic.

We mentioned that when you ‘seem’ to be sleeping more than usual, you often are not really sleeping but are in a semi-conscious 3D state while actually working or experiencing in another dimension.

We also mentioned that you need not remember those dreams as is so often desired with normal 3D dreaming… that these are not prophetic or informational dreams that you need to know or remember.

What we will mention here is a most important fact about the other-dimension type ‘dream’. You may be very aware of it while in the process of such a state, but often you are blocked from remembering it when returning to the 3D consciousness.

The reason you are allowed awareness of the information while ‘dreaming’ it is so that your physical being can literally anchor it into the earth plane – (sort of like a lightning rod can do for a bolt of lightning.)

You are blocked from remembering it for several reasons: One reason is that your recollected knowledge of it could inadvertently change the course of events connected with the dream. As you already know from recent events, plans can also be changed before actual manifestation in the 3D illusory reality. With recollected knowledge, that can be very disillusioning and/or cause great problems.

Another reason is that there are psychics who could connect into your mind to obtain that information and use it in a way that would be disadvantageous for the good of its purpose… or for actual evil!

Also, as we are certain you already know, there are many discarnate souls existing in the astral plane who often act as spirit guides to humans who have chosen to receive them as their guide.

Without proper discernment, this can be a very erroneous and dangerous choice to both the human and all mankind. Yes, some are loving and beneficial guides, but others can be quite the opposite! For this reason alone, awareness of the other-dimensions ‘dream’ state must be carefully guarded.

We are so very grateful to you who have chosen to be on this currently difficult 3D planet for the purpose of anchoring the energies of love and light of the 5D new world into the core of the earth.

It is through your sacrificial efforts that Earth’s lift-off into the higher dimensions is enabled to be much lighter and smoother than could otherwise be.

We ever love and bless all that you are, Dear Ones!… and happy ‘dreaming’!



of the other-dimensions ‘dream’ state must be carefully guarded.

We are so very grateful to you who have chosen to be on this currently difficult 3D planet for the purpose of anchoring the energies of love and light of the 5D new world into the core of the earth.

It is through your sacrificial efforts that Earth’s lift-off into the higher dimensions is enabled to be much lighter and smoother than could otherwise be.

We ever love and bless all that you are, Dear Ones!… and happy ‘dreaming’!



The 9D Arcturian council: You are Creating New Worlds

The 9D Arcturian Council: You Are Co-Creating New Worlds

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by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken much that we have received from humanity and have been able to co-create new worlds, star systems, and even galaxies with that information that you have all provided.

You see, you are doing so much more than just living your lives in this lifetime.

You are always in the process of creating, and everything that you are creating is more expansive than what you are currently living.

We want you to know how powerful you are, especially when you align yourselves with high-frequency beings like ourselves. 

We love co-creating, and we particularly enjoy the process of discovering what it is that you all want to live.

We also want you to know that what you are co-creating with us and others will be enjoyed by other beings. You are not just creating your own future experiences and realities. You are doing so for entire collectives.

This is exciting; this is something for you to feel proud of.

You are the ones who have the most intense feelings.

You are the ones who have the deepest desires.

You are the ones generating the majority of the energy in this galaxy, and all of that energy has to go somewhere. 

You are only experiencing a fraction of what you create right now, but of course, there will be more coming in the future.

And you will be creating more consciously all that you want to experience.

You will even have the opportunity to create worlds, star systems, and galaxies.

That all may seem a bit daunting to you from where you are right now, but trust us when we say that it all lines up perfectly.

Everything that you need will find its way to you, and it is our desire to see you welcoming that which you’ve summoned with open arms.

In the meantime, we will continue to co-create with you that which is a bit out of reach for you right now, but it is all something for you to be proud of and to look forward to.

We know that much of what we are sharing right now seems like it is far off in the very distant future for you, but it is not.

Things are changing rapidly and will continue on that pace as you continue on in your ascension journeys.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Galactic Fleet Command: Another Dimension

Galactic Fleet Command: Another Dimension

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By Beth Stormont

Dear Ones, some of you have been disturbed about sleeping much later into the day than you are used to doing. This morning we expressed something to our channel on which we are now going to elaborate to you.

You see, you are not really sleeping if you slip back into bed to stay warm (or for whatever reason)… and seemingly go back to sleep, and dream.

What we told her this morning is that this is not really what is happening, but that she is actually ‘dimension-hopping’ and working/experiencing in another dimension. That is why she is always hesitant to end that dreaming… (or awake and get up to begin her typical 3D life.) Has this been true for you? We realize some of you may resonate to this experience… and some may not.

If you have experienced such, what is happening in true reality is that you are carrying out important work in another dimension. Some of you have been doing this for a very long time, but not consciously. The consciousness of it is now beginning to seep through into your outer awareness.

In truth, the way your life is of necessity now set up, you are actually living about half a day in the 3D world… and the other half in other realms. You are not actually ‘sleeping’ all that time, but it appears that you are; it is more like a semi-conscious 3D state. And yes, this is happening to various other advanced souls as well. As has been stated many times before, this entire Ascension process is a multi-dimensional affair.

A few more facts that may help your acceptance of what is seemingly ‘happening’ to your 3D life:

First, based on what we have just explained to you, you are not going senile… nor is a normally healthy body suddenly becoming sickly. These are results of (1) the other dimensions consciousness, and (2) transmuting of the body at the cellular level. All this shall pass when the full multi-dimensional awareness and the completion of the body transmutation have been achieved.

The length of time for completion of all this depends upon your willingness to accept and work with the inconveniences and concerns about these facts. For instance, today we asked the channel to complete all her daily 3D chores with the sacredness of a ritual before receiving this channeled message. She was afraid of losing the information she had been receiving in her semi-conscious state of waking up. We assured her otherwise — and with the ‘magic’ of the 7th Ray of ‘ritual magic and order’, all of this was achieved?.

It might relieve a questioning mind that once you awake back into the 3D world, it is not necessary that you remember anything about the work you had been doing in the other realm. That takes care of itself in other ways… with ways about which you will later become aware… All in due time. This is not as humans are usually told to remember their dreams — it is different. These are not like dreams that inform about something; they are more the way dreams of unusual experiencing might be.

The channel did indeed receive and remember one part of her other-world experiencing this morning as an important insight: It was that she was being chased dangerously by someone who could have no impact on her, because she suddenly realized that she was as though floating on clouds way above that person… in other words, at a higher vibrational level.

This insight alone is most important for all who are humans – (or serving as humans) – in this 3D world today. At the higher vibrational level, you simply cannot be touched or harmed by what is happening in the lower 3D vibrational world. You have divine protection automatically by being in the realm of higher vibrations… whether 4D, 5D, or higher.

We realize there should be more questions as the insights start pouring in… which happens when one’s consciousness is open and flowing.

We thank you for reading our messages — and we bless you as you continue
on this wonderfully-unfolding journey of discovery.



The 9D Arcturian Council: Giving your Power Away toones who Claim to Know All

The 9D Arcturian Council: Giving Your Power Away to Ones Who Claim to Know All

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are extremely interested in working with humanity as partners, as equals.

We could tell you that we know what is best for you in every situation because we are here on our lofty perch in the ninth dimension, and we have been through the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensions. But the reason why a partnership is better for you and for us is because you are the ones living life there on Earth, feeling emotions, suffering through traumatic events, and having to work just to survive.

You are the ones who know what it’s like to be having a human experience on planet Earth at this time.

So do not give your power away to us or anyone else who is telling you that they have all the answers for you as an individual, or that they know what is best for all of humankind.

We meet with so many of you in the astral plane while you are asleep because we need your help in determining what kind of help to give you, and we are still not always one hundred percent certain that what we are offering you is going to work or that it serves you.

And we tell you this because we want to empower you always.

We want you to know that you are the ones who have the most information and experience, and that is why we are constantly telling you that you are the ones to lead humankind into the fifth dimension.

Those of you who resonate with what we have just stated must be especially careful not to give your power away to someone who says that they know better than you do what is right for you or for all of humanity.

Remember that you are all in this together, and no matter what anyone says, they do not have all the answers.

No one has all of this figured out, and you are meant to figure it out as a collective. Remember that everyone is fallible and can get what they are receiving wrong.

And trust yourselves.

PTrust your instincts, your intuition, the impulses that you get.

Don’t ask someone else what that sign or symbol means to you, because no one knows better than you what it means.

You create one hundred percent of your reality, so you put that sign or that symbol in front of you because you knew how you would interpret it.

We encourage you to let go of the idea of putting anyone above yourself or beneath you, and recognize that you are all doing the best that you can, given the traumas that you are carrying around with you.

AAnd continue to hold that intention as you fall asleep to visit with us, and others like us, in the astral plane, and together we will make some progress.

But this journey will always be about the journey and not about just getting to the destination.

Remember that, and you can live a happy life.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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Day to Day 10

This was a heart healing day. Since I have had a heart attack in 2000 and a pacemaker since then, I had to take a pain in the heart acupuncture point seriously. At one point I thought it might affect my ability to ascend. I lay on my back with the heat pad on the shoulder blade, most of the day.

At one point I got to get up and I showered and dressed and make my celery juice and went outside to sit in the sun. There were some workmen digging and I went and asked them what they were doing in a friendly way and they said we’re putting in a sign. I asked if they’d move it a metre to one side, as I drove in to the carport there in the van, and pointed to the van which happened to be there and they agreed, filled in the hole and moved it. Somewhat to my amazement! it was very synchronous.

Later I got a call and was told a friend had dreamt about her mother, who has passed over and felt to check an old phone number and was able to retrieve her mother’s photos from her old phone. Her stepfather had refused to give them to her. I recalled the message: Pay attention to your dreams from last week. They had the photos of the last year of her mother’s life 600 photos of the grandchildren, precious memories that she had lost and were very important to her and the family and others including me.

I had felt her presence when we were looking at the granddaughter she had never seen and the little girl was looking over my shoulder at something and smiling. I’m told she visits the other granddaughter and she talks to her!  How beautiful!

This morning, I’m feeling much better.

The Dark before the Dawn

The Arcturians through Sue Lie: Remembering Inter-Dimensional Communications

It is the NOW to remember your inter-dimensional communications. You, our grounded representatives to Earth, have waited and tried to remember your inter-dimensional communications, but there was always something in your way.

Life after life, the many different bodies of your Multidimensional SELF tried to remember how to communicate with the higher frequencies of reality. Unfortunately, once you were a member of the third/fourth dimensions of reality, the memories of your innate fifth dimensional SELF was just beyond your reach.

Many of you, our volunteers to take a third dimensional Earth body, tried to remember how to connect with your higher dimensional friends, family, and even your own higher dimensional SELF. However, the connections and the brief messages that you received flew swiftly through your third dimensional consciousness.

It was only when you instantly documented the message that you could take your “3D time” to try to translate a timeless, inter-dimensional message into a time-bound third-dimensional message that you could document, save, and even, share with others.

You had learned from your incarnations before the late 1900’s that it was not wise to share what you were receiving inter-dimensionally. You also learned in your incarnations before that NOW that it could be VERY dangerous to talk about what you knew was a message from the higher worlds.

Most of you did not know what a “dimension” was, so that term was not used. Instead, you used terms that people could accept, such as your innate creativity. Others, often could not believe that there was a dimension of reality that was beyond their physical world.

If there was a higher world, it was known as Heaven, in which only Angels and “very good” people could go to when they “died.” Of course, many civilizations believed that  they could have one life and one death.  Then they went to Heaven if they were good and to Hell if they were bad.

Also, only the great philosophers and Saints thought about these issues. The “common humanity” had to focus much of their attention on survival, or obeying what they had heard or read from a different person, a sainted person, or whatever form of heavenly being that they believed in.

Humans that were “different,” from one belief system were pushed aside, ignored or, worse, tormented and killed. In the earlier days of humanity, lifespans were often short, and many people lived on the edge of survival. We, your Galactic Family, are shocked that that type of discrimination still exists.

In fact, there can be no planetary ascension while some humans judge or harm other humans, and as long as humans use this same cruelty on the planet Earth that is offering them a place to learn about “being a physical human.”

On the other hand, there are many humans who live a life of “service to others” and dedicate their lives to assisting other humans, animals and/or the entire planet Gaia. Because the Pleiadians are the most “human looking” of our Galactic Family, they are often the ones who have ventured to Earth.

In this manner we, your Galactic Family, could “walk among humanity” to better determine how they could assist humanity to awaken, and/or to assist awakening humans to remember their true Multidimensional SELF.

What we, the Galactics, have found again and again is that humanity has a LONG way to go before they are ready to transmute back into their innate higher dimensional SELF. In fact, we Galactics are quite upset that so many of our brave volunteers to take a human body on Earth have to suffer the great dangers of third dimensional Earth.

On the other hand, there are humans who are able to incarnate in “safe places” or “peak societies” where they can be their true SELF without frightening the other humans. Humans know not to frighten a bear or a lion, as it may attack. However, members of humanity also attack when they are frightened.

We, your Galactic Family, wish to comment and thank the many awakened and awakening ones, who are ready to work with us to assist planet Earth through Her process of ascension.

The humans who assist with Gaia’s ascension will ascend with her and/or they have already ascended and chose to take another incarnation in order to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension.

Fortunately, more and more members of humanity are remembering their Homeworld, the Mission, which is the reason why they came to Earth, and/or remembering how to communicate with there higher dimensional SELF and their higher dimensional family.

Somehow, these awakened, and awakening ones, knew that this frequency of reality that they saw in their mind, heard within their consciousness, joined with during their dreams, and/or wrote on paper, in computer, sang via a song, drew a picture of, etc. was REAL and they “remembered it.”

Different people remembered different things, but they did remember what they said they would remember before they took their third dimensional earth vessel.

There is indeed a human self, but it is OUR human self, who is communicating with higher dimensional expressions of Beings through our higher consciousness. This higher consciousness is derived from the fact that the Ascending Ones are having more and more inter-dimensional communications.

These “Ascending Ones,” likely includes you. The Ascending Ones may appear to be angry, or upset about something, and may or may not know what they are angry about. This behavior is very common when a planet is preparing to change the Operating System of that planet to the next frequency of reality.

Usually, there are the “First Ones” who have volunteered to “do the research” on how a fifth dimensional reality would be different from a third, fourth and/or third/fourth dimensional planet.

A third/fourth dimensional planet that has volunteered to assist the beings of their reality to expand their third dimensional consciousness into the fourth dimension is rare, but it does include dear Gaia.

More and more grounded ones are choosing to consciously activate more neural synapses in their brain in order to incorporate this greater load of novel information into their daily  awareness.

As their consciousness expands beyond the third dimensional consciousness of “survival” their brain will/can can more easily expand its ability to “fire” off more complicated electric components of their neural network.

It is then that they begin to remember more and more about their past incarnations, their present downloads from their Higher SELF, and the possible future realities that seem “so close and yet so far.”

Gradually, the awakened ones will remember more and more that “Reality is a Perception.” Therefore, everyone is experiencing a different, yet often the same, information from the higher realms.

How can something appear to be “different but the same?” The answer is that reality is a perspective of the one who is perceiving each moment of each experience. You all practiced this “different but the same” behavior on the Ship before you took your earth vessel.

We want to tell you all, dear volunteers to Gaia, that what seemed easy in an unconditionally loving, completely safe environment, is too often VERY difficult and challenging in your third dimensional reality.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to communicate with as many of our grounded ones as possible. Then, each of them can share their experiences of leaving the fifth dimension to assist with the ascension of a third dimensional, very polluted and totally abused planet known to humans as Earth.

In fact, it was Earth/Gaia, her self who is calling for our assistance on a regular basis. Gaia is very concerned that the “dark humans” will damage her planetary body so much that she will not be able to ascend.

We, the Galactics, have assured Gaia that many of these changes are allowing the darkness to come to the surface so that it can be healed by the light. In fact, some of the major leaders of Gaia are doing much more harm than has ever been done by any human leaders before.

The reason for this is because the Dark Ones are losing. Therefore, they are pulling out all their worst tricks and tactics to keep the humans frightened, under-educated, able to purchase rifles that can kill many people within just a few minutes, and leaders who care only for them selves and not for those whom they are supposedly leading.

Dear brave humans, please remember that “The Darkest Night is just before dawn.” We Arcturians wish that we could tell you exactly how long it will take for this Darkest Night to end.

However, time is an illusion of the third dimension. Therefore, we cannot tell you when these changes will begin, but we can say that YOU are VERY important in telling the truth to others who are trapped in the illusions that have been purposely prepared to stop humanity from fulfilling their Mission to:

Assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension!

One of the good parts of the third dimension is individuality. With individuality many people can respond to the same thing in a different way. However, if an “individual” is NOT connected to their higher sources of information, they may become so frustrated and depressed from the “fight to save Earth,” that they just give up!

Don’t forget to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and don’t forget that the Third Dimensional Reality is a perception that is often seen as different through different humans, and even through the same human at different times.

Be patient our beloved volunteers to assist with Gaia’s ascension. We know that many of you are VERY tired as you have walked this path for many years. We thank you so for your endurance and invite you to visit us, as well as your own fifth dimensional expression of SELF, during your dreams and meditations.

We also ask that you share what you have received and/or experienced with others who you think may be able to accept this frequency of information.

We advise that you look above a person’s Crown Chakra to see, hear, or feel that they have opened their Portal to the Fifth Dimension. Some of these people may be totally aware of this opening, but many others are not aware of why they are having so many strange, or different, dreams, meditations and experiences.

Please remember that we, your Galactic Family, are always available to you and are ready to assist you in any manner that you may need. Remember, we Galactics resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore we are not bound by “time” or “space.”

Instead, we are Here within your NOW to assist you and to answer any questions that you have for us. We close with this message by again reminding you that “the darkest night is just before dawn!”

Therefore, fear NOT the dark night and continue to bravely step into the “Dawn of the fifth dimensional Gaia!” In closing, we remind you that YOU are assisting Planet Earth with Her Planetary Ascension and Gaia is assisting you with your Personal Ascension.

Together Persons and Planet, and ALL of Gaia’s many life forms,

can embrace this NOW of great transmutation into the next octave of reality.

We are the Arcturians who are NOW speaking for your entire Galactic Family.

We have messages for each and every ONE of you.

Please listen and you will hear

Blessings from the Arcturians and your Galactic Family

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Cycle 1 of Planetary Ascension

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie: Cycle One of Planetary Ascension

What if your imagination was the truth? What if, for all of your life, you have been a living human with only one incarnation, and then slowly, or quickly, began to remember one, then three, then more and more of the many incarnations that you havehad on Earth, a Starship and/or other planets?

What if you remembered the “cycles of ascension” of your Galactic Self? When you finish all of your cycles of your ascension, you will be able to understand and remember what is occurring on your fifth dimensional Ship, your fifth dimensional reality, and many of other incarnations when you were third/fourth dimensional.

In these incarnations, you were, and are now, on the edge of, or just beginning to, consciously perceive that you are within your “ascension process.”

As you progress through this process of remembering, you will gain an understanding ofwhat is occurring on your fifth dimensional Ship and/or your fifth dimensional planetary based reality. When you first begin to have these memories you areentering your “Ascension Cycle ONE.”

Ascension Cycle ONE is the first realm of your fifth dimensional frequency of awakening consciousness. In other words, you are beginning to have flashes, memories, dreams, and imaginations of a NOW in which you are resonating to a higher frequency of reality.

“Is this just a dream or my imagination?” you may ask. However, the mere fact that your dreams and imaginations can remain in your third dimensional consciousness means that you are beginning to include the higher frequencies of reality into your perceptual field.

You may be “unconscious” to this process of “multidimensional perception,” and may say, “This is just my imagination. It is not real!” However, more and more of you are beginning to experience more than one reality in your consciousness, within the same NOW as your current incarnation on Earth.

It is in this manner that you will gradually, or quickly, remember that your “base state of consciousness” is no longer limited to the third dimension. In fact, your “base state of consciousness” NOW includes your fourth, and sometimes, your fifth, dimensional consciousness.

It is for this reason that so many of you “regular, normal” people are having very unusual dreams in which you are in another world or on a Starship. You may also have a sudden interest is “science fiction,” and may even come to realize that you resonate more with “science fiction” than with daily life.

To make you even more confused, you may also be experiencing quick flashes, words, noises, and/or emotions of remembering something that you forgot, or never knew before?

However, it is not that you forgot and are now remembering. Instead, it is that you have slipped into a higher frequency of reality that is JUST like the third dimensional frequency, but simultaneously, different. You may even have the experience of feeling that you’ve done something before and are weirdly doing it again.

The reason for this “remembered experience,” is that your consciousness is increasingly resonating to ever-expanding frequencies of reality. These frequencies will expand into higher dimensions to incorporate the higher dimension.

But then, they must be grounded into Gaia in order to be usable to Earth and all her inhabitants. Therefore, the older operating systems of reality are continually separating and re-converging with higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Whether you know this or not, you are shifting your consciousness to resonate to these ever-expanding frequencies of reality in order to experience better alignment with Source.

The process of “aligning with Source” can, sometimes, make it more difficult to align with, and function, on only one timeline, as you have an innate need to experience Multiple Timelines. However, when you are experiencing “Multiple Timelines,” you may feel as though you are having an experience that you have had before.

What is actually occurring is that “multiple” timelines are going “into and out-of phase” with your third dimensional reality. When a timeline goes into the fourth dimension, that reality is often experienced as a long dream, or a flash of creativity.

Then, as your consciousness returns to the third dimension, you may, or may not be able to remember what just occurred. The reason for this is that higher dimensional timelines often remain in a state of flux.

Therefore, these higher dimensional “possible realities” may waver into and out of your consciousness, as they shift between different polarities and amplitudes in order to allow the ascending ones to create and experience “free will creations.”

“Free will creations” are one of the primary reasons why one chooses to have a third dimensional incarnation. With a free will creation, there are myriad possibilities that arise from your past, present, and/or future.

These possible realities increasingly merge with your third and fourth dimensional polarities to better understand them. However, once they are fully understood, they are transmuted back into the Timeless NOW. It is through that Timeless NOW that one can move into the ascension process of resonating to the higher dimensional frequency of reality.

As your consciousness expands beyond the third dimensional polarized reality, and through the fourth dimensional creativity and dream reality, you will begin to move into the fifth dimensional ongoing reality of  the Eternal NOW.

This “now” is unique to the time-bound structures of the third dimension, as well as to your fourth dimensional perceptions, emotions and thoughts. Fortunately, your fourth dimensional dream life and meditations give you the opportunity to “practice” different types of reality.

In fact, you are practicing every type of higher dimensional reality in your nightly visits to the higher dimensional worlds. Often, you are not aware of these higher dimensional realities while you are resonating to your third dimensional consciousness because that state of consciousness does not allow your consciousness to expand into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

However, when you are engaged in meditation, service to others, and deeply creative endeavors, your consciousness activates both your fourth and your fifth dimensional brainwaves.

When you activate your fourth and fifth dimensional brainwaves, your daily life consciousness and activities slowly, or quickly, align with creativity and inter-dimensional communications.

Then, you will be increasingly able to be more creative in what you do, and are much more able to consciously communicate with higher dimensional beings, such as we the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Venusians and other higher dimensional guides.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, often, and happily, serve as “higher dimensional guides to humanity.” Yes, we are YOUR Galactic Family. Many, if not most of you, have forgotten us in the midst of your daily life. In fact, too often, you may even forget your higher dimensional experiences, which you may call “dreams.”

Therefore, we wish to ask you again, “What if for all of your life you were just a living human with many unknown incarnations? Then, slowly, or quickly, you began to remember one—then three—then more and more of the many incarnations that you have had on Earth?”

As you accept that you have chosen to take these many, or few, earthbound incarnations, you may be able to allow yourself to remember your visits to your Ship. You may feel that there is no one with whom you can share this information, but as you gain confidence in your SELF and in your Higher Guidance, you will be able to answer this calling.

When you admit to yourself, as well as to others, that you are speaking to higher dimensional beings, your consciousness begins to expand beyond your third/fourth dimensional Earth consciousness and into your fifth dimensional Galactic consciousness!

We will now address some of the “Cycles of Planetary Ascension.” Cycle ONE of Planetary Ascension, which is much like an adult nursery school, is the “threshold” into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality. This is where those with a “young multidimensional consciousness” first go to learn, and they learn how to teach others what they have learned.

In this manner, these ascending ones can experience the support of their higher dimensional home on the Ship, while they also interact with the third dimensional humans on Earth. Their Inter-dimensional Ship, which is within their consciousness, keeps an “open line” between their fifth dimensional and beyond SELF on the Ship and their third/fourth dimensional self on Earth.

Hence, some of the “Volunteers to Gaia” choose to enter third dimensional Earth, and then return Home to the fifth dimension as soon as they have learned/remembered what they wanted to gain from that incarnation.

In this manner, they can better assist with Planetary Ascension when they return to the higher realms. In fact, many of YOU are “teachers” in the higher dimensional ships and realities. What you “teach” on the Ship is what you have learned about being a human on third dimensional Gaia.

We Galactics are very invested in assisting Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Humans are the primary cause of most of the obstructions to this Planetary Ascension. It is for this reason that we often contact humans, not just so they can assist us, but so that they can assist us to better understand humanity.

On the other hand, “Nature Beings,” as we call Gaia’s Elemental Beings that inhabit Her planet, can easily, and often do, communicate with us. Of course, the Nature Beings do not speak a third dimensional language.

Instead, they telepathically send their message out to those who love them enough to hear them. Yes, the key to communicating with a Nature Being is LOVE. One cannot give love away if they do not have it within their own heart and mind.

Therefore, the Nature Beings can feel the LOVE, and know that they are safe to communicate with us, as well as more and more humans. When we say “us,” we mean any being, Galactic or Earthbound, that has a deep love and commitment to Planet Gaia. By taking an earth vessel, we Galactics can more deeply understand how humanity is advancing with their “Mission of assisting with planetary ascension.”

Yes, as you may know, many of the “humans” that you meet in your daily life, are actually Galactics who volunteered to take an earth vessel to better understand and assist with the process of Planetary Ascension.

Then, we fifth dimensionals are able to return to the fifth dimension to share what we have learned during our excursion to being a human on Earth. Also we are primarily visiting the timeline that most of your readers are on.

We are visiting that timeline because it is a crucial “time” in which Gaia could begin Her ascension process, or fall into destruction. This “destruction” is NOT from a Galactic Source, The Sources of this destruction would be from the “Protectors of Gaia,” which is HUMANITY.

Humanity has experienced difficulties from the Dark Ones, who have been trying to take over Earth from the very beginning of Gaia’s “Earth Civilization.” Therefore, more of us, your higher dimensional SELVES, are choosing to take Earth Vessels in order to assist our volunteers to Earth.

Fortunately, we are beginning to perceive that more and more humans who are ready to join us Galactics, as we work as ONE Being, to assist humanity to discover how they, in their own way, can best assist with Planetary Ascension in a manner that humans can best understand.

When one first begins to communicate with their fifth dimensional self, while wearing your third dimensional form, you are entering Cycle TWO.  We will return to share Cycle TWO with you.

Blessings from the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and ALL your Galactic Family.