The Crystalline Gene

The Crystalline Gene

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March 15, 2021
O little feet! that such long years
Must wander on through hopes and fears…
O little souls! as pure and white And crystalline as rays of light
Direct from heaven, their source divine…
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Weariness


I drag myself through the days, one stumbling foot after the other. But I mustn’t complain. My life is “easy.” I heave a dolorous sigh, though no one hears.

Perhaps there is some vital spiritual message, or an essential otherworldly process, occurring in this experience of exhaustion. Reflecting the stupefied weariness of humanity? Processing more endless crappola for the collective?

Somebody save me from myself. I’m drowning in self-pity.


I turn to Dr. Peebles, my dear old friend. He feels like a dear old friend after more than a dozen readings, hearing his soft Scottish burr emanate through the telephone, emerging from the voice box of channel Natalie Gianelli.

I find this transcribed bit from 2019:

CV: [asks about Ascension and specifically the carbon-to-crystal transformation]

Dr. Peebles: You are working, as a species, upon the opportunity to move more and more (when you want, whoever wants) from a carbon base to a crystalline base. This will be many, many years in the making. And not everyone is interested in living for hundreds of years.

This is not because they’re not ready to do it, or they’re not interested, or they’ll get bored. But some souls are not interested in playing the game of humanity for many, many years….

So what we see is that the ascension process (that would include the movement from carbon to crystalline body, and the frequency there) would certainly be, like all things, a choice.

From our perspective, what you’ll witness in the science, or the medical nature of things, is that as individuals move from a carbon base to a crystalline base, you’ll first witness the…Your medical doctors will not call it a regeneration, but an activation of a particular gene in certain individuals’ bodies that allows for them to have an extraordinary immune system.

The doctors might call this gene a crystalline gene or some form of that particular name. It will be said that some individuals have this gene, and some don’t. That is not the truth, everyone will have it, but not everyone will turn it on.

I appreciate the reminder that not everyone wants to play the game of humanity for hundreds of years into the future. If it appears that the V has bumped off dear ones who were (what I consider) foolish enough to submit themselves to it, I’ll console myself: they probably didn’t want to keep playing this game much longer, anyway.

Dr. Peebles continues:

Those that do turn it on will have an extraordinary amount of ability to withstand what you would call illnesses or diseases. Even in experimental trials, when they give a particular flu or disease to this particular individual, the body transmutes it almost immediately.

It’s the same way that water would bounce off of stone, but would seep into sand. The body will become different in what it receives, what it accepts. It’s wonderful! It’s going to be very, very interesting for your scientists and for your doctors.

What it will do for those…with the crystalline energy, is that it will then allow for them to ask the question, “How do I want to die? How do I want to transmute the physical body?”

And this will be a completely different understanding within your human experience. Because right now, most individuals do not feel as if they have a choice in how they transmute the body. Of course they are always choosing this, but they do not feel like they have a choice.

And so as more and more individuals turn on this crystalline gene…individuals will get to consciously choose their deaths and what it might look like, or how they might wish to receive the ritual of the transmutation out of the body. Wonderful, wonderful opportunity here.

Something to look forward to. My self-pity recedes entirely when I read the end of the transcript:

CV: So, am I choosing the crystalline body? I feel like I am.

Dr. P: We expect that you will, absolutely. And it is because you have a tremendous interest. You not only have an interest in exploring more and more of the human experience, but you’re quite fascinated with what the body is able to do. You’re quite fascinated with how you can sense, interpret, and channel energy through the physical body.

There are many individuals who are not interested in staying in the physical body in order to be connected to the unseen. So…What a wonderful example! Your Guides are teasing a little bit.

Many individuals are perfectly happy to get inside the airplane and fly wherever they need to go. They don’t need to get their pilot’s license. But you like to get your pilot’s license. You like to not only be in the airplane, but to be able to pilot it, to take it where you want to go. You have a fascination there. So indeed, we highly expect for you to choose this. Absolutely.

CV: I’m going to be flying a spaceship.

Dr. P: Hip-hip hooray! And even this, we can’t wait for you to explore what you’re exploring. Because even this is the very beginning.

Dr. Peebles through Natalie Gianelli,