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Starting to See the Wisdom of It: Please Donate to the Blog

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Here we are again, approaching you for funding.

What our overall aim is to coax a very large number of the 40,000 or so of you who read the blog each day to commit to a monthly donation.

Originally I suggested the sum of $2 a month but Michael suggested that wasn’t sound in my June 12 reading:

Steve: Will you help us boost the number of monthly subscriptions so we don’t have to make an appeal every month?

Archangel Michael: Yes, I will.

Steve: Is it possible for us to meet our financial needs with $2 a month per reader?

AAM: That is not a safe way to go. It is good in an equation but, as you well know, some are more financially able than others. (1)

Of course we invite one-time donations as well.

Michael is inspiring many people to give because he wants to get the wheels of generosity going in preparation for our work as humanitarian philanthropists.

If you can’t contribute, that’s fine. Please send love if you wish to contribute, the strongest force in the universe.

Having us play this role apparently helps roll back some of the social isolation caused by technology’s impact and come alive to each other again. In this case it’s by sharing financial resources and deriving the sense of participation and belongingness that goes along with it.

With maximal sharing going on around this and other lightworker initiatives, we’d be beginning to build up a head of steam that will serve us when the Reval hits.

There’ll be so many important decisions to handle then that I personally practice donating now to raise and clear any issues that I have and can related to giving, donating, supporting, etc.

So please take a moment to fill out the form below and commit yourself today to a small or large monthly donation for the support of this lightworker channel.

It’s getting easier and easier to ask for money. It especially helps to know how taking this role serves.

Please donate to the blog.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 12, 2019.


Here ‘s how to donate:

(1) Please click above or here, where you’ll see:

“Make a one-time donation to Golden Age of Gaia” or “Make a monthly donation to Golden Age of Gaia.”

If you choose the latter, once you set up your donation, it will be deducted from your PayPal account or credit card. You can always change the amount or cancel it by going to your PayPal account.

(2) Please enter the amount.

(3) Hit “subscribe” and set up the means by which your donation will be paid.

(4) If you have a question, please contact Karen at the Hope Chest:

Note from Karen: If you wish to use a credit card, it needs to be a card that is not hooked up to or associated with your Paypal or it will automatically go through Paypal.



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Small donations are part of Ascension

How Small Monthly Subscriptions are a Part of Our Ascension
How Small Monthly Subscriptions are a Part of Our Ascension
October 4, 2017 By Kathleen Mary Willis

In the higher realms, all are taken care of. Here on Gaia, as part of our Ascension process, we’re learning that concept.

We’re learning the way of community.

Yesterday, in an email from Wikipedia, I received a request to subscribe, to help them continue on. I happily subscribed a few dollars a month. I’m in awe of Wikipedia!

Great amounts of money aren’t needed. Little amounts from many create a wonderful amazing whole, sustainability.

The Mother has told us we are connected to many, some of us to 144 million beings, in the interconnectedness of everything.

Could that mean that a small monthly subscription is a powerful action of community affecting many?

The Mother has said subscribing a few coins is part of our Ascension, Her Divine Plan of Community:

“The key to this abundance, what we call equality, is Love. If you cannot support your community, whether it is the Golden Age of Gaia or the person down the street, or the person who is homeless… if you cannot share your heart, your coins, then you are not on your path of Ascension.

“The key to Love is sharing, and if you are not sharing, if you are not in that balance of give and receive, then where are you?

“When you were a child and given a cookie, a candy, you were taught to share. It is the fundamental spiritual lesson and survival technique of being upon Gaia, and that is what went awry.” (1)

The beauty of subscribing little amounts of money is that no chaos is created. There is smooth transition.

Organizations can let go of the anxiety of wondering how to make ends meet every month when we take responsibility for each other.

It is the beauty of community in action, appreciation, gratitude with very little effort.

We’re encouraging everyone that can to contribute, by making a small monthly subscription to the Hope Chest for the Teams of the Golden Age of Gaia and InLight Radio, anchoring in the way of the higher realms, of sharing, of community, of our Ascension.

We thank you for your consideration.

Here’s how to make a monthly subscription:

(1) Please go to, where you’ll see:

Make a monthly donation to Golden Age of Gaia

Here is the link to my PayPal account where you can make a donation to keep this page running. When I decided to make a donation to Golden Age of Gaia, I look on it as a magazine subscription, and started re blogging some of their articles like a publisher selecting contributions for a magazine, so I have been contributing since about 2012.
This works!!