Tiara Kumara: Do not fear you Spiritual Power of Command



Do not Fear your Spiritual Power of Command

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Dear Golden Gaia Lights,

It is very interesting to observe all of the predictions and speculations being made concerning our shifting times on planet Earth. It seems like the ‘doom and gloom’ projections are now getting extremely loud. It’s time to act big time and to squelch unwanted potentials.

The absolute truth is, not one person knows exactly what will occur or how and when all of these potential imaginings will unfold. What we are witnessing, however, is the great facade of deception blowing up and the collective ego trying to maintain its positioning in the crumbling illusion.

We are reminded that all speculated future scenarios only exist as energetic potentials. No matter the size and scope, these potentials can be molded, shifted, amplified or diminished by the time something materializes.

Together with the realms of light, we help direct the show, do we not?

We are encouraged to focus our collective attention upon shifting and transmuting certain conditions of outer world activity that are not aligned to human evolution. These are the activities of a vicious and destructive agenda that violate the sanctity of the human spirit.

This concerns the extremely distorted powers of duality that reflect through conditions of aggression, oppression, mass mind control programming, bio warfare, manipulated poisoning, human abuses, among many other gross nefarious activities.

Our task is not only to invoke the light into these specific appearances, but to focus and transmit the light of transmutation into the core causes, effect, record and memory of these distortions that still exist in the human hologram.

Remember, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are each a part vibrating with the whole. Every mind contains the pattern of the whole consciousness. Through that resonant link, we each have direct access to the entire pattern. When we add to this the universal Law of Cause and Effect, we find that small causes can have large effects. A single intention strengthens and multiplies when we focus together.

We actually have the power to shift the hologram of world consciousness. It is here that these destructive imprints remain alive and retain strength in the strata of the Earth, thereby influencing the way mass consciousness perceives. The holographic imprinting upholds the fear based matrix.

Due to escalating potentials of totalitarian extremes, we are moving swiftly into action to shift these possibilities.

We are unlimited in our group ability as transmuters and transformers. We must continue to rewrite the timelines, dissolve dooming projections, shift the holographic reflection and build a new matrix of perception. This all culminates towards a more harmonious and peaceful planet.

We can shift all that is currently happening right now on the global scene. Knowing that you are an integral part of Group Avatar, please assist in any way you are guided to put into motion the complete and immediate dissolve of this prevailing destructive energy and its accompanying potentials.

Proceed in bold, commanding confidence in your power of Avataric light, an omnipotent forcefield of catalyzing change. You have the skills, the knowledge and tremendous overlighting assistance awaiting the call to action. You are Group Avatar! The power and might of a thousand suns can be unleashed through you, as an “us”, right now in this instant.

With determination and heart felt energy, even our words are divine commands of spiritual power. From the unified container of Group Avatar, which is one with the realms of light, we lead through divine omnipotence.

We have the power and the authority to command the light forth!

We have the power and the authority to command the elemental forces into action to clear out and consume all crimes against humanity and the perpetrating energies responsible.

These forces of darkness have no power! As the stewards of Earth, we can command them out of our world, swiftly and forever. There will be no new rules under a globalist plan to enslave us and to thwart human evolution. It is not going to happen. We command this to be so!

Be very adamant dear hearts. Let’s seize the moment and make our divine commands, to transmit transforming energy to all people everywhere with the messages of love, hope and unity. The Earth shall not be taken over by those who attempt to decimate it and desecrate it. It will not happen. It cannot happen.

Let’s shine our light upon the darkness and consume it!

Higher vibration always consumes the lower. Greater is more powerful than the lesser. The whole is more cohesive than the part. We are that wholeness. In the name of God and Group Avatar, we command the new reflections of peace, equality and goodwill to come forth now.


Go deeper with us this month in learning HOW
to unleash your avataric omnipotence!


with  love,

Tiara Kumara


Archangel Michael: Support of the Universe



Archangel Michael: Support of the Universe

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings and love I, Archangel Michael, extend to you now. It is an honour to be in your presence as I bring forth the energy, love, and peace of the Angelic Kingdom. May this vibration and frequency download into your being, through your being and into Mother Earth so she may experience the blessings and gifts that we share with you and with all.

Today I, Archangel Michael, wish to bring forth an insight. It is a transformation that is taking place now, an energy vibration flowing from the Universe of the Creator, the core of the Creator into your being and it is an ascension process.

I, Archangel Michael, invite you to imagine with me now.

Allow yourself to observe your physical body, your surroundings and even observe the entire world that surrounds you. As you focus deeper within your being, you will become familiar with your own energy and frequency, connecting into who you are. Allow yourself to acknowledge,

Do you feel alone?

Do you feel connected to others?

You are in existence upon the Earth as the vibration of many and yet with your physical body, you may feel separate. You may feel as if you are an individual and to some extent you are, and yet multiple vibrations of the Creator flow through you.

You might liken this to a rainbow but a rainbow that has multiple colours, even colours that you do not recognise. These rainbow colours flow through your being into the Earth, into all beings, and into everything you create. This is your expression of the Creator. The rainbow energy of multiple colours flows throughout your being constantly, it is like a river which cannot be stopped.

In your current existence in a physical body upon the Earth you have accepted the purpose of creation. Every moment of your reality is a moment created by you, everything you feel within you, everything around you is an experience created by you, whether it is from beliefs, your subconscious mind, intentions or from the contracts of your soul.

You are like a creating machine; you cannot stop creating. You may not understand how you create and yet it is something that is continuous, maybe even automatic. As you imagine with me, Archangel Michael, imagine yourself as this creating machine, there is no on or off switch, there is simply continuous creations, you are continuously creating.

Imagine with me, Archangel Michael, all around you are beings, physical beings on the Earth and they are the same as you. They have this rainbow light that allows them to express the Creator, they have accepted the purpose of creating. They are like creating machines; they cannot stop creating. Every person on the Earth is constantly creating, sometimes the creations are purposeful, positive, fulfilling, other times they guide you on a journey of understanding and growth.

The purpose of this process is so you can firstly understand yourself more fully and begin to fine tune your machine of creating. Secondly so you may understand the Creator more fully, opening yourself up consciously to receive and express the purpose of the Creator through your being. With an understanding of yourself and everyone else achieving their purpose of creation you can recognise that everyone is in sync and connected. You are all the same, your purpose is the same. Therefore, you are a team with everyone on the Earth and this is not only human beings.

Imagine yourself as a team with everyone on the Earth, you are supporting everyone, they are supporting you.  It is not that you need to create this, as it is the truth, when you create expressing your rainbow light you are being supported by everyone on the Earth and you are supporting everyone on the Earth. There is a team energy, a connection, a co-creation.

Imagine there are 352 dimensions to the Creator’s Universe. Within each dimension there are multiple beings, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Star Beings, Angels, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Elementals and so many more beings, all of light. You may say there is darkness as well, everything is created from the Creator, so it is true to say that even the darkness is created from the light and holds a purpose of growth and a journey of understanding.

Imagine all these beings of light are expressing the rainbow light of multiple colours through their beings; they are expressing the Creator. They are expressing the purpose of the Creator; therefore, they are looking at you, they are supporting you and everyone on the Earth. Imagine every single being in the entire Universe of the Creator within 352 levels of the Creator’s Universe directing their energy to you. You are a team with everyone in the Universe of the Creator, your energy, your purpose also is directed to them, directed to all beings supporting their creations.

Again, imagine you are in existence in a physical body on the Earth, you have the purpose of creating guided by the Creator. Everyone on the Earth is supporting you and assisting you, everyone on the inner planes within the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe is supporting you, sending you energy and love and truth, energising, and amplifying all that you create.

Can you imagine this? Millions beyond millions of beings supporting you at this moment, in truth, at every given moment. All of this creates a oneness, a wholeness and that oneness and wholeness is the Creator, so you are a part of an integral oneness and truth of the Creator. As you allow yourself to imagine this you will shift into this perspective, into this reality, into the vibration and so my question to you is simple.


With all this energy, the multiple multi-coloured rainbow light flowing through you, which is the expression of the Creator, what do you choose to focus upon?

What do you wish to experience in your reality?

What emotions do you wish to experience?

What thoughts do you wish to experience?

What actions and reactions do you wish to experience?

What situations and circumstances do you wish to experience?

What type of people do you wish to have in your reality?

What do you wish your surroundings to be like?

Imagine that you are creating on a fresh and clean canvas, where your past is not influencing your present and you have all the support you need. Whatever you wish to create there are so many beings on the Earth and the inner planes cheering you on, amplifying and magnifying whatever you wish to create.

As you imagine this, what is the feeling that emerges from within your being? Is it a feeling of success or fulfilment, deep love or maybe a relaxation and peace? Allow this vibration to fill your entire being, let it flow from your being, send it to all beings on the Earth and the inner planes. As you continue to imagine, I, Archangel Michael, invite you to ask yourself:


What is it that I need to create in co-creation with the Creator, my soul, everyone on the Earth and everyone on the inner planes? What is it that needs to be created and expressed through me now?

This is my message to you today. I wish to invite you to imagine, imagine all that I have shared daily. Allow yourself to shift into that co-creation vibration because that co-creation vibration is essential to activating the New Earth Ascension Blueprint already anchored into your being. Allowing you to create, to heal, to experience co-creation, and oneness with the Creator. Please imagine this daily, shift yourself into the vibration of co-creation where you are supported entirely by the Universe of the Creator because it is the truth, it is an important and integral aspect of your ascension now.

Please do not worry about creating the wrong thing or trying to get your creation perfect so that you create the right thing. There is no such thing as wrong or right, simply allow yourself to be inspired as the wonderful thing about your creations is that you are always creating. You have so much time to practice, to express what is truly within your heart and your soul.

I love you deeply and I am here to support you eternally,

In truth and love I thank you,

I am Archangel Michael


The 9 D Arcturian Council: A Big Part of your Destiny on Earth



The 9D Arcturian Council: A Big Part of Your Destiny on Earth

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are studying all of you from afar, but we are also right there with you, observing you from within you and all around you.

We are ninth-dimensional beings, which means we have no physicality, no bodies, and no borders to confine us. We get to go where we want to go and put our attention wherever we want to put it in this beautiful universe of ours, and we choose to focus on humanity there on Earth because we are fascinated by you.

We are enthralled by your journey, by your perseverance, and by your ability to rise up and meet challenges that you face on a daily basis.

You are making history with your ascension.

You are making the biggest leap forward that you can possibly make, as you have moved from the third dimension, and now you are making your way to the fifth.

This is a time to feel very good about yourselves and how far you have already come, but it is also a time for you to be exploring where you want to go next.

One of the reasons why your journey is so fascinating to us is because we don’t know what you will choose for yourselves next. We have some idea because of probabilities and because it is very rare for a being or a collective to make a ninety-degree turn out of the blue.

But we are interested in what you will do next, what you will create next, and how you will become your higher selves, which is a big part of your destiny there on Earth.

Many assume that the shift to the fifth dimension is about you taking yourself to a better place, like getting upgraded from a fleabag motel to a five-star resort, but it’s not like that at all.

You are changing yourselves, and as you do, the world outside of you seems to change. But really, you are the ones who are changing, and when you are operating at that higher-vibrational perspective, you will see, experience, and be able to do things that you cannot do right now.

But your limitations are not because of what country you live in, what laws are governing you there, or how much money you have in the bank.

Your limitations are only created by the vibration you are offering.

Change your vibration, and you will change everything that you experience.

This journey is about changing you, and it always has been.

It has never been about a change of scenery or the elimination of all the bad ones.

It has never been about leaving everything that you don’t like behind, as you soar off into a better place, a better reality.

You are the shift in consciousness; it begins and ends with you.

And it is your destiny to complete it; you cannot mess this up.

You can either enjoy it by going with the flow, or you can go kicking and screaming in resistance, judgment, and condemnation about all that you don’t like about your current situation.

Isn’t enjoying it more satisfying?

That’s why we are studying and observing you, because we know that you are not just on a cruise ship, going from one place to another.

We know that you are creating it all, and that your primary creation is you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Source Creator: I Am All, I Am with you

Source Creator: I Am All, I Am With You

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By John Kassl


Do not carry the burdens of the past any longer, look forward and redeem your dramas and karma in the light of God, who I am. Fill up all places of your soul with light, there, where wounds do not want to close, there, call me.

I am GOD,

Mankind is in my care. While this world changes, I spread protectively my arms over you. Like a mother and like a father, who give security and love to the child, who give courage and support to the child – so is my love to you.

No harm shall happen to you, suffering shall stay away from you and happiness shall meet you on all ways.

I am omnipresent on this earth and in your life.

If you become aware of this, then all fears for the future disappear and this time becomes a wonderful opportunity for you to heal the postponed now and to recognize the unrecognized now.

Today there is an environment on this earth that invites you to great steps of development, because the change in the outer world invites you to pay more attention to the inner world.


In adversity, the most beautiful things are often created and great insights are born. In adversity, man resorts to measures that would never have been taken under other circumstances. That is why hardship is the master of this time – and today you experience hardship on many levels.

Everything is under reconstruction and you ask yourselves, how does it go on or when does this madness end, in which injustice became right and cold-heartedness, egoism or the complete absence of empathy became the maxim.

When does what pollutes your soul and burdens your heart end? When does the inhumanity end? When does it become LIGHT and when does LOVE begin its reign among people?

While you ask yourselves, new abysses are revealed to you and so you are asked to take a stand. Inwardly you are asked to say NO or YES to this.

It is clear that compromises no longer help today. Neither on the outside nor on the inside can compromises or half solutions make the ground fertile for growth.

This means that the revelations of this time require each person to make a decision: Where do I direct my attention? In what do I invest my life energy?

In the creation of light-filled manifestations, in the fight against “evil” or in joining the forces of darkness.


All choices serve to create specific experiences for the individual, and they are fundamentally synonymous:

– He who creates light and fulfills his orders is on the way to me.

– Who has taken up the fight against the evil in the outer world and thereby fulfills his orders, he is on the way to me.

– Who has joined the powers of darkness and thereby fulfills his orders, he is on the way to me.

These ways differ only one thing: the time when a man finds back to me.

The first one goes the way straight ahead, the second one goes a detour and the third one still has a long journey ahead of him.

All these decisions are equal and they are now made by more and more people. Only the lukewarm, who reject every responsibility, lose their hold on this earth in this time and they find neither their place nor their orders.

This means that I am taking these people back to the “realm of preparations”, to the place where they are being prepared for a next life.

Today you are experiencing that very many people are being called away. Often they are people who can no longer find their way in this world or no longer want to.


Whoever lives his assignments will live them until they are fulfilled. There is no doubt about that, because whoever has made his choice is under my care – in good days as well as in bad, in light as well as in darkness.

This message is the invitation for you to courageously make your choice. Half-heartedness is no longer an option today.

Be wholehearted, no matter what role you choose for yourself. The light, the love are omnipresent. It shimmers ever more powerfully between the light poverty of mankind. Who does not develop a view for it, I help him, who does not want to develop a view for it, I help him – even if this leads to detours.

Fight your battle – against yourself or against the world. Live your life – for mankind or for yourself. Carry out your orders – without hesitation – then the kingdom of heaven is given to you and the realization of All-What-Is comes near.

Be whole, be courageous and be sure: I am everything and I am always with you.


The 9D Arcturian Council: New Galactic Codes are coming



The 9D Arcturian Council: New Galactic Codes Are Coming

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Photon Light Codes

by Daniel Scranton


Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are looking for even more allies at this time to join us in co-creating new codes from all across the galaxy.

These codes will activate within you that which has been lying dormant. You have so much inside of you, so much that you have been, so much that you have become, so much that you have mastered, and most of you are unaware of all that you have access to within you.

And that is why we are looking for other collectives and beings who specialize in the creation of these codes. It is our desire for all of you to unlock the hidden gems that lie within you, and we know that you will.

We just want to be a part of it.

We just want to have fun on this journey with you, and let’s face it. Codes are cool. Codes are fascinating, and codes are powerful when you simply let them do what they do.

Now, some of you are probably wondering how you are going to receive the codes that will be transmitted to you.

They will be transmitted in every imaginable way so that we can slip them in through the cracks that you leave open.

They will be transmitted by this channel; they will be transmitted by other channels. They will be coming to you from your sun, from the gridlines across your Earth, and from all the energies that you are bombarded with on a regular basis.

How do you make sure you are one of the ones receiving the codes?

Receiving this transmission is the first step because now you know about them.

We also recommend that you focus yourself on receiving what is coming to you at least once a day.

You have to relax and open up to receive, and there is more now than there ever has been for you.

This is a good time for you to be opening up, and it will just keep getting better and better, so you might as well start now and receive codes from all across the galaxy, codes that can activate that which is beyond your imagination, beyond your mind’s ability to conceive of ideas and possibilities.

And yet, it is all within you.

You have all the information that you need inside of you.

We are here to help activate it, and we are seeking out new friends, new alliances, new colleagues, to co-create with us the new beautiful codes that will help you remember who you are, tap into your power, and be the sovereign beings of light and love that you were always meant to be in this lifetime.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

From Laurel N Brown on Keepers of the Codes


Magenta Pixie: Golden Heart, New Earth Rising, into the Aquarian Ge

Magenta Pixie: Golden Heart, New Earth Rising, into the Aquarian Age

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This message from Magenta Pixie was posted to today’s 20/20 but warrants a post of its own….

Hit the graphic to watch the video


Direct Connection by the Andromedans

Direct Connection by the Andromedans

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We travel far to connect with your energies, to distribute and transfer our light and wisdom. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations within the Creator’s universe and yet we simply listen to the Creator, we connect with the Creator and distribute all that is the truth of the Creator through our beings. This is our purpose, and it is our way of being.

We come forth to you today to speak of a direct connection.

A direct connection can be described as enlightenment, advancing your spiritual evolution, ascending or being as one with your soul. A direct connection is a divine communication with the Creator that allows you to perceive yourself, the truth within you and the Creator vibrations within and around your being.

Each person who embarks upon their spiritual evolution will seek to have a direct connection, whether it is a direct connection with their soul, soul group, guides, a specific ascended master or with the Creator. This direct connection is akin to a clear communication with guidance that offers tremendous clarity and understanding.

Many seek to receive the guidance of the Creator, in whichever form, so they know they are walking their divine and spiritual purpose on the Earth, feeling fulfilled and that they are achieving what is necessary, therefore not wasting their time on the Earth.

To Receive Guidance is a Co-Creation

A direct connection with the Creator or whichever form of the Creator is a co-creation.

You have the ability to listen, to interpret the divine and sacred vibrations and energy flow of the Creator. Your guides will encourage this, whoever you wish to form a direct connection with will encourage this.

You have free will upon the Earth to make the decisions that feel appropriate for you, to cause the choices, to create the opportunities, to embark upon the healing that feels appropriate to you and will guide you forth along your purpose and mission upon the Earth.

It is important to trust in the understanding that whatever you do, whatever action you make and whatever you choose to create, you are walking your purpose on the Earth. When you trust in your own abilities to walk your purpose on the Earth you absorb and embody your purpose more fully. Your guides and the Creator will support you in this.

Receiving guidance that direct connection is actually about co-creation and more so about developing your own instincts, your own inner perception, understanding, and guidance.

It is a co-creation with your guides or whoever you have a direct connection with, encourages you to blossom the light, the love, the wisdom, to blossom from within your being.

This is because of your free will, one of the most beautiful and most powerful gifts you are given as you are born upon the Earth is your free will. Now as you move through your reality it may feel like your freewill does not exist or that others take away from you your freewill, maybe even that leaders or governing bodies dampen or diminish your freewill. Yet you have free will in your reality, and this is granted to you by the Creator as an expression of the Creator.

It is important that everything you do, everything you perceive and express comes from the love and truth of the Creator within your being.

This is your natural way of existing when you allow your expression and creation to come from the love and the truth within your being. It is when you are at your most powerful, connecting and receive the love and truth of the Creator, deliver it and being in your power.

A direct connection with any form of the Creator is actually you being in a space of freewill, expressing and creating from love and truth, therefore being in your power, co-creating with the form of the Creator that you wish to connect with.

Receiving and experiencing that direct connection means you will receive encouragement, energy, love and even inspiration from a guide, the Creator or whoever you are connecting with.

These beings will magnify, enhance, and develop everything you are and everything you are expressing.

If you wish to create a direct connection with your soul or soul group, it is exactly the same. Many beings often seek guidance from the beings on the inner planes and yet it is actually encouragement that is needed, inspiration meaning a new perspective or an opening of your awareness so that you may embark upon a new way of thinking or exploring.

We the Andromedans recognise a direct connection as experiencing the divine flow of the Creator moving throughout your being, being expressed through you, and created through you.

You are a Direct Connection in Manifestation 

You may imagine that to have a direct connection is to experience the light of the Creator or the words and guidance of the Creator flowing through you, this may be the case for some. However, you experience the Creator flowing through you, you are experiencing empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, awakening, activation, and energy.

You have an inner instinct and natural ability to interpret and express the Creator.

Of course, you are the Creator and you are pure expressions of the Creator, you are already in direct connection with the Creator. There is no need to seek the direct connection with the Creator because you are already present, there may need to be some focus, some redirecting of your awareness or your attention in order to experience this fully.

We, the Andromedans, invite you to simply sit peacefully, acknowledge and repeat:

‘I am a direct connection with the Creator.’

We use the word ‘I am’ rather than ‘I have’ because ‘I am’ is an embodiment, whereas I have symbolised something that can be taken away from you. Your direct connection with the Creator cannot be taken away from you. Our words in many ways are not necessary and maybe they do not explain enough, we simply wish to encourage you to contemplate this:

You are a direct connection with the Creator already manifested on the Earth, meaning there is nothing to do, nothing to say, you are already an experience, an expression of your direct connection with the Creator.  It is important to acknowledge that everyone else is a manifestation of a direct connection with the Creator.

When someone appears in your reality and they are angry, you may ask yourself how can this being be a direct connection with the Creator, an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator?

Remember each being holds and is an embodiment of a direct connection with the Creator. They may or may not choose to use or express it.

What we the Andromedans are inviting you to achieve at this moment is to choose to be a direct connection of the Creator and to choose to acknowledge that each person is the same, holds the same and is a direct connection with the Creator.

Therefore, when someone enters your reality with the energy of anger or any other limiting vibration, you are able to see through, as if it is a smokescreen, to perceive the trust beyond.

We might say perceiving beyond the habits and the reactions of the personality. When you recognise that everyone has a direct connection with the Creator, instantly no matter what their actions, or what they say, you begin to see the truth that is present within your being, all around you and within every being, which is deeply enlightening.

It can also be deeply inspiring and fulfilling to choose to recognise yourself as an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator and others in the same way.

The recognition, choice, and the contemplation of being a direct connection with the Creator creates an immensely powerful awakening within your being, a tenderness, connection, and completeness with the vibration of the Creator.

This is something to value deeply currently, remembering that the Creator exists within your being, that you are in an experience of co-creating with the Creator and receive divine guidance and wisdom from the Creator.

Remember you have free will; you can decide what you wish to experience and what you choose to create in your reality, and this is the most powerful tool you have.

We, the Andromedans wish you to contemplate:

What is your free will?

What does it mean to have free will?

How can you interact and use your free will in your ascension process and everyday life?

When you begin to contemplate these questions, you open yourself up tremendously and allow much baggage to be released, especially connected to power, responsibility, lack, blame and judgment.

All of that simply dissolves and you become free to be the direct connection with the Creator.

It is immensely important that we, the Andromedans, share this with you now because it gives to you the responsibility and power that you need.

It awakens you to the fact you have the power and truth within your being, and this will ignite and guide you forth, in ways you may expect and in ways you do not expect.

It is time to trust in yourself, it is time to trust in the Creator and it is time to trust in your co-creation with the Creator and the world around you.

We, the Andromedans, love you deeply.