The 9D Arcturian Council: Your Spiritual Gifts and Powers

The 9D Arcturian Council: Your Spiritual Gifts & Powers

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by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited for you all to discover how powerful and creative you are, when you slow down enough to focus on what matters to you the most and hold that vibration long enough to become one with your creation.

We get excited about seeing any of you demonstrating to yourselves how gifted you already are.

You don’t need to have overt spiritual gifts, like a channel or a psychic possesses, in order to demonstrate to yourselves just how gifted you are.

We keep telling you to stop giving your power away and looking for the next prediction about what’s going to happen and when, and we know that you are going to do that when you demonstrate to yourselves that you are the ones who are determining what future you experience.

You are the ones who are determining what timeline you are on.

Nothing is set in stone.

You get to decide, and right now there are so many people who are not exercising their ability to create their reality, their power, because they are focusing on someone or something, some future experience that they do not want, but that they believe that the powers that be are more in control than they are.

You, once again, must lead through your example and show people that they can and do create their reality, but they can more specifically create the reality they want to experience by focusing upon the positive experiences they want to see in the world and in their own lives.

If you can all focus together on something that you know the vast majority of people want, like peace on Earth, then you can make a difference.

You can bring about that change. More importantly, you can show yourselves just how powerful you are, just how gifted you are, and that is a gamechanger.

That means you can begin to see the importance of coming together and focusing as a community, as beings of light who want to see more light spread throughout the world.

You all have this unique opportunity in front of you at a time when more people are focused on a global event than ever before in human history.

So we say to all of you that now is the perfect time to demonstrate that you have those gifts within you, and that there are more of you than ever who want The same thing.

There is more power in numbers, and you are beginning to recognize that you can come together with others and demonstrate how powerful and gifted you are, and then keep doing it.

You can keep bringing about change after change after change and take humanity, take society, where you know you are all destined to go.

But you get to feel like the changemakers you are, and you get to feel the power of high frequency energies moving through your bodies. And then you get to show others how to do it and delight in their creations as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Magenta Pixie: Golden Heart, New Earth Rising, into the Aquarian Ge

Magenta Pixie: Golden Heart, New Earth Rising, into the Aquarian Age

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This message from Magenta Pixie was posted to today’s 20/20 but warrants a post of its own….

Hit the graphic to watch the video


How to make a Declaration of Sovereignty

I do not consent!

I do not consent to the mass manipulation of the public with faulty science and pharma propaganda.

I do not consent to quarantine and vaccines as the only way out of this manufactured pandemic.

I do not consent to your silence on legitimate treatment methods that work.

I do not consent to your silence on the immune system and what makes it thrive.

I do not consent and will not inject myself with an unnecessary vaccine for a virus that can be treated.

I do not consent to your utter destruction of society and emotional health for the sake of fulfilling your mandated vaccine agenda.

I do not consent to Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates determining our future.

I do not consent to the monopoly of pharmacological allopathic medicine deciding our healthcare.

I do not consent to the silencing of Functional Medicine, Naturopathic and Allopathic Doctors who have been providing non toxic treatment methods for viruses and other healthcare.

I do not consent to the repeated censoring of new information.

I IN NO WAY CONSENT to the current climate of INTERRUPTING the immune system as a way of treating symptoms rather than healing disease.

I do not consent to your cynical attitude that we are dumb animals and you know everything about disease.

I do not consent to the media’s complicit nature in the death of millions by not providing a counter-narrative to a bankrupt system.

I do not consent to the lack of safety testing for 5G, Vaccines, glyphosate, or our food and water supply.

I do not consent to anything that takes away our God given right to medical freedom.

We The People will not be silenced!

Words by @jeffwitzeman

I prefer to make positive statements, not Negative ones.
I am a Sovereign Being. I exert my God given right to create my own reality without interference. So Be It, So It Is.

Please create your own Statement of Sovereignty.

Day to Day 7

Pay attention to your Dreams was the message last week. i’ve Been waking and writing them down. After thinking how nice to be at Paradise Point and  move there, I had this dream. I was in a house like an old Queenslander when  it began to shake violently and seemed to move 90 degrees from its previous position. then it righted itselfh back to upright position. It was still shaking but not as much. I looked out the window and the water was up above the glass window line and  had stopped there. Was it a warning or an unconscious or conscious fear, or a prediction of something likely to happen. I asked and got it’s a prediction. how does it become a reality? people give energy to it. i’m Getting to tell the group and. Don’t do anything at this stage.

In the morning, I rang the person whose husband had died on Friday and went to see her in the afternoon. She was still upset but had spent the weekend with close family. She was still tears but able to move forward

In the evening went to our Light Language Group. there were about 8 there, but Mia was absent. she had gone to Newcastle to be with her family by her father’s bedside. He also has Alzheimer’s, I was told. I mentioned The Order of the White Rose group of Ascended Master Women who aid the passing over and felt she is there to assist. Sequoia channelled the Council of Nine after we raised the energy who thanked us for our service and said they are working on us for the next 4 days.Lemon juice in water will help and plenty of water. We are nearly all already on the celery juice cleanse daily. The energy was very high in the toning, and went up again when the Council of Nine came through. we could barely move. While I was writing this the Galactic Giggle card fell out of my diary( (where did that come from?) and I felt his energy for a bit. I had noticed a twist in my spine had been bothering me all day and intensified with his energy, so there’s still some adjustment needed. I then went back to bed to get more sleep.

I had asked the ladies earlier how they were enjoying the new 5D energies and they all seemed to feel it’s good. We rang Mia via video link and also had Leigh’s painting of her, so she was present.

This morning I’m feeling a bit zonked out, hence this post is a bit later.