Linda Dillon: From Surviving to Thriving

ULinda Dillon: From Surviving To Thriving

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From Surviving to Thriving

COVID, health concerns, uncertainty, lock-downs, loss of friends and/or family, economic stress, extreme political polarity, civil uprising, re-openings, return to lock-downs, communities and neighbors in strife – in other words, absolute and utter chaos.

All of this is leaving many to wonder, “What’s next? What’s it all leading to? How can we possibly make it through? Will we – will I – survive?”

My friend, if there was ever a time that I’ve felt compelled – absolutely compelled – to reach my hand out to yours, it’s now. And it’s not just my hand reaching out to you, but the arms of the Council of Love… waiting to embrace you, to draw you in and lead you to higher ground. To a place disentangled from the push/pull, the fear and drama; a place where the perspective lifts, shifts and brightens; a place far beyond the struggle to survive; a place, instead, where you can truly, fully thrive.

A place that feels like love, like hope, like peace, like freedom, like joy – because it is. This place is the home of the Ascended Self. And far from being an escape, it’s the new and ancient reality – the Mother’s original blueprint – we came to re-claim and anchor for ourselves and one another.

But how do you find your way through the thick fog of confusion up into this higher ground where your Ascended Self lives – and thrives? What’s the pathway? Where’s the roadmap?

Recently it’s become overwhelmingly clear that the uncovering and laying out of this path is what all my life’s work has been about. And now, it’s my very fondest dream, and that of the COL, to reach out our hands and guide you along on this journey of wonder. Because, dear friend, we were made for this time – you and I. We most definitely didn’t come to languish on the sidelines in confusion, exhaustion or despair, but to rise up to meet the magnificence of our truth – and to bring it to bear in this time of great need. This, sweet angel, is the profound certainty within all the uncertainty.

And so to that end – and beginning – the COL and I are offering this FREE WEBINAR on the Ascended Self.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to find the way forward in these tumultuous times, to access the wonder of your multi and inter-dimensional nature, to dissolve the issues that have held you back, to ignite your inspired self, to create and bring into form your vision of a world of peace and beauty, and to live there, joyously in sweet fulfillment, while beckoning others home too.

I’ll be answering your burning questions about your and our Ascension process – so be sure to submit yours to me beforehand at

Somewhere inside, you’ve always known the world needs you. This is why you came – to be a beacon of light shining through the storm, a loveholder, pathfinder, wayshower and co-creator of Nova Gaia. And in this most crucial of times, the Divine Mother’s second Clarion Call is again calling to each of us. Her Call is resounding across the planet, beckoning Her sweet annas – Her angels – home to their Ascended Selves. Will you answer?

Join me and our friends from the COL on July 25 at 1 p.m. Eastern for this FREE Council of Love Webinar as we explore your long-held questions and shine light upon the path leading your way home.

Don’t miss out – Register now!

From my heart to yours, all my love, xxx Linda