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This is a selection of Posts after US Election  on the exposure to determine what happened. I was actually watching the count live when the numbers started to go the other way and the count was stopped. Something was definitely wrong and I believe I was guided to switch on just at that time.
Be aware that some of these links may have disappeared as the result of the Information War by UTube, Facebook and Google.

US Election – What’s Really going onT

Lorie Ladd ~ Message From The Arcturians: It’s A Home Run

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Off we go! Lorie has a Patreon page where she’ll share more of this mmessage, but in these eight minutes she gives an encouraging condensed version about where we are right now.

(SIDNEY Powell Interview

Press Briefing Trump Legal Team

Specifics of Election Fraud

update 28.11.20

update 29.11.20

Witness statements in LIVE Briefing

update 29.11.20

May be a repeat of above or a permanent link

Judge rules P A election likely Unconstitutional

The Digital coup and the Great Exposure

Restoring Election Integrity

Mr T News

Darren Sotham update

Aliens are real and Trump Knows About Them”

Robert Kennedy’s Latest

Darin Southam latest 13.12.20

interprets Texas court findings differently to mainstream news

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This is what you’re not seeing

Sources Making Same Request!

Stand Back

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As I continue to move away from political reporting, I notice that I’m not the only one receiving the message to stand back.

Many channeled sources are saying it. Here’s the Divine Mother, for example:

“What you as lightworkers and beloved loveholders have been doing is truly… and I have been urging you – except for a few whose job it is – to not engage with the recalcitrant, the… hmmm… not the fence-sitters so much but those who are truly resistant – to not, other than sending love, to not reinforce them or participate in any way, because I do not want that behaviour reinforced.

“So you have been creating for what some people are feeling – and what I have declared – an alternate pathway. Now eventually, sweet angel, these pathways reconverge, so do not think I am just throwing out half the population; I am not.

“But as you have been creating this alternative pathway, you’ve been saying to those who are on the chaos pathway, ‘Come over here; look how nice it is, look how kind it is, look how gentle it is, look how loving it is. Come over here!’” (1)

Here’s Mira, a couple of weeks back:

“Hold the light constantly and remain in the fifth dimension in your consciousness. You are the way showers. We need you to stay straight on purpose, focused on the Ascension. …

“We do not want you to energize the dark schemes with your focus or your energy. It is unproductive. Trust and believe in the divine Plan and know that it is in action. Every aspect of it is brilliant and is designed for the truth and the light to come out for all to see.” (2)

Peggy Black and the Team joined in, around the same time:

“It is most important during these times of great chaos to anchor stillness in the midst of chaos. It will take practice and your full awareness to stop your mind from engaging with the emotional issues. It will take the consciousness of the master that you are to not get plugged in to all the turmoil.” (3)

Daniel Scranton writes helpful advice:

“We have said this before, but it bears repeating; your ascension will never be about the light defeating the dark.

“The ones who are playing the roles of the villains at this time are there to give you all the opportunity to know yourselves as unconditional love, to know yourselves as Source, to know what it feels like to really forgive someone.

“You get to be the light in the face of darkness, and you get to determine for yourselves that being the light is what you prefer.

“But that’s not the narrative that you see very much of in the new age community, and that’s what you need to rise above if you are going to be the leaders that you truly are.

“If you are going to bring the healing energy that we know you can, then you have to rise above the whole idea of white hats and black hats, good and evil, and all of the other polarities that you see people writing about and talking about.

“You are there to embrace every aspect of yourself first, and anything you see outside of yourself is a part of you, just as much as it is outside of you and represented by that person, or that belief, or that heinous act.

“The way to be who you really are is to be heart-centered, to let go of grudges, resentment, hate, and everything else that weighs you down.

“The path to the fifth dimension is about taking the high road. It’s about being the best version of yourselves, and you are the best version of yourselves when you are in forgiveness, not judgment and not condemnation.” (4)

Ok, thank you, all. I’m getting the wisdom of the request at ever deeper levels. It’s sort of like supporting the white hats against the dark hats is better than supporting the dark hats, but better still – and the only thing Fifth Dimensional – is forgiving and loving all. (5)

Meanwhile take my attention off the fray and put it on Ascension (I’m speaking only for myself here).  Otherwise I’m feeding the turmoil by providing energy and an audience.

The deeper I get it, the better I feel.

There are still key political events that I cannot see myself avoiding covering, but not the political scene in depth.


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(5) Fifth-Dimensional love itself is not partial but universal. In my experience, it flows to whomever opens to receive it. The Fifth Dimension is marked by universality/oneness.


Stand back

Thisi is whereI I’m at and I’ve decided to concentrate on the highest possible timeline fron now on

Update 30 Dec 2020#

Update 30 Dec 2020 On Covid


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This is far from over – blessings to all the whistleblowers, truth speakers and patriots, the only ones standing against this tyranny.

Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Style’ trials for Covid scam

Update 5 Dec

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