Ivo of Vega: Reflections

Ivo of Vega: Reflections

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by Sharon Stewart


Me: Hi, Ivo, I’d like to do an update on what’s going on now.

Ivo: We wish to say to the community that they should not take Twitter so seriously. We realize that communication with your intel contacts is important, and it is, however this is only temporary.

You are being shown the “divide and conquer” strategy of the deep state. Move to Parler and Gab right now and perhaps you will decide to remain there. However I wish to reprimand all of you for staying on social media sites that were censoring you in the first place. As Sharon stated, when she was fighting censorship years ago, few would move off of Facebook to follow her.

I am saying to you now that you must stop allowing the deep state to decide where you will meet with your contacts. You must take matters into your own hands as soon as you see trouble on the horizon, as Sharon did.  Do not allow the Deep State to decide who you speak to. Do you not see that this censorship is the same program as lockdowns are?

Your ability to see others face to face is limited due to lockdowns, and censorship of your posts and comments is perpetrated upon you on social media. This is all divide and conquer strategizing. You are allowing it by not having moved off to an uncensored platform earlier.

You only go when it is absolutely necessary, when you are left with no other choice. Even the teachers, the wayshowers in your group are still allowing the deep state to dictate where you get to have a voice. This is no better than mask wearing.

You must stand up to them. Do not wait for another to do it. Stand up and stay together. This in itself shows the instability of your group as a whole.

So many of you have not moved beyond the Matrix mindset. And this is important. You must understand its strategies and learn how to out maneuver them before they can dictate to you. You have empowered the deep state by allowing them to mess with your messages when alternatives were already available to you.

It takes a warrior to see the forest for the trees. Sharon is such a warrior. She out-foxed the deep state while taking her personal limitations into consideration. Thank you for all of you who spread our messages to your contacts and on your websites.

Social media will have a face lift. And it will remain available to all to spread messages. Your media will also have a face lift.

News anchors will be arrested and the mindless drones and holographic people on your television set will be dealt with as well. You will see your television change, my dear people. It will change from being the negative societal influence to a more educational influence.

You will have less inclination to sit in front of the TV all day, soon, as the mind control will be eliminated and advertising also will be taken off the screen.

Me: Good. Those insipid commercials. They are actually worse for social control than the TV shows are.

Ivo: Yes, they are about your purchasing habits and a continual manipulation of what you feel your needs are. Your needs are nothing like what the advertisers want you to believe them to be.

Me: So what can we expect within the next few weeks, Ivo?

Ivo: A black out is possible. As I say, social media and the media must be reformed. Free speech must be allowed and those censoring you now will be arrested.

Me: What about the Vatican? The pope was arrested.

Ivo: They are complicit in the scandal to elect Biden as president.

Me: Is it true that if the ATM’s and banks go down that the QFS will be installed in its place?

Ivo: It will be.

Me: Great! Will there still be Illuminati around after all these arrests?

Ivo: There are so many of them, we are afraid that there will be more to come. More scandals, more war attempts by lesser minions of the deep state. Other countries rising up with new factions of the deep state to try to assume control. Yes, it will not stop overnight.

Me: That’s too bad.

Ivo: Yes. The people are the solution. The people must leave their Matrix mindsets behind and learn to see life as the powerful beings that you are. Sharon is undergoing this now, and this is why she reacts negatively to pity, complaining and stories of woe. She understands them differently and the rest of you must as well.

The matrix has encouraged you to see life as victims and perpetrators. We have discussed the victim triangle and you must step away from it. Those who seek to drag you back down with it, you must deal with assertively.

Me: Difficulties are there to learn to grow from, like we said. Then watch your life change for the better. If you don’t grow from them, they get worse.  If you think it’s a problem, it’s because you think you can’t deal with it. If you think it’s no big deal it’s because you’re confident you can overcome it. Once you learn you can create money, it’s half the battle in this world of financial enslavement.
You don’t need the government and its money. You need yourself. Why do you think they’re shutting down all the businesses now with these lockdowns? Because it was the part of the system they allowed you to survive through. So create something else. Why do you think you have to pay for everything? Because that’s how they control you.

I’m going to start a city that’s not focused on money as a means of living.(1).  I’ll pay for everything that needs to be done and people can live for free. Just so they will change their minds. So they get away from the idea that money keeps them alive. It doesn’t. You do. I’m going to prove it to them. Let them see for themselves. We’ll live like ETs do.

Ivo: Yes, this will be another goal of our domed city. To change their minds.

Me: Where will my money come from? It’ll come from God. Money is energy and God has lots of it.

Ivo: He does, indeed, my love. We will change the minds of many humans. The ones who wish to remain stuck as financial slaves will see the difference in those who wish to be free.

Me: It’ll be great, Ivo.

Ivo: It will, my love. I am planning this city now as we speak. You will get to know many of the people I work with on my ship, as they will be living and working with us.

Me: Cool! I can’t wait.

Ivo: Nor I, my love. Nor I. I miss you so.


(edited by permission)


1. Ivo now tells me his ship is hovering over Northern Ontario, ready to begin our space port project. Before, he was over Area 51 but he’s swapped up this project for one he and I will be doing together: starting a space port, a non-compliant community and creating a TV station which will be run on the QFS. We will have med beds and food replicators, and I’ve also seen that we’re to be involved in food growing technologies that surpass what we have here on Earth. Perhaps this will help people in the Canadian north and other snowy climates to become self sufficient, and to help  them stay away from Monsanto Frankenfoods.