Christmas 2018


Happy Christmas 2018


The year 2018 began with a trip in my Motorhome to Merimbula via Bathurst to visit Geof and Barbara. on the way I stayed with Belinda at Billywillunga near Bathurst, a very special place, a Sacred Place where we made a connection with Uluru on 12th January,, 2018.

It was a heatwave and 48 degrees, a record temperature in nearby Penrith, so I have decided not to go South at that time of year again. I then stayed with friends I knew previously from Tamborine Roberta, and Anne at Sanctuary Point near Huskisson, NSW. The year before, I had been within a block from where they lived, not knowing their address. Anyway I enjoyed the visit so much, I called on my way back home again.

I then headed for Merimbula and camped in Geof and Barb’s big garden and enjoyed being driven to the beach, the lake, the music, the tennis, and markets over the Victorian border ar Mallacoota.

unfortunately, I broke down in Sydney on the way home and it was a longer stay than I intended and expensive and repairs stopped me twice more before getting home. I did stay with Steve after his Canada trip and watched the Winter Olympics. I did get to see Forster in summer, where I broke down again.

Tamara and Mark were in Ireland with Saoirse and got engaged while they were away. Koda stayed with his dad James.

My next Trip in the van was to Moree, out west in NSW meeting up with Anne from Merimbula, who came up on the train. We had a lovely time in the hot springs,  and toning and meditating in the Great Artesian Basin groundwater.

Oarin moved back to Adelaide this year and his business Scrap Shop Props, started moving ahead with wins at different Cosplay and Blizzard gaming events.

Koda moved into Tamborine Mountain High School this year.

I next visited Geof in Forster, NSW, in August, where I started Aquarobics to get fit for  Egypt and then continued at home at Coomera, the local pools, being closed for winter. I went to his book presentation in Forster Library for ‘Moon over the Mediterranean’.

The big trip this year was Egypt in October. I ‘ve written about this on my blog and Facebook page and WordPress.

Suffice to say here , it was an extraordinary trip. There is another in 2020, which I hope I’ll also be able to go on, my favorite part was floating down the Nile from Aswan To Luxor by luxury vessel Sonestra St George. The 2020 Trip is longer on the Nile River with Pink Lotus Tours.

Next year I’ll be going to Isle Of Skye, Britain, for a wedding in August.

Hope you have a Happy Christmas and th New Year brings what you focus on.

Love and Light

Christine Deacon