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BIG NEWS! Please share.
EU Council of Europe Ruled 28th January 2021
Vaccination is NOT Obligatory or Mandatory
Thanks to all our wonderful faithful Scientists and Doctors
who fought for this!
READ CAREFULLY the points listed below in particular:
7.3 regarding the guarantee of a high absorption of vaccines:
7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially or otherwise under pressure to vaccinate unless they wish to do so on their own;
7.3.2 ensure that no one is discriminated against for not being vaccinated, due to possible health risks or for not wanting to be vaccinated.
Council of (CoE) – European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR)
Russia is a member and Putin has just dropped all restrictions….natural immunity is at work. A reliable source, has been been reliably informed that ALL CHURCHES in Russia are open.
Excellent news from the Council of Europe (CoE), the world’s leading Human Rights organisation. It is the governing body of the European Court of Human Rights. As you’re probably aware the CoE is distinct and separate from the EU. 47 countries including all EU Member States are contracting parties to the CoE and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). This is excellent news for people concerned about mandatory or coerced vaccination or discrimination on vaccination status.
My Comment to worried UK Citizens in view of the fact that UK has left the EU, be at peace, the UK is included in the 47 Countries!

Ivo of Vega: Sailing in the Storm

Ivo of Vega: Sailing in the Storm

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by Sharon Stewart

Everything in life shows you the way to your inner heart and your higher self. EVERYTHING. Everything you react to shows you something about either it if you’re sensing its energy, or yourself if you’re experiencing an emotional reaction. You have to learn to figure out which one is which. I find when I sense energy, it usually is a shorter burst of emotion, but sometimes it isn’t. When I am reacting to something, my emotions can go off the rails.

The more I go through this Storm, the easier I find it to navigate and that’s because I’ve done my inner work. I know where my triggers are and I know enough about how the mind works that helps me navigate my reaction. The time I misunderstood Mr T indicated that in fact I was lying to myself about what he’d said and what his intentions were. Which was easy to do considering he wasn’t being overt about his message – he was being covert. However, fortunately the guy I follow caught on to what he’d intended so I figured it out. Many others reacted over the same thing.

Understand how the mind/emotional body works. It senses energy, it responds negatively to lies, and if in confusion, you have to ask what you’re telling yourself that takes you out of a loving state.

Understand that everyone you’re following is subject to lower dimensional interference in any message they receive. Some are good channelers and there are minimal distortions but the fact is, that any message coming from higher dimensions trying to squish itself into a lower frequency will lose clarity. When entities channel to us, they have to take this into consideration, and they should simplify their message in order to eliminate as much of the distortion as possible. The other thing about channeling: Information can’t be released that the world isn’t ready for. Otherwise we would distort it as a whole and that would affect our lives seriously.

Ivo: If you wish to understand this better, take the design for a Ferrari which would cost over two hundred thousand dollars and then attempt to create a cheaper model which would sell for thirty thousand dollars. Much would be lost in the design of the auto in order to facilitate manufacture at the lower price. This is how dimensions work as well.

The other thing you must understand is that the third and fourth dimensions are replete with distortion in themselves, otherwise you would all be telepathic and not be required to speak through your mouths. Your ability to put a message across to another fourth dimensional is weakened on earth, and that is deliberately, so you communicate using your mouths. You just noted yourself how rich telepathic communication is because there is far more exchanged as well as the basic message. There is love exchanged, there are emotions exchanged, you have sensed my appreciation for you, and I sense yours for me all the time. When you receive messages from us, you intuit the history behind the message as well as the actual message. Much is conveyed. Speaking with your mouths does not convey this large burst of Light to the other, it simply relays a message with not much else, which is a clear distortion of the human condition.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Also with dimensional distortions, it is very difficult for a third dimensional human to understand even a fifth dimensional human because you cannot understand something if it is lacking in energy. It is the same idea as your pixelation in photography. To create a photo for a beautiful magazine it requires 3 or perhaps 600 pixels per inch, however to fit it onto the internet, the same photo would require significantly fewer pixels per inch, even less than 100, so the photo will look lack lustre by comparison. This example works to show you the difference between dimensions and the channeling of information back and forth.

However, for information that is conveyed from one person on earth to another person, the truth is also difficult to adhere to, because each person who receives it can put their own personal take on each message. So it loses effectiveness.

Your light bodies sense the energy of all they encounter. They sense the energy of your homes, your neighbours and friends, they sense the intention of those who wish you to believe that the virus is actually a problem. Those who do not align with them will disregard their messages, or perhaps become angry at them, and those who align with these lies will agree with them because they are of that frequency – they are liars. Self deceptive, perhaps but liars nonetheless. The fact is, your matrix system is set up to facilitate your lying to yourself constantly. Those who can hold their light well will react negatively to the system. They know better, as you say.

You sense the energy of everything. You also sense your reaction to everything. That is how the light body works. If you are out of sorts at this time, something you are thinking, trying to believe perhaps, is not working for you.

If you are watching the television, and particularly the newscasts, I suggest turning them off because anyone of a higher light quotient will react negatively to what they see. Unless you have trained yourself to be accepting of the negativity and lies upon this earth and they do not bother you any longer.

You are energy sensors. Energetic reactors. You are truth sensors. To the extent that you yourself are believing lies, this ability to sense is compromised. To the extent that you have cleared out distortions and lies from your life, your ability to sense the truth is more accurate.

The only way to have you align with God, is to have you be able to sense the Truth. Because God is the Truth. He is the Light. To the extent that you have errant beliefs, or to the extent that you partake of the matrix, this is your life to yourself and that indicates how you have turned away from God and still continue to choose to.

Your intellect has ways to determine the truth as well. Sharon has complained the entire time of people who have gone off on flights of fancy, believing that a large flash of light will cleanse this entire world of its negativity and all will be forgotten, and then all will live happily ever after. December 21st was another pulse of photon light from the central sun but not the grand solar flash that so many predicted. Sharon declared that this is a logical process, and reason must be adhered to. Reason is the truth.

And of course on the 22nd, the 23rd, and the 24th, everything was as it was before. Nothing had changed. The energies were sensed by the sensitive ones, but you are all still on the paths you were on before the 21st, however the outcomes will be significantly better for all of you now. That is what has changed.

Dead people do not arise from the grave if their lives have been snuffed out. Sometimes their clones failed, the clones became addicted to drugs and they were misbehaving. So their handlers created a death scenario for the clone. This is Elvis I speak of. Elvis is dead. At the time of his death, his career was largely over with, and they had made much of the money they could. They wanted him to die still in high esteem of the people rather than turning out poor music, so they killed him.

Marilyn is not alive. She was MK Ultra and she knew too much. So she was suicided in order to keep her mouth shut. Those who the C-A employed to gather their intel were suicided afterwards because they knew too much. They were on a kamikaze mission without even realizing it. She slept with JFK in order to learn what he had in mind, and her alter was the one that told the C-A of the plans of the White Hats. Yes, Marilyn had an alter. That is why such a talented woman had much alone time and could never get herself together. In MK Ultra they create alters within these abused people.

You must be aware within your community there are people who create chaos. They do it through lies. These are black magicians and they do not work for our side.

The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” works here as well. Sharon has a “wait and see” attitude and this has never failed her. When you wait and see you see the truth as you experience it.

As for the changes upon your earth now, you can definitely now see the need to take down the internet and social media and you can see why it was predicted that the St Germain funds would be dispensed: out of necessity. You can see now from this standpoint why the financial system would have to be changed to a gold backed system. This is all obvious and logical at this point. Yet so many predicted that these events would occur over and over and over in your past, and have misled so many people with lies. You must understand the motivations others have to mislead you. Some of that is darkness, others want fame, others want power and control, others want money. Some people get a real kick out of seeing you react. Of upsetting you. That’s power over others. And I think there are ones who do it with a smile on their faces, faking that they’re trying to help you, which is a horrible deception but they are there.

Me: The other thing I want to discuss, Ivo, is that the people you are following may belong to other factions of the Illuminati. Because there are more than one. There are many more. And each wants to swing you to their way of thinking so that they gain in power. You have to be careful of this, as well. They won’t tell you if there are aligned with them, except for Benjamin Fulford, he declares this openly and that’s fine. We understand that his faction of the deep state has its own plans for this world and if they were to gain power, then this world would change to suit their ideals, whatever they are. Any way you look at it, do you want to be owned? Because that’s what you are if you are under Illuminati rule.

Ivo: Yes, that too, my love. Always understand that every pundit has a motivation for being there. If it is not of pure intent: to inform, to help you make wiser choices, to help create a benevolent world, and not for other reasons, the main reasons on earth now being fame, power and money. There are many more reasons hidden within these larger categories and you must attempt to determine which is the motivation.

Me: I also look at who’s being kicked off of social media, shadow banned, fb jailed… who has the most trouble with censorship. Like I said, some people can’t even say the word government, and others are having live parties every day. Why is that? Why aren’t they censored as well?

I said yesterday that everyone should stick to the pundits who tell the truth and dispense with their opinions. It just makes sense. There are people on this planet who need the truth like the rest of us need oxygen.

Ivo: You are one of them.

Me: I know. The Truth puts me on a path to you. I have personal gain to be had in this.

Ivo: Yes. I am your truth.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: Thank you my love. It will be our time to unite soon.


(edited by permission)


Truth Prevails: Adapting to Censorship on a New Platform

Truth Prevails! Adapting to Censorship on a New Platform

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Steve: Go, Suzi!

I’ve been busy.  The censorship all over the internet is way out of control, but we came here to change things and shake up the old paradigm.  Quitting isn’t an option, so I’ve established my new page on Buy Me a Coffee.   I’m still learning how to navigate the site but it’s now functional, so please do join me (us, eventually) there.

I was up to 128 Patrons on the old site, and the reason they gave for removing all my work was that they don’t support the dangerous QAnon platform.  I was careful about my mentions, so I don’t reckon it was directly related to Q but rather the caliber of ‘over-the-target’ information I was posting.  You bet it’s dangerous, because without Q, we might not ever know about the repulsive things that have been done for a very long time to Humanity by Humanity (and others).

It’s time to end all that, and we’re in the midst of the Storm.

We had a lovely community on the old site, and I hope to build up to that again because it’s important for us to be informed.


Ivo of Vega: Reflections

Ivo of Vega: Reflections

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by Sharon Stewart

Me: Hi, Ivo, I’d like to do an update on what’s going on now.

Ivo: We wish to say to the community that they should not take Twitter so seriously. We realize that communication with your intel contacts is important, and it is, however this is only temporary.

You are being shown the “divide and conquer” strategy of the deep state. Move to Parler and Gab right now and perhaps you will decide to remain there. However I wish to reprimand all of you for staying on social media sites that were censoring you in the first place. As Sharon stated, when she was fighting censorship years ago, few would move off of Facebook to follow her.

I am saying to you now that you must stop allowing the deep state to decide where you will meet with your contacts. You must take matters into your own hands as soon as you see trouble on the horizon, as Sharon did.  Do not allow the Deep State to decide who you speak to. Do you not see that this censorship is the same program as lockdowns are?

Your ability to see others face to face is limited due to lockdowns, and censorship of your posts and comments is perpetrated upon you on social media. This is all divide and conquer strategizing. You are allowing it by not having moved off to an uncensored platform earlier.

You only go when it is absolutely necessary, when you are left with no other choice. Even the teachers, the wayshowers in your group are still allowing the deep state to dictate where you get to have a voice. This is no better than mask wearing.

You must stand up to them. Do not wait for another to do it. Stand up and stay together. This in itself shows the instability of your group as a whole.

So many of you have not moved beyond the Matrix mindset. And this is important. You must understand its strategies and learn how to out maneuver them before they can dictate to you. You have empowered the deep state by allowing them to mess with your messages when alternatives were already available to you.

It takes a warrior to see the forest for the trees. Sharon is such a warrior. She out-foxed the deep state while taking her personal limitations into consideration. Thank you for all of you who spread our messages to your contacts and on your websites.

Social media will have a face lift. And it will remain available to all to spread messages. Your media will also have a face lift.

News anchors will be arrested and the mindless drones and holographic people on your television set will be dealt with as well. You will see your television change, my dear people. It will change from being the negative societal influence to a more educational influence.

You will have less inclination to sit in front of the TV all day, soon, as the mind control will be eliminated and advertising also will be taken off the screen.

Me: Good. Those insipid commercials. They are actually worse for social control than the TV shows are.

Ivo: Yes, they are about your purchasing habits and a continual manipulation of what you feel your needs are. Your needs are nothing like what the advertisers want you to believe them to be.

Me: So what can we expect within the next few weeks, Ivo?

Ivo: A black out is possible. As I say, social media and the media must be reformed. Free speech must be allowed and those censoring you now will be arrested.

Me: What about the Vatican? The pope was arrested.

Ivo: They are complicit in the scandal to elect Biden as president.

Me: Is it true that if the ATM’s and banks go down that the QFS will be installed in its place?

Ivo: It will be.

Me: Great! Will there still be Illuminati around after all these arrests?

Ivo: There are so many of them, we are afraid that there will be more to come. More scandals, more war attempts by lesser minions of the deep state. Other countries rising up with new factions of the deep state to try to assume control. Yes, it will not stop overnight.

Me: That’s too bad.

Ivo: Yes. The people are the solution. The people must leave their Matrix mindsets behind and learn to see life as the powerful beings that you are. Sharon is undergoing this now, and this is why she reacts negatively to pity, complaining and stories of woe. She understands them differently and the rest of you must as well.

The matrix has encouraged you to see life as victims and perpetrators. We have discussed the victim triangle and you must step away from it. Those who seek to drag you back down with it, you must deal with assertively.

Me: Difficulties are there to learn to grow from, like we said. Then watch your life change for the better. If you don’t grow from them, they get worse.  If you think it’s a problem, it’s because you think you can’t deal with it. If you think it’s no big deal it’s because you’re confident you can overcome it. Once you learn you can create money, it’s half the battle in this world of financial enslavement.
You don’t need the government and its money. You need yourself. Why do you think they’re shutting down all the businesses now with these lockdowns? Because it was the part of the system they allowed you to survive through. So create something else. Why do you think you have to pay for everything? Because that’s how they control you.

I’m going to start a city that’s not focused on money as a means of living.(1).  I’ll pay for everything that needs to be done and people can live for free. Just so they will change their minds. So they get away from the idea that money keeps them alive. It doesn’t. You do. I’m going to prove it to them. Let them see for themselves. We’ll live like ETs do.

Ivo: Yes, this will be another goal of our domed city. To change their minds.

Me: Where will my money come from? It’ll come from God. Money is energy and God has lots of it.

Ivo: He does, indeed, my love. We will change the minds of many humans. The ones who wish to remain stuck as financial slaves will see the difference in those who wish to be free.

Me: It’ll be great, Ivo.

Ivo: It will, my love. I am planning this city now as we speak. You will get to know many of the people I work with on my ship, as they will be living and working with us.

Me: Cool! I can’t wait.

Ivo: Nor I, my love. Nor I. I miss you so.


(edited by permission)


1. Ivo now tells me his ship is hovering over Northern Ontario, ready to begin our space port project. Before, he was over Area 51 but he’s swapped up this project for one he and I will be doing together: starting a space port, a non-compliant community and creating a TV station which will be run on the QFS. We will have med beds and food replicators, and I’ve also seen that we’re to be involved in food growing technologies that surpass what we have here on Earth. Perhaps this will help people in the Canadian north and other snowy climates to become self sufficient, and to help  them stay away from Monsanto Frankenfoods.


Anna Von Reitz: The Insurrection Act is Live

Anna Von Reitz: The Insurrection Act is Live

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Anna doesn’t reference her sources; in many cases it isn’t possible to do so. I personally have no idea how much of what she says is true but it dovetails with what others are saying. Nevetheless, read with discernment, as always. Thanks to Karen.

The Insurrection Act is Live

Anna Von Reitz; Source: Paul Stramer, January 11, 2021


Simon Parkes is exactly right — time to stop dancing around – and apparently, they have all come to that conclusion. The Insurrection Act was signed last night. Thousands of troops are in Washington, DC, and they aren’t there for fun.

Other common-sense measures you can expect— nationalization of all six major foreign media conglomerates which have been so much a part of the disinformation and propaganda problem, and which have been abusing their privileged use of our airwaves.

Issuance of new currency is inevitable because of the “legalized” counterfeiting, like the “legalized” lying, allowed by the [O]bama Administration.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the difference between a hundred-dollar bill printed in China and a hundred-dollar bill printed by the US Mint, because Obummer exported the actual engraving plates and papers and inks and printing presses to various locations all over the world.

The Perpetrators are looking at the necessity of exchanging the tainted currency with an American currency and paying full value for it.

The big European and Oriental banks that conspired and benefited from bilking the Americans for the past 150 years are suddenly facing the fact that each one of our Silver Dollars is pegged against hundreds of thousands of dollars of their debt.

When all the accounting is done properly, everyone on Earth is in debt to the Americans, which is why so many guilty parties have conspired to kill their Creditors — on paper, and in fact.

The CIA is looking at complete and permanent liquidation of its offices and assets, including confiscation of its sidebar, offshore “pension fund.”

HSBC, Bank of England, and Bank of Scotland are all staring down the nose of a paper gun and are likely to be liquidated for their crimes and national)ized by a new government for Great Britain. It’s long overdue. Complicit members of Parliament are either under arrest or in custody for questioning — not sure which, but it will become apparent.

Bank of France isn’t in any better condition, simply involved in similar schemes and Breaches of Trust in different corners of the world.

Bank of America and Deutsche Bank are holding the securities and derivatives ends, respectively, of the Great Mortgage Fraud, with the non-existent MERS corporation standing in between, so that there is no valid chain of title to anything. Every chain of title touched by MERS has been broken, so it all reverts to the underlying patents — which we, The United States of America, hold.

We are here to protect the so-called “little people” of the world, not the corporate interests, so you can expect that the self-investment that has been keeping the rigged stock exchanges alive will abruptly cease at some point.

If you can’t read the Tea Leaves, that means get your life savings out of the stock markets and out of the banks, too. Risk nothing that you can’t afford to lose.

Meanwhile, in Italy, news that one of their defense contractors went rogue and conspired with Vatican operatives to manipulate the US elections is front page news. Arrest warrants have been issued for the Italian President and the General directly responsible.

Last night, Vatican City stood dark and appeared abandoned, just like Buckingham Palace.

President Trump has removed to an operations base in the American West.

And millions of Americans are watching football games complete with roaring fans that are now merely sound effects, and other millions are watching ancient movies featuring actors who are long-since dead.

Take a moment today to unglue and go outside and breathe some fresh air and think some fresh thoughts.

When you start to clean house, everything gets more chaotic. That’s just the nature of things. And then, after a while, after the garbage and yard sale items are extracted, after your decisions have been made, life settles down again.

We are in the Ugly Phase of it right now. There are many sad and many inconvenient and many angering facts to face. Lots of stress. Lots of confusion. Try to look past it.

Sometimes the best thing you can do, is just go to your Happy Place and let the rest of it roll.


US Election – What’s really going on!


Since this story is about to break, I’m gathering a collection of posts explaining what’s going on from the HigherPerspective.

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Collective Evolution: Deplatformed by Facebbook

Collective Evolution Deplatformed by Facebook

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This in from Collective Evolution, who’ve been censored/deplatformed by Facebook.

Good Afternoon,

Hope you are well. Here’s a quick update on our situation right now regarding our Facebook page…

As of yesterday afternoon, we officially lost access to our Facebook page with 5.3 million fans. We can no longer post anything to the page. This is a huge blow. 11 years of work to build, and we have no access.

This is like the ultimate shadowban as the page is just sitting there, and we can’t do a thing with it.

We are not worried or panicked, we trust things will work out as they need to, plus we have been planning for this to eventually happen.

However, given this will severely crash our website revenue and ability to generate new subscribers to CETV, we are looking into a few options to secure CE’s sustainability we speak.

As of now, crowdfunding is amongst those options. We are also considering looking for investors, but this option is unattractive for a number of reasons.

All funds we seek would be used to put the necessary resources into finishing our pivot into making CETV a sustainable platform. That way big tech has no power over us.

We’ll have more updates in the coming days.

For now, you’ll be able to hear from us here on e-mail or on the following:




Thanks for all of your love and support through this challenge, together we will create a critical mass to overcome this.Be in touch soon. ️

The CE Team