Out with Predatory Capitalism, In with a ‘Life’Economy



Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy”

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Green office building in financial district

Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy”

John Perkins, Yes! Magazine, Sept. 16, 2020


The long march of hierarchical and colonial history has led us to this moment of awareness. We are learning that the melting glaciers, coronavirus pandemic, species extinctions, racial and income inequality, political turmoil, and other heart-wrenching events are symptoms of a global social-governmental-economic system that is consuming itself into extinction.

This is what I call the Death Economy that defines success as the maximization of short-term profits for corporations and short-term accumulation of material things for individuals, regardless of the environmental and social costs.

If enough of us confront our fear of change, this Death Economy could be transformed into one that cleans up pollution, regenerates destroyed environments, and creates technologies that do not ravage the environment—a living economy, a Life Economy. We will either change our ideas, values, and actions and accept new ways of relating to other people, resources, countries, governments, and cultures, or we will propel ourselves into extinction—or something unimaginably close to extinction.
Capitalism versus Predatory Capitalism

There is a major difference between capitalism and what many economists refer to as “predatory capitalism,” a deviant that has little in common with the original. According to Merriam-Webster, capitalism is “An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

Death Economy versus Life Economy

Today’s Death Economy is a far cry from either of these definitions. It is characterized by businesses that destroy or absorb their competition and oppose free market policies. Not only does the state not own businesses; businesses and their billionaire shareholders control the state. It is a predatory aberrant that actually should not be considered capitalism. I am personally familiar with the workings of the Death Economy because I was one of the people who helped develop it.

The Death Economy is driven by the goal that was promoted by a group of economists in the 1970s and 1980s, including Nobel Prize winners Friedrich von Hayek (1974) and Milton Friedman (1976), and can be summarized as “the only responsibility of business is to maximize short-term owner profits, regardless of the social and environmental costs.”

The stories that accompany this perception give corporate executives the right—even the mandate—to do whatever they think it will take to maximize profits, including buying public officials through campaign financing and promises of lucrative post-government consulting or lobbying jobs; exploiting workers; annihilating or buying out their competitors; destroying environments; reducing taxes and wages; lobbying against pro-worker, pro-consumer, and pro-ecology regulations; promising (as well as threatening) to affect economies by locating their facilities in (or removing them from) cities and countries; and depleting the very resources upon which the long-term survival of their businesses depends. These stories promote top-down, authoritarian chains of command and autocratic management styles—in government as well as business.

Key Characteristics of the Death Economy

• Its goal is to maximize short-term profits for a relative few.
• It uses fear and debt to gain market share and political control.
• It promotes the idea that for someone to win, another must lose.
• It is predatory, encouraging businesses to prey on each other, people, and the environment.
• It destroys resources needed for its own long-term survival.
• It values goods and services that are “extractive” and materialistic above those that enhance quality of life (e.g., child-rearing, the arts).
• It is heavily influenced by nonproductive financial deals (stock manipulation, financialization, “gambling”).
• It ignores externalities, such as environmental destruction and exploitation of workers, when measuring profits, GDP, and other metrics.
• It invests heavily in militarization—in killing, or threatening to kill, people and other life forms and destroying infrastructure.
• It causes pollution, environmental collapse, and drastic income and social inequality and may lead to political instability.
• It vilifies taxes, rather than defining them as investments (in social services, infrastructure, the military, etc.).
• It is undemocratic, encouraging the growth of large corporations controlled by a few individuals whose money has a strong influence on politics (monopolies that lead to oligarchies).
• It is based on top-down, authoritarian chains of command that support autocratic management styles in business and government.
• It places higher values on nonproductive jobs (venture capitalists, investment bankers) than productive ones (laborers, factory workers) and those that enrich life (teachers, musicians, artists).
• It keeps billions of people in poverty.
• It classifies plants, animals, and the entire natural world as depletable resources; fails to respect and protect nature; and causes massive extinctions and other irreversible problems.
• It has become the predominant advocate of what it calls “capitalism” around the world.

The future lies in transforming the Death Economy into a Life Economy that cleans up pollution, regenerates devastated ecosystems, recycles, and develops technologies that restore resources and that benefit, rather than ravage, the environment. Businesses that pay returns to investors who invest in an economy that is itself a renewable resource become the success stories.

The Life Economy is driven by the goal of maximizing long-term benefits for all life and the environment.

Key Characteristics of the Life Economy

• Its goal is to serve a public interest (maximize long-term benefits for people and nature).
• Its laws support level playing fields that encourage healthy non-monopolistic competition, innovative ideas, and sustainable products.
• It embraces a sense of cooperation, the idea that we all can win when we set our goals for long-term benefits for all.
• It values quality of life and spiritually enhancing activities above those based solely on materialism and extraction.
• It is based on beneficially productive activities, such as recycling, education, health care, and the arts, rather than the nonproductive, such as stock manipulation, financialization, and “gambling.”
• It cleans up pollution.
• It regenerates devastated environments.
• It is driven by compassion and debt avoidance.
• It helps hungry people feed themselves.
• It includes externalities in its financial and economic measurements.
• It innovates—develops and embraces new, regenerative, sustainable technologies.
• It recycles.
• It defines taxes as investments. (Should your tax monies be invested in health care or militarization?)
• It is democratic, encouraging locally based commerce and employee- or community-owned businesses that benefit many (e.g., cooperatives, B Corporations, etc.).
• It reinforces democratic decision-making processes and management styles—in business and government.
• It places a high value on jobs that enrich life (musicians, social and medical workers, parents).
• It is based on a foundational knowledge that humans are in a symbiotic relationship with our planet, that we must respect, honor, and protect the natural world.
• It rewards investors who support all the previous characteristics.
• It was the predominant form of economic evolution for much of the 200,000 years of human history.

Transforming the Death to the Life Economy

The transition from a failed to a successful system happens through changes in the perceptions that drive values and actions and the stories we tell around them. “Maximize short-term profits for a few, regardless of the social and environmental costs” becomes “maximize long-term benefits for all people and nature.” When groups of consumers, workers, and investors accept these values and take actions to support businesses that promote them and pressure governments to codify them into laws, the change we want and need happens.

There are many indicators that we have the ability to change powerful institutions. Political initiatives such as the Green New Deal; movements such as conscious capitalism; innovative approaches to business that include B Corporations, benefit corporations, cooperatives, and local banks; alternative energy technologies and organic farming; programs like Drawdown; and the creation of the Long-Term Stock Exchange are just a few examples.

The August 2019 Business Roundtable meeting was a highly significant signal of impending change; CEOs from 192 of the world’s largest corporations promised to “abandon the idea that companies must maximize profits for shareholders above all else” and instead “commit to balancing the need of shareholders with customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities.” Although this promise, like the other indicators, was a confirmation that concepts in business are changing, it is up to each of us to use social media and whatever other means are available to us to demand that these corporations, as well as the governments that support them, take actions to honor their commitments.

It is up to all of us to encourage it to happen faster.


Germany starts trial of Universal Basic Income

Germany Starts Universal Basic Income Trial

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Thanks to Len.

Germany Starts Universal Basic Income Trial Giving Some Citizens $1400 A Month For 3 Years

Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, Aug. 26, 2020


What Happened: Germany is starting a universal basic income trial where volunteers will get a $1400 dollar payment every single month as part of a study that will compare the experiences of 120 volunteers who receive it to 1,380 people who won’t. A total of 140,000 people have come together to help fund the study after the idea of a universal basic income continues to gain popularity.

Germany is not the only country who has begun such initiatives, Finland also did something similar a few years ago, and proponents of the initiative believe it would improve peoples’ lives and reduce inequality, among other things. Opposition arguments to this type of initiative suggest that it would simply be unaffordable, too expensive and also discourage work.

Jürgen Schupp, who is leading the study, told the German newspaper Der Spiegel that it would improve the debate about universal basic income by producing new scientific evidence.

“The debate about the basic income has so far been like a philosophical salon in good moments and a war of faith in bad times,” he told the newspaper.

Universal basic income is not really supported by any of the major political parties across the globe, especially in Germany.

Why This Is Important: A quote often attributed to Henry Ford reads as follows, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Isn’t it odd that the financial elite can simply print money at will? How come when we do it it’s called counterfeiting, but when they do it it’s called increasing the money supply? These people can literally create money out of thin air, and the more I understand the concept of fractional reserve banking, the more I realize that money is simply a tool to in-slave and control the human race while benefiting a select few. This becomes easier to see when you follow the money.

Do we not have the potential to create something better on our planet? Is money really needed, or could we all come together, cooperate and find a better way? If we are going to use this creation of ours, could it not be used in a better and more efficient way?

“As I followed the money I’ve learned that everything I once believed about money is simply not true.” – Foster Gamble

If you want to learn more about the system, you can refer to this article that goes into more detail: The Real Purpose of the Federal Reserve Banking System.

I believe these questions are important, as many of us have been made to believe that our financial system is for the greater good, and that it’s efficient and the only possible way to operate here on our planet. When it comes to the world of finance, our minds are stuck inside of a box.

When it comes to universal basic income, is it really too expensive? For those who believe it is not feasible, did you know that Mark Skidmore, a Michigan State University economist teamed up with multiple researchers, including Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and  found trillions of unaccounted for dollars missing from housing & D.O.D?

Did you know that trillions of dollars are going into “black budget” programs that the president, for example, has no idea about? Did you know that there is no branch or agency of government that can overrule actions that the Federal Reserve takes? It’s simple, if you control the money supply, if you are the printer and the maker of money, you control the population and can create the experience you want humans to live inside.

The researchers found documents indicating a total of $20 trillion of undocumented adjustments had been made, from 1998 to 2015. The original government documents and a report describing the issue can be found here where updates are continually provided.

Imagine if this $21 trillion was allocated to a universal income package? Big financial institutions seem to have no issue with constantly printing money when they need it, but when it comes to concepts of universal income, there are always excuses. Ask yourself, is it really too expensive when this type of misallocation of money is happening?

The problem doesn’t really seem that we don’t have enough money, the issue is that the monetary system is used for control and money is allocated, both legally and illegally, to projects that don’t have the best interests of humanity at hand. The system would work better of the world of finance was not dominated by global elitist agendas seeking control and power. Perhaps it would work better if these people were actually making decisions based on what’s best for humanity.

It’s a complicated topic, a deep one that I would have to go in depth into the fraud, corruption and intentions behind our modern day banking system.

I believe humanity is more than capable of creating a human experience that doesn’t require money. We are extremely advanced, and we already have the means to create an experience where everybody’s basic needs can be met without the requirement for work. This can come as a result of various technological advancements, cooperation not competition, and more.

This is why shifting human consciousness is so paramount.

I believe that solutions exist, yet any type of solution that threatens to uproot our economy and how it currently operates never sees the light of day, and some of these developments are kept from public eye due to ‘national security’ concerns. Today, national security has become an umbrella term to classify technology and information that threatens corporate interests. This is why Julian Assange is in jail.

For example, most countries have an Invention Secrecy Act. Are certain technologies that threaten our current economic system that’s based on the idea that resources are scarce, a threat to scarcity? Is technology that could provide abundance to all hidden from the public simply because they threaten those with large amounts of power? What type of technology is under restriction under the Invention Secrecy Act? We don’t really know, but a previous list from 1971 was obtained by researcher Michael Ravnitzky. Most of the technology listed seems to be related to various military applications. You can view that list HERE.

As Steven Aftergood from the Federation of American Scientists reports:

“The 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient. Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies in “excess of 70-80%.” (source)

You can read more about the Invention Secrecy Act here.

There have been even more efficient developments.

There is significant evidence that scientists since Tesla have known about this energy, but that its existence and potential use has been discouraged and indeed suppressed over the past half century or more.  – Dr. Theodor C. Loder, III (source)

What if I told you all of our homes could be powered by nature, without the need to be reliant on the corporation, without the need for gas, coal, oil, fossil fuels etc…These are a few of many examples that would be included in a world that would operate without the need to pay for your life, or services that should be everybody’s birth right.

“Much to my surprise, these concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories throughout world and yet they have not really seen the light of day.” – Former NASA astronaut and Princeton physics professor. (source)

There are many examples of this, Paramahamsa Tewari, a physicist and inventor, who won early commendation by Nobel Laureates in physics for his revolutionary Space Vortex Theory, published a paper in Physics Essays (2018) explaining his theory, from which he built an electrical generator capable of achieving over-unity efficiency. You can watch a video of him and his machine here.  Why isn’t humanity exploring these concepts that could lift our dependence on big energy corporations and eliminate scarcity of resources, openly, freely and transparently? 

Again, energy generation is one of many examples, there are many solutions to all of our issues from food, to environmental degradation and more.

It seems that when it comes to solutions that can help ‘free’ the human race, even just a little bit with the idea of universal basic income, it is sharply opposed by all major political parties, just like it is in Germany.

Any type of bartering system, or monetary system that is controlled by the citizenry, like Bitcoin for example, also always faces harsh opposition, or an attempt to gain control over it ensues. There are people out there who desire power and control above anything else, and the money supply represents the center of that control.

The truth is, a thriving society will be one that’s devoid of any reliance on governments/federal regulatory agencies. Our various systems are put in place and structured in a way to make it easy for us to be controlled, and for the “1 percent” to thrive. Right now, we are their worker bees and we choose to uphold the system and are taught, through education, to justify it and see it as necessary without ever using our imagination to ponder how it could be different.

We have so much potential, and we can do much better than we are currently doing.


Adamu Part 2

Adamu: An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families – Part 2/2 (Repost)

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Zingdad (Arn Allingham), Adamu’s channeler

(Concluded from Part 1/2, above.)

But your story is not over. You are not done with your journey. In due course you too will arise spiritually and begin to return to oneness with your own spiritual entity. Because there is nowhere else for you to go, really.

And this is beginning to happen for some of your family members. Perhaps you have noticed those members who don’t seem to be quite so committed to the old cause. Those who seem to be getting “soft.” Those who seem to be talking crazy talk about abdicating their power. About telling the sheep the truth. Indeed, those who actually have been finding ways to communicate these truths to humanity using that very despised technology, the Internet.

Is it strange that those amongst you who are proposing this new course of openness and transparency… this course of abdication of power… are also those amongst you who are most interested in matters metaphysical and spiritual?

I propose this is not in the least bit strange. It takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to discern that a new age is now already dawning, that the time of your watching over humanity is at an end. Indeed, that it is ending without the return of your master, your dark god-king. And that there is no longer any real hope that he ever will return. You are on your own. Your secret prophecies have come to naught.

And it takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to see that there is a changing of the guard happening, that there is a new spiritual order beginning. That those who govern this reality from the very highest levels, from the angelic realms down, are busy changing hands. That is what the new dawning age is all about. And that is why you stand at a fork in the road. It is why you must now choose.

But before I tell you, at last, about the choice you face, I will tell you one final thing: something you most certainly will have noticed. Because it takes no special awareness or training in either spirituality or metaphysics to see that your “magic” is beginning to fail you.

Irrespective of what you believe the real source of your power to be, you will have noticed that it is waning fast. It becomes more and more difficult by the day for you to wield your power. Plug a little leak here and the dam wall springs a gushing fissure over there.

The game that seemed elegant and nearly effortless for generations past is causing you, and those like you, to raise a real sweat. It is a constant struggle to maintain control. You are feeling the stress of this night and day. And it feels as if you are losing your grip. Just as you near victory, so things become ever more impossibly challenging. The magic becomes unstable.

You certainly will have noticed this.

Just look at the process of taking ownership of the world money supply. It was almost effortless to enact the stroke of genius that floated money free from the gold-standard.

And since then it has been a minor effort to bring the nations of the world, one by one, into this fiat banking system. Which is really money by decree. YOUR decree.

Money is now mere numbers that mean whatever you say they mean. But the magic trick is not complete until every nation is a part of it. And so you have used the leverage you had to expand your control until almost every last nation has fallen under your sway.

The very last few hold-outs exist. You have them isolated and [have them] on the ropes. They are almost ready to be taken and controlled. But… right here at the very last… you find yourselves losing grip here there and everywhere. You find your attention being constantly diverted by all manner of seemingly trivial, but irritating, diversions.

And in concert, your energy and attention is so diverted that you can never quite act to gain total power. And this global money supply beast that belongs to you seems to have a malevolent life of its own in that the larger it becomes, the more difficult it is to control.

My friends. What you must understand is that planet Earth does not exist in a vacuum. We have kept it quarantined so that humanity, as a whole, can decide its own fate. But it has been in a state of physical quarantine. We have kept other galactic civilisations from interfering physically.

But there has been no spiritual quarantine! And so a small but powerful contingent of Starseeds and Lightbringers have been born amongst the planet’s populace. And they have utterly altered the consciousness upon the planet. They have, by the simple fact of their presence upon the Earth, brought a new awareness to the Earth.

And they come in now with higher and higher levels of consciousness. They accelerate and amplify these changes upon the planet. You can neither stop, nor slow, nor alter the course of these changes.

Humanity will awaken. Humanity will come to self-awareness. Humanity will make a choice, collectively, about its own nature. This is divinely ordained. It is the dawning of the new age. And it is very soon to happen. The window of opportunity reached its midpoint in 2012. It is beginning to close. And before it does, humanity will have decided.

You, my dear friends, are the watchers over the old order. To you fell the task of shepherding humanity through the long dark age of forgetting. Humanity needed a guiding hand that would work constantly to make order out of the chaos as they slowly let go of the old gods… as they slowly healed themselves of the traumas of being playthings to the darker of the old gods and abject supplicants to the more kindly of the old gods.

You have played a crucial role. You have provided order and structure. You have provided leadership and direction. You have done all of this without actually being anything other than the same human beings of the same Earth as those over whom you ruled.

Yes, it is true, that you have your familial bloodlines. But, in truth, that is nothing more than a very exclusive club to which you belong. You are, genetically, no more special than the rest of humanity… which some of you like to call “mongrel” humans. You are not in any meaningful way biologically superior to them. A pure-bred dog might have many excellent and desirable attributes… but a mutt is more robust and less prone to specific health issues. And so it is for you and the rest of humanity.

And you are certainly not spiritually superior either.

What you do have is ancient knowledge, specialised training and a vast network of control.

And now you also have a choice. On the one hand you can choose to fight the divinely-ordained order. You can resist the changing of the ages. And you can be ground under in pain and self-destruction as you fight the absolute inevitable. Or you can embrace the change and, in so doing, be a part of something beautiful, new and glorious.

Indeed, such are the times right now that you could, if you so choose, step right out of the shadows and into the Light. You could emerge as a bright beacon of the Light. You could move from semi-reviled obscurity into loved and revered glory. You could! It is up to you.

Or you could remain attached to that which is passing away. You could fight tooth and nail to the bitter end and know only bitter defeat. You could find yourself in a physical, emotional and spiritual dead-end with your life over and nowhere to reincarnate to that would accept both you and your choices. You could find yourself in the depths of the void, wracked in spiritual torment.

It is all up to you.

I offer you this choice now, not because I need you to decide any particular way. Neither I, nor my Starseed family, nor the greater humanity of which I am so fond will be overly affected by your choice.

The difference between your choosing this way or that will, in the greater scheme of things, be small. All of humanity will weather the storm that comes and will come to the awakening moment and will make their choice, irrespective of what you do or don’t do. That is utterly foreordained. The new age will begin, irrespective of your choices and actions. What you choose matters little enough for them. But it matters greatly for you.

I point you towards this choice out of compassion for you. I do so only because, were I in your shoes, I would wish to be alerted to this choice at this crucial juncture.

So, in practical terms, what are the choices I am advocating and what might the outcome of those choices be for you?

My dear friends, I am suggesting to you that you begin by learning to listen to your hearts. I don’t mean your physical heart or your emotional heart. I mean your spiritual heart. This is where you connect with the same great oneness to which we all belong.

If you listen to your spiritual heart you will find that there is guidance and wisdom there. Your heart can lead you in making the best possible choices that serve the greatest good of the all.

If you are not able to hear your heart, you can choose to find someone who can teach you how. Zingdad is one of many upon the Earth right now teaching exactly this skill. Or you can do the right things that will lead you on the right path that will result in your spiritual heart opening. (1) In specific, in your circumstance, you can ask yourself:

  • What can I do right now that will open the doors for the rest of humanity to greater awareness and understanding of their situation?
  • What can I do right now to create fewer secrets and more transparency?
  • What can I do right now to give humanity greater choice and self-empowerment?
  • What can I do right now to foster greater peace, harmony, compassion and understanding?
  • What can I do right now to smooth the transition to the new dawning age?
  • How can I increase the quotient of love in the world?
  • How can I decrease the quotient of suffering in the world?

These are the kinds of questions that you should be answering for yourself if you wish to participate in the changes that are afoot. Engaging yourself with this process will cause you to find your energetic heart. It will allow you to know the sweet taste of being loved for who you are, as much as for what you do. You will feel the hand of divine guidance in your heart.

And as you do this, so you will also find yourself beginning to be able to forgive yourself for all that you have done in the past. You will find, eventually, that you are able to forgive your whole line of forebears for all that they have done through the ages. And you will be surprised by the capacity others will have to forgive you and your line.

Comprehension and compassion will dawn. And, for as long as you are motivated by love, the hand of divine protection will be over you as this process unfolds. Engage with this process, heart and soul, and there need be no negative repercussion at all. You can pay the price of the burden of your choices in love, rather than in suffering and pain. (2) But you must choose to do so!

And if you do, you will find yourself transitioning to the New Earth with the rest of humanity that has also chosen this. If you wish it, your skills at administration and management might be put to magnificent purpose.

You might find yourself in great demand in a position of revered leadership. Or, indeed, you might choose for that quiet, peaceful, gentle life in that beautiful corner of the world that you have always secretly hankered after but never believed you could settle down to.

It is all up to you.

The point, really, is that you will find yourself blessed with an abundance of very attractive options if you should choose to be guided by love. And this contrasts sharply with the option-less, self-destructive dead-end that lies at the end of the road if you should continue to choose from a place of closed-hearted fear.

And this is what I needed to share with you at this point. I know that all of you who are ready for this message will receive it, as we have ways to ensure this. And I also wanted to share this letter to you in the most open fashion possible since part of the healing that is being made available to humanity will come from their understanding that you are not as “other” as they would have thought.

Until they can see themselves in your position, you will struggle to break down the boundaries. And in this letter, by the way I address you, they can see that you are not some kind of demonic enemy, that you are humans as they are. That you are lost and hurt as they are. That you have made the same kinds of choices out of your fear and pain as they have. That you can come to heal yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself as they might. And that greater good flowers for you when you do so, just as it does for them.

And finally, I wish humanity to see that you actually did as was required of you. You held the helm in the vacuum left when the old gods departed. You did so for the whole age of forgetting. And that, ultimately, was what you contracted for.

With love and compassion I leave you now to your choices.

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad.


(1) “Your spiritual heart opening” could be a description of Fourth-Chakra enlightenment. But it could also be a description of Sahaja Samadhi, the culminating event of Ascension, which is a full and permanent heart opening. Both involve heart openings.

(2) Until now the karmic burden has had to be experienced. But at the end of a dark age and the dawn of a Golden Age, karma that has not been relieved by the time of Ascension is forgiven.

“You may be leaving behind some unfinished business, but that no longer matters as 2012 saw the completion of the cycle of duality. Karmically speaking you will have dealt with your important issues already, and since the Law of Grace operates at such times, all is as you might say ‘forgiven.’ You have learnt your lessons that have lifted you up and made further experiences in duality unnecessary.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 4, 2013, at https://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm.)



Capitalism with a Conscience

Marianne Williamson: Capitalism with a Conscience

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Marianne Willliamson with Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley, May 4, 2019 (Transcript/Notes)

Every public issue will ultimately get to your private door. . . there’s no religious or spiritual path that gives us a pass on addressing the suffering of other sentient beings.. . . the world is too connected.

So when you’re living a really nice life but people are suffering on the other side of town, or people are suffering on the other side of the world, you should see those as canaries in a coal mine because this cannot last.

It’s unsustainable how a few people on the planet are able to enjoy the fruits of all this creativity versus how many are at the effect of the mistakes we are making. . .

We need to be fierce.

We need to be authentic in our truth-telling. . . those things which stand against LOVE have to do with huge political and economic systems.

When Martin Luther King was talking about dealing justly with every system that stands — some of them as we know are in our heads — but some of them are in our societies. . .

We need to be convicted [convinced?] around our LOVE.

Gandhi said, ‘Anyone who thinks politics and religion have nothing to do with each other, doesn’t understand religion.’

It’s not spiritual to distract yourself from the suffering of other sentient beings. Call it a lot of things but please don’t call it spiritual, and that’s the shadow side of our own (spiritual) community. . .

It’s an issue of personal growth.

We have to apply the same principals of personal growth with which to transform our individual lives to the transformation of the civilization.

One of those principals of growth is we have to look at — for the [cause of the] bad thing that just happened — ourself.

What part did I play?

Because until you recognize the part that you played in your disaster, you’re not going to be able to change it. . .

The pinnacle of personal growth is it’s not about you.

You are serving the ages.

I think that life works when you do the right thing, and money is one of the things that works better. . . .

The historical narrative is to push back against the overreach by capitalism and it’s bigger than, ‘We’ll make more money if we do the right thing.’

The people who are really the good thinkers on Wall Street, the people. . . in capitalism know that if they don’t reclaim an ethical core. . .  a system that has to do with justice and real democracy. . .

. . . Those. . . who have money, who are leading in the capitalist world, should be the ones designing the transition.

Capitalism with a conscience. . . some sense of ethical responsibility to the workers, to the community and the environment, not just fiduciary responsibility to the stockholders.

People need to reconnect to their role as citizens.

Democracy does not just give us rights.

It gives us responsibilities. . . we have to take ethics back.

I do believe we should have a massive infusion of HOPE. . .

It cannot remain within the private sector.

No amount of private charity can compensate for a basic lack of social justice.

This idea that if we just change corporate mentality, that alone will be enough … it’s not, because too much of that amounts to what is, in essence in too many cases, window dressing.

Social justice for me means that we try to apply within our social systems, our larger economic and political systems, the same level of COMPASSION that we try to express in our personal lives.

. . . our conceptualization of right relationships, and LOVE, and COMPASSION should apply as much to how we think about the Yemenis, and how we think about the women in Afghanistan, how we think about the children on the other side of town, as it applies to what’s going on in Silicon Valley and the people who are working in ‘cool’ places.

. . . to right the ship of our ethical core

. . . the BEAUTY. . . the place where capitalism is it’s high side is it gives people a chance.

Go out there and CREATE! Go out there and SOAR!

If you cap people’s dreams so much that they can’t spread their wings, then this is neither democracy, FREEDOM, nor even what capitalism should be.

I’m running for President. I’m one of millions of people who are giving our all. . . that fire, that LIGHT, that ETERNAL TORCH to bring it forth. . .

We are afraid of the LIGHT, more than of this little comfort zone of playing small. . . and I believe that what spiritual practice does for us, is it opens us up to the realization that all things are possible. . . this is the safe place to be, not the dangerous place to be.

Dwelling in the place that we’re all here to LOVE each other is the safe place to be, not the dangerous place to be.

The ego mind says, “Oh, it’s going to be dangerous if I allow myself to just LOVE everybody. It’s going to be dangerous if I go around thinking anything’s possible. . .

But really that’s the only safe place to be.