Limiting Shoulder Pain Created from old beliefs in Separation

Limiting Shoulder Pain Created from Old Beliefs in Separation & Control – Jealousy and Hatred

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In September, 2020, I pulled muscles in my back around my shoulder blade.

Carrying a heavy bag with my left arm, one day I twisted slightly as I was doing something else, and I felt the muscle pull. . . I can’t say there weren’t any warning signs this was going to happen. There were, but I was ignoring them.

When it happened my body cringed. So, what to do? I soldiered on (as I tend to do) not realizing it would be months before I felt better.

At first the pain wasn’t too bad, but as time went by, it got worse. It gave me a good sense of how excruciating daily pain can be, how difficult everyday tasks become; not having had this kind of pain before, it was very educational.

Over the course of the four months, I tried various therapies: acupuncture, shiatsu, a chiropractor and registered massage therapist. The massage therapist was gentle, kind, a conscious healer, and I felt the best after her treatment.

But what I felt helped the most was talking to the pain, asking it how it was connected to the past. It was fascinating to see, in meditation, that the pain in my left shoulder was connected to many past incarnations, from Egypt to Indigenous lifetimes.

Sitting still and asking questions, images came, and as I would see a lifetime and get the message I would feel a layer of energy release.

I began to see physical pain as entangled issues from the past.

Then an altercation at one of the centres I work at got me asking about masculine/feminine interactions I witnessed as a child, family patterns of hatred and jealousy.

Subconsciously taken on long ago — I did not realize I was still carrying this to the extent I was — that belief in separation, the old energy of taking sides became very apparent.

Seeing the mental/emotional/physical components
of my intense shoulder pain creation was enlightening.

When I clearly saw this — a family pattern of control – jealousy and hatred, and limitation – the entrenched belief in separation that creates anxiety, resting in and around my left shoulder — my awareness of it was enough for all the pain to dissipate.

It was gone in an instant.

I felt it bubble away. . . lift off. . .

awareness set me free.

I Am Forgiveness of the past
I Am Peace

I Am Compassion,
of the past
I Am Love

I Am Gratitude for the experience
so I can share the insights
so it is not recreated
I Am Joy!

Tangled up old energies from the past helped create excruciating pain in my back and shoulder.

Icing it, using heat packs and trauma cream everyday eased it slightly, but it was the conscious awareness of my deep past and the masculine/feminine, mother/father imbalance taken on in childhood, that finally set me free.

Is it a process for pain I can recommend,
understanding the mental/emotional/physical components?


Pain is not pleasant, but I sure am blessing that pain now.

The understandings that came, especially for when I do readings, where I can pass along this information is priceless.

Thank you pain.






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