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Apparently, the higher-dimensional galactic beings around the planet at the present time are not strangers to us. InLight Radio recently produced a video introducing them as “our galactic family.” (1)

They’re enlightened beings from distant star systems who originally seeded the Earth and are here now to reunite with their progeny. It is they who disarmed the military-industrial complex which controlled our planet and created advanced weapons systems with an eye to ensuring their dominance.

In this the galactics worked with Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy, as the Arcturians explain:

“The beloved members of the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Antares, as well as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the awakened members of Earth have all joined together to assist Gaia in the fulfillment of Her transformation.” (2)

What transformation is this? It’s the Ascension or shift in consciousness that we described in the last chapter.

These advanced ancestors of the human race are human like us, appear like us, although others who are also here do not look like us. All are ascended spiritual beings who are only here to assist us with our Ascension, which is in progress.

We’ve been led to believe that we’re the only life forms in the universe, but SaLuSa of Sirius tells us that nothing could be further from the truth.

“Believe us Dear Ones, there is life everywhere you look, and not just in the dimensions that are open to your physical eyes. There are dimensions beyond your reckoning, and still life is present in abundance. It would be difficult to explain such vastness as an accidental occurrence, when it is clear that a mighty intelligence must exist that embraces all that exists.” (3)

Who are the Galactics?

Starseed contracts

My Near Death Experience

Death and Resurrection

Ascension – the New Way and the Old Way

The Light Collective – Who is here and Why

Starseeds Origins

Starseeds, Empaths, Light Workers


Pleiadian, Sirian, Acturian Coucil of Light


Andromedan starseeds

Rebalancing Earth and Planetary Healing

Diary of an ebook 18

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I’ve had another approach from XLibris wanting to move 5000 books to an on-seller who sells to libraries. This would be a good idea, I thought, but when the contract arrived it seemed to be about individual sales and wanting more money to do what they’d already done. I asked for sales details of the previous campaign which of course I didn’t get. Really I can only say my experience with them has been similar to all the other complaints on the internet. No royalties forthcoming. Despite their affiliation with Random House, a bookseller I respect, the leopard has not changed its spots.

Diary of an ebook 15 – BLOGGING

I’ve decided that Blogging fulfills many of the rewards of writing, its quick and relatively easy, you get your point across and the response from readers is satisfying and immediate. So rather than pay a publisher to print and distribute two books for several thousand dollars, I’ve decided to put them on my blog.

Hence you can now download Uluru by Arunda and String of Pearls off my blog: The download is in .pdf format, so may not be viewable on iphones. For $3.99 each this is excellent value. I have worked hard to get a Donate button on my webblog, so you can support me and help me produce more. This way its an energy exchange between myself and my readers.

As part of the new energy coming onto the earth at this time, this is in alignment with 5th Dimensional energies.Its part of the New Earth that we are creating where everyone is supported in the work they choose to do, or in fact are meant to be doing, so please start the ball rolling, by donating while I concentrate on writing more and getting it on-line.

How to buy My Other Books:

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New Guinea exhibition – memories of the 1970’s

JMCousteau, Francois Brenot, Dr Jean Gilliard

The current Papua New Guinea display part of the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT7) at the Queensland Art Gallery brought back memories of my time on Wuvulu in the 1970’s. We were there to develop an exclusive diving resort, similar to the game parks in Africa. It was all part of the development plan by the Cousteau Society to develop an eco-tourism resort. Wuvulu lies North of Wewak on the northern coast of New Guinea, near the border with Irian Jaya. It’s an underwater mountain lying almost on the equator and has a long history of European contact.
Sepik sing-sing01
There were Sepik labourers on the plantation and they danced a sing-sing for us on our arrival. They prepared the hats they wore for the sing-sing from cardboard and wood and spent days in preparation dancing and singing into the nights.

Wuvulu Carver01

I was hoping to see some Wuvulu artefacts. I have seen a unique bowl on eBay which was nothing like anything I saw in the 70’s and was probably much older. Not that its a criticism of the exhibition which I found inspiring enough to write about and resurface some memories from an interestiing past which was way ahead of its time.

The Pepperdine University Project Ocean Search Wuvulu which followed, inspired me to go back to university and study marine biology and write a book about Australia underwater. (see It also inspired me to the focus of market power as a means of changing poor environmental practices, a model which has come into its own with the advent of the internet and programs such as `’


“It’s probably the best day since he passed away, just knowing that it’s probably the last thing I will be able to do for him” — a father of a fallen peacekeeper.

This is big. Avril’s 41,000-strong petition to have her son Jamie and 47 other fallen peacekeepers recognised just won — the War Memorial Council this week unanimously voted in favour of adding their names to the Roll of Honour.

“The day that the AWM granted our Peacekeepers the right to go on the Honour Roll was a significant day to my family and to my son Jamie. I know that he would want his name alongside his comrades who have lost their lives serving their country. This victory is something we needed to do for Jamie and all 48 Peacekeepers.”

It’s been an astounding journey. Before starting a petition on, she spent years sending letters to Ministers of Defence, Prime Ministers and MPs — yet they turned her away every time.

This time, something different happened. She posted a petition on, then thousands of people began sharing it on social media — and her story was picked up by some of the country’s biggest media, including The Project, Today Tonight, ABC News,, The Australian, Channel 7, 9 and 10 nightly news.

Through the petition, she connected with other families of people killed on peacekeeping missions, like Sarah McCarthy and Peter Pridue. The Greens, Labor and Coalition all backed a Senate motion in support of Avril’s campaign. And by the time the War Memorial Council was making a decision, an amazing 41,000 people had signed her petition — forcing them to add peacekeepers to the War Memorial in Canberra. 

It’s an incredible win. And just like thousands of other people who’ve won using, Avril had never started a petition before. Be part of Avril’s celebrations by sharing her win on Facebook — and remember you can start your own petition on here.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Karen, Tony, Nathan and the team

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Images from the exhibition in the Gallery of Contemporary Art.

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Diary of an ebook -14 How did I get here? Where do I go from here?


Finally some progress on disaster recovery! The insurance has finally come through almost 2 months after the disaster and I can recoup money I’ve already spent. They had the gall to offer me a Visa credit, after all this time. I said, no, I want cash, so they credited my account which means it goes into their coffers anyway. Its all Suncorp.

I checked XLibris website and they have recorded only one sale of Kakadu Dreaming. That was a copy I Purchased. Despite getting over 1000 hits a day on my blog and over 1200 comments made, I’ve only sold one book. I can only surmise I’m way off track somewhere or Xlibris aren’t reporting correctly. What to do about it?

Well I certainly don’t want to give any more books to them. Meanwhile have changed their policy on Digital Rights Management. I assume this means I won’t be paid for any content on LuLu. When I tried to retire my books they have changed the website, so I wasn’t able to. They don’t have a marketable product anyway.

Currently I’m offering them on WordPress on my other site: where they can be purchased on CD in .pdf format.I’m wanting to make them available as a downloadable file, but don’t know how. I’m surely not the only one with these problems.

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In the Media – Aboriginal names to be put on the map TASMANIA

TASMANIANS will soon see Aboriginal names on signs and maps.

The state government yesterday used Kunanyi – the Aboriginal name for Mount Wellington – as the venue to launch its new Aboriginal and dual naming policy.

Under the policy, significant landmarks may feature both the Aboriginal name and existing official names, with the potential to rename landmarks with the Aboriginal name if community support exists.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre’s Michael Mansell said the TAC had pushed the government to adopt the new naming approach.

“If we had suggested this 30 years ago, white Tasmania would have had a fear of it,” Mr Mansell said.

“It’s the cultural cringe that has for too long dominated the Tasmanian cultural landscape.”

The TAC is expected to put proposals for dual naming forward to the Nomenclature Board for consideration within months, with the first dual names likely to be official this year.

Premier Lara Giddings described the move as an important step in the journey towards reconciliation.

“Dual naming is about recognising the Aboriginal community’s rightful status as the first inhabitants of this land and celebrating their living culture, traditions and language,” Ms Giddings said.

Mr Mansell said the day was very significant. “After 200 years, the Tasmanian government still had a cultural bias towards non-European names,” Mr Mansell said.

Tasmania is the last Australian state to adopt a similar policy.

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Mr Mansell said that the Parks and Wildlife Service was keen to use Aboriginal names in many cases with TAC permission.

Opposition Aboriginal affairs spokeswoman Elise Archer said the Liberals did not oppose the change but expressed concern at the policy’s preference for Aboriginal names over dual names where community support exists.

“We are concerned that the detailed policy document suggests it is actually about renaming Tasmanian landmarks, not dual-naming,” Ms Archer said.

In the Media – Aboriginal names to be put on the map TASMANIA.

Diary of an ebook 13 – Meeting your Rhinocerous


Martha Beck in`Finding your way in a Wild New World” is saying is start with your art. It is a way that your unique true nature expresses itself in the world of Form. In this unique new world, you can find others who love your art will support you for creating anything your true nature finds beautiful, informative, nourishing or healing.
No one person has more ability than another, its the task that you’ve put the 10,000 hours practice into that you excel at. People want meaningful work and consumers have decided that they want to spend time and money on things that matter, so as a wayfinder, you are in a position to be a leader. Whatever created your own disillusionment, poverty, addiction, failure, bankrupsy, also affected others. So if you offer something that is unique and helpful others will find you.

I’ve decided my rhinocerous is my health issues. I have a family history of diabetes. That’s meeting my rhinocerus. But to flashback to an earliet issue as a child aged 9 I had osteomylitiis. I don’t remember the pain, but I remember the effects, I could not tolerate the weight of a sheet on my leg and a frame was inserted to hold the bed clothes from touching my leg.
The surgeon who operated saw me reading a book about Anna Pavlova, and told me one day I’d dance like her. He gave me hope and my life back, while draining my leg of infection from an open wound. I know I healed myself mentally as he healed my physical body. Others said I’d never walk again, but I did.
I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves, we can do so particularly where medical science has no cure. Its a test of our abilities as healers to do so. ‘Physician heal thyself’, is the quote that I hear.

You are the change you want to see in the world. Have you met your rhinocerous?

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Diary of an ebook – 12 Disaster Recovery continues


A month since the disaster hit! Finally it stops raining long enough to pour concrete and dry enough to get a mini-crete truck down the driveway. Meanwhile I’ve received no money from insurance and this has to be paid for out of my meagre savings. I’ve said no to Xlibris to their 2 for 1 offer to produce my next 2 books and am concentrating on getting back my space downstairs to the condition it was in before the flooding.

Meanwhile Kadadu Dreaming is now getting over 1000 hits a day on the blog site. I don’t know if anyone is buying the book, but there are lots of positive comments on my writing ability and my blogsite ability. Some commenters seem to think I know everything about building a blogsite. Really, they have higher expectations than I do. As I said in the beginning its all trial and error.

Just a short exciting update. On going through the comments(I read them and include anything unusual): Someone wants to translate the blog site into Chinese. How amazing is that! I suspect people are getting more than they bargained for with me. I think they are tapping into my Higher Self. Like in the book : Finding your way in a Wild New World – Reclaim your true Nature to Create the Life you Want by Martha Beck

I’ve just been reading a very good book about this. `Finding your way in a Wild New World’ Reclaim your true Nature to create the Life you Want by Martha Beck. Its in my local library and its what I’ve been on about in my poetry. Its time I met my rhinoceros.

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