Tiara Kumara: Do not fear you Spiritual Power of Command



Do not Fear your Spiritual Power of Command

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Dear Golden Gaia Lights,

It is very interesting to observe all of the predictions and speculations being made concerning our shifting times on planet Earth. It seems like the ‘doom and gloom’ projections are now getting extremely loud. It’s time to act big time and to squelch unwanted potentials.

The absolute truth is, not one person knows exactly what will occur or how and when all of these potential imaginings will unfold. What we are witnessing, however, is the great facade of deception blowing up and the collective ego trying to maintain its positioning in the crumbling illusion.

We are reminded that all speculated future scenarios only exist as energetic potentials. No matter the size and scope, these potentials can be molded, shifted, amplified or diminished by the time something materializes.

Together with the realms of light, we help direct the show, do we not?

We are encouraged to focus our collective attention upon shifting and transmuting certain conditions of outer world activity that are not aligned to human evolution. These are the activities of a vicious and destructive agenda that violate the sanctity of the human spirit.

This concerns the extremely distorted powers of duality that reflect through conditions of aggression, oppression, mass mind control programming, bio warfare, manipulated poisoning, human abuses, among many other gross nefarious activities.

Our task is not only to invoke the light into these specific appearances, but to focus and transmit the light of transmutation into the core causes, effect, record and memory of these distortions that still exist in the human hologram.

Remember, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are each a part vibrating with the whole. Every mind contains the pattern of the whole consciousness. Through that resonant link, we each have direct access to the entire pattern. When we add to this the universal Law of Cause and Effect, we find that small causes can have large effects. A single intention strengthens and multiplies when we focus together.

We actually have the power to shift the hologram of world consciousness. It is here that these destructive imprints remain alive and retain strength in the strata of the Earth, thereby influencing the way mass consciousness perceives. The holographic imprinting upholds the fear based matrix.

Due to escalating potentials of totalitarian extremes, we are moving swiftly into action to shift these possibilities.

We are unlimited in our group ability as transmuters and transformers. We must continue to rewrite the timelines, dissolve dooming projections, shift the holographic reflection and build a new matrix of perception. This all culminates towards a more harmonious and peaceful planet.

We can shift all that is currently happening right now on the global scene. Knowing that you are an integral part of Group Avatar, please assist in any way you are guided to put into motion the complete and immediate dissolve of this prevailing destructive energy and its accompanying potentials.

Proceed in bold, commanding confidence in your power of Avataric light, an omnipotent forcefield of catalyzing change. You have the skills, the knowledge and tremendous overlighting assistance awaiting the call to action. You are Group Avatar! The power and might of a thousand suns can be unleashed through you, as an “us”, right now in this instant.

With determination and heart felt energy, even our words are divine commands of spiritual power. From the unified container of Group Avatar, which is one with the realms of light, we lead through divine omnipotence.

We have the power and the authority to command the light forth!

We have the power and the authority to command the elemental forces into action to clear out and consume all crimes against humanity and the perpetrating energies responsible.

These forces of darkness have no power! As the stewards of Earth, we can command them out of our world, swiftly and forever. There will be no new rules under a globalist plan to enslave us and to thwart human evolution. It is not going to happen. We command this to be so!

Be very adamant dear hearts. Let’s seize the moment and make our divine commands, to transmit transforming energy to all people everywhere with the messages of love, hope and unity. The Earth shall not be taken over by those who attempt to decimate it and desecrate it. It will not happen. It cannot happen.

Let’s shine our light upon the darkness and consume it!

Higher vibration always consumes the lower. Greater is more powerful than the lesser. The whole is more cohesive than the part. We are that wholeness. In the name of God and Group Avatar, we command the new reflections of peace, equality and goodwill to come forth now.


Go deeper with us this month in learning HOW
to unleash your avataric omnipotence!


with  love,

Tiara Kumara


Tiara Kumara: unleashing Avataric Omnipotence



Unleashing Avataric Omnipotence

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Dear Ones,

Our current spiritual initiations are guiding us into the ‘enlightened global mind’ and integrating more of the singularity of divine intelligence.

This naturally unleashes greater levels of personal power with ability to positively affect the whole. At the level we are now vibrating, however, true personal power can only come from strong coherence with the evolving collective.

This is an extremely important area to focus on due to what is occurring in our world. There is great need for us to function as an omnipotent forcefield of both ascending vibration and consciousness stabilization.

We are certainly learning the art of bridging timelines. We are keeping a part of ourselves bridged to the world of chaos to help transform and stabilize it.

Another part of ourselves is dynamically moving into the higher dimensions of light while strengthening the ascending merkabic field. We do this to serve humanity and to assist as many people as possible to awaken and evolve.

Functioning as an Enlightened Collective

We are rising up to purely serve as a channel for the greater mind, which is like a giant web of awareness. We are now functioning as an enlightened collective with extraordinary abilities and an extraordinary power of influence. We are owning this truth as self evident. We are walking shoulder to shoulder as Group Avatar.

Personal identity no longer holds water, only in the denser vibrations when we must play the game and pay our bills. Our awareness, however, is moving as a collective Avatar field.

There is no more waiting or preparation to be done. We have moved into this frequency field. This is how everything will be addressed from this moment forward. We recognize ourselves as a collective consciousness and function now from this truer reality.

Group Mind is our Greater Self

We are realizing that the only thing about us that is real, is that which vibrates with the unified field. Everything else is a facade.

Our lessons now are about how to remain aligned and connected to the ‘enlightened group mind’ without falling back into separated thinking. We are learning how to perceive, not from the personal identity, but from the level of the Group Avatar, and of this inclusive spiritual prowess and superior skill.

From this point forward, we are to hold in our constant awareness our responsibility to the collective enlightened mind. Our individual choices, preferences, decisions, all of our shifts big and small, everything we do affects the whole of us.

Each of us has a big responsibility to maintaining the integrity of the evolving group field. We are linked up now and move as a seamless field of great influence upon this planet.

Realizing the Self as Group Avatar

Group Avatar is our Greater Self as the next step up in the earthly evolution. It is highest vibration that we can go before transcending off of the planet into dimensions invisible to the human eye.

It is from Group Avatar and our unified intelligence that we are energetically bonded. We selflessly think as one, feel, move, create and serve together within the unified field of omnipotence. Group Avatar is truly the way through which, we as individuals, can cultivate the greatest levels of personal power, authentic power.

We can Shift Unserving World Outplay

It is from this efficacy that you are strengthened as a catalyzing forcefield to sincerely and positively affect the whole. It is extremely urgent that many more of us advance into this vibrational attainment to help shift unserving world outplay.

When we are functioning from Avataric frequency, we have already surrendered our personal will, and all of the self over to the unfolding Divine Plan. In this surrender, comes the realization that we have a big responsibility to the collective. The group self is our more authentic self and it is here where we find greater strength, fortitude and dynamic intelligence.

Our Thoughts Instantaneously Create

This is because, from Group Avatar, what we focus on truly becomes our reality and quite quickly. Our thoughts instantaneously create. They instantaneously project to affect others. When we each experience a revelation, the entire collective who abide in that vibrational resonance receive it also.

When we expand in awareness, the entire group benefits. This is why everything is quickening now, exponentially. Many more people are reaching these higher states. We have to be very careful because our thoughts are very, very powerful and instantaneously manifest.

We have Extraordinary Mass Scale Influence

We are all getting powerfully juiced up, becoming like live wires. We have the ability now to bring through remarkable manifestations such as shifting the mass mindset, big healing and transformation, great calming and stabilization, even directing the action of the elementals and devic forces.

Imagine, just imagine what we are capable of doing for our world. The vast majority of us barely use our spiritual power. Maybe because we don’t know we even have it, or know how to use it. Perhaps we don’t believe we are authorized to command our spiritual omnipotence because we still remain identified the human self illusion.


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make this transition into the enlightened group mind.


With love and blessings,

Tiara Kumara