Let your Light Shine!

Let Your Light Shine

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PictureLet Your Light Shine

Awakening Spark, Feb. 20, 2019


A consistent and persistent theme that is coming forward for me recently is that we as Lightworkers need to step forward. Now.

We are the next phase of Ascension. The world is waiting for us.

By now we know the power of our Love/Light. Yet, most of us, myself included, continue to hide our Love/Light, our true Selves.

In the Bible, Jesus instructs his disciples to let their Light shine:

Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. [King James Bible, 1611, Matthew, 5:15 and 5:16.]

Jesus certainly knew the power of Light and expressed it as best as he could according to the understanding of the people at the time. Now, we have a much better understanding of Light- thanks to advances in science and our ready availability of credulous channelled information.

Your Light is who you are. It can be thought of as your aura, yet it is so much more. It is the collection of  subtle bodies (1) that individuate you from the ALL That Is.

Lightworkers and energy workers in particular know and have experienced the incredibly powerful effects of focused, and conscious application of Light/Love to a person, place, or situation. Yet, just as powerful is the effect of un-directed, unconscious Light/Love.

Love/Light is intelligent, divinely directed energy that is the foundation of the universe. It is not created, nor destroyed. It just IS. It is who we are in essence. We naturally RAY-diate Love/Light in such measure as our attained state of consciousness.

This energy finds its way out into the collective, going where it is needed and doing exactly what needs to be done. All by itself in accordance with God’s Will. This is such a beautiful thing, and it is the reason why so many Lighted beings have told us that our very presence here is serving the Earth.

​As Lightworkers, we naturally have a different vibratory signature to most other people.  Vibrations of consciousness manifests as Light (2). In the past this would likely have caused friction for us in some relationships and so many of us chose to hide our Light, so as to not upset anyone. Now however, we are told by several credible channeled sources that it is safe to shine our Light. Furthermore it is imperative that we do so now.

I do not know why or when I chose to hide my Light but I do. There were two incidents in my life that really brought that to my attention.

Shortly after I resigned from the school where I taught, I was invited back to a short ceremony where they recognized my contribution to the school. As I sat on stage in a simple chair provided for me, I heard someone call my name off to my right side. I turned to see my colleague and friend, Dillip, holding his smartphone to take my picture. I smiled, and Spirit came to me at that moment to say,

“Allow your Light to shine.”

And I did. I think that’s the best photo I have of me. Ever. This was a very random, casual picture taken of me, but with one difference- I allowed my Light to shine forth.

I became aware in the moment that Spirit came to me that I had been hiding my Light.

The second incident occurred when I briefly met Lynda’s nephew for the first time. When I met with Lynda afterward I learnt that he is quite a gifted gentleman, and is extremely sensitive to people’s aura or vibration. As a result he would know who is approaching him long before he actually sees them.

After meeting with me, he remarked to Lynda, “I don’t know how you two do it… hide your energy the way you do. I cannot detect anything from you both.”

I understood immediately. Following these incidents I have become aware of my behaviour. I would normally keep my energy ‘folded’ unless I was officiating as a Vedic priest. Then I would ‘unfold’ it and let it shine. I have found that unfolding my energy greatly enhances my presentation. I am able to convey much more than words and reach into people’s hearts.

With these practical experiences of shining Light, I am left to wonder just how much more we as Lightworkers can contribute to Earth’s Ascension if we simply allowed our natural Light to shine.

In the past, Starseeds and Lightworkers would have been ostracized (or worse) for being different. Hiding our Light was our only option for survival in some cases.

Now however, it is time to own that difference and use it. Doing so will greatly add to the Lighted grids around the Earth. Our unconscious application of Light will serve to exponentially accelerate the Ascension of the Earth. We are the next phase of Ascension.

Let your Light shine my brothers and sisters.


  1. See my article on Our Five Bodies for more information.
  2. See my article on Our Divine Lineage for more information.