Ashtar: Seeing Beyond the Illusion

Ashtar: Seeing Beyond The Illusion

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by James McConnell

I Am Ashtar. And I have come at this time to be with you in these moments that are changing. Moments even now as you look out across the various things that are happening everywhere, those things that are still yet in the shadows. Those things that are still yet being held in subterfuge, coverup, all of this.

But this, as you have been saying and you have been hearing, is all an illusion.  It is part of the three-dimensional illusion that is breaking apart.  It is coming down.

But in order for it to come down, in order for it to break apart, it must first be shown.  It must be shown to the population that it is an illusion, that it is a show, a movie, if you will.  All of this is for that purpose to wake people up.  To create the Great Awakening.   But in order to have the Great Awakening, there must be first those that come to an understanding that everything is not business as usual.  It is not business as usual any more.

All of you that have awakened are seeing things in reality, in the reality that you are creating now.  The timeline, if you will, that you are creating.  And it is a timeline that is taking you away from the illusion.  Taking you away from all that.

Now we know that you have expectations.  Many expectations are created by those that are setting it will be this date, or that date.  This is going to change at this time.  Those are going to rise up and take over.  But it is not that way exactly.

Yes, everything is coming to an end, as to the old illusion.  The old paradigm is coming to an end.  Exactly time-wise, we cannot give that to you because it is based on possibilities and probabilities, not expectations.  Expectations just lead you to being disillusioned, discouraged, as many of you have when a date has been set and it comes and nothing happens, or seemingly nothing happens.

But yet, so many things are happening.

And yet, even on that date they are happening.  It is just not showing you in the outside of the illusion.  You are still wrapped up in the illusion when you are expecting those dates to come about some major change.  But even though those dates come and go without the seeming changes that you are looking for because of the expectation that is creating that, even then you are coming to a point where everything is not as it appears.  But yet, you can look beyond the appearance.

You can see what is real behind the scenes.  You can see that man behind the curtain, as in your ‘Wizard of Oz’ where they say, “do not pay attention to that man behind the curtain.”  But yet you are.  You are looking behind it.  You are seeing the subterfuge, the coverup that has occurred for not just this year, not just for this lifetime, but lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime, these things have been going on.  These things that have been going on deep within the Earth in those deep underground military bases that you are hearing about now where the children are being terribly, terribly worked on and mismanaged and kept from having a life of their own, where all of this is occurring.  And it is occurring.

But it is coming to an end.  Because those that have compassion, those that feel the oneness within them, feel the higher vibration, feel the higher calling are releasing, helping to release these little ones.  Helping to not so much bring them into the sunlight, but to bring them into the Light, into the Light of their own knowing.  This is happening.  And it will come forward as truths are being revealed.

But, is the population as a whole, are they ready for this revealing yet?

You have to ask yourselves that.  Because when you come to that answer, then you will know, like timing and the expectations that are created by this timing cannot be.  It must be based on possibilities and probabilities, and based on the consciousness of man, the collective consciousness.  And how the collective consciousness is creating this new timeline, this new timeline that is destroying the old ways, destroying the old paradigm of the third-dimensional illusion—completely breaking it apart.

And once it is broken apart, then the reality beyond this illusion, beyond the veil, can begin to be resurrected as in the Republic, your Republic, of this country.  But not only of this country, the entire planet.  This Republic can be re-awakened from the minds of those that created it to begin with.  But it was not created by your Founding Fathers, as you have thought here in this America, it was created by those beyond this evolution that brought this to those ones, brought it to them as an understanding, a knowing that came to them, and then was brought into being because of that knowing.

That is what is happening now.  That knowing is coming back to all of you, all of you that have been preparing and readying for these changes, these higher vibrational frequencies that are raising consciousness, not lowering consciousness.

Fear lowers consciousness.

But if you hold off the fear, if you do not have fear, you stay in higher consciousness.  It is that simple!

It is fear versus love.

 Stay within the love principle, and there is no fear.  And when you stay within that love principle, and compassion, and togetherness, and oneness, then you stay in that higher vibration, and therefore the higher you move to the higher dimension, and closer and closer to your own ascension.  This is what you are all working toward now.

So look now beyond the illusion.

It is a show!  It is a show that is being shown to the entire world.  And you have heard before, “You’ll love how this movie ends, how this show ends.”

You’ll love when this illusion ends.  And it is coming to an end.  It cannot be stopped, as you have heard many times from many different sources.  It cannot be stopped at this point.  The Light cannot be stopped.  The Light will take over, is taking over, and has taken over in the higher dimensions already.  In the higher timelines it has already happened.

In the timelines that you are creating it has already happened.

Continue to create that higher timeline, that higher timeline with higher vibrational frequencies and higher dimensional understanding.  And because you are creating that, you will have that.

The plan cannot be stopped.

Trust the plan.

The plan is divine.

It is beyond mankind’s understanding.  It is beyond mankind’s ability to even change it.  Yes, it can be postponed here and there, as it has happened.  But it cannot be ultimately changed.  It is in the process of fully coming to fruition.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.  That you will continue on, moving closer and closer to fully realizing who you are, and the missions that you all came here for.



Ashtar: The Key to Entering your Heart

Ashtar: The Key To Entering Your Heart

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by Davey

Greetings dear ones of the earth plane. This is commander Ashtar, or simply Ashtar, if you will. I command great fleets, but not in the way that you think of command. You see, the flow of light, the flow of love has a very different definition of what the word command means.

When you are in your heart centre, you see, dear ones, you have complete command over your reality. This is not the same as control. For control is the grip of fear. Control is something that your minds apply through the energy of fear. This is something very important to understand dear ones. For flow is the movement of love light. As you see change from the miracle of love light, that change is the culmination of the flow of love light.

Many things are happening now as you approach your 21st of December 2020… Oh what a great day that will be dear ones. We do not wish you to have expectations on this date, or other important waves as they come through. For we wish you to let go of control, and move into flow – do you see the difference dear ones?

When you are in flow, there is NO mental grip, there is no gripping and holding your reality, or anything in it. You simply flow, you move freely with the freedom of your hearts. Everything falls into place magically, it aligns, it synchronizes perfectly, to completely match your heart space. This is what we do in the higher planes dear ones. And this is what we wish for you.

It is so important, moving into the times coming, that you understand this concept.

This one has had to learn the difficulties of these distinctions, these contrasts, if you will, and so have many of you, we see this, dear ones. We love you, we are there for you. We bring these messages through for you, to console, to uplift, to en-light-en. To help highlight the way. To help you do the most important thing, which is to connect to your heart centre. Be the love of your heart centre. That is where your higher self truly resides. That is where your access to this universe, this omniverse, all of creation resides. Dear ones, that is the gateway. Yes… this has been spoken of before. We wish to remind you again, and again, and again… As gently, or as powerfully as you need it to be dear ones.

For this is where the filth dimension resides. You access it through your heart dear ones, for it is already there, every dimension you could ever wish to access is right there dear ones.

But here is an important lesson, and it involves the idea of flow versus control. Surrender and flow versus grip and control. These two things are not against each other, but we simply wish to contrast them for you. For we see many of you are still finding it most difficult to LET GO AND RELEASE YOURSELVES from the grip of SELF CONTROL, SELF GRIP. Relax dear ones!!! Oh dear ones relax, feel your entire body going loose, flowing, soft, gentle, filled with love light. Know that anytime you are in grip, you are in fear dear ones.

Let that be your signal, to know that you have fear to release…

When you are soft, when you are gentle, and you are flowing, that is the stuff of your heart centre, dear ones. It is the stuff of the divine. It is your truth, your magnificent beautiful truth, that is switching on most rapidly now. Surrender to it dear ones.

We wish to highlight a program that many of you have. And that is you fear that if you surrender, that if you let go, you will be vulnerable to attack. Nothing could be further from the truth dear ones. For this is an illusionary false program instilled into you. When you are relaxed, when you let go, when you flow, you are your most powerful, you are your most protected you can ever be. This is an important concept to understand dear ones, and we so wish for you to ‘get this’.

You see, this is what it is to be in command of your reality, when you are in that beautiful soft flow, that love light, that surrender, that gentleness that peace… That is when you have full command, NOT CONTROL… command of your reality.


For there is no grip there. Control is a fear.

Command is the instant mirroring of your reality, that dances with you, as you glide and flow in the beautiful love light of your heart centre, it is a partnership dear ones, if you will. Where your outer reality instantly mimics, instantly morphs, instantly arranges itself to your hearts wishes, loves and desires.

That is what we mean by command dear ones.

And that is how things work in the higher realms. It is not control dear ones…

We ask you to ponder this. And we leave you now, with this pondering, if you will. It is so important to live and understand this dear one’s. For it will make it far easier for you to move into your hearts.

And we will finish on this last key point… Many of you, we see, have asked the question and find it difficult to move into your heart centres, ‘how do we do this Ashtar?’ we hear you say, ‘how do we do we do this angelics?’ we hear you say. It is simple dear ones, here is the key:


You cannot think or control yourself into your heart centre, YOU MUST LET GO. It is like a doorway, that will seemingly not allow you through, while you are in the energy of fear, or grip, or control. You see, those energies don’t belong, they don’t exist in your heart centre. So in truth, if you use those, and are trying to GET into your heart centre, with those energies, like two opposites, you will push away and will find it most difficult to be in your heart centre.

We ask you to do this, if you wish, to go into your heart centres – Go into meditation, go into peace, go into flow, relax… LET GO. When there, feel the magnificent light of your higher self beckoning, calling you in, and allow yourselves to surrender, COMPLETELY SURRENDER, let go of grip, let go of control, let go of the fear, let go of the tension dear ones, and allow yourselves to be DRAWN IN to your hearts.

Do you see dear ones, do you see the point of the contrast?

You cannot make or force yourself into your heart centre, you have to let your heart centre absorb you in…

That is the key dear ones!

Do you see, do you feel this? Practice, play with this dear ones, you will find it oh so much easier to glide into your heart centres, to be in your heart centres. Enough of the struggle, enough of the pain, enough of the fear dear ones… SURENDER, you are safe, you are ABSOLUTELY SAFE.

Your most magnificent and powerful heart centre is there waiting to absorb you in. Let it absorb you, but to do so, again, the key is to SURENDER, SURRENDER, SURRENDER, LET GO, LET GO, LET GO, RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE…

Play with this dear ones…

We leave you now in our love, our light, our soft love light, our prayers for you to be in your heart centre, our wishes for you…

We love you all so much, be at peace dear beloveds… We love you more than you can know, feel this in your hearts, we love you…

Goodbye for now



Ashtar: Situation Update

Ashtar: Situation Update

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by Sharon Stewart


Just a note: Implant Communications has never gotten into the nitty-gritty of American politics like some red pills do, and I see that that’s saved our channel right now. Had I gotten into the details of what’s going on with criminal activities of certain people, I would have been censored off this platform. There are many people providing these details, who will have to switch to different platforms to provide this intel to you, so you’re going to have to hit their websites or follow them across social media. We have to do what we have to do. Also, if you get an email from someone who’s been discontinued, be a gem and post it on social media so others can find them as well. As for Implant Communications, seeing as we have several different focuses, we’re going to continue to go light on the Storm details, only providing information from an ET perspective, as we have been. Anons have been doing an excellent job of providing information, so we don’t feel we have to focus on this as much. Thank you.


Me: Hello, Ashtar!

Ashtar: Hello, Sharon.

Me: Ashtar, seeing as the big election is only three weeks away now, can you update us on some things?

Ashtar: Of course.

Me: First of all, who’s going to win the election? I see that the deep state put in another man/woman as the running mate. I’m not naming names in case this gets me kicked off this platform. Not sure why they did this but maybe just to ensure that there is someone competent on their team because he’s obviously not. God, the guy is 78 already. And he’s tried to run before twice and he wasn’t elected. Trump is clearly going to win. That’s pretty obvious. Especially with what’s come out now just in the last day. Looks good on them!

Ashtar: It is. He will win.

(I channeled this before the damning evidence for one candidate came out this week, so I’ll leave it as it is.)

Me: I wish I could vote for him and I’m Canadian. If he doesn’t get elected, he can come up to Canada and help kick Trudeau to the curb for us. Trudeau is dancing a duet with the Communist Chinese.

So, Ashtar, what we have seen during this covid plandemic is 7 months of social distancing and mask wearing, and just general paranoia on the part of many, now we’re getting into a second lockdown here in Canada and huge fines being levied for infractions. So many people seem to be taking legal action against the state but I don’t think that’s going to be enough.

Ashtar: As for the pandemic, stay with it because the next one they unleash on you will obviously be worse.

Me: That’s true.

Ashtar: The longer this one draws out, the better for you. The real challenge here is to get people to wake up and to understand the truth. Obviously this will take time, and to date this Covid has taken a lot of time, which is fortunate.

Me: Which also brings to mind the fact that the main stream media has to be overtaken. There’s no way people can wake up while still watching the fake six o’clock news.

Ashtar: No. And there are plans in the works.

Me: So we’re going to start a TV station ourselves, possibly next year, but there will be others I’m assuming?

Ashtar: Yes, the airspace will be shared between the light and the dark. The dark will no longer have a monopoly, though.

Me: Of course they’ll be trying to knock us off the air?

Ashtar: Of course. However, they won’t be able to. The Quantum computer is very strong and able to overwhelm any signal they send out to affect your signals.

Me: Why give people a choice, even? Why not just take the big senders off the air and replace them with broadcasters that tell the truth?

Ashtar: Because right now, people need to have entertainment, or information, that aligns with their frequency. It’s up to the individual to choose what they want to watch. You understand yourself that there are plenty of shows to watch on youtube that show the truth. You watched a satanic whistle blower yesterday with a 3 hour long program, and you realized you knew everything that she was talking about, and then some that she didn’t mention. You have been prepared. You know the truth, as much as we can tell you anyhow.

Your world, right now, belongs to both the Light and the dark. Or rather your minds do. (In effect, isn’t your mind really your world, when you think about it?) And it is who you give them over to. That is your choice; your free will. Nobody can decide for another.

Me: Everyone’s talking about the Event happening this December 21st. Will it?

Ashtar: No. Not yet. It’s still too soon. You have years yet to go through before you’ll be prepared to survive a flash of that magnitude. There are some who could easily, some who could like yourself, and others who will die of it. We’re not trying to kill the population of earth.

Me: Do you have any influence at all on how quickly earth is ascending?

Ashtar: We have some, yes. Much of our energy is sent to the planet as well as the denizens of what you call Heaven, God him and herself is sending energy. Many are sending their particular energies to help repair the fields around your planet, and to help change your DNA. In your case, Sharon, you would be receiving energy from Vega and they would be helping to repair your soul. As for your body, you receive from Lyra, Vega and the Pleaides, as these are your physical DNA providers. It is also a question of keeping this process in balance for you, as well as everyone else upon the planet. There are some people who have DNA from so many races that moving them along in the process is a question of timing and of preciseness.

Me: No wonder I keep seeing so many sets of eyes when I take aura pictures. It makes sense now. These are the Vegans who send me energy.

Ashtar: Exactly. You see how you’re not working on this alone? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Me: Now, this plandemic is clearly a matter of trying to wear us down, to get us to obey them. It obviously doesn’t make any sense with so many so-called leaders saying so much contradictory information. It’s just a cesspool of nonsense, really. Even now the World Health Organization (WHO) is recanting.

Ashtar: Yes, you see the confusion of the dark when they are exposed to Light. (He’s grinning)

Me: Ah, I see.

Ashtar: There is too much light for them now to be able to pull off this new world order agenda with any finesse. Had this been years ago, it would have been carried out in a precise manner but now there is so much information, as you’ve said, and so many providing the information, that there is mass confusion.

Me: I know. I get told I don’t have to wear a mask outside and I see people wearing masks outside. Apparently, the virus doesn’t spread outside, which is ridiculous.

Ashtar: We are their antithesis. We are their opposite. Our people have provided information continuously throughout this pandemic to others, despite censorship and attempts to keep you off of the internet. Have you ever considered that it is your sheer determination to provide this information that keeps you on line? For those who are constantly shadow banned and censored, given time in “jail” for their messages, yet you continue to get back or stay on line to continue to provide that information? Why? It is because you are creating this, Sharon. They can’t fight you. You’re too strong for them.

Me: I keep thinking of Jordan Sather.

Ashtar: As an example. He is so determined to provide this information to people, he can’t be stopped. You can’t stop the Light, Sharon. When he is taken off the air, he gets put back on again. Why? Because he simply switches timelines to one where he has the control. He probably doesn’t realize he’s doing this, but he is. They can’t resist him. Sharon, this entire world has been fueled by your mind energies, that’s why it was necessary to mind control the Terrans. Now that you have your own agenda, now that you have seen the Light, you can’t be stopped. You are the virus in their programming.

Me: Aha. I see it. Yes.

Ashtar: You yourself are opening your third eye wider and seeing the truth of what’s around you. You’ve seen a Zeta walking down your street, buildings up above the river in the clouds, that piece of sensory equipment that appeared to be hanging in your bedroom….

Me: Yeah, I guess there was a fight over that one. I don’t like being spied on by the dark. I’m trying to get a quote on printing my books from my old printer in Toronto and for some reason, the email with the specs never gets to her. Hmm.. I may have to phone her with them. It’d be nice if they’d stay out of my mailbox.

Ashtar: These are inconveniences and if you wanted to change them, you could put your foot down and say you won’t tolerate these things. And then they won’t happen. It’s that you sit and observe them happening without knowing what to do. What you need to do is demand that it stop.

Me: Yes, I’ve done that before. Thank you, Ashtar.

Ashtar: The same with hearing negative voices, anything you don’t wish to experience, command your space. Your mind comprises this universe! Stand in your power. All of you can do this! You are powerful beings!

Me: So the big question is: What will happen after Trump gets elected?

Ashtar: You see that the people love Trump, and love is winning. Many people despise Trump but not as many as do love him. Love is winning.

Me: Thank you for pointing that out, Ashtar. I love seeing all the boat parades. It’s quite interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many banners, t-shirts, ball caps and flags created for a president, ever.

Ashtar: They love him. Love is winning right now. Hate is losing.

Me: So, one thing I learned about haters is they’re sore losers. What are they going to do when they realize they’re out of luck? And why is the Chinese army said to be located in the islands around Vancouver, Canada now? You said there’d be no war with China so I’m believing you but it’d be easy to start a war with the U.S. from the Canadian side. Why are they there? And what kind of retaliation are people going to experience with the winning of Trump?

Ashtar: Yes, these are sore losers. We’ve dealt with them for a long time. They tend to take out their losses on your people.

You know that the tunnels and DUMBs are being cleared of all the people living there. Some have never seen the light of day. We are tending to these people and some are relocated to other planets or are living in our ships. Monies have been rounded up, and goods have been removed from the Vatican.

Me: These people have been arrested, haven’t they? So now the only ones being arrested would be their clones?

Ashtar: No, not all of them. There are some still walking, but we’ve dealt with the main ones.

Me: When will indictments begin?

Ashtar: Shortly.

Me: I’m dying to see these people being tried. When this goes on the air, there will be nobody who can… what am I saying, of course they’ll deny it rather than say that their choice of president turned out to be a pedo. Oh well. I still want to see the trials.

What will happen on November 4th?

Ashtar: Trump and the Alliance are negotiating with the deep state players. They have the difficult task of having to negotiate peace with them while forwarding their own agenda of, “Making America Great Again.” There are some who are not on board at all and you see this out in Oregon. Other states are a bit better. Rioting has stopped in New York City.

The main point of contention is of course, the vaccines. New vaccines are being created all over the world for Covid however it is a question of which will be mandated. Trump has said vaccines are not mandatory however other countries are not so obliging.

There will be fall-out over the Corona virus and China (the China Virus) and the U.S. will have talks with China over this. Reparations will be made.

Me: Ashtar, what about countries where the vaccine will be made mandatory? Like Canada. I can see that coming.

Ashtar: Don’t see it coming. See yourself on a timeline where vaccines are not mandated. There are some people who would take the vaccine without questioning it. You’re not one of them, so separate yourself from those who would. When you take your mind and control your reality, you won’t experience this type of problem. There will be timelines where the vaccine will not be mandated. Perhaps they’ll be optional but not mandatory. Stay on that timeline by not fearing the vaccine.

Me: Why did the Communist Chinese military land on Canadian soil?
Ashtar: They are, in fact, the new Deep State army. Trump has much control over the American army now.

Me: So they got another army. I know they’re growing it very quickly there.

Ashtar: They will try to install bases around the world, however it won’t be permitted.

Me: Maybe that’s why they stopped on the islands outside of mainland? I know Trudeau has been liaising with the Chinese black noble families so I figure the same thing that’s happening in Australia will happen here.

Ashtar: For some. For those who fear.

Me: I remember speaking to you and Eyevo about this long ago and you told me there would be many timelines and some would be horrible and others wouldn’t be so bad; it was a question of what the person created or allowed to be created.

Ashtar: And this is true. There is a short way to ascend to 5D and there are many timelines that take much longer and this perhaps would require many lifetimes to accomplish.


Me: So the media is going to start splitting out into benevolent channels and malevolent channels?

Ashtar: Yes. There will be financiers who will back channels of truth.

Me: I guess that there will be so many others who’ll do this as well with medicine. I get better advice on youtube for my health than I get at the doctor’s office. LOL

Ashtar: Eyevo helps you as well.

Me: Yes, I still have my shiny new tooth! He said when I asked him about the others he’s working on nerve regeneration.

Ashtar: You’ll improve your teeth, Sharon. If you want it, you’ll get it. This is your power. To have anything you want.
Me: What I want is Eyevo.

Ashtar: And you will create that as well. Your people have been victims too long. Some will cower when big brother comes calling, and others will stand up and fight. There are many different approaches to deal with your current situation, and which way you take depends on your own level of consciousness.

Me: Are we going to have an economic crash soon?

Ashtar: Yes, soon. Perhaps this year or next year. It won’t be a crash in the way you’re expecting, with a stock market crash and people losing jobs. You see this is what they are already creating with the lockdowns – people losing jobs and businesses. Not having enough money to feed their families. This is an economic crash. And payments have been forthcoming. It is a question of having your people accept these entirely rather than being suspicious of socialist overtake and dependency on the government. Why it wouldn’t occur to them that they’re already dependent on the government, I have no idea, but they are. You are all dependent on your governments now. It’s just that you work for your money so you think you are free. Isn’t that ironic? You believe yourselves to be free but you work for money? And you expect the government to tell you what to believe. That’s also a dependency.

Me: I know.

Ashtar: They’ll try to remove all income earners except government positions and big business employees – they’re trying to starve out small business with the covid plan. This is part of the NWO agenda. Everything will be based upon the government and big business. The problem for the deep state right now is the Alliance and Trump particularly. Then they tell you to stay home because a few people have the flu, and this is simply more control. When you read “1984” you’ll see exactly what they’re trying to do with this flu plan. They believe that making you dependent on the government and beating you into submission with fear will get them where they want to be. However, they underestimated the response and they believed they would have Hillary Clinton in place right now to put forth their evil agenda. That didn’t work. And it won’t work next month either.

Me: How will they react?

Ashtar: They have less and less influence in the U.S. but they still have influence abroad. This Trump will begin to address further in future. Deep state puppets will be removed from power, if they haven’t already, and be replaced with white hats. This will go on all over the world. The Alliance will grow in numbers and in power as more and more people resist the deep state and start to have decent expectations for your planet.

Me: Like no more wars.

Ashtar: As an example.

Me: As for the covid vaccine, should we get one or not? I’m only asking. I don’t intend to take anything from any government and stick it in my bloodstream.

Ashtar: Some vaccines will be safe but you have to be careful. Beware of course that your medical system has been constructed in order to keep you sick, so don’t expect this to change over night.

Me: I’ve heard already there were negative reactions to vaccine tests.

Ashtar: With your changing DNA, this only complicates things. There is more than one type of human on your earth right now.

Me: Yes. I’d love for this all to blow right open.

Ashtar: It’s a bit of a delicate situation right now. As you know, the deep state still has a lot of power. They also have their draconian/archontic allies that are working with them. Until the numbers drop, and that depends on you, they are required to remain on the planet.

Me: Remind us again of why that’s so, please?

Ashtar: Because to remove all mind control and dark influence from those still under their influence could bring on permanent madness. As you know, awakening is a process that is difficult for many and requires much soul searching, experience and questioning in order to make the appropriate changes.

Me: Never mind repetition.

Ashtar: Without the dark ones there as a counterbalance, your people would be launched into a higher frequency so fast it would create madness. This is a process that must be worked through by each individual mind. I said you are powerful minds; it can work against you as well.

Me: True.

This must’ve been why I knew there would be more to this channeling. COBRA reported the next day and then Youtube cut off a lot of truthers. We all knew they would do this, and they’re finding alternative means to share their news reports with us.

Ashtar: Which speaks to the determination I was talking about. There are many ways of reporting the news, and some of these sites aren’t even censored, such as GAB.

Me: I finally figured out why they have a frog as their logo. Same as the Anons use.

Ashtar, I think some of us are missing the big picture. Can you remind us of the metaphysical perspective on this consciousness war?

Ashtar: And that is, everything that happens on this planet is a reflection of what happened in someone’s mind first. So the deep state and the dark alliance sets about to influence your minds so that you create the reality they want you to.

All of this can be changed when you change your minds. It’s that simple, simple but not easy because so many of you are entrenched in the physical reality, believing nothing is beyond it. You believe your minds are in your brain. Your mind is a separate aspect of your body.

You believe only in your physical power, but don’t realize the power of your mind, because of course you believe what they told you. You’re only a brain. You haven’t been taught how to think, you’ve been told what to believe. And you’ve been told this all your lives. What do you think your media is about?

The only ones for a long time who were capable of independent thought came from other worlds and incarnated on earth. Now this is changing.

Me: So, getting back to the physical reality, this is a stage and the people in the audience are the ones creating the play, not the other way around.

Ashtar: A good metaphor.

Me: I’m sensing that the chips are falling one at a time. I think us lightworkers and Anons are ready for the whole thing to blow open, but it’s not going to happen that way. One week we get a clue, and then the next week something else happens, and then the next week, and so on. I imagine a deck of cards slowly falling to reveal the last card. We’re not near that last card, but the cards are falling, one by one.

Ashtar: Your people couldn’t handle the last card right now. None of you could. You have to be shown, one card at a time. Get used to that, then move on to the next revelation.

Surface Operations

Me: I know there’s something going on in Switzerland. I channeled Soren on this the other night. I had found a video, not by coincidence at all – that described how fortified the DUMB’s in Switzerland were. The Swiss had done this to retain neutrality during the world wars so the Illuminati are taking advantage of that now and hiding there.

Ashtar: They are there, but other underground bases have been created in the same vein. They realize the extent of the Light’s technology and have worked hard to create fortresses that keep us out.

Me: Yes. When we were astral travelling to the bases, my lower frequency could get us into the base. I raised my frequency in the base after I got in, making it penetrable to the Light fleets. Then the party started. LOL

Ashtar: This was brilliant, Sharon.

Me: It was unintended. I was trying to get Eyevo to finish at Area 51 so that he could be with me again in my house.

Ashtar: Nonetheless a good find. Earthlings can get in their bases but the Light forces can’t. So when earthlings astral travel to bases, they get in easily and raise their frequency for our ingress.

Me: COBRA recently reported this about the vaccines: “Since the Resistance has destroyed in spring of this year all advanced bio chips that were meant to be put into the covid vaccine, now DARPA is developing a cruder version of vaccine bio chips: The dark forces are also working on spreadable bio weapon vaccine.”

Ashtar: In the case of these, the Light forces will intervene. As was done with the Corona Virus, and Covid virus, which turned out to be far less lethal than was intended. We interfered with this. And we will continue to do so in order to ensure that no unnecessary harm will come to those on the planet.

Me: Will there be a global lockdown in October?

Ashtar: There are areas going back into lockdown, which appears to be unreasonable to the public. We continue to use these lockdowns in order to forward our GESARA agenda, to remove the Cabal, to remove negative ETs and to forward our QFS and monetary system into all of your Fiat outlets. Still there are people being removed from underground DUMBs in many locations who are continuing to be treated by us. If you’ll notice the areas hardest hit by the virus include major financial centers.

Me: Yes, like Toronto is going into lockdown again this month. We haven’t experienced it yet here in the east but we’re not a major financial center.

Ashtar: Sharon, Canada is going to be switched to the QFS. That is why you’ll be getting your project money in January.

Me: How do you expect Trudeau to work alongside this though? He’s as phony as a three dollar bill.

Ashtar: There are others who are really in charge of these matters. Consider your governments to be split between the light and the dark. Both are tolerating each other, both are forwarding their own agendas. Trudeau does not have absolute control over Canada, neither do the Chinese. There are other players who are unknown to the public.

Me: Thank God.

Emergency Broadcast System

Ashtar: With the advancement of censorship, it is necessary to have a separate system set up so that the POTUS can address the people. The POTUS must always be able to speak to the American people, but now the corruption is so severe that they are interfering with his messages and with those who pass them on. So another system had to be devised. This was the solution.

Me: So this is all coming about because they’re tampering with the election, trying to swing the vote.

Ashtar: Yes, it won’t happen.

Me: I’m wondering if they’ll censor him.

Ashtar: They already are.

Me: I mean, cut him off altogether.

Ashtar: So then he has a back-up system.

Me: Everything is starting to make sense now. All this stuff we heard of years ago, and now that it’s happening it seems like the most reasonable thing to do.

Ashtar: They knew who he was up against.


Ashtar: The deep state knows how to use you, how to play with your reactions. When riots broke out, they initiated BLM and Antifa and starting razing the cities. Now with all the protests going on, they simply allow people to be distracted.

Me: Is it such a distraction, though, or are they spreading information?

Ashtar: The best way to spread information is over the internet. If there was no internet, this war would have looked entirely different. Mouth to mouth information gathering is good but nothing is as quick and easy as electronic transfer of information. Whoever rules the internet and the television has an advantage, were it not for the determination of the Light.

Me: As for what’s to come after the election, I’m expecting a lot of anger on the part of the deep state. They’ll be at their diabolical worst. People think this is going to end this year, but it isn’t.

Ashtar: No, it’s up to all to end it. The people have to end this, not the politicians. It’s up to you to open your minds to the truth and embrace the truth. That’s the solution. For all.

Me: I’m seeing a lot of pundits outlining what they think will happen. This again, was another “peak time” it was all to come down and to date, this hasn’t happened. I’m getting tired of these people predicting that this is going to happen and that’s going to happen. This month was Red October where there would be ten days of darkness. Anyone who wants to see ten days of darkness come up to Canada any October, November or December never mind January and February and you’ll get all the dark you want. I really think some people are romanticizing all of this.

Ashtar: Everything is happening one thing at a time. If the deep state goes into overdrive and plays all their cards at once, perhaps pulling off something diabolical, then the white hats will respond with ordinances they have in store for emergencies. It is move/counter move. No more, no less.

The white hats have been moving their agenda forward to check the moves of the deep state. All is for the revealing right now. No emergency broadcast system will be used unless the deep state pulls the plug on the internet. That is Trump’s main method of communication with the public. He requires this so he does have the emergency system as a backup. Eventually, as we discussed, the main stream media will be split into cabal owned and run and other. This will occur when it is logical to have it happen. It has to do with when the majority allows it and will support the changes.

We are having trouble implementing the St Germaine funds because of the suspicion of “Socialist/Communist” takeover. As I said, earth people don’t want to be dependent on their governments so they’d rather work, not realizing they already ARE dependent on their governments. This is the hold up with the St Germaine funds. Obviously when continued lockdowns shut down people’s income streams then this is the time to release the funds.

Me: So you’re expecting more lockdowns for all countries between now and January?

Ashtar: You’ll be getting your project funding in January, love, not your St Germaine funds. These are still scheduled for between now and the end of next year. That’s what we anticipate. What earth people have to start to embrace is the idea of humanitarianism and I’m sure that it’s difficult for so many considering what they’ve been through, but this is the reason for the funding. It may be necessary to wait until announcements where the monies stolen by the Illuminati and their repayment to the people will be announced.

This is a logical process. A return to Constitutional Law for the U.S. With constitutional law, all of the dark hats can be arrested and tried for the highest crimes known to you on earth. And the focus of it all is to allow you all to learn the truth of your world.

Me: I’m seeing it’s the nineteenth and there was a big prediction about the ten days of darkness, and to the best of my knowledge, it hasn’t happened. The Anons got censored off of social media but the NY Times came out with a whopper story anyway. You can’t suppress this. However now one candidate will be made invalid because of his crimes.

Ashtar: The truth will come out. If he is allowed to continue to run, then the people need to see this. Why is a criminal allowed to run for president?

Me: Yeah, ripping the lid off that one will be fun. I’d get the popcorn for that. Like Tricky Dicky was an honest guy. He even looked shifty! He had that energy.

Ashtar: Your people must know. And they will find out. So far, it is move/counter move. We hope it stays that way.

Me: Thank you Ashtar.

Ashtar: Adonai.


Ashtar Sheran: Psychological Warfare

Ashtar Sheran: Psychological Warfare

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by Sharon Stewart


Me: Ashtar, can you please take me to your ship? I need a moment’s sanity!

Ashtar: Reading the news again, Sharon?

Me: LOL Trudeau is saying we can’t let China intimidate us into releasing the two people Canada took into custody, while a few weeks ago he sold off all our gold to China.

Ashtar: It depends on which China he’s dealing with – the communists or the white hats.

Me: Who’s asking for the release of these people then?

Ashtar: The White Hats.

Me: That explains it. Who’s in charge of that country anyway?

Ashtar: There’s a mix. Often the leader at the top of any country has two sides he has to answer to. Same as Trump. The dark hats are trying to blackmail him, now a book out written by his relative, and then the white hats (alliance) instructing him on how to go further. Then there is his own sense of what he has to do as well. So it gets complicated, shall we say.

For many world leaders, it’s a question of who threatens the least and holds out the most money. Each political faction holds sway with the other. Sometimes they compromise for the sake of gaining ground elsewhere, and sometimes they just pay the other faction their price in order to further their agenda. Obviously, the white hats can be more stubborn but other times they’ll take a compromise to further their gains in the future. Sometimes, what looks like a good move for the Deep State is in fact their future undoing. You know that policies were created by the Obama and Bush governments that are now leading to their arrests. (1)

Me: Yes. What’s going on in Turkey now? They’re trying to take over the Middle East? LOL When are the people of the Middle East going to join together and say they’ve had enough? They need to make themselves one solidified state and tell the rest of the world to bug out, but of course they’re all fighting with each other.

Ashtar: Which is by design. Their leaders know what’s at stake. The Middle East is a prized area because of otherworldly resources. It’s not that much about oil as you’ve been led to believe although that can be part of it. It’s who’s living in the Middle East and how they’re trying to connect with the galaxy that there is warring over.

Me: So there isn’t really any unified government running a country, is there?

Ashtar: No, not really and this is advantageous now because then you’ll see more clearly who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. In the States it’s divided into 52 pieces.

Washington, New York and Los Angeles are still in dark hat hands. These states are the major leaders in the U.S. economy, and they have been doing negotiating of their own as well as banding together to fight Trump.

We all know California has been trying to split from the rest of the States and has been doing some negotiating at a world level already. The more resources each state holds, the more it can provide to world markets, the more likely it is that they can split off and form their own territory or even country. For California, this is why the focus on exposing the pedophile rings, because this way the rest of the world will be mortified and California will lose its global appeal.

Me: Ah. What about New York?
Ashtar: Antifa has been active in New York and is making the state and the capital look unappealing to tourists, that is to say, those who are even considering traveling now at this time of uncertainty. It would stand to reason that many tourists would skip a large city like NYC for the very fact that the potential of receiving the virus would be greater there. And New York has been one of the worst hit spots in the country.

Me: So why try to kill off your own state’s economy, how does that…. oh yeah, of course. New World Order economy. They’re trying to bring in the one world economy by bringing down the individual economies of each state and then each country.

Ashtar: Yes. Larger areas of the states, and that is to say larger economic regions, are hardest hit. These states primarily are Deep State run, so the more states swing to Republican run states, the healthier they will become.

Unfortunately, there is still the rioting. When the world’s people realize that everyone matters, not just separate groups, but every person, then the Cabal will have met its match.

This is not to make light of the situation of African Americans, it’s been of terrible oppression, but when you all learn to treat each other with humanitarian values, instead of the values you have been taught by the Deep State, Secret Military and the Dark Ones, you’ll be far better off.

Suffice it to say, there is more coming down the pipes. Those states who do swing to Republican will experience further attack by the Deep State. This could look like any number of ways. False flags, radiation spills, further lockdowns, even viruses released into the drinking water.

Me: Great.

Ashtar: The deep state runs and has always run, by intimidation. They use a mafia-style approach to controlling their subjects. Most have been oblivious to this because it hasn’t come down to the deep state losing its power over the people, but this is what is going on now. They’re losing. And they don’t like it.

Watch the news carefully to understand which states are in the headlines. These are the possible target states before the election. If a state swings over, then trouble may well start there.

This is psychological warfare.

Me: Yeah, there was a state that got a new governor, I think, who is a Republican and Q follower, instead of the Democrat who was in there previously. That might be one they would target as retribution for their loss.

Ashtar: For example.

You also noticed that after a few days of extreme heat that the “Global Warming” headlines started again. People have to realize how manipulated they are. First of all, the Deep State controls the weather and they can make it as hot or as cold as they like; and then they produce the headlines to get people panicking. That’s the last thing you need to do. Don’t panic.

The other thing that everyone has to realize is what they think is only part of the truth. Even for those who we have informed, the keyboard warriors, the Anons, only know part of the truth. There is more going on in the background and it tends to be revealed when either the deep state forces our hand, or we need to release the information to you so that you will hold that idea in your minds. Then you’ll help us create that timeline. That’s how it works.

Me: There are still some pretty resistant people, I’ve noticed. They think Trump is lying, trying to fool the public. That it’s all a big play on the part of the Cabal and Trump is in on it. They point out he’s a cabalist too.

Ashtar: Don’t underestimate the work of trolls. They’re all over the internet. There are also people who have this mindset, and they still have to be convinced.

Me: So what’s it going to take? How close to the edge do we have to get before these people see the Light?

Ashtar: You’re pretty close now but you’ll get even closer.

Me: Great. I can hear that song, “The eve of destruction,” playing in my head.

Ashtar: Your people are destructive. And they believe that destroying is the solution to everything. If something’s wrong, destroy it with guns. Blow it up. Fight fire with fire. At some point, you’ll see new laws put into place and enacted on by honest citizens in positions of power and your faith in the system will begin to be restored.

The problem is the people all have to be on board, and they’re not. So those who are of high light are still holding the Light for the ones who are chaotic, creating riots and fighting.

Me: When are we going to see announcements?

Ashtar: Within a year. Everything depends on your progress. For now, watch what Trump says. He’s as close to the truth as you’re going to get right now. He and Q.

Me: I think people would feel better if something would happen that would restore their faith in the system but nothing’s happened yet.

Ashtar: Some are getting wage subsidies. You got some.

Me: I did.

Ashtar: These are the beginnings of the St Germain payouts, the RV. Right now will be uncomfortable, but when the market crashes and money is worthless, then the RV will be paid out. When the market crashes, we’ll have arraigned all the dark ones, the deep state, and they won’t be able to control economics anymore.

Me: When do you see that?

Ashtar: My best guess is this year. Some say the economy has already crashed, but it hasn’t. When everything hits zero, that’s what I’m talking about. When it’s impossible to trade shares anymore because you can’t afford to buy them, their prices are so inflated. And when the price of gas dictates you can’t drive anymore. When so many businesses have gone out of business.

Me: I’d say that’s still a way off.

Ashtar: Possibly. But just wait. When Trump gains power again for his second term, then watch the fireworks. At this point, the Deep State will have nothing to lose. They’ll pull out all the stops and try to blame Trump. This entire operation hinges on people waking up, and they are.

Me: I know people who are sewing covid masks and selling them.

Ashtar: Opportunists. The hinge pin of economics.

When people don’t believe their governments anymore, we’ve won.

Me: So why should they believe Trump? He’s still a big rich fat cat.

Ashtar: He is. But he wants to revise the American economy that the Globalists have tried to destroy in the last few years. And it has affected his wealth, so he has a personal investment in making America great again. He’s reversing what they’ve done and will set it back on its feet again. That will install the people’s faith in him. He’s already made progress despite what’s been going on. He fears that his family will lose all the money he has built up over the years as well as the legacy of his forebears, and that his children and grandchildren will live in squalor under a globalist regime, because unless he does this, that is what will happen in America. He understands that short term pain will mean long term freedom for his country.

Me: So that’s another reason they want everyone at home: so they are unemployed.

Ashtar: Yes, they know what Trump is trying to create, and they’re countering so that he can’t create it. Employment is an obvious part of the platform of each candidate and job creation is important to Americans. There are other areas like healthcare, so of course, bring in a virus and destroy healthcare. Government spending, relations with other countries Trump has done well in, especially North Korea. He’s withdrawn financial support from the WHO, and walked away from the United Nations. This sends a big message out. He is taking on the globalists and beginning by withdrawing America’s financial support.

Me: I think they have to be careful because he’s already talking about the Deep State.

Ashtar: Yes, and this is for a reason: to let people know he’s not behind the problems in the economy right now. The fact that he’s said this much is alarming to the Deep State because once they’re completely outed, the people will realize they’ve been taken advantage of.

Me: I think that’s happening. Ricky Gervais’ speech at the academy awards was also another one.

Ashtar: And the news circulated by the Anons to reveal the truth to other people.

Me: I’ve done my part! LOL

Ashtar: Any way you can get the word out and get people to think.

Me: There’s still resistance. People don’t want to be let out of their jail cells. They’re comfortable there. Personally, I still think it’s going to get worse, much worse.

Ashtar: Yes, it might have to, and that’s their decision. However many can be saved.

The last thing I want to point out to you is the exoneration of people like General Flynn, and the failed impeachment of Donald Trump are showing the public who the bad guys are, and who they can trust.

Me: Is that just people who believe Trump, though?

Ashtar: It gives you more people to believe in. Because so many people still trust the system, when they see General Flynn exonerated, then they believe him to be a good man.

Me: Let’s see.

Ashtar: And you are waiting for him to prove himself.

Me: I’m waiting to see if Trump takes Flynn on board and gives him a position of authority. When he does, then I can believe he’s a white hat. I’m still wondering why Dr Jekyll is still up there, but of course the truthers are doing a lot to discredit him.

Ashtar: Which counts as well. He’ll go down.

Me: And he’ll be holding Bill Gates’ hand.

Ashtar: This is a game of proving to the American public, and the world, who’s worth believing in and who isn’t. There are many already who have fallen from the graces of the general public, many actors and other people of influence. You see the decks are being stacked as we speak.

Me: I’m hoping the white hats will just one day all stand up and “come out” to the public.

Thank you Ashtar.

Ashtar: Adonai.


(1) Steve: It isn’t clear whether Ashtar is saying Pres. Obama himself will be arrested, but, if he was, the Golden Age of Gaia would decline to agree.


Ashtar: Be still and Become your Still Point

Ashtar: Be in, and Become, Your Still Point

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by Davey

Greetings to all of you who are reading or listening to this message. I bid you great tidings, for all is well on the surface of planet earth. Despite how it may look in outer appearances. This is all to do with the way you see things.

It’s important that you cultivate an ability, to see things as your heart does, to live in heart awareness, heart consciousness. To be still. To allow your heart to open, fully open, to the full potential of the consciousness that you truly are.

There are many beings of light around you, that are assisting you at this time, to help you to do this. But it is important that you take the steps and the time to centre yourself daily, to allow yourself to become the still point, the very centre of your heart. In doing so, you will discover aspects of yourself, qualities of yourself, a feeling of yourself, that you have only dreamed of. It is right there for you, it is sitting right in your heart centre, waiting to be tapped into fully, completely, lovingly and openly.

It will become apparent to you as times move forward, just how easy it is to connect to this still point, relax with this, have fun with this, for this is the easiest way to do it, to bring yourself into your still point.

Allow your physical body to loosen, release the tension, let go of your worries, your anxieties, your fears. It is a little, as this one imagines, to holding on and clinging on to the side of a swimming pool, just as you might do in your daily life, in the many actions you take, it feels like you’re constantly clinging on in a certain way, and then when you relax, you feel as if you can release yourself. In truth you are letting go to the very truth that you are, you are surrendering. And imagine if you will, in this analogy, of holding onto the side of a swimming pool, and then allowing yourself to drift, trusting, that you will float, that you will always be supported, you are eternally supported. You are eternally supported by yourself, your higher self. The true fabric of who you really are. And in that state of being, there is nothing to hold onto.

You see, from a very young age, you have all been conditioned, programmed if you will, to grip, to hold on. And by doing so, you take yourselves further out of heart consciousness, and into mental control. This is one of the many things, that the energies coming in right now, are changing for you, and helping you to change. But you must be a willing participant, you must be a conscious participant.

We recommend that you go in daily, to your heart centre, surrender. Allow yourselves to drift freely, into melding into your heart centre. And instead of searching for the still point, allow it to draw you in, surrender to it, surrender to the truth that you are. Much like the analogy of releasing your grip from the side of the pool, in full faith and love and joy, that you are eternally supported and you are absolutely safe dear ones.

This is important because you see, whatever you can let go of, is not you. And when you let go and allow yourselves to drift and meld into your still point, you become aware of who you really are, you become aware of what you are. You become aware of when you fully let go, when you immerse yourself in your heart centre, you become your true state of being, this is what it is to live in the fifth dimension and above.

These are glorious times, in the unfolding’s that you are moving through at this time.

I thank this channel, for bringing this message through for me. And I will release channel now and bid you farewell. So much is yet to transpire, all of it is of the utmost amazement. Be well dear friends, brothers and sisters, for the future is about to more exciting than you can possibly imagine…

We love you all, farewell for now…

This is Ashtar


Message from Ashtar and Gaia, on 5G

BeesLightworkers everywhere! Channeled message from Mother Earth and Ashtar – WE can change the effect of 5G!!

It seems like 5G is a fact and is going to happen – whether we want it or not. So what can we actually do?
As a representative of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Intergalactic cooperation, I was contacted with a message so profound and clear, that I had to share it with the world!

It’s seems like the bees are gathering to leave earth – or stay – depending on the result of this work with 5G ❤ The bees want to show us what we are capable of, if WE also cooperate like them!

Ashtar made me see – to understand the effect of 5G – a picture of an antenna pulsating endless artificial waves out into the atmosphere.
Because 5G in it's raw form is very powerful, it's like a blast that erupts our natural radiation on earth, and it affects everything – plants, animals and our bodies and the healthy 'radiation' we need from outer space – and our telepathic abilities and later on our healing abilities and the contact to other beings in the universe, will be disturbed.
At this point I was alarmed – but instead of sinking into fear and creating even more fear and energy that will actually CREATE the feared result – I asked: But what can WE DO? How can we help with everything that we know – I DON'T want to sit on my hands in this matter!

And the answer from Ashtar was clear.

'We – from the Starfleet – have the means (kind of an opposite weapon) to neutralize the harmful effect of 5G. We just need your permission to act on it.
You have to be more than a certain percentage of the population of earth that says YES to our interference. (I got the number of 144.000).
Of course the Higher Council can give us permission to overrule decisions made by Human Beings, if it is in the name of the Greater Good!
But now you are so evolved and enlightened – so you have the power to change things yourself!'

At this point I asked: Help from outside is very generous and beautiful, but how can WE – Human Beings – take action and use our empowerment?

Ashtar was pleased to answer me:

'YOU have the power to change the frequency of 5G yourselves!
YOUR intentions to change things is MUCH MORE POWERFUL now, than you could ever imagine!
The help from us, can happen – with your permission – IF you do not reach the certain number of conscious Human Beings who ACTIVELY put their intention into changing the rays of 5G into healthier waves.'

So I – as a Lightworker – have a prayer to us Human Beings and other Lightworkers!

Let us DO THIS! And manifest a healthy future for everyone – and put our intention into ACTUALLY changing things!!

So how do we do, and how does this work?

Ashtar showed me a small exercise that everyone can do, your own ritual will be even as good!

'When you have manifested your intention in this small exercise, it will be send into a quantum leap – a place outside time and space.
In this quantum leap, the effect of your intention will multiply in a complex mathematical logarithm and be stronger – an effect you Human Beings already master at some extend and will evolve in time, when ego will not interfere with your work.
When the intentions reaches a certain mass and the energy of the intention will be radiated into every 5G transmitter in all times and dimensions and change the radiation into compatible frequencies.
So you see – you ARE powerful! And you CAN change the way things are with your intentions.

Now the exercise:

See with your inner eye a blissful place. It is summertime – there are bees, flowers, trees, children playing and grown ups relaxing – talking to each other in a friendly way. There are no worries. Only clear colors, a light energy and a high frequency.

Say: YES! THIS is the future I want for everyone!
See your intention float towards the quantum leap with MANY other beautiful souls intentions and create the result we all long for'.

Your 'YES' will also go for the help from the Star-fleet – if it will be necessary!

Working in groups like this – without fear, but only loving positive intentions – is part of what the bees (and many other species) already does!
I am sure there will be more channeled messages that help us people learn to work constructively with the power of love and co-creation!

Thank you for reading this ❤

I hope you will share this intention – together we stand strong!

Love from Pachamama, Ashtar and his Starcommand.

Channeled by Linda Rassing, Denmark.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

What will the Galactics look like?

What Will the Galactics Look Like?

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I’d like to make a few comments here on how the galactics – or extraterrestrials – will appear, when we get a look at them with the Delegations.

Most terrestrial sources represent them as being little Greys or Zeta Reticulans, like the illustration above.

But will they really look like that?

The galactics themselves tell us, no, they won’t. They’ll look like us.

SaLuSa of Sirius tells us that the ones who’ll be arriving first are those who engineered our species in the first place.

“You will find that Galactic Federation members are no strangers to your early evolution, and in fact have had more than a hand in it.

The Pleiadians, like Semjase here, shown meeting Billy Meier, look like us

“There is more of a connection between us than you might imagine. We have had a part to play in your genetic engineering resulting in what you are today. When you get to see the various types of Beings in our Federation, you will marvel at how many have a close resemblance to how you look now. ” (2)

The Sirians, Pleiadians, and Venusians are perhaps most like us, SaLuSa explains.

“Along with the Pleiadians and Venusians we [Sirians] are very much like you in appearance. After all, you are genetically linked with us and we have more in common than you might imagine.

“Many of you are aware of other humanoid forms, and these are simply variations that are more suited to the different planetary conditions.

Akhenaten: Long, slender face – galactic? Hussian?

“Bodies are vehicles that house your soul for the duration of your time in any one environment. Soon yours will change again, as you move into the higher vibrations and indeed for some of you they have already begun.” (3)

For them a change in appearance is an everyday affair. They simply think of how they wish to appear and assume that appearance, thought being creative in the higher dimensions.

Psychic drawing of SaLuSa

Commander Ashira has a slightly-feline appearance. He’s a Hussian, he explains.

“In particular my lineage is Hussian. The closest thing that you can think of there is is a tendency, particularly more in some than others, towards cat-like, feline features. You might even think, dear Suzi, Egyptian – and so our features are humanoid but they come from a different lineage.

“The Hussians particularly are from two planets called CeeCeeCee and Xeres and they are not in your Galaxy. So yes, there are many different types of human forms – and some that are not human forms which are delightful as well. Just as we have animals that are not known on Earth.” (4)

He says Hussians were selected to meet with us because they appear humanoid to us. Those who don’t appear humanoid won’t be in the first wave of visitors.

“Now, are there many Beings of all shapes, sizes, dimensional realities, further out either in this Galaxy or from where I have come from beyond this Galaxy?

“Yes, but we are right at hand, and we are humanoid – well, we tend to be primarily humanoid – we also can shape-shift a great deal, so we appear humanoid to you. So in this similarity, the potential for meaningful relationships and friendships is there.” (5)

They can shape-shift. Well, they’d have to. Ashtar says that he comes from beyond the Twelfth Dimension. (6) If so, he’d have no form, no shape at all. The form he appears to us in would have to be a form of his own making, so to speak.

Probably a stylized representation of Mother Sekhmet, herself probably a Hussian

Mother Sekhmet is represented as a feline Goddess. She very well may have been a higher-dimensional Hussian. Galactic civilizations were on Earth prior to 1200 BC. (7)

I like to remember what David Wilcock said back in 2010:

“The human body shows up in the galaxy on every planet where life can form. It’s a natural evolution.

Some might get there by an insect; some might get there by a lizard; some might get there by mammals like we do; some might get there by cetaceans; some might get there even by vegetation, apparently.” (8)

It may be a novel thought to most of us to consider that homo sapiens do not “own” the human body. As David says, the Adam Kadmon template is common throughout the multiverse.

By now, we can understand why the higher-dimensional galactics look upon us and love us as family. We are indeed family.

Mammalian version of the Adam Kadmon template

Kryon expressed their love well:

“There’s a family here. There’s an entourage here who came to see you, [who are] sitting in the chairs. We’re the ones right now who are going to pick up the bowls of tears that we’ve been using to wash your feet. You’re not Humans, you know? You’re family! … That’s why we love you the way we do.” (9)

This is, in the truest sense of the word, a family reunion. And that family reunion will be followed in the years ahead by meeting more and more forms, more and more varieties of human – and non-human – life.


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