The 9D Arcturian Council: Huge Downloads leading to Mass Awakenings

The 9D Arcturian Council: Huge Downloads Leading to Mass Awakenings

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been taking you slowly through the paces, so to speak, preparing you, little by little, for the larger downloads that we feel you are ready for at this time.

You are ready to receive these downloads because we, and our cohorts in the higher realms, have been softening you up.

We have been readying you for the avalanche of energies that are now imminent for all of you.

There has been enough receptivity to what we all have been offering to consider humanity in your intermediate phase in terms of what you are capable of handling now.

It is always important to recognize that the slow and steady pace is what serves you most, and it also allows you to savor each step that you take in the positive direction you are all moving.

Now, these downloads will go directly into your energy fields, and they will allow you to filter more of what you don’t want.

They will help to keep you free from interference from others who use whatever techniques they have at their disposal to lower your vibration and to infiltrate your energy fields with what does not serve you any longer.

Now, in case you are wondering why we didn’t do this sooner, it is because your higher selves wanted you to have certain experiences that you have now had, experiences you do not need to keep having.

You are ready now to have a pure experience of all of the positive energies that are present.

You are ready to have a better experience of your reality, no matter what you are creating.

You have done enough, and you have suffered enough, and you have asked for this protective type of filtration system.

We are, of course, going to work with your guides and your higher selves to ensure that these energies are not only received but properly utilized by all of you there on Earth, regardless of whether the individual is awake or not.

We know that this will lead to mass awakenings and that all of you who have been awake for a while will have more friends and colleagues to play with as a result.

We are very excited about these downloads, and you can expect for all of them to be complete by the time you reach the March Equinox.

Take care of yourselves, get plenty of rest, and drink lots of water to prepare yourselves for what is coming, because it is more energy than you are accustomed to receiving, and in our opinion, these downloads are coming right on time for all of you there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The 9D Arcturian Council: What you are attracted to and why

The 9D Arcturian Council: What You’re Attracted to & Why

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing the way in which humans tend to be attracted to that which is reflective of their most commonly offered vibration.

Here is what we mean by that. If you are offering a lot of anger, then you are naturally drawn towards other angry people. You are more likely to listen to a talk show hosted by an angry person. You are more likely to listen to music that expresses anger in the sound, in the lyrics, and even in the way that the musicians play their instruments.

The same is true for all vibrations; not only do you attract to you what you are vibrating, but you are also attracted to what matches your vibration because it validates you.

Most people want to have their feelings validated.

Most people can hardly even dream of moving beyond that dominant vibration that they are offering.

Now, part of being an awakened soul is recognizing when something doesn’t feel right.

Once you tap into the unconditional love that you really are, you are more likely to detect when something is not that, and you are more likely to care about how you feel much more than you care about getting something right or having the right information or perspective.

When you sense something is off inside of you as an awakened soul, you therefore are more likely to do something about the discord that you feel between the truth of who you are and the vibration that you are temporarily entertaining as some sort of truth.

You get to decide what you vibrate, but first you have to realize that you are offering a vibration at all.

Now, what usually makes the average person realize that they are in fact offering a vibration is when they hit rock bottom. The circumstances around them become so terrible that they cannot help but become aware of what they’ve been vibrating all along.

But it is our suggestion that you don’t let it get to that point.

It is our suggestion that you tune in to the feeling of unconditional love that exists at the center of your heart so that you become more sensitive to the anxiety, the fear, the anger, and the despair that is all around you.

Where you put your attention matters.

So do ask yourself why you are putting your attention on something that doesn’t feel good to you when you focus on it.

What do you believe you are gaining from doing that, and what is the reality?

These are the questions a person who is awake is likely to ask themselves, and we are merely suggesting that you do it more often, that you check in more often to see how you are feeling, and that you place how you feel above being right or having the right information.

You are living in the information age, and it is very seductive. But hopefully, those of you who are awake enough to receive these transmissions realize that you don’t need someone else’s version of reality to be a good citizen of the world.

In fact, we recommend that you create a reality that matches the vibration that you want to be the dominant vibration within you.

And do that by focusing, intending, and caring about how you feel.

Let the forces within this powerful universe do the rest.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The 9D Arcturian Council: Explosions of Emotional Energy

The 9D Arctuian Council: Explosions of Emotional Energy

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are beginning to sense the feelings within you that are no longer going to be held back from the surface, from your awareness, and your feeling of those emotions.

Humankind has been on the verge for a very long time of an explosion of emotions. Now, as these emotions come rushing to the surface level, the awareness level, you all need to take care of yourselves and each other.

Those of you who have been aware of your emotions and willing to process them are going to have a much easier time than those who have been suppressing, ignoring, and numbing themselves to those emotions.

That’s why you are the ones to lead humankind. It’s not because of what you know. It’s not because of what you believe in as truth; it is your willingness to feel that makes you the leaders in this consciousness evolution movement that is afoot there on Earth.

So we are speaking to the segment of the human population that is already better equipped to deal with the coming explosion of emotions and emotional energy, but you are still going to be doing your own clearing. (1)

You are still going to have your own moments where you forget what it is that you really need to do in order to heal, in order to release the energies that are popping up within you. But really, the reason you need to be aware of the explosiveness that is imminent on your world is because of that leadership role

You will be called into action by your fellow humans, especially the ones who have not been able or willing to feel what they need to feel in order to heal themselves, in order to heal their traumas.

So we are encouraging you to ready yourselves because this is something that not only needs to happen, but is ultimately beneficial for all of humankind, and you are needed on the frontlines.

All of the pain that people have been avoiding in their lives cannot be avoided forever, and the energies that are upon you right now are there to encourage the emotional explosion.

They are there to purge, to push out, what is no longer serving you and what hasn’t been serving you for a very long time.

And as you can see from just observing your fellow humans at this time, most of humanity is reaching a boiling point, and most people don’t know what to do about the explosive emotions that they have inside of themselves.

They will need soothing, comforting, and healing, and you, as the awakened collective, are the perfect ones to give all of that to them and so much more.

Trust us when we say this is a very good thing and that you’ve been training your whole lives for it.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


(1) Steve: I call these upsets and the explosions that are triggered vasanas or core issues.


The 9D Arcturian Council: Dec Energies, Ascension Symptoms, the Inner Critic

,The 9D Arcturian Council: December Energies, Ascension Symptoms & the Inner Critic

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are extremely satisfied with what we are seeing there on Earth at this time, because as many of you know, the energies upon you are intense, they are purging a lot of what needs to be purged in you individually and as a collective, and they are awakening many to the truth of who they really are.

You all must feel the intensity of these energies, and many of you are undoubtedly experiencing some unwanted symptoms as a result.

Oftentimes, when you have ascension symptoms or something that is unwanted in your lives, you feel that you have done something wrong. You often blame yourselves and ask yourselves what you were vibrating or focusing upon that brought it about.

But you don’t have to do that now or ever.

Certainly, you will get a wake-up call from time to time, and it will be obvious to you what the message is when you do get one of those wake-up calls.

But when you know that the energies upon you are being amplified and serving more of a collective purpose, then why would you be hard on yourself for having some sickness, some pain, a headache, or some things happening in your life that you would rather not have happen?

The simple answer is that you’ve been trained to believe that you are faulty in some way.

Some people even refer to themselves as broken, and in our experience, most awakened souls are hard on themselves because they feel they should be further along than they are.

Now is not the time for that type of mindset.

Now is the time to be gentle with yourselves.

Now is the time to nurture yourselves, to nurse yourselves back into health or into alignment, emotionally and energetically.

You don’t need that inner critic telling you that it’s your faulty wiring again, so let that go.

Let that aspect of you go, and let in all of the energies consciously and deliberately, while you simultaneously take care of yourselves.

You know how hard this journey as been.

You know how much you took on in this lifetime of ascension.

There is no need for the inner critic.

There is no need for you to be hard on yourselves, and it really doesn’t serve a purpose for you.

But now that we have helped to make you more conscious of it, you can choose self love over self recrimination, and being able to make that choice is the reason why you have the inner critic experience first.

You are ready to graduate from it, and we are here to encourage you to do so.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Archangel Gabriel: Sleep Disturbances

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Sleep Disturbances

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December 17, 2020,

Sleep disturbances are a common experience due to the transformational times you are participating in. This can occur for a few different reasons.

Some energetic shifts require you to be awake but still in order to receive them. This is not unlike some brain surgeries you see where the patient needs to be awake during the procedure. It is designed for you to receive and assimilate the changes in ways that best support your health and wellness.

Some planetary alignments and shifts can have a stimulating effect on you energetically, making it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, it can be very helpful to use that time to meditate. This will help you relax, as well as having the added benefit of the meditation having a similar effect on the body as sleep.

Sometimes your soul wakes you up at night if you have not been making enough time for deeper contemplation or spiritual connection. This can be rectified by prioritizing your prayer or meditation practices during the day.

Another thing we wish for you to be aware of is if you are feeling tired from a lack of sleep, you can simply ask your guides and helpers to infuse you with energy so you can be functional during the day.

Your dream time may also be very active right now when you do sleep, bringing up issues you have struggled with in past, resulting in a less than restful sleep. Many of you are wrapping up old themes and unresolved relationships in your dreams. This allows you to be far more efficient because you are in a non-resistant state while you sleep. It also allows you to take care of old issues in your sleep state. Most of you find this to be far more preferable than having to face them again in real life.

And sometimes you are working while you sleep, assisting the collective on service missions you do not have a conscious awareness of. You can also be connecting to higher realms to gain new knowledge and insights to assist you on your journey. We affectionately refer to this as night school.

We understand there is so much going on all at once it can feel overwhelming, especially if your sleep is being disturbed. Please understand it all has great purpose for you and is serving you in your evolutionary journey. Prioritize good self care and remember you can always ask for our assistance if you need some extra support.


Shelley Long: Archangel Gabriel – How to do Energetic Adjustments

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Energetic Adjustments

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December 11, 2020,

We understand you are in intense energetic times and this can be felt in a variety of ways. We wish to offer you some energetic adjustments you can use for common discomforts.

Unbalanced: If you are feeling unbalanced, this can be rectified by simply imagining a beautiful column of light that comes down from the heavens, right over your body, and into the ground below you. This is a very balancing practice that allows you to connect to your homes that exist both above and below the veil. This also allows you to be a supportive bridge of light between the two.

Spacey: If you are feeling dizzy, scattered, or unfocused, we suggest grounding. Get your bare feet onto the earth (or lie on Mother Earth, even better!). If you are not able to do that due to the climate or other restrictions that exist where you live, you can simply imagine yourself standing on the planet and having roots coming from your feet connecting you to the earth. Eating root vegetables, nuts, chocolate, a large meal, or engaging in any activity that is focused on the care and movement of your body can also be helpful.

General energetic discomfort: If you are just feeling uncomfortable with the energies, immersing yourself in salt water can provide a quick and effective energetic cleansing.

Out of alignment: If you feel out of alignment, meditation can be a great help. Or you can simply send your soul into a better alignment with your intention as you are in charge of your energetics.

Resistance: If you are feeling resistant to your now moment surrendering into the flow with the guidance of your angels or whatever higher being you enjoy working with or feel resonance with can bring immediate relief. Making a point to practice gratitude will also bring quick relief as it is impossible to be grateful and resistant at the same time.

Anxiousness: If you are feeling anxiety, presence is the key. We recommend playing a game we call “In This Right Now Moment.” Consciously look for what is happening right now that is working for you and supporting you. For example, you are warm, you have a roof over your head, there is plenty of air to breathe, etc. Being in the now moment is your power point, Dear Ones. Always remember that.

Collective Energies: If you are feeling highly affected by the energy of the collective, we recommend connecting with your heart centre and allow that energy to expand until it surrounds you completely with beautiful white pearly light. From that point you become the bringer of energy, not the catcher of energy. You can also choose to send love and support to the collective once you have decided to lead from your heart.

Feeling Overwhelmed: If you are feeling overwhelmed it is a sign it is time for you to ask for help and be willing to receive it. It is often difficult for those on the enlightenment journey to receive because it feels much more comfortable for them to give, but it is essential that you embrace being part of the flow of both giving and receiving. Plus it is giving others the joy of being of service to you! Allow yourself to be loved and supported from both sides of the veil.

These are just a few energetic remedies you may find helpful. We encourage you to get curious, experiment, and find what works for you. Of course, any energetic adjustment you make should be approached as a gentle and loving redirection, made from a space of self love, acceptance, and encouragement. What you are doing right now is no small feat, so we urge you to always treat yourselves with the love and understanding you all deserve.

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Lorie Ladd: Physical Symptoms now

Lorie Ladd ~ Physical Ascension Symptoms NOW

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Lorie points out the many ways our bodies reflect the changes we’re going through right Now…


Archangel Gabriel: The Final Push of 2020

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Final Push of 2020

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Circular spiral

November 29, 2020,

There are vast energetic changes occurring to both your bodies (physical and light bodies) and the planet from now until the end of the year. You are receiving downloads of energy which are often delivered/received in a spiraling motion.

The momentum of the collective awakening energy is also moving forward rapidly now which can be experienced as fast forward energy movement combined with waves of ups and downs, yet you may feel like you are not moving at all on a personal level. All of this together can result in many different symptoms!

You may feel buoyed by the energies. You may feel anxiety if you are experiencing accelerated flow. You may feel excitement, even if you don’t know where you are heading because you can sense there are breakthroughs for you waiting on the horizon.

You may feel dizziness, nausea, disorientation, or feeling like the ground is moving underneath you (much like motion sickness due to the spirals and swells of energy), headaches, dehydration, fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, erratic sleep patterns, and craving certain foods.

You may feel overwhelmed by the combination of it all! If you are especially sensitive, you may feel one thing with an undercurrent of another, or experience your own responses to the energies combined with feeling the energy of the collective.

Dear Ones, what we wish for you to understand is that you are in the final pushes of a completely transformative year that has been designed to deliver you into the energies of the new. This is much like the speeding up of intensity you feel in the last stages of labour. (Have you noticed how many of your ascension symptoms are similar to those of pregnancy?) It is truly remarkable what you are doing! You are birthing both a new you and a new earth. Breathe and stay focused on whatever is required in the present moment.

You are moving through accelerated energies with far greater wisdom and acceptance than ever seen on your planet before, one mindful choice at a time. These are the times that you have been waiting for and what you are going through right now will set you up well to step up and out onto the platform of the next exciting phase of your incarnation that will begin in 2021.

You are doing a marvelous job!


Archangel Gabriel: Your Own Safe Space

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Your Own Safe Space

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November 19, 2020,

In your dedication to become all you can be, have you fallen into the trap of constantly looking for what is wrong with you? Dear Ones, you cannot berate yourselves into enlightenment. It simply will not work because you cannot grow from a place of resistance to yourself.

Further, any wounded aspects of self will interpret that negative focus as a constant threat of impending rejection or abandonment, which will keep those wounds very active and triggered.

Resistance is a state of contraction, healing is a space of expansion. Self improvement is a wonderful goal but true growth best occurs from a space of safety, acceptance, consistency, unconditional love, and encouragement.

Isn’t it time you provide the safe and nurturing space you need to truly thrive? For that is exactly what creates the perfect environment for growth, healing, and your evolution. And the beautiful thing is, once you have created that within, you will be much better able to provide that loving space for others, as well.


The 9D Arcturian Council: why your Ascension Symptoms are Acting up

The 9D Arcturian Council: Why Your Ascension Symptoms are Acting Up

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very happy with the way that you all are progressing there on Earth, especially in regards to the energies that are upon you right now and the challenges that you’ve been facing.

We see you all making progress vibrationally, and while it takes some time for that vibrational progress to show itself to you in the physical realm, please trust us when we say that you are moving forward on a timeline that is in service to all.

You are getting to where you need to go because of the intensity of the times you are living in.

You have taken yourselves through a rapid energetic detox of sorts, and when you are going through a detox, you do tend to have a lot of symptoms. You do tend to feel worse than you normally feel for a while, but you feel worse because of what has been released, what has been dislodged and is in the process of being expelled from the body.

That’s what’s happening to you energetically now as a collective.

It is hard to endure what you are enduring, but it is making you stronger, healthier, and more capable of handling higher-frequency energies.

You do need to make room for the higher-frequency energies, and in order to do that, you need to expel the lower-vibrational energies. That’s what you’ve been doing; that’s why your ascension symptoms are acting up at this time, and that’s why we come around to remind you to take it easy, to rest, relax, and hydrate.

You must know by now that you are ascending, and because you are ascending, everything is moving you in that direction, no matter how it looks or feels.

But of course, we also frequently emphasize the importance of honoring your feelings.

So if something does not feel right to you, if it does not resonate, then you need to move away from it.

You don’t need to do all of your clearing and releasing in one fell swoop.

You get to take your time because you are eliminating trauma from hundreds of lifetimes in some cases.

Not everyone has the same amount that they are clearing, and that is by choice.

None of you is being punished at this time; everything is by choice.

And when you face those challenges head on, you are making the choice to do so as well.

And when we see you facing the challenges of life head on, we feel even better about your progress because we know that all of you who are a part of the awakened collective are doing more than your part at this time and throughout this ascension journey that you are all on together.

Trust your feelings; trust each other.

And trust that everything that is unfolding is for the greatest and highest good of all humans, not just the ones that believe in something.

All of you are in it together because you are all very, very old friends.

And we will always be with you, every step of the way, looking for every available opportunity to give you something, to comfort you, and to make your journeys more joyous and a whole lot easier.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”