The Quickening

It feels like the body is vibrating at a higher speed since the Lion Gate similar to when you are falling asleep. The body starts to rev uo, maybe to shake, then to vibrate smoothly, at a higher speed. This was something that was easier when I was a child and I have had a recall where I went up through the roof of my grandmothers house. I even saw a piece of wood lying across the rafters, I was out-of-body and flying.

The shaking in the initial stages is your body getting used to the energy coming in. It clears up when the body is fine-tuned either by spiritual practices, clearing energy blocks from past lives, or asking for assistance from Higher dimensional beings. Keeping the body fine-tuned is an art. I’ve already spoken about clearing the energies in your house; avoiding lower dimensional energies in shopping centres and huge crowds, at football matches; using Tai Chi and acupuncture or yoga to balance and centre yourself.

We are in the quickening. I would like to again compare this time to a pregnant woman. From conception through the 8th month, the baby has the comfort and security of its mother’s womb: warm, dark,and safe. Sometime in the latter part of that 8th month, the baby’s home, the womb, will no longer offer enough room for growth and the baby will have to prepare for its eventual journey through the birth canal. The first step will be “to drop” from its position up high in the womb to a lower place in the pelvic cavity. We are the baby, the Earth is our mother, we are in the 8th Era, and it is time to drop, to quicken.

In order to drop, a baby will go through a lot of physical movements, he/she may need to turn themselves completely around in the womb. As you can imagine, this can be uncomfortable, even painful, for the mother. I remember in my own pregnancies experiencing nausea and feeling as if my equilibrium was very off. The way through this period is to breathe, long slow deep breaths, bringing in universal energy. A mother whose baby has just quickened will carry an energized Auric glow, she will be “high” as a kite in her expecting phase. I am sure our blue planet is glowing magnificently. The mother will then get a period of rest (2-4 weeks) prior to her labor contractions.

Use this time wisely to prepare. So the word ‘trigger’ is a word that many are going to be feeling right now. A greater sensitivity in you leads to you being a bit more trigger-able. Anything in your past that is unresolved — any of these dense areas in the body, any of these past impacts — is absolutely popping up and open right now so that you can become bigger, wider, and more present . . . more here. Conversely, some of you will be experiencing an enormous resistance and heaviness to this process. You might feel like you’ve dug in your heels, and you may be experiencing a health crisis or other crisis in your life that has a lot of weight and density. It’s the same thing, it’s just a different position on the energy scale. Essentially, when you feel that low or that compressed, the only reason that you’re feeling that low and that compressed — and not liking or enjoying that feeling — is because this fire is trying to push through you. It’s trying to awaken you. It’s trying to rise. And everything inside you that can’t let it come through is what starts to wobble. Its kundalini rising.

Make some different choices about things that will bring you either more pleasure, or more growth, or more space in your life. Actively look at how you can bring some of those aspects into your life because they ALL feed growth in you, which will feed the growth that you can offer to and give others.

Forgive yourself and forgive everyone for everything. It’s a very famous practice. It shows up in many different religions and faiths – and in many different ways. Everyone is always doing their best, so if their best is repeatedly not serving you, and you can’t discuss it with them, move away from them. Trust the dissonance and make a change rather than stay in the situation and build up more resentment or sadness.

Release judgment. Forgiveness is very important for releasing self-judgment and clearing the judgment of others. Self-judgment and judgment of others are highly destructive energies — energies we all feel at different times because we’ve grown up in a world that is full of them. The difference is, you can feel those things in yourself and breathe them out, asking yourself, “What’s underneath this judgment? Why am I triggered? Why am I attacking myself? Why do I want to attack another?”

You can choose to step out of the fight matrix that exists on our planet, because the fight matrix is getting very tempting right now. It wants to tempt people into the fight, which is the way that fire has often been used in our world. There is a place in the middle that involves listening and being. And if you get that balance right — if you can be yourself and listen for direction to find the places and the people where you can go to be yourself — you get bigger, you get wider, you get fuller. And the end result really is more love for life and more love for others. This is the energy paradigm that we need more of on the planet right now as we go through this transformation.

This is indeed the Time of the Lions as described in my Sirius blog. The killing of Cecil the Lion right on the Lion gateway portal has drawn the attention of the world. This travesty is no longer acceptable by anyone’s standards. Cecil is a noble beast who sacrificed himself in order for change to occur and animals to be valued as the mighty entities they are. All life is precious!

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