Magenta Pixie book review, Amazon link


This. Book is a mind blowing, mind expanding book about ascension! I really can’t begin to explain it. It has all the keys and codices for the process, explained in a precise and clear way. Magenta Pixie, you are a star.

I highly recommend it if you are on an Ascension path, it does use some terms which may be unfamiliar, but if you take your time, picking up when you are intuitively guided to, you will understand the process.

‘This entire book that our conduit has decided to call The Infinite Helix has been a fractalised analysis of “The Emerald Gateway” transmission this entire time. Our conduit, our dear Pixie, had no knowledge of this until the actual point of us dictating to her as she transcribes. Her ability to type her transcriptions from us is slightly compromised at this time due to the fact that she sheds tears as she scribes. We show you this so you may understand, through Pixie’s journey, the act of creation itself and how the tears of surprise and joy as you feel the synchronistic dimensions of creativity merge together within your very being as you create, create, create. You must create, dearest starseeds, for your creations are your blue starphire (quantum convergence charge). So this creativity you have will appear as though you made the choice of what or how to create. Yet in truth, we make the choice. Not ‘we’ as the Nine but ‘we’ as Pixie and the Nine together. You and your ‘guidance system’ together, which is the ‘infinite helix’.’

Egypt trip preparations 3

The Father Archetype

The channeling by Jennifer Starlight of Egyptian entity Min

The session began with stating our name and intentions. This was a transformation of our relationship not only with our biological father but our genetic line, accomplished in present time.

The heart chakra is the father of your soul’s creation. Biological fathers are a blessing, surrender to your heart. Your soul is the living mother, an ever flowing creative force like water. Gods are inside your heart. Father fire is the active burning desire for life. Mother moon or water is the ebbing and flowing of the emotional body.

At the beginning the feminine represented the mother. Darkness is the power within you, the unmanifest. The hardest step is to take responsibility for what happened, the roles you had to play.
The reason is you lost your innocence.

When you say I am going to transform this myself, the misunderstanding was he was so damaged by his father and so. It takes Mastership to take on a physical body. If you were standing on the other side of the veil, you would see human pain does not ha e to exist.

In the beginning you were magnificent divine beings participating in creation. You are he only consciousness in existence that have created heaven. You wish to know more of what you are to take the experience further.

Your biological father love you more than you could bear. Can you take on that is preordained this experience. The soul has been in a karmic gridlock. You have an invitation to creat something called ‘kinetic consciousness’, the understanding to step back from society’s programming.

For a man to express himself is programmed out by roles of ‘father the protector’, ‘father the judging God’ which is emotion based on misinformation. Go back to your inner 7 year old, and see your father as a magnificent soul. You are reawakening innocence as purity, trust and faith. Your father is reflecting back your own abuse and abandonment.

Emotional father issues are based on the Church’s programming of beliefs. Innocence is your heart – it just gives and gives. Perhaps connect on a magnetic level or perhaps a physical level.

A girl in a family of 5 males
We have all been working from the masculine, because we live in a masculine society. You set it up to find the balance. When you do what is loving, nurturing and creative, you will find the balance. In 3 months you will find bring the feminine back. The intuitive child must come back first. You must become the one you attract by finding the balance.

Every human has been programmed with inadequacy. It has stopped you becoming a whole person. You don’t have to vibrate to the same soul group.. There is nothing to work out with him, it’s to do with mother, your feminine aspect. If you want to follow a soul path, your must receive for yourself. Soul and spirit, I surrender to receive, like a child in innocence. Desire to receive so you can give. Surrender to the unknown. You do not have to search and seek and struggle.

The ‘will’ centre is the throat, surrender to know within your heart. Humility is the flip side to inadequacy. Humility is the ability to surrender to receive. You are a sacred sentient being who deserves everything without struggle.

Sacrifice is a Christian script. If you don’t know your father, you don’t know God the Father. Demand to know God within you. Many women are experiencing a blinding rage at the masculine. Father told you, no one is good enough. This was done out of fear. When you push men away, love comes in, mind stops it. The base chakra issue is where the rage is, rage is love unexpressed. Love hurts is a false belief. Feminine force wants to be loved.

‘Kinetic consciousness’ is creating in every moment. Drop into soul – go by feeling, into the feeling body. Breathe and give soul permission. Trust, faith, innocence, imagination, sit in stillness, be present, start to feel.

Mars is rage, anger, Mars sits in the throat chakra.

Fear of pregnancy is a programming.


Jesus ~ Transcript: 2016 New Year’s Message

I am Jesus Sananda, brother of Love, Master of the 7th Dimension, Master of Unconditional Love, Master of the Magenta …

Jesus ~ Transcript: 2016 New Year’s Message
January 9, 2016 By Steve Beckow

Greetings. I am Jesus Sananda, brother of Love, Master of the 7th Dimension, Master of Unconditional Love, Master of the Magenta Flame, kindred spirit, physical brother, embodiment, many times, of physicality and the joy, the challenge, the trial, and the gift of being alive. Welcome my beloveds and you have been the family of my soul, of my core of my being forever. Welcome brave hearts, sweet Annas, wayshowers, pathfinders, sweet Gaians.

And welcome to this year of 2016 in your time and in the Mother’s New Time, and in this year which we will term ‘a year of extraordinary change’. Yes, I will explain. But before I proceed, is it not worthwhile to take a moment and to reflect back ever so slightly at what has been achieved, accomplished, and integrated in this past year of 2015?

Sweet angels of light, you have done stalwart work. Has it been a year where you have practiced and become more patient, more wise, more compassionate, more understanding, and more deeply, deeply in love…yes, with us, with the universe, with each other, but most importantly, with your sacred self?

The Mother has spoken, taught, and demonstrated a great deal about sacred union and the true meaning of sacred union within and without. But without the deepening of this love affair with your sacred self, all of Her words have no meaning.

But that is not what has occurred, for you have accepted, you have grabbed, you have integrated all the downloads that have been sent to thee. You have welcomed the shift, the change, and the deepest levels of integration. And now you are ready, you are past ready, and you say to me, “Lord, what next?” And what I say to you beloveds is, “Hold on to your hats, hold on to your socks, and unfurl your wings!”

“You have come to this beloved planet of Gaia initially as masters-in-the-making, but you have claimed and stepped forward, allowed and accepted, and surrendered to your mastery. And so now you wonder, with mental and emotional bodies, what’s next, where are we going? You have challenged and you have cleared many of your core issues, enough that you have the essence of clarity needed to proceed. And proceed we do…hand in hand, heart in heart, wing in wing, interdimensionally, for it is no longer sufficient, acceptable, and certainly not fun to be limited, shackled, and jailed in what remains of the old 3rd or even the beautiful, pristine, clear new 3rd of physicality.

Now my friends, often you have thought ‘now we will proceed to this plane or that plane, we’ll work on the emotional plane, the mental plane, we will deal with magic and alchemy and change’. What I come to speak of today, for this new time, is the intertwining, the integration of All. That is why, when I have spoken of who I am, I speak of the 7th dimension – the dimension of Love – the half-way point between the 1st dimensions and the higher dimensions or what you tend to think of as the higher dimensions. And the 7th is the place, the Home of Love, but it is also the point, if you wish to think of it as a place, a state of being, of integration.

But what is this integration that I speak of about? How does this reality that I am inviting you to, new reality, new time, new realm of existence, new you, how does this exhibit? What does it look like and taste like and feel like? How do you live there?

So often we speak of ‘Love’ and yes, we know the channel’s joke that all we ever speak of is love, love, love, love, but that is the truth for that is the essence, the microcosm, the macrocosm of the entire universe. It is the essence of our beloved Mother and Father. It is the integrated source of All.

But, what is Love? So often we have said to thee, “Well it is peace, it is serenity, it is bliss, it is ecstasy, it is knowing, it is wisdom.” But how you come to know Love is through experiential existence. And it doesn’t matter whether it is in the 1st dimension or the 12th dimension. How you experience Love is how you know it even when it is simply a gentle pulsing or an outrageous ecstasy within your heart, your being.

So, you tend to think of the Father as ‘the great silence’, as the Unknowable Source. But He is Love. The Mother as ‘the movement’, ‘the nurturer’, the Creator Source. And She is Love. But it is an act of will, an energy as you would think of it, of will from the very core of Source that activates, moves the Mother, conjoins with the Mother into movement, creation, and action.

This is what you are doing. You are being activated at the deepest and the highest integration of Love and Will. And the expression of that divine union is action, it is action within, the action of loving and being gentle and being kind and nurturing to your beloved, divine and human and inter-multidimensional self…all aspects, all lives, all forms. And it is the expression and the action of Love in the external reality, with us, with your star family and far beyond, with the realm of the angelics, the Archangelics, the masters, the enlightened ones, the sheer energies, and each other. The work that you have done brings you to this place where, by an act of Loving Will, you are prepared to move forth, right now, in action.

And what is the expression, what is the knowing, the experience of this action? It is joy, it is bliss, and ultimately it is ecstasy. It is the integration of all of you, all aspects, in union with All…with all of humanity and with All. That is where you are headed and have already begun because there has been some work, some ground work, for this. Yes, core issues, the joy work, the clearing, the acceptance of greater love, interdimensional travel, and knowingness. You have reached a place of balance, of the wisdom of knowing what creates balance. So, where there is hatred you do not balance it with more hatred, you balance it with compassion and Love. And where there is dissidence you bring clarity, not more dissidence. And where there is inequality you do not add to that inequality. Where there is lack you add abundance. You have learned this and you have learned it within and now you move, boldly, freely, in awe and excitement, into the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth from the place of Nova Being and Loving Will…or willing Love!

So often you have turned to me in dismay and you have said, “Lord, when will we be free?” You have always been free! But somehow…what is your expression…you did not get the memo, you did not receive the text. You are free and nothing, nothing can hamper you, can hinder you, nothing can stop you now. It is not a matter of more activations. It is not a matter of more Tsunami. Is the collective still being penetrated? Yes. But you, beloved ones, are the agents of extraordinary change. You are the agents and the angels of re-gridding, of re-patterning, and of pulling, pushing, gentling, with every ounce of your being, seen and unseen, bringing the collective and all of Gaia into integrated reality, into new time.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means a world that you have not even glimpsed. You have dreamt of the new tomorrow and you have believed it to be fabulous, and in fact it has been, but you aren’t even close. And it is not ten years hence or one hundred years hence, it is right now. And what does it look like, other than pristine and clean and balanced and trusting and loving? It looks like Love…in action, in play, in harmony, in silence, and in the sound of Gabrielle’s horn calling all into attendance and balance. It looks and it feels extraordinary movement.

Why do I use this term? The phraseology, the understanding of the Chinese masters that change is constant, is universal. You will not be the same in the next breath that you were a moment ago; that change is never ending. The Mother’s creation is constant and infinite and therefore change is constant and infinite. That is ordinary…which is really far from ordinary. But I use this term ‘extraordinary’ to connote quantum leaps, change of such a magnitude that you cannot hardly believe that yesterday was yesterday and today is today.

Now, what is required in all of this? Simple acceptance. I am not asking you to go and jump the Grand Canyon…although you will. I am not asking you to get on a soap box and go in front of the White House…although you might. What I am asking you is to walk with me, to walk with us, to walk on Earth with your star family, with the masters, with me in form now! And I know you say ‘yes’. You said ‘yes’ 2000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, and 1 million years ago. Your heart, your soul, has always said ‘yes’. Expect…and seldom do I ask you to work in expectation…expect the unexpected; revel in the unexpected.

Ascension is at hand and so I ask all of you to take each other’s hands, to take my hand, to take the hand of St. Germaine, Sanat Kumara, the Mother, for we proceed together in this moment, this bridge of right now, together, in willing Love, in Loving Will, and in determined, focused action. Let us begin.

Farewell, and understand ‘god speed’ takes on new meaning. I love you. Farewell.


(1) “Agents of Extraordinary Change” at

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

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The Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson: Creating the Future of Ascension – Golden Age of Gaia

Source: The Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson: Creating the Future of Ascension – Golden Age of Gaia

Life is made up from Projections of Consciousness – Golden Age of Gaia

We are essentially living out our own version of a virtual reality game. This experience is being played out within a matter bubble that is constantly reflecting back to us, our thought vibration. Everything around us represents the thoughts that we have emanated into this creation field.   Earth reality is a consciousness hologram and …

Source: Life is made up from Projections of Consciousness – Golden Age of Gaia

You are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm

Gaia, female painter in cosmos w eyes

You are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm

October 16, 2015 by Tiara Kumara
knowing yourself as one and by consciously uniting your microcosmic self with the macrocosmic whole, a supreme union is achieved. It is then that all things are made possible.

There is a saying, ‘as above, so below’, meaning that everything is a microcosm of the macrocosm. We see the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale all the way down to the smallest sub-atomic substance, including the metaphysical.

The universe is part of ‘all that is’, which is the same as God, the ultimate creator entity. Everywhere there is conscious life, all made from the exact same core substance. This substance is vibrating, through patterns of energy, of light and sound.

God, the vibration, is the same as the human, the human is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as, and so on and on. This idea expresses that humans are made in the image and likeness of the one original Creator of everything at the most macro level. All forms of life are birthed from this one primary source.

Let’s consider the innate cognition in the very nucleus of the globular atom. For years, scientists have known that atoms are intelligently driven particles of energy that can discriminate and choose.

Just as our physical bodies are made up of spinning atoms, all of our human forms cohere together to create an even greater body. This evolved entity comprises the sum total of a group consciousness.

The evolved group atom and its unifying nature demonstrates further as planetary consciousness which is the sum total of all of the groups and states of awareness. The evolution of the atom continues on into solar consciousness, then into galactic consciousness, universal space… and so on.

At each successive stage, the atom evolves into more encompassing fields of intelligence that eventually returns to the consciousness of the Creator Deity Itself. From macro to micro, everything is a representation of the larger whole and part of a deeper reality where all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected.

By knowing yourself as one and by consciously uniting your microcosmic self with the macrocosmic whole, a supreme union is achieved. It is then that all things are made possible. You are the part and you are the whole. Through coherence, you learn how to use your connection consciously to tap into the same power that drives the entire universe.

By seeing what you really are as a ‘web of awareness’, the brain rewires itself to be a more precise receiver of the frequencies that mirror your truer vibration. Your reality becomes more and more crystallized along a particular frequency attunement of coherently connected consciousness.

As a result, all other things naturally fall away that are not of that vibration. You shift into a new matrix… with new dreams, new visions and many amazing synchronicities that meet your every emanating thought.

This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS: Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness. Free enrollment with more than 60 podcast episodes.


presented by Tiara Kumara, Program Creatress
Children of the Sun Foundation and I AM Avatar Education
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