The 9D Arcturian Council: Do this to Release Yourself from Oppression



The 9D Arcturian Council: Do This to Release Yourself from Oppression

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in seeing what humanity will do when you have freed yourselves from the limiting beliefs that we can feel weighing humankind down in these times you are living in right now.

We know that life is not easy there on Earth, and we don’t wish to make it seem as though we feel that it would be very simple for you to just let go of those limiting beliefs we are referring to right now.

But the truth is that we do feel so many humans are anchored at this time to the belief that they are more oppressed than they are empowered.

So many on your planet feel more victimized than they do empowered by the truth that they are Source Energy Beings.

And we invite those of you who are truly awake, who absolutely know that you are Source Energy Beings, to lead humanity into this new golden age, an age where everyone will know who they really are, and everyone will also know who all of their fellow humans are.

That will be the time when we can see what you are truly capable of creating, being, and doing there on Earth, and that’s exciting to us.

But in the meantime, we will encourage those of you who understand who you really are to demonstrate what is possible to your fellow humans by sitting in your power, activating your Divinity, and living a life of freedom, a life of joy, a life of unconditional love.

Many on your world at this time believe that knowledge is power.

So many have put their faith in a story, a narrative that has been cooked up by one or more other humans, and we want to tell you that even if all the stories presented right now on the Internet were true, your power would still lie in your ability to love unconditionally all the villains, all the people wearing the black hats, all of the enemies of the people.

They are your assignments.

You are there to love them back into alignment, and no, they will not all choose to come back into the light, and that’s okay too.

That is their free will, but we are always going to recommend that you use your free will to demonstrate to yourselves and others how powerful you are, and to tell the world that your power comes from your heart and not your mind.

Your power comes from your ability to vibrate on purpose, not your ability to march or protest.

You have the ability to bring about the massive changes that you see promised by the same individuals who will continue to point fingers at the causes of the problem without offering the only solution.

Those massive changes will come because the awakened collective will choose love time and time again.

That is your assignment, and we know that you are up to it, because when we see you, we only see who you really are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The 9D Arcturian Council: Codes gor Unlocking the Secrets of your DNA



The 9D Arcturian Council: Codes for Unlocking the Secrets in Your DNA

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DNAby Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are on the verge of a major breakthrough in our attempts to get through to the humans who are not consciously receiving our transmissions.

We know that those of you who are a part of the awakened collective are doing your part to spread the messages of compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love to your fellow humans.

But we also know that there are ways of reaching your fellow humans that go far beyond what the physical mind can comprehend, and that’s what we are looking for just the right codes to accomplish.

We often do work with inaudible sound to reach humankind.

We are able to create sounds that create experiences within a person, and the person doesn’t even have to hear the sound to have the experience and for the sound to have the desired effect.

Now, the codes that we are working on, that we will be infusing into sounds that will remain inaudible, are codes for unlocking more of the secrets that are embedded in your cells and in your DNA.

You have these very long histories of existing in this universe that you have only begun to scratch the surface of, and it is our goal to jostle more of those unconscious memories loose so that you can know yourselves more fully as you truly are.

You are the universe masquerading as a human being, and it is time for you to fully recognize this truth, a truth that changes everything when you full embody it.

And that is why we work so diligently to find just the right series of codes, and seek the perfect timing for delivery to each and every one of you, so that you can know yourselves as your whole selves and begin operating in the world as your whole selves, which will then of course change everything there on Earth.

There is so much more to you than meets the eye, but we can still see it, feel it, and know it, and we will continue to work behind the scenes to get you to realize the truth of who you really are in this lifetime and before you shift your consciousness.

We want you to enjoy the rest of the ride, and you can only do that when you are empowered with the truth of who you really are as the entirety of the universe pretending to be a singular human being.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Time of Vast Expansion

The Time of Vast Expansion

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by Judith Kusel

Expansion is the Key Phrase on Intergalactic and Universal Levels now, as the New Earth is accelerating into the 7th Dimensional state and indeed, access is granted to those who are ready to receive this, to the most sacred knowledge which has not been accessible, or even comprehendible to those in the Old Earth and the 3D.

Indeed, the Spiral of Creation, holds within it the Great Central Suns, and Multiple Universes and multiple tiers of existence. There are 352 levels of Divinity, and each level holds within it, multiple dimensional existences and multiple tiers or octaves of Divine Knowledge, and Divine Sacred Teachings. Indeed, each tier has different levels of advanced souls working and existing in these.

In our Universe there are tiers of Knowledge and Tiers of Sacred Teachings, which are overseen by the Elohim and the Elohim Counsels and the Universal Logos as well as the various tiers of Ascended and Higher Ranking Masters who work on Universal, Galactic, Solar and Planetary Levels. (I am just giving the basics here for it is much vaster than this – indeed words fail me.)

At this momentous time, as the New Earth is being created in a much higher dimensional vibrational frequency band, many of the Universal Masters, under the leadership of Lord Melchizedek, and the Universal High Counsel of Melchizedek, and The Ancient of Days, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and the Universal Counsels of Universal Masters are overseeing the creation of the New Earth and the creation and rising of the new humanity, in a much higher light-body form and thus a much higher evolutionary way of life and living.
Indeed the forces of expansion and the new creation are unstoppable and thus no matter what is seemingly going on in the 3D and Old Earth, can change events on Universal scale, for planet earth is but the tiniest spec of dust, within the greater Cosmic Whole and thus what has been decreed Omni-Versally cannot be changed in any form or way.

It is entirely up to each individual soul now, where they truly wish to live and be, as each soul has free will and choice. Note that every soul indeed signed an agreement that they would partake in an experiment on Earth, and indeed they now can choose to finally move past this agreement in the Old Earth which only exists in holographic form and not in reality anymore. That is entire up to each soul.

Yet, those souls who truly can leave the old behind (no baggage from the Old Earth and 3D allowed), will indeed and are already co-creating the New Earth.

I often stand in awe and wonder when I experience this every single day. For indeed, the opportunity is in the here and now, to start creating a totally new reality, in which there is peace and harmony and unconditional love within yourself, as the Kingdom of Heaven is indeed within yourself and not outside of yourself, and thus create a total new reality for yourself and the way you live your life now. Indeed, you embrace your own Divinity – as step fully in the truth of the Universal Soul you indeed are!

More than this, when there is harmony and unity within yourself and unconditional love, you can finally create and experience this OUTSIDE of yourself. This indeed, is Soul Mastery to the highest degree.

I am so often reminded, and I share this with my students, of the Zen master who told his students, as he sat down on the floor in the lotus position, to try and move him, lift his arms and lift him to his feet. No matter how hard the students tried, and all of them, they could not lift any part and particle of him even fractionally!

“This is mastery!” said the Zen master, “when nothing and no one can move you, for you stand fully in your soul mastery and thus become an immovable force at will!”

We will even be able to expand on the Zen master’s abilities as we remember Universal Mastery and how to live in the New Earth, as the Golden Age dawns – the Age of Unity, Harmony and Peace.

Seek and ye shall find!

Knock and Doors will be opened!

Open the Sacred Heart which is the Portal to all Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, and the Highest Unconditional Love.

Leave behind everything – and you will find life and life more abundantly in the New Earth.

What a Divine Gift!

Judith Kusel


The 9D Arcturian Council: New Galactic Codes are coming



The 9D Arcturian Council: New Galactic Codes Are Coming

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Photon Light Codes

by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are looking for even more allies at this time to join us in co-creating new codes from all across the galaxy.

These codes will activate within you that which has been lying dormant. You have so much inside of you, so much that you have been, so much that you have become, so much that you have mastered, and most of you are unaware of all that you have access to within you.

And that is why we are looking for other collectives and beings who specialize in the creation of these codes. It is our desire for all of you to unlock the hidden gems that lie within you, and we know that you will.

We just want to be a part of it.

We just want to have fun on this journey with you, and let’s face it. Codes are cool. Codes are fascinating, and codes are powerful when you simply let them do what they do.

Now, some of you are probably wondering how you are going to receive the codes that will be transmitted to you.

They will be transmitted in every imaginable way so that we can slip them in through the cracks that you leave open.

They will be transmitted by this channel; they will be transmitted by other channels. They will be coming to you from your sun, from the gridlines across your Earth, and from all the energies that you are bombarded with on a regular basis.

How do you make sure you are one of the ones receiving the codes?

Receiving this transmission is the first step because now you know about them.

We also recommend that you focus yourself on receiving what is coming to you at least once a day.

You have to relax and open up to receive, and there is more now than there ever has been for you.

This is a good time for you to be opening up, and it will just keep getting better and better, so you might as well start now and receive codes from all across the galaxy, codes that can activate that which is beyond your imagination, beyond your mind’s ability to conceive of ideas and possibilities.

And yet, it is all within you.

You have all the information that you need inside of you.

We are here to help activate it, and we are seeking out new friends, new alliances, new colleagues, to co-create with us the new beautiful codes that will help you remember who you are, tap into your power, and be the sovereign beings of light and love that you were always meant to be in this lifetime.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

From Laurel N Brown on Keepers of the Codes


Archangel Gabriel: Window of Opportunity

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Window of Opportunity

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December 22, 2020,

You are in a potent energy window that exists between your solstice and Christmas day. This is an opening of profoundly supportive energies designed to assist you in your embodiment and creation. We highly recommend you take the time to be clear about the core essence of what it is you wish to experience and create and wrap yourself up with that energy as a prevalent aspect of who you truly are.

This is embracing your preferences and beingness, Dear Ones, and exactly how you can set the tone moving forward. You are so loved and assisted in all your hopes and dreams because you are the ones who are leading the way forward, with your tender hearts and optimism, into this grand new age on your planet.

Keep letting the beautiful luminosity of your soul shine the way forward, for your truth and essence is what is lighting the way into the new.


The Ruby Dragon Meditation

The Tail of the Ruby Dragon 

Dragon Initiations – Activating the Flame Within Introduction to the Dragon Initiations The dragon initiations can be worked with in several ways. One can type or write the initiation out and sleep with the initiation under your bed/pillow. Or bury the initiation in your garden with a crystal or other meaningful talisman if you wish. Or you can place the piece of paper with the initiation upon it, under a crystal, meaningful piece of jewellery or gemstone/power object or place within your altar. The initiation can also be burnt outdoors (so energy is released into the ether) or one can place the initiation in an eco-friendly, non-toxic bottle or balloon and release it into the sea/sky. The initiation can be read out loud (especially directly before you go to sleep) or you can ask a friend or your partner to read the initiation to you. You can use the dragon initiations as inspiration into your own creative process or for ritual/spell/sacred ceremony in ‘calling the dragon’. Or you can simply read the initiation in your mind, just as you would read a story.

The keycodes and triggers will activate as they are designed to do. However you choose to utilise them will be the most aligned way for you. Whichever method you choose, these dragon initiations create a ‘focused intentional trajectory’, through dragon energy, into that which the keycodes and triggers are set to activate, which are memories and all that ‘memory’ entails. ‘The dragon’ itself is a high level frequency/form to use for focused trajectory as it is, in and of itself, an ‘event horizon’. The Event = The Return of the Dragon

Ruby Dragon Meditation

Behold. I am Eye, the ruby dragon. Guardian of the ruby crystal ray. Does it matter that I stand for matter? That which is formed in matter and the rearranging of the molecular structures to form matter. I hold the masculine codes within my male form for matter creation, and I provide the flames of the Ruby Crystal Palace within the Emerald City of Krysta. Welcoming you, seeker of the sun, traveller of the road to enlightenment, master dreamwalker and dreamweaver of the ascension arc. Know me, the red dragon, as you walk your path. Know the ruby crystal ray. Activations are provided through the inner story of self. As you read the inner story, you activate the inner chambers, the inner voice, the inner teachers and the inner valley brings you unto me, the red dragon. The inner-verse is the inner story. Many triggers, many stories, yet the ultimate trigger is yourself. The stories are yours, you are the author of your own inner-verse-story which makes you the architect.

Red dragon am I, majestic in my glory and strong in my colour ray as I sit here within my cave of gold and communicate with you, seeker of the dragon’s egg. Golden coins surround me, golden cups, golden jewellery set with precious gemstones. Golden nuggets, chests of treasure, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Yet the security I have in my riches, is it real? Is it an illusion? I ponder upon this conundrum as I create the flame-codes for matter. What good are these things if stilted and still? The treasures and the gold? Some say dragons eat their gold but is this true? I need my gold so I can fly and breathe out my dragon’s breath, that which is the flame of creation. I cannot eat my gold for it is not nourishment to me. I cannot play this golden harp for I know not the tune. I cannot wear the golden cloak for my ruby scales are all I need to keep me warm as I fly. What then can I do? I, ruby dragon, watch the pool of water before me. Crystal window that is the dragon’s eye. I see the seeker in the golden palace realm of their own making, like the bird in the gilded cage.

Sharing the seeker’s boredom, holding no enthusiasm or joy for these trinkets save the liquid light of the golden myst they hold. What can I, the ruby dragon, do with my riches? Oh help me seeker, what can I do? I know, I could buy a house! This would bring me security, would it not? Within the levels of ruby red matter and this dwelling would stand strong upon the clay beneath my feet. Yet… as I look around, I know the cave is all I truly need. It envelops me, for it is my mother’s womb. What good then, is a house to a dragon? I know, I could buy transportation. A car, a train or a  spaceship! Yes, this would be good. I would be so powerful in my shiny vehicle on wheels, formed with the metallic matter from the ruby codes I carry. Yet, I have wings. Strong powerful ruby wings and I can fly anywhere with these wonderful wings and the steady balance of my scaly tale. What good is this transport to a dragon? I have all the transport I need. I know, I could buy warmth! A big, warm blanket to wrap around my scaly body. Or I could buy a heater to keep me toasty warm on the cold nights in the realms of that which is solid.

Yet I am a ruby dragon and the creator of fire, for that is my dragon’s breath. The flames I breathe out heat the rocks which burn and glow for hours. What good therefore are blankets or heaters to a dragon? Welcoming you, seeker of the sun, I shall give you my fortune! You can have my jewels, coins and riches. Please, gdear seeker, take it all and share it fairly and equally across the land. Yet before you take it, seeker of the sun, I place a spell upon these riches. Yes, I do. A dragon’s spell. Whomsoever shall feel the grasping coils of greed around their heart, whomsoever shall yearn for more and more and more, so that all is never enough for them, then the riches shall crumble as dust to the ground leaving nothing but a golden pile of sand. Whomsoever shall feel the dark shackles of power run through their mind and soul, for them the riches shall disappear before their very eyes leaving nothing but an empty void within them. Yet whomsoever shall need the smallest coin, the tiniest ring, the one bead within the necklace; whomsoever shall, in patience wait, for the gift that is theirs, they shall have all they need and yet more and all shall come to them.

For in fairness, they share the riches and shelter they have. Indeed, freedom to move around upon their land and warmth shall be theirs. They shall have food to eat, wine to drink and a cloak to wear. All they need shall not be denied. It is they that shall share their riches so others may so too have food and a cloak. Those with patience in their hearts and kindness in their eyes, these are the souls that shall inherit the magickal blessings of my golden riches. I shall call them the ‘children of the ruby ray’. They shall truly know me, the ruby dragon, and they shall know who I am. Indeed, these children are few within the mortal worlds of matter and all that is solid but they are there. The children of the ruby ray are there. Other children shall be begotten of their seed and they shall carry the codes of the ruby ray. These codes shall be passed down through the children of the ruby ray in the mortal world of mortality. Oh, would they only envisage the fractal world of fractality! I shed the tear of the dragon that they do not, yet my breath of both fire and ice shall cover all the lands when they do. The knowledge of me, the ruby dragon, shall spread throughout the land.

When this happens, then this shall unlock the ruby code and return the stolen royal ruby to its rightful place, for the children of the ruby ray will know where to seek and where to find and what to do. I, the ruby dragon, shall be unbound from my rock and freed from my cave and I shall burst forth from my mother’s womb. Once again I shall fly free like the dragons of old. Oh, what a time it shall be when the dragons again return to the skies. I shall look down upon the land of Agartha and see once again the flora and fauna thrive as the energy of the ruby ray guides me wherever I fly. You shall see us sailing high above the crystal palace rooftops within the Emerald City of Krysta, providing protection to the enlightened ones residing within their rainbow palaces below. Dragonriders shall thenceforth come from the children of the ruby ray and all the rainbow dragons of Krysta shall then seed their codes within the mortal realm. My ruby wings shall be provided whenever they choose to fly, for the dragonriders shall set us free. Dragonriders will fly higher and higher, riding on our backs towards the stargates in the sky.

Even whilst I, the ruby dragon, can go no further than the stargate’s edge. Indeed I cannot pass through the gate alone, riderless, but they can! Oh what blessings. They can! The mortals with joy in their hearts who, with assistance of their own forgiveness of self, transcend the earthly elements the gold collectors bring and fly beyond and further forward into other dimensions, through the other stargates and they take we, the rainbow dragons of Krysta with them! The seeker becomes the traveller and the dreamwalkers become the dreamweavers. I, the red dragon, stand always as their anchor, as their humble servant, waiting, waiting until I may be of practical assistance to them. Waiting until I can be unbound from the land. They shall bring the rocks to life and turn grey, lifeless stone into sparkling crystals. The dreamweaver is the one who weaves the dream, with knowledge of elemental life. Maybe dragon, unicorn, mermaid or fae, walking through the fabric of the dream with awareness. She brings to herself the meanings of that which she sees and thus she weaves the dream.

The dreamwalker is the conscious seeker along the path of enlightenment, expansion and ascension. Meeting these dreamweavers and dreamwalkers, children of the ruby ray, shall be a joyous merge of recognition for I, the ruby dragon, am the holder of the dragon’s egg. With all the riches and the gold and the gems that I have gifted to the mortals with pure hearts, the children of the ruby ray, none shall be so precious as the gift of the dragon’s egg. Within the children of the ruby ray I shall place a code, the ruby code. Whence such time as the sun does place it’s golden kiss upon those who hold the ruby code, then they shall know where to find me and I shall, in humility, grace and utmost joy, hand them the golden egg they seek and it shall be theirs. Come forward then, seeker of the sun, weary traveller. 

See if you can shed your earthly baggage and rest for a while within the cave that is my mother’s womb. See if you can open your heart to the genuine purity and hold the wisdom of the innocent. If you can, my gold is yours and thus the ruby code. Then to those who marry and stand with their beloved, saying their vows before the rainbow dragons of Krysta, you shall be given the dragon’s egg, with the blessing and the love of all the elementals. The dolphins, fairies, pixies, gnomes, mermaids, unicorns and all of dragonkind shall rejoice at the giving of this gift. You, in wedded bliss, shall be the holder of the dragon’s egg, keeper of the flame and dragonrider of the rainbow dragons of Krysta. If you should make it this far, traveller of the dragon’s path, then nurture your egg with all the love of the mother dragon. You shall, in turn, have the love of the celestial dragons behind you, holder of the dragon’s egg. And when such time as the dragon’s egg hatches, all the multiverse shall be watching as you and all of dragonkind become one. Behold. I am Eye, of the Ruby Dragon

The 9D Arcturian Council: The Dec 2020 New Energies and Portals

The 9D Arcturian Council: The December 2020 Energies & New Portals

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by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been on a mission of sorts in the past several of your months. We have been looking for the right placement for some new energy portals, because of how much energy you all have coming to you.

We know that you will receive the energies, no matter where the portals are located, however if the right people receive the energies first, the overall ripple effect on the human collective consciousness will be better.

Those of you who are truly awake and who understand that it is part of your mission to anchor in higher-frequency energies are going to be in the right place at the right time to receive the lion’s share of these energies first.

You are the leaders in the evolution of the human collective consciousness movement, and there are more of you joining that exclusive club every single day. So we want to make sure that the right people are on the front lines and will be able to receive these giant energetic downloads that you have coming at the end of 2020.

We want you all who are awake to be aware that anything and everything that is happening or not happening in your lives could be about positioning you in the right place at the right time to receive.

Therefore, we invite you to resist nothing and to go with the flow, especially now.

Do not try to force anything into place.

Let go and surrender more deliberately and less because you are exhausted or because you’ve given up hope.

And finally, be conscious of when you are more tense and when you are more loose.

Be more loose and relaxed so that you are as open as you can be during these times when those of you who are awake are needed the most.

We want you to help others directly as best you can.

We want you to speak your truth and put yourselves out there as healers, guides, channelers, and so on, but what we really want for you is to feel the quality and the quantity of the energies coming in as you approach the end of your calendar year.

The December 2020 energies are going to be massive, transformative, and especially available to those of you who are readying yourselves for them.

And you can leave the rest up to beings and collectives like ourselves, because we have got this.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



Now What?

Now What?

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Yesterday I looked at the element of disloyalty in my everyday consciousness state. I traced it to a vein of self-servingness. I processed it using the upset clearing process.

And? Now what?

Well, soon we’re going to be handling massive disclosure that we’re told will shake many of us to our foundations.

The point I don’t want to be overlooked is that, when our views, beliefs, assumptions, and preferences are shaken to the roots, this is the process I encourage us to engage in. And don’t miss reminding me when I forget.

In my view, that which confronts us is scarey because we say so. We feel crummy when we do because of how we’re seeing things. We create our upsets and, because we do, we can also create our way through them.

It’s my settled opinion that what’s most important to us as humans is how we feel. If that’s the case, then what we need is not to tinker with the outside environment, but to tinker with ourselves. If we’re a house on fire, as one Buddhist master described this material world, (1) it lies within our power as well to put out the fire.

Keep in mind perhaps that when tension goes up, awareness goes down. When you find out that your favorite entertainer is an adrenochrome user or a politician you loved was a powerful Illuminati, or pedophile, or financial fraud artist, your tension will go up and your awareness – right when you need it most – will go down.

Therefore the more we practice with these techniques of clearing our upsets, the more we’ll remember them later.

Let me repeat the scenario then, as a means of reminding us for when our stress levels go up. Think of it as a fire drill.

We’re going along as normal when suddenly something gets triggered. I call what got triggered a vasana; Linda Dillon calls it a core issue; others call it old baggage, the gunnysack, our Morley’s chain of resentments.

Triggered, we have an upset that interrupts our experience of normality for as long as the upset is running. We seldom blame ourselves for our upsets; we usually blame someone else so the upset gets proliferated and amplified as others are dragged in and they get reactivated as well.

That’s the old third-dimensional way of handling our upsets.

We’re trying something different.

We have an unspoken agreement with ourselves (and, yes, I have broken it a few times … errrr …  lately) not to look outwards for the source of our upsets but to look inwards. (2) We agree not to project our upset onto others. We agree to sit with whatever experience arises after we locate the historical and original source of the upset (the hidden volcano) and simply observe.

And there’s more to do, such as clearing the residual behavior patterns born of the vasanas but having an independent and persistent existence.

I probably should add that, after processing a vasana, I suggest taking a few minutes to breathe love up from your heart and send it to yourself and the world. I find this last step healing.

Having watched how the mainstream media spun the Sidney Powell story, (3) I’m sickened by the  spin and censorship that’s happening. It’s a wonderful time to go inwards.


(1) “The triple world is blazing in defilement as if it were a house on fire.1 How can you bear to tarry here and complacently undergo such long suffering? If you wish to avoid wandering in samsara there is no better way than to seek Buddhahood. If you want to become a Buddha, understand that Buddha is the mind. How can you search for the mind in the far distance? It is not outside the body. The physical body is a phantom, for it is subject to birth and death; the true mind is like space, for it neither ends nor changes. Therefore it is said, ‘These hundred bones will crumble and return to fire and wind. But One Thing is eternally numinous and covers heaven and earth.’” (Bojo Jinul (1158-1210), “2. The triple world is blazing in defilement as if it were a house on fire,” at

(2) I won’t go through the upset clearing process again here. See: “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process,” April 25, 2011, at

Also: Vasanas: Preparing for Ascension by Clearing Old Issues at

(3) An MSM reporter asked what position Sidney Powell held on the Trump Team. When the answer came back that Sidney Powell was not on the Trump team, the MSM spun it to mean that she had been fired or kicked off the team.

She was never a member of the Trump team.   The MSM narrative will become a tangled web because it isn’t the truth. The truth is standalone and needs no rehearsing.