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Ellie Back on Board Ship

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My favorite Pleiadian

Waki Paurnamasi reports:

Wednesday September 2, 2020

Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning  at 4:53 AM with an image of Ellie (1) being happily launched from a slingshot, followed this haiku, and this message, “Ellie is safe.” I had suspected that she would launch on last night’s Full Moon.

I wasn’t surprised when I got Pam’s email this evening at 5:51 PM PDT, and I’m sure I will be seeing her again soon, but I have nonetheless been deeply impacted.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: 9/2/2020

To: Waki Paurnamasi


Dearest Waki, mother passed away this morning. She went into a coma yesterday afternoon. She loved you so. You were her dearest friend. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness. I love you precious friend. Please feel free to mail me anytime. You’re friends forever and a day.


(1) Ellie is Pleiadian (equivalent of) royalty. Her job was to help Pleiadian boots on the ground understand humanity. I read and laughed over her regular repostings, but I could never figure her out. Why was she not sending us interesting stories about galactics? Why the Darwin awards? And so much else of the Far Side persuasion? All about us.

And then the penny dropped. Ellie was here to study us and send that info back to the ships for the acclimatization of new boots on the ground. She was the equivalent of an anthropologist, not a Ufologist. And we got to listen in.

I felt I knew Plen, her husband on board ship, as well as I knew Ellie. Her mission is complete. I can’t wait to see what she looks like in her new outfit, back on board ship. All those who knew her on Earth will then have their very first in-person friend on the ships.


Similarities and Differences

Similarities and Differences between Our New World and the Afterworld

Mike Quinsey at the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona

I’d like to elaborate on a remark in Mike Quinsey’s recent Higher-Self Message. Mike said:

“You talk in terms of dimensions for easy understanding, but in reality one vibration smoothly runs into another without any clear division.” (1)

I’m interested to hear this comment from the higher-dimensional beings like Mike’s sources, who are guiding us. Because the situation he’s describing – the situation after our Ascension – is both similar to and different from the situation in the afterlife as it presently exists.

It invites the discussion of at least two points.

In the first place, the afterlife and our new world are similar in that there are no clear demarcations between dimensions. In the second place, their situation is different in that afterlife dwellers cannot presently travel interdimensionally and in the new world we’ll be entering all will be able to.

Afterlife communicators talk about moving from the Astral Plane to the Mental Plane; we talk about ascending from the Third/Fourth Dimension to the Fifth. Their descriptions are parallel.

Mike Quinsey tells us there are no divisions in the new world we’ll be inhabiting. Similarly, there are no clear divisions among planes in the afterlife. There are however transitional borderlands between  planes.

Before we look at them, however, let’s remember that all afterlife environments are designed by higher-dimensional beings, something that Matthew Ward participates in and has described.

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman called the builders the “Elohim and Builders of Form.” (2)

SaLuSa called the people the builders report to “the higher Beings who oversee your civilization and have their own responsibility to God to make sure God’s Plan works out.”  (3)  That sounds like archangels to me.

Matthew called the higher beings “the highest universal council [who] planned the Golden Age.” (4)

Whoever these exalted beings are, they designed and redesigned the afterlife world. Matthew became an expert in that line of work, the design of what he calls “Nirvana.”

Now let’s return to the the spirit communicator “Arnel,” who describes a borderland between two spheres.

“Each sphere as you progress is blended into the next by a kind of borderland. So there is no shock to those who pass from one to another. Albeit, you will mark that each sphere is distinct in itself.

“Nor is the borderland between two spheres a neutral land. It partakes of the qualities of both. There is, therefore, no void, but a very real and continuous gradation all the way.” (5)

So the sphere is distinct. It’s where most residents of that plane cluster. And the borderland is transitional, sharing the qualities of both.

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson describes the gradual alteration in his surroundings as he progressed higher on a visit.

“We traversed the distance [between our own realm and the one above ours] but we were unable to observe the gradual alteration in our surroundings. Otherwise we should have seen the country taking on a higher degree of etheralization, a greater intensification of color and brightness, observable not only in the physical features of the realm, but also in the spirit raiment of those whose homes approximated [ours] the more closely to the border.” (6)

So the planes of the afterlife gradually change one into the other. That is similar between their world and ours.

But what is this comment from Benson that it gets harder to breathe between planes? This is the real “border” in the afterlife, rather than any physical barrier, is it not? That’s what holds people in their planes. Benson continues:

“We walked a little way forward, but we could proceed no farther. There were no visible barriers, but we felt that we could not breathe if we went onward. The whole atmosphere was becoming so much the more rarified the farther we penetrated, that in the end we were bound to retrace our steps on to our own ground.

“I could see many souls dressed in the most tenuous of garments, the soft colors of which seemed hardly to belong to them but to float about the fabric of their robes – if fabric one could call it. Those of them who came sufficiently near smiled to us with such a friendly greeting that we knew we were not in any way intruding, and some waved their hands to us.

“My friend told us that they were aware of our purpose there, and for that reason they would not approach us. They would allow us to enjoy our experience by ourselves, and quietly to absorb the beauties and splendor of this wonderful borderland.” (7)

Inter-dimensional travel isn’t possible in the after-world to date. The dwellers on one sub-plane or plane could not venture into the one higher.

That’s a difference between our worlds. In the new world we’ll be entering after Ascension, there’ll be no barriers to interdimensional travel – such as a difficulty to breathe.

We’re traveling interdimensionally already. St. Germaine tells us:

“All of you are interdimensional. And each of you in various ways – some continually, because you’re accepting it more and more – are having interdimensional experiences.”  (8)

We aren’t told that we’re ascending to the Fifth Dimension. Michael tells us that we’re in a “shift from the old 3rd dimensional human being, to, can we say, a global, interdimensional, transdimensional galactic human.”  (9)

He told listeners on An Hour with an Angel in 2012 “you are traveling interdimensionally, … you are beginning to have more clearly the interdimensional experiences.” (10)  This statement would have been impossible to make on the old Astral Plane.

There an Astral dweller stayed in the Astral Plane. No flying around to other dimensions. What Michael says and implies here marks a distinct change.

Evidently the situation in the Astral world will also change with our Ascension. Matthew Ward says that “Nirvana, your spirit world … is ascending along with Earth.” (11) If that were the case, then the restriction on interdimensional travel would probably be lifted there too.

I underline these points not because I want you to focus on interdimensionality, as important as it is.

My point is that Archangel and Elohim design and redesign worlds and you and I just happen to be watching them right now redesign ours. THAT’s what I want to emphasize.

Look at how our world is being redrawn. Look at how whole life-spaces are being modified and changed in the most fundamental of ways. Whenever have you had a ringside seat for that?

So there we are. The dimensions have no clear demarcation lines. The barriers to dimensions will soon be a thing of the past. They’ll be replaced by high mobility throughout all the dimensions – by interdimensionality and transdimensionality as an unquestioned way of life.

For more information, see New Maps of Heaven at http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=New_Maps_of_Heaven


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