Adama of Telos: Becoming Fearless



Adama of Telos – Becoming Fearless

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by Sharon Stewart


You will become fearless when you realize that you create your entire reality and when you take control of it

Me: Hi Adama, can you explain this to us please?

Adama: Hello Sharon. I can. It’s the truth. The reason you fear your reality, or aspects of your life is because you don’t control them. The reason you don’t control them is because you haven’t stepped into your power. You’re still feeling like a victim.
Outer earthlings fear their future. They fear what will happen to them, not understanding they create it. You spoke of several fears that you have that the dark ones use to harass you with, one of which is narcissistic, violent men. You’re in a loop. You’re repeating this loop over and over and continuing to attract men you fear will either beat you or kick your door in. The reason for this is because you still allow them into your life with your mind.

Me: Light snaps on.

Adama: So you understand, then. Create a vision of your life the way you want it. You envision weight loss and better health, you envision an increase in prosperity, now envision a decrease in toxic people around you.

You are so certain of so many things, you absolutely “know” that they’ll happen. Now you have to absolutely know of things that won’t happen so envision a life without them.

There is no karma for anyone any longer; what’s happening to you on the outer planet is your fears are keeping the dark ones alive.

When you lose your fears you’ll lose the dark ones.You speak of the Matrix and how it sends Smiths to torment you. Now be a Neo and battle the Smiths.


Adama: Neo battled his Smiths and eliminated every one of them that was sent to torment him when he went back into the Matrix. He grew stronger and more self aware the more you got into the plot of the story. Orpheus tried to tell him who he was but he had to, like you all do, learn to realize for himself.

Be a Neo and create your own timelines. Forget about the Matrix. It can’t harm you unless you let it. Let’s just say that every time Neo hooked in to the Matrix, it’s because he had another negative thought he was creating into a reality. Then he had to go and fight the Smiths, who represented the negative reality he created.

Me: What do you mean there’s no karma for anyone any longer?

Adama: Your collective negativity has been transmuted to neutrality. Yes, earth’s people are ready to ascend.

Me: I see a lot of people still behaving in non-ascension ready ways.

Adama: I said earth’s people are ready to ascend. I didn’t say they will ascend. People will ascend when they learn to stop being negative. When they stop creating unrealities. Your collective unconscious has been transmuted to a neutral state. Earthlings aren’t carrying the baggage they have for eons.

Me: That’s pretty good. So this is really about training our minds now.

Adama: Yes, Sharon. You noticed the other day that manifestation happens a lot more quickly than it ever did before.

Me: Yes.

Adama: You thought of a neighbour who’s been doing something that annoys you and he showed up the next night. You had a talk with him and told him how you felt and he seems different now, so Neo battled this Smith. You’re not so afraid of him. But the point is, that you thought of him and he came by the next day.

Had you not thought of him in fear, he wouldn’t have showed up. That’s my point.

You have so much control over what you attract and you don’t realize it. That’s what people are learning now. Not so much clearing of old karma. They’re learning how to use their divine gifts. And the first rule is you create your reality, so think of nice things that you want to have in your life.

I hear you. You want Ivo. Yes, he is a nice thing, isn’t he? LOL

Me: Yes.Adama: Keep your focus positive. Always. Don’t think of how the matrix harasses you or it will. Don’t think of family members you no longer want to deal with or they’ll show up. Don’t dread things happening that you don’t want to deal with, otherwise they’ll happen and you will have to deal with them.

Keep your focus absolutely, totally and completely on what you want, not on what you don’t want. And I can’t stress that point enough. Do not entertain thoughts of what you don’t want because you’ll have to deal with them.
Did you understand that?

Do not think about things you fear or don’t want to happen, because you’ll create them. Think only of what you want. Even if you have to think about Ivo all day long, then that’s what you do.

Me: Okay.

Adama: Whenever you slip up, you’ll know because things you don’t like will start to happen. You’ll know you thought something that you don’t want because it will be there, to torment you.

You’re seeing now that you have longer periods of pleasantness where you can go about your work and taking care of yourself, and that’s because your mind is more positive.

Do not focus on what you don’t want. Just don’t.

If you haven’t been able to do it before, do it now: become a positive thinker. Only want the best always for yourself and others. Take complete responsibility for every thought you think.

Take responsibility for your every thought because they all count. Every one of them.

Your mind is your best friend or your worst enemy, it depends on how you use it.

Focus is everything so focus only on the good and what you want for yourself and others.

Me: Thank you Adama.

Adama: You’re welcome Sharon. I wish you the best.


Adamu of Telos: The Inner Stair Gateway

Adama Of Telos: The Inner Star Gateway

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by Davey

Greetings beloveds of the planet earth, I am Adama of Telos and this is my message to you this day.

A great many things are transpiring all around you, and most importantly within you. This is the real secret dear ones. What is happening within your heart centre is the real deal. I know that sounds a little strange to use those words… we wish to approach you in a more grounded humorous way for we see that far too many of you are becoming distracted with the outer world.

We have said many times just how important it is to reach inside, to feel inside of you, to feel the infinite expanse that is within you, which is who you truly are.

It is important to grasp and fully understand that the events transpiring around you are a direct reflection of what it is within you collectively and as an individual being.

You can change your outer events by going inside.

And here’s how we suggest you do that… Inside you dear ones, there is a labyrinth of light possibilities. The quantum field that you are and that you are within is now brimming with possibilities. But why you continually focus on your outer world, as if these are your only options, you will place your focus on them and continually re-create them.

Dear ones, this is not what we wish for you. It is time now to come inside, to realize that the inner world, the great expanse within you, is waiting for your return home.

Much like a diver being afraid or somewhat hesitant to go into an unexplored cave, because of the ‘unknown’ factor, we see many of you resisting, or feeling unsure. Because you have known yourselves to be ‘of’ the outer world, to be ‘In’ the outer world for so long. We understand this dear ones, we know this is difficult for you to transcend, but it is what you must do at this time. This is what we ask of you.

It is VERY important dear ones…

Going into your inner world is a little like melding into a great and tremendous sun, that has infinite expanse and infinite connection. Just like the womb of the mother, this is where all your creativity happens.

When you look at your outer world, it is a holographic projection of what you choose to create WITHIN your inner world.

In an analogy, we see so many of you believing, as you have done for so long, that to change your outer world you must take action, that you must take control of the outer world components, move them around, form them into what you want and then that is considered ‘job done’.

But this is not true dear ones…

You are moving into higher vibrational realms of the fifth dimension. Here, everything is created from within. If a fifth dimensional being wishes to create something, they go within themselves, they create the reality they wish to experience WITHIN the infinite expanse within themselves and then they watch it unfold very quickly in the outer reflection, that is your outer world (I feel this is much like a womb of pure creativity of which the outer world completely and faithfully becomes in holographic form, like a mirror that constantly jumps to become what you are inside).

This is a very important concept to understand dear ones.

We wish to help you, to assist you to transition from being stuck and lost in an outer world, to being beings that are fully cenered, fully connection to their inner creatorship where you can create and generate the outer reality EXACTLY as you wish it to be dear ones, no more being blow around like a feather in the outside space as if you are to succumb to outside influences this way and that way.

This is not how it works, and this is ONLY a symptom of you giving your power away… And what is it to give your power away? It is to entrench yourself, to believe yourself to be OF the outside world. You therefore allow your power, and you are doing this to yourselves dear ones, you allow your creations to take command of YOU. By entrenching your focus, by entrenching your sense of what is real, your sense of self – that’s the most important part – in the outer world, and then you become OF your outer world.

Dear ones, you get pushed around so much by the outer world elements while you do this. You know this, you experience this. This has caused much frustration in the human race and we see this.

This is why we continually ask you, please come back into your inner space, your inner truth, your inner world.

Your inner world is an infinite expanse… The outer world is but a fraction of what it is to be in your inner world dear ones. And like an analogy this one has used before, the outer world is much like a virtual reality headset that you put on. It can seem very real, so real in fact that over many eons of time you have become enmeshed in this game.

This is a time to wake up and to awaken to your deeper truth dear ones. We talk to all of you the awakened ones. Many of you are still, including this one we will say, still spend far too long, with your attention and your focus on the outer world, seeing what happens, seeing how things change.

It is ok to do this dear ones, but do not get lost in this. Do not allow yourselves to be enmeshed in the outer world’s goings on. Do not identify with it, for you are your inner world.

The outer world is an expanse for you to experience your inner world creations as a reflection…

We wish for you to ponder this, to contemplate this.

Take the time to meditate, go within, go into that beautiful heart centre of yours, feel the love, the potential, the expanse of who you are.

Play with it, like a child going into a sand pit for the first time, playing with the sand, feeling it, moving it around, sitting within it, covering yourselves in it, have FUN dear ones!!!

Then, certain important powerful truths will dawn on you. Things that we cannot explain here, through this or any other channel, but that which you musty experience for yourselves, you must realize for yourself.

And oh dear ones we wish so much for you to do this, and we rejoice in knowing that you soon will. We only ask… we only ask for you to take the time to go within, to meditate. We know you hear these message often dear ones, and we know many of you feel they are repetitive, but this is SO VALUABLE for you dear ones, this is so important.


It has NEVER been outside of you.

The events taking place outside of you are but a jostle of energetics in this giant transformation, where the old chaotic hidden is coming out and dissolving away, and you are seeing it. This is not who you are, do not involve yourselves in it, unless you feel guided to do so.

Please place AS MUCH OF YOUR FOCUS, YOUR ATTENTION within yourself as often and as deeply as you feel you would love to.

We love you all so very much, and we will leave you with this final thought and feeling if we may…

We are giving an image to this one of a bright sun, a beautiful powerful sun with a universe all around it. This is analogous to your inner and outer worlds. The sun is your inner world, when you step through that portal inside an expanse, an infinite expanse opens up to you. You have yet to fully understand what suns are, many of you have a good idea, but most do not. And the outer expanse around the sun is your outer world. Dear ones, where does EVERYTHING in the outer world get its light from, yes dear ones, the sun.

The centre of you is the source of all your life.

You are a sun in human form

We urge you to go into that portal in the centre of your sun and realize the ENORMITY, the EXPANSE, the INFINITY, the CREATIVE WELL inside of you, it is infinite dear ones. We playfully ask you to contemplate this to feel it.

Find and connect with your inner world portal, your SACRED HEART as many call it. The gateway to the truth of who you really are.

When you do this often enough, you will release your attachments to the outer world, you will realize it full for the illusion and non-existence it really is…

We bid you farewell, until the next time, this is our message to you this day. We thank this channel and all for listening.

We love you so very much and we look forward to seeing so many bright stars, switch on far more deeply.

We bid you adieu, goodbye for now…


Adamu of Telos: Something Wonderful is Coming, Be Excited

Adama of Telos: Something Wonderful is Coming, Be Excited

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by Davey

Greetings to all who are reading this message. I bring this through this one who is channeling for the first time in an open recording. This is brave and we respect this, and so we do with all channels.

And we commend those who are stepping forward, to allow us to bring our message through to the people on the surface of this beloved planet of Gaia.

There is great turmoil at this time, but there is great hope too. Great hope in the knowing and the heart-centered feeling that something tremendous is about to open for you all. Please do not take these times as a sign of how things actually are. This is not so.

For there are things that have to play out. They must play out in your outer world. For these are clearing. As they clear, you see them. The key is to be the observer, not to get involved, not to identify, simply to observe, love, forgive, let go, allow… Allow things to pass and they will.

All that you see is millennia upon millennia of repressed trauma, pain, feelings of anguish and an entire trove of negativity and ill feelings toward others. It is all part of the game of separation.

You see, as you experience separation, you became lost in a sense. You didn’t really get lost. Your connection to source was always there. It will always be there. It can never not be. But it appeared to you that it was.

And so began the generation of all the different feelings and experiences from that seed point of loneliness, fear, lostness, abandonment, feeling unsafe, scared and all the other things that you don’t like to feel. And these have been the layers of your experiences over millennia, many, many millennia. And they are all, ALL of them, being cleared now.

Do not re-identify with them. Do not identify with them at all. Simply allow them to pass, observe and send love to those who are caught up in them, who are identifying with them, who believe that these experiences, these energies are their truth, when the opposite is true.

In truth, nothing can be further from the real truth, because you are source energy beings. You can never not be. You can never be anything other than source energy love light. but, because of this game, you are allowed to temporarily fool yourselves into believing you are otherwise.

That was the game. It was meant to be that way. It was designed to be that way, for how else could you experience the illusion of separation? It had to seem real. And this is why it is so difficult for so many to release themselves from the identity. but this will change.

The energies coming in in this June solstice and that will be coming in in future days will break away those chains. They will encourage those caught up in this to release themselves. for they are holding themselves; no one is holding them there. And this is where compassion is so important. Compassion and the understanding that they are gripped by themselves, in their own fears.

And they have yet to awaken to that truth, to awaken to that concept that it is they who are holding themselves there. And it is they that have the power to release themselves. And they will, dear ones; they will. Some may come kicking and screaming (laughter). But they will have that opportunity. They will have that revelation, that realization that they can release themselves at any moment they choose.

They only need to choose to do so. And that is the great power, the great gift from Source that is ever present, always there, never dimming, always reminding them that one day they will allow themselves to awaken to this truth. And they will choose to act upon it.

You the awakened ones have already chosen this. You are going step by step, through the layers, releasing yourselves of the bondage. That you have held to yourselves and know that you have the power to release yourselves from.

You are doing a splendid job!!! Those here in Telos and those there of the Galactics assisting you are in awe of what you are doing and what you are about to do! This is an amazing time, beloveds, dear brothers and sisters of the surface population. Please hold faith in your hearts. And know that everything is as it is meant to be.

And what is about to unfold is the most glorious … we cannot tell you yet exactly what. We only ask you to hold the faith and the heart-centered feeling of love and belief, the knowingness, because you can feel this when you feel into your heart center.

When you allow yourselves to open and feel that peace, that calm, you know what is about to unfold. You may not be able to assign words to it, or describe it fully, but you know. You can feel it. Something amazing, as this one would say, ‘something awesome,’ is about to unfold.

We bid you farewell now. We love you all, and we are so excited to see what is about to unfold, the love and compassion that is about to enfold upon this world. It is simply awe-inspiring. We cannot wait, here in Telos, for you to experience this, for you to feel this, to feel the love, to feel the compassion, the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Be well, go in peace, we are with you, our brothers and sisters. We are here holding the candle light for you and with you. Our love is ever present. Let our excitement inspire you. Let your excitement inspire you.

Until the next time, our beloved family of the surface population, the dear lightworkers, the dear unawakened yet to awaken, we love you all, equally and so much.

Farewell for now and be at peace. We love you all.

Adama of Telos.


Adama of Telos: Choosing Light or Fear

 Adama of Telos: Choosing Light or Fear

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Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, Bringer of Light

Generally I’m an open-minded person but I’ve become very skeptical about what I read or which videos I’ll watch regarding current events.

Even in the ‘alternative media’ as well as the mainstream media which we know is complete cabal-rubbish.

I can feel the massive ‘behind-the-scenes’ amount of information that is NOT being reported. Most of us can. We KNOW we’re not getting even 5% of a true picture but we are getting whispers of truth here and there.

This time on Earth is all about intuition. Spirit. Sensing. Prayer. Meditation. The unseen path. Feeling what is true and standing in that truth regardless of the ‘sky is falling’ narratives and images raining down on us from all quarters—except in our own hearts and souls.

I don’t recognize the way I’m currently living and breathing — It is total faith. I am walking an invisible path that makes no sense ‘out there’ but feels right to me.

When I hunt around for verification I find it everywhere.

Many are putting out articles or videos practically on a daily basis about ‘what is actually going on:’ David Wilcock, Magenta Pixie, Laura Eisenhower, Sacha Stone, Lisa Renee, Simon and Becky Parkes, Blossom Goodchild, Kryon, Zingdad/Adamu, etc. Bless their hearts.

When the Covid-19 narrative was sprung on us and the global March-lockdown initiated, I found David Wilcock particularly uplifting. I transcribed some of his videos because I felt he had a calm clarity on ‘what is really going on.’ (1.)

Wilcock explained that the Alliance anticipated the illuminati Covid-19 lockdown and used it to mask their military agenda of freeing the planet from deep state / cabal control.

One of the important global shifts after the lockdown that many have spoken about, including Wilcock, is the Great Economic shift. A complete financial rewiring has been taking place across the planet while everyone’s been at home.

All the old 3D debt-slavery financial structures—banking, stocks, precious metals, loans, debts, taxes, energy, etc.—will be either non-existent or unrecognizable as a new, fair and level playing field is to be introduced along with tsunamis of abundance for all.

The plan that has been written about for several decades is that there will be an RV (Revaluation of Currencies,) a GCR (Global Currency Reset,) and the implementation of GESARA [The Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act or Global Economic Security and Reformation Act.] (2.)

The RV, GCR and GESARA are some of the many shifts that have been organizing behind the scenes of the covid-19 lockdown. As well, there have been reports of a global Military arresting the deep state across the planet and liberating the victims of their abominable satanic practices.

According to David Wilcock, after the lockdown, not only will there be a financial shift, but the internet will have been completely rewired and all spyware removed.

When it comes to channels and me being choosey, I particularly resonate with Adama of Telos via Asara Adams. His messages harmonize with my thoughts.

This is the first message I read, in the early stages of the lockdown, that I particularly resonated with:

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, March 21, 2020

It has begun.

The great shift that so many of you have been asking for has begun.

First there is an entire reset of all systems on planet Earth necessary.

This is the state you are in right now.

At this time, humanity has created two intense energy grids around the planet:

One is a fear based energy grid.

The other one is a higher dimensional energy grid that is filled with Peace, Love, Abundance, Wellbeing and Freedom.

With every moment, you have the choice to enter either the fear-based energy or the higher dimensional energy grid.

Whichever one you choose, both have a very fast momentum at this time

Be very mindful of what you are focusing on right now.

Choose consciously.

This standstill of the world is your opportunity to fully surrender to Source/God.

As you turn inward and connect with Source, begin to feel that this love, wisdom and freedom is the only real thing.

Everything else is an illusion.

As you go further inward and fully connect with Source, begin to imagine for you and the world being lifted up into the higher dimension…

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, March 21, 2020

On this Sunday, June 21, 2020, the First Day of Summer, we find ourselves in that powerful moment of stillness just before the orchestra starts to play.

A conductor stands at the podium holding out his hands like a statue as every musician casts their eyes and focus on him. He needs everyone’s attention before he gives the downbeat.

The audience sits quietly in their seats excitedly anticipating what they are about to hear. All in the concert hall are holding a collective breath.
In this very powerful still moment, before the next global symphony is about to play, we ask ourselves: What do I choose? Light or Fear? A New Age or more of the same old-same old?

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, June 20, 202

You are now entering the next phase of the Grand Shift of Planet Earth:

You might think that nothing is moving and at the same time, you might have this inner knowing that very good things are about to happen.

This is in fact true.

Things are about to take place that will be an entire new paradigm shift for humanity and Planet Earth.

It is going to be such a profound upleveling of all countries and societies, that soon the current experience will seem like a distant memory.

So, what it takes from each individual now is to let go of the current experience and look forward to the new reality.

The energies are gathering for everything to shift.

There will however be a portion of humanity that will refuse to move with this shift and they will remain in their old third dimensional reality.

For all others: If you are ready to focus inward, towards your inner knowing and Divine I AM Presence on a consistent basis, you will enter the New Earth.

[Kat note: According to Dolores Cannon and the Law of One, you only need to be 51% positive in order to make the Shift.

The deep state-owned-MSM are pushing a negative narrative: Government chaos, financial lack, disease, masks, lockdowns, riots, disruptive 5G frequencies, etc.

All we need do is stand in the vibration of truth, love and light which is against the negative current. We are powerful multi-dimensional light-beings and have been told by masters, philosophies and channels for millennia that we came here for this.

We are here in this now moment to hold the peace, compassion, light and love with and for Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity, especially in the onslaught of negativity.

As Sacha Stone often says, ‘we are living men and women of the living soil.’ What he means is we are powerful pure God-souls and not any part of the illusory veil. (3.)

You will still have the choice to move with this shift and not give into the illusion of your reality that is being perpetuated in your TV media, news media and some of the social media.

The way you can tell if a piece of information is part of the 3D illusion is by the way it makes you feel:

If you feel worried, stressed, fearful and anxious, it is part of the 3D illusion.

If you feel uplifted, inspired, hopeful, peaceful and love in your heart, it is part of the New Earth.

It takes your determined intent and discipline to focus towards your New Earth reality, which is beginning to peak in — if you let it.

All Inner Earth Civilizations of Light, The Galactic Civilizations of Light, The Angels and the Ascended Masters are holding the energies of Love for each individual’s journey.

We champion your victory in the Light

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love……….

Adama of Telos via Asara Adams, June 20, 2020

I choose light.
I choose love.
I choose peace.
I choose happiness.
I choose health.
I choose abundance.
I choose beauty.
I choose a pristine sparkling Divinely-restored Gaia.
I choose beautiful shining Divinely-restored Kingdoms.
I choose a radiant brilliant Divinely-restored Humanity.
I choose Christ light.
I choose God’s love.
I choose God’s peace.
I choose all good and wondrous things.

I surround and saturate Earth, Kingdoms and Humanity with Christ’s Light, Divine Mother’s Blue Light, Saint Germain’s Violet Flame and my own Divine White Light.
I choose the immaculate God-created-blueprint bodies of an ascended Earth, Kingdoms, Humanity, Galaxy, Multiverse — now and forever across Creation, unlimited and unbounded as Divine light cannot be contained.

“And when this happens,
and when we allow freedom ring,
when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet,
from every state and every city,
we will be able to speed up that day
when all of God’s children,
black men and white men,
Jews and Gentiles,
Protestants and Catholics,
will be able to join hands
and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last
Free at last
Thank God Almighty
We’re free at last”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr., Lincoln Memorial, August 28, 1963
We are Goddess, Sovereign, Free at last,

xo, Kat


(1.) David Wilcock Videos transcribed by Kat for GAoG

(2.) GESARA: The End of Poverty, the End of Debt, The Beginning of a New Golden Age

(3.) Sacha Stone Profile


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