James Gilliland: You’re going to have to choose?




James Gilliland: You’re Going to Have to Choose

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It is now increasingly obvious even to the most socially engineered critical thinking and research impaired that not just  America, the whole world is in trouble. The take down America plan fueled by the CCP and the global elite carried out by corrupt politicians is in full swing. The lame stream news is in full compliance. The Constitution and your Bill of Rights are like toilet paper to the tyrants, a cog in their wheel on the path to total enslavement, world dominance and the removal of about 80% of the global population. Keep them sick, poor and stupid is a plan in which they so arrogantly boast. What is sad is so many are participating in their own enslavement and eventual demise. This is not unfolding without opposition.

People are waking up to this Kabuki Theater globally. Are you ready for March madness? We are undergoing a major solar storm. More than one storm is upon us, or is it back up? March is known for change in a very big way. The sun is fueling this change. It begins with changes in consciousness affecting the bioelectric fields of the body, Earth’s body as well. This is followed by severe weather, earthquake and volcanic activity. People will rise globally creating major resistance and the eventual demise of the tyrants. The masks are coming off and coming down.  The tyrants have had thousands of years to dig in so don’t expect a drive through the golden arches where freedom is handed to you in a bag. If you are unaware of the Great Awakening all I can say is research, research, research. You are far behind. Apply critical thinking and trust what your heart and gut are telling you. Nothing is what it seems. Some will lose friends and family, relationships will grow further apart if you are not on the same page. Everything will be accelerated and amplified. The polarities will grow stronger.

Love of self, others and the planet demands action. Know that you are not alone. There are seen and unseen entities involved in the awakening and healing or planetary liberation of Earth. Label them as you wish just know this is greater than your be lie fs. Everyone bought the Earth ticket for the ride of their lives. We can all be part of the solution, many incarnated just for this event. News flash, there are other Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off Worlders, Ancient Ancestors returning, and a host of Masters, Saints and Sages participating in this event. It is multidimensional. We are returning to Universal Law, the law of the ancestors. A Republic, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights best exemplifies Universal Law. This is why the tyrants want to do away with them replacing them with socialism, eventually communism. Know your history socialism and communism are the choice of the tyrants and always end in a loss of freedom and genocide. The true republic where the power rests in the people, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stands in the way of global domination. There are those fighting arduously to Restore the Republic, bring back the original Constitution and Bill of Rights thus insuring Freedom and those trying to destroy the Republic, take away our constitutional rights enslave and depopulate the planet on a grand scale. Of course it is never them when it comes to the depopulation program it is usually carried out on a race or culture of their dislike. What it all breaks down to is Good and Evil.

It does not matter what color you are, what religion, what political party. Tyranny has but one goal and that is to enslave and diminish, divide and conquer, keep you sick, poor, and stupid which is where the social engineering comes in. Serfdom. The power and wealth in the hands of a few. If you cannot see this plan unfolding God help you. Actually, God can’t even help because of free will, the divine right to stupidity which many are exorcising to the max. This is all unfolding in plain sight.

Universal Law in the simplest form is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. How many of you leaders are operating from Universal Law? How many are in service to others? The vast majority would fail falling into the self-service category. We need to ask ourselves are we applying Universal Law in our daily lives? Where do the bio weapons fit into Universal Law? How about forcing what they call vaccines on the unwilling and uneducated which in truth are operating systems that change your DNA? How does forcing you to wear not one but two masks? Masks that create bacterial pneumonia the main cause of death during the Spanish Flu. Now the reduction of oxygen is creating an unsafe working environment in some cases brain damage and organ failure according to neuroscientists. How do the lockdowns, closures of businesses, forced mandates align with your constitutional rights? Why are mostly draconian democrats enforcing these unlawful dictates with a heavy hand? Why do some states say the mandates, which are not laws, the lockdowns, social distancing, the forcing of masks are unconstitutional and do more harm than good? Why does their science go against the science of those standing to make billions and those lockstep with the globalists and the CCP?

Here is the big question why are you being forced to take a vaccine, that is not even a vaccine, it is a RNA modifier and operating system, no one has an isolate to make a vaccine, major labs and universities cannot find it only the usual influenza A/B, not even the CDC has an isolate? Did you know most of the test animals died soon after the jab others died later because their immune system went into hyperdrive?

Your risking all this for what turned out to be nothing more than a bad cold with an average 99.98% survival rate. It is less dangerous than any other flu which seemed to disappear along with a myriad of other causes of death. Where is the logic? What is the real agenda and who is carrying it out is the big question that no one is asking especially the main stream media that fueled the hype and fear with extreme prejudice, false science and statistics? How does all this fit into the take down America plan, keep them sick, poor and stupid? When you figure this out just follow the money. Who financed the Cov research, who financed the Wuhan Lab? Who had the patents on Cov19, the vaccines, the test kits years in advance? Who is standing to make billions, are they eugenicists, tied to the globalists, China and the CCP? Are the WHO and the CDC also funded by the same people, the globalist, CCP and other eugenicists?

Again, if you are going along with or participating in this deadly charade, being a willing participant in your own eventual enslavement, forced into abject poverty, allowing yourself to be a guinea pig with severe often deadly consequences shaming those who are awake trying to educate and save you God help you. You may make a lot of money but the price of karma is far beyond any short-term gain. Let’s not forget the Nuremberg trials. Ignorance was not a defense. Remember those who perpetuated and participated in this atrocity, Treason does not fare well in any court and there are and will be trials. Doctors remember your oaths. All ill-gotten gain is not sustainable. The backlash is inevitable. The mansions, luxury cars, yachts, will all be for naught.

James Gilliland


Good news!



BIG NEWS! Please share.
EU Council of Europe Ruled 28th January 2021
Vaccination is NOT Obligatory or Mandatory
Thanks to all our wonderful faithful Scientists and Doctors
who fought for this!
READ CAREFULLY the points listed below in particular:
7.3 regarding the guarantee of a high absorption of vaccines:
7.3.1 ensure that citizens are informed that vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially or otherwise under pressure to vaccinate unless they wish to do so on their own;
7.3.2 ensure that no one is discriminated against for not being vaccinated, due to possible health risks or for not wanting to be vaccinated.
Council of (CoE) – European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR)
Russia is a member and Putin has just dropped all restrictions….natural immunity is at work. A reliable source, has been been reliably informed that ALL CHURCHES in Russia are open.
Excellent news from the Council of Europe (CoE), the world’s leading Human Rights organisation. It is the governing body of the European Court of Human Rights. As you’re probably aware the CoE is distinct and separate from the EU. 47 countries including all EU Member States are contracting parties to the CoE and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). This is excellent news for people concerned about mandatory or coerced vaccination or discrimination on vaccination status.
My Comment to worried UK Citizens in view of the fact that UK has left the EU, be at peace, the UK is included in the 47 Countries!

The 9D Arcturian Council: Help coming from your Galactic Friends and Family

The 9D Arcturian Council: Help Coming from Your Galactic Friends & Family

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are living vicariously through all of you at this momentous time in human history.

We know how far you have already come on your journey of ascension, and yet, we also know that the best is yet to come, and we are very excited to be on this journey with all of you, because we love you and because we get to experience something different, something unique, and something special through our connection with all of you.

We feel connected to the humans who have never heard of us, and we feel connected to the humans who don’t believe that we are real. When you get to a ninth-dimensional level of consciousness, it’s hard to not feel connected to everyone and everything.

This journey that we are on together has had many stumbling blocks along the way, and certainly you are in the midst of one of those eras in human history right now.

It is a particularly challenging time to be there on Earth, and many individuals are struggling just to get by. Others are struggling with loneliness, and many are struggling with anger as they assume that something is being done to them.

We know that those of you who are awake understand that this is one giant co-creation and that it must serve you somehow to be a part of it. Certainly you are not there to simply endure it, but we would encourage everyone to focus on how you are uniquely affected and triggered by the current set of circumstances there on Earth.

We want you to take the growth experience and to accept it for what it is.

We also always want you to know that you are not alone on this journey, and we do want you to understand that we are just one group of many who are focusing in on humankind, even more so than usual at this time, because your galactic friends and family members want to help.

They want to help, and they are helping in so many ways that you cannot even perceive at this time.

But you certainly can perceive more of the help that is coming your way, if you spend less time fighting against the ramifications of living during a pandemic, and you spend more time opening up to the help that is available to you.

You can rise above all of this, and you can also respect your fellow humans, no matter what it is that they believe, and no matter what it is that they choose to do or not do at this time.

It is a time for acceptance and for finding the truth of who you are within you, and you will continue to be guided back to yourselves at all times, because that is where all the real growth occurs.

But again, you’re not doing it all yourselves. you have help and support from your galactic friends and family members, and there is more help coming every single day.

Please, slow down, stop altogether at times, and open up to receive it.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Trump is winning Election Lawsuits, in case you haven’t heard

Trump is Winning Election Lawsuits, in Case You Haven’t Heard

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by Steven Mosher, February 4, 2021, lifesitenews.com


Trump has won two-thirds of the cases that have been adjudicated by the courts.

Of late, I’ve felt more and more like I am back in Communist China. A place where every day, no matter what channel you turn on, what radio broadcast you listen to, or what online news service you subscribe to (except LifeSiteNews and a couple of others), the same dreary party line spews out.

The oligarchy is so confident that they can manipulate our very thoughts – after all, they control the search engines, the Twitter feeds, and the trending news – that they no longer even bother to hide what they do. Deleting President Trump’s account made it clear to the world what devious little Jack Dorsey spends his days doing: maniacally deleting accounts that deviate from his “truths.” And who doesn’t know by now that Mark Zuckerberg specializes in devising algorithms that are the hi-tech version of the mushroom treatment – keeping us in the dark and feeding us horse manure.

The party line with regard to the 2020 presidential election, aggressively promoted by America’s corporate media and Big Tech, is this: There was no election fraud because the courts have said so.

Both claims are false. Not just questionable, but dead wrong.

By now, most people know that America’s corporate media and Big Tech have aggressively and punitively suppressed an open discussion of possible election irregularities.

But have you noticed that – to prop up their version of reality – they’ve simply stopped reporting on the dozens of ongoing lawsuits that are slowly wending their way through the court system? At most, they will simply make a blanket statement along the lines of “Trump has lost all the lawsuits that have come before the courts.”

Sometimes they will go further, and suggest that our justice system has thoroughly and impartially examined the claims of election fraud made in those suits, and have ruled that they are completely unfounded.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as Physicist John Droz has discovered. Droz assembled a team of his fellow scientists and engineers – all volunteers – to take a close look at the lawsuits that have been filed, all of which are a matter of public record, and to summarize the results. This is no easy task, since there have been 80 lawsuits filed in connection with the 2020 presidential election by Trump or on his behalf, and each of these lawsuits consists of dozens of pages of filing and decisions.

The summary report, called “2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits Related to Election Integrity,” strips the excess verbiage of which lawyers are so fond, leaving the bare essentials of the lawsuits: What issues were at stake, how each case was treated by the courts, what evidence was objectively analyzed and, finally and most importantly, who won and who lost.

So what did Droz and his team find?

First, of the 80 total lawsuits, 34 have either been withdrawn, consolidated with other suits, or dismissed due to legal technicalities such as lack of standing, timing, or jurisdiction. Those judges who dismissed suits never heard the actual evidence of election irregularities and/or fraud, since they did not allow it to be presented in their courtrooms. Such cases cannot be counted as a loss for Trump. If anything, they are evidence of a failure of our judicial system to – at a moment of national crisis – actually address election fraud.

Of the 46 remaining lawsuits, 25 cases are still ongoing, so that the winner and loser of these cases is yet to be determined, while 21 have been completely adjudicated. These are cases where the court heard arguments, considered any relevant evidence, and then issued a formal ruling on the merits.

You may be surprised to learn that, of these 21 cases, Trump has won 14 and lost 7.

In other words, Trump has won two-thirds of the cases to date that have been adjudicated by the courts.

Don’t expect to hear this on the evening news.

John Droz notes separately that, despite the widespread allegations of massive voter fraud:

“… only three (3) of these lawsuits materially dealt with voter illegalities (citizens voting twice, votes from deceased persons, etc.). Interestingly, all three of these cases are still open.”

“Further, just three (3) lawsuits addressed voting machine inaccuracies (purposeful or accidental). One of these was dismissed (due to jurisdiction), one was ruled against (although no discovery was granted), and one is still open (discovery was granted).”

“The likely explanation for so few cases in these two areas is that legally proving fraud or voting machine manipulations are very time-consuming processes, that require substantial investigative work and documentation. There simply wasn’t enough time to do this prior to key points in the process (like the Electoral College).”

Kudos to John Droz and his team for helping to educate the public about the ongoing legal efforts in ensure election integrity.

I think everyone understands that, if we can be defrauded of our vote, we no longer live in a democracy.


The 9D Arcturian Council: Collaborating with your Higher Self

The 9D Arcturian Council: Collaborating with Your Higher Selves

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have made certain arrangements with your higher selves to do this work with you, and your higher selves have made arrangements with the higher selves of other humans to do certain work together.

There are more collaborations happening now between humans on Earth and other humans on Earth than ever before, and there certainly are more collaborations happening between your higher selves and beings like us than ever before.

This new experience of collaboration shows your readiness to be a part of something bigger than the human Earth collective, even though it’s happening at the level of your higher selves.

You are your higher selves, and more and more of you are stripping away the layers of accumulated negative energies that prevent you from knowing that all the time.

And so, there are these moments where you have crystal clarity about who you are and what you are there on Earth to do, and there are these moments where you absolutely are connecting and communicating with beings like us, letting it be know that you are ready and willing to take on a bigger role for humanity.

Therefore, you can relax more in the knowing that the traditional ways in which you have needed to prove yourselves there on Earth are falling by the wayside.

The collaborations we are referring to are not about building this, writing that, or starting something else. These are collaborations of spirit. We are talking about coming together with similar intentions and creating with a synergistic force, the likes of which your solar system has never seen before.

We want you to understand that you are a big part of a consciousness evolution whose time has come, and when you feel that you resonate with us, or a group of Pleiadians, or a group of humans, you can rest assured that collaborations are happening, energies are in motion, new realities are being created, and the upward spiraling of the human collective consciousness is continuing.

It’s all unfolding beautifully, but most of it is in unseen realms.

And therefore, we recommend closing your eyes more, letting go of the negativity that is out there, that is wanting you to give in to it, and we recommend just closing your eyes and opening your hearts to the truth of what we are saying right now.

It is all happening for humanity and because of humanity, and we are very grateful to be included in that ride.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



The 9D Arcturian Council: What you came to Earth to do

The 9D Arcturian Council: What You Came to Earth to Do

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are quite satisfied with the way that you all have been looking to include one another in a variety of ways.

You are shifting from seeing yourselves as individuals to knowing that you are a collective, and with that shift comes a knowing that everyone and everything that you see is included within you.

And so, when you see the way that humanity has been divided recently, and you realize that it’s a problem, those of you who are awake tend to want to do something about it.

In this case, you look for opportunities to include others who you might traditionally, historically, exclude from your thoughts and your feelings of compassion.

If you can be compassionate towards someone who you disagree with on a number of points and issues, then you will have risen above the divisiveness that is so present on your world today.

And if you listen to someone with whom you disagree, and try to understand where they are coming from, you will have taken a step towards more unity, more of that oneness that you and other awakened souls are seeking.

You don’t have to take sides in order to be right; you can rise above all of it and be love.

You can be love in the face of hate, bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and everything else that you experience on your world today and that can give you the experience of sadness, anger, fear, or even hate.

Everything that is there and that is triggering you is there for that purpose. It’s not because something is broken or something is wrong; it’s because you need to be triggered in order to get to that very specific and sometimes buried-deep-down-inside emotion.

Once you do, you can rise above it, because you want to be love and because you know that you are more powerful as a collective than you are as individuals.

You are more powerful unified than you are divided, and just because someone disagrees with you on something does not make them your enemy. They just have a different point of view, a different perspective.

Now it can be very challenging to do what we are suggesting here, especially when the person or people we are talking about have hate in their hearts towards a particular group.

We know that it is a tall order to forgive, to love, and to feel compassion for those people, but it is the only way to raise the consciousness of humanity.

You are not going to raise the consciousness of humanity just by being right.

You are not going to raise the consciousness of humanity by looking down your noses at those that you deem to be wrong.

You are going to raise the consciousness of humanity because that is what you are there to do, and you are also there to embody more of that unconditional love, because that is the way to becoming fifth dimensional; it is the way to becoming your higher selves. And that is part of your destiny, so you might as well embrace that destiny now, which also means embracing every aspect of you.

And remember, if you see it out there in any form, it is also within you and it needs to be healed.

That’s why you see so many people on your world today getting louder.

They represent something that’s inside of you that you’ve been ignoring.

Please pay attention to everything that’s going on inside of you, and be the healers, the wayshowers, and the changemakers you were born to be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Jesus: To seek a Deeper Meaning in Life is a task each one needs to Address

Jesus: To seek a deeper meaning in life is a task that each human needs to address.

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January 30, 2021 by John Smallman



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We are on the edge!  Humanity’s awakening is imminent!  The time of chaos and confusion is drawing to a close, even though it may well appear that the chance of new conflicts arising in many places is intensifying.

Much collective karma is arising to be released as this happens, hence the chaos and confusion.  Do not be anxious, the divine plan is flowing perfectly smoothly just as Mother/Father/God intends, it is just not fully apparent to you because the veil that the illusion formed between you and Reality is still in place.  

As this veil fades from your minds, dissolves, or disintegrates, as it will as you move into wakefulness, you will become increasingly aware that you have just not been able to see the illusion for what it really is . . . illusory, purely due to this illusory veil!

As your knowingness expands you will come to a true awareness of the fact that you are One, that you are Love, that there is no separation, one from another, or of you from Source.

Many of you have accepted on an intellectual level that this is true, now you will begin to feel it in your hearts, in fact many of you are already beginning to feel and know this truth.  This knowing will confirm for you what you have accepted intellectually, that you are, and always have been in every moment of your eternal existence, uninterruptedly and inseparably in the divine Presence.

It truly is very simple, and it is your re-knowing of this that will bring into your awareness the joy in which you have always existed.

As children you played games with other children, sometimes they were very enjoyable and you did not want to stop, and at other times they were not fun, perhaps because others were teasing or bullying you and thereby interrupting or destroying your enjoyment.

As you moved into adolescence the kind of games you chose to play changed, and they did again as you moved into adulthood.

Adulthood could seem to be either a blessing or a curse as, when playing adult games, you found yourselves having to become increasingly responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions, which others were always happy to draw to your attention any time you attempted not to be responsible for them.

Accepting personal responsibility for your lives is perhaps the most difficult part of becoming adult, and many find themselves unable to take this major step into maturity and wisdom, choosing instead, when things go wrong, to blame them on others or on circumstances that were beyond their control.

Being a human in form means that you are limited in many ways by the very fact of your physical nature.  To grow up, from the first moments in-utero, through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood, is to learn and deal with the limitations of that state.

As children, when you first begin to reason, you tend to see adults as very wise and powerful beings then, as your reasoning abilities develop, you begin to realize that you too will eventually become adults and that your parents are not as wise as you had thought, and so you start to look forward to the assumed state of independence that you will achieve on becoming adult.

But often, due to childhood experiences or traumas, you develop a sense that you are not good enough, clever enough, strong enough, beautiful or handsome enough, as you observe others whom you perceive as better than you in these areas.

This then makes it very difficult for you to develop a strong sense of self-acceptance.  Many thus have an inner sense that they are just children in adult bodies, and that although they are fully developed physically they feel that they are not really adults, and they find themselves feeling threatened and fearful in this adult world, a state of being which they had hoped would bring them a great sense of freedom and independence.

This sense of inadequacy is especially widespread among those who live in the more technically advanced areas of the world.

People there feel an intense need to present themselves as everything they inwardly feel that they are not – competent human adults living wisely and honestly – and often find themselves in competitive struggles to prove to others, and of course to themselves, that they are as good as or better than their peers.  If this way of living seems to bring them an acceptable level of success they will likely achieve a reasonable sense of self-acceptance, and the stress of feeling ‘less than’ will diminish.

However, true self-acceptance comes not from winning or forging ahead in competitive encounters with others, but from coming to the realization that the state of being human imposes limitations upon you that you can work with or fight against, and doing the former – accepting the actuality of this – leads to a more peaceful state of mind, as the previous constant stream of negative ‘what if?’ thoughts reduces considerably.

In this natural and far more relaxed state of human existence a person will find themselves seeking a deeper meaning to life than is available when life appears to be a constant and ongoing struggle to pay the bills and hold your relationships – with your partner, family, children, or workplace associates – together.

To seek a deeper meaning in life is a task that each human needs to address.

Some become aware in infancy that something is missing in their lives as humans, others do not become aware until well into adulthood.  However, because of the plans you designed for yourselves before incarnating, there are certain lessons that you need to learn before that awakening process, that search for a deeper meaning in your lives can commence.

But, whenever a person does become aware, and all will at some stage become aware – even if they refuse to acknowledge this to themselves – it is always at precisely the right time for that individual.  You all have your own unique paths to follow that will lead you Home to Reality.

Those of you reading this, or other loving messages from those on your support teams in the spiritual realms, are already seeking and finding that deeper meaning.

The most wonderful aspect of this is that however deep you go there is always further to go, more to encourage you forward, as more peace and joy emanates in your lives.  As this continues you will find that more and more people are drawn to you due to the love and peace that flows through your energy fields like a magnetic sphere of influence that extends and shares the magnetism of Love.

And of course this is why you are incarnate in this moment of humanity’s awakening, because you are each absolutely essential aspects of the human awakening process.

You are each assisting others, others of whom you may be totally unaware, to become aware that there is a far deeper meaning to life than they had ever previously conceived of.

Your presence in their lives, either momentarily or long-term, consciously or unconsciously, is encouraging them to seek out this meaning within themselves, where it has always been, awaiting their choice, as they allow themselves to become aware of it, to allow it to arise into their conscious awareness to uplift and inspire them.

An amazing and most wonderful miracle is happening within the human collective right now, a miracle that has been divinely planned since the beginning of time, since the moment when the experience of separation occurred, and this miracle is humanity’s collective awakening to the realization, understanding, and knowing that there is only LOVE, and that nothing more is needed or is possible.

Therefore, as I have counselled you previously, CELEBRATE!

To celebrate further intensifies each individual’s energy field, further integrating it into the energy field of the One, the divine field of LOVE that is All That Exists.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


The 9D Arcturian Council: How to access All of your Power

The 9D Arcturian Council: How to Access All of Your Power

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring many possible timelines for humanity there on Earth, and we have seen some beautiful futures for all of you, but the future is especially bright for those of you who have owned that you have issues, that you have trauma, that you have negative emotions that you don’t always allow yourselves to feel.

You are the ones who understand that in order to evolve and become more of who you really are, there’s a certain amount of self-awareness, self-reflection, and work on the self that must occur.

Therefore, you are the ones who lead humanity into the better-feeling futures by first not feeling very good at all.

Now, that may seem like a paradox to you, but it is absolutely the case. You have to clean out the old to allow the new in, and in this case the new that we are referring to is higher-frequency energy.

We are talking about letting in upgrades, activations, downloads, and attunements, all of which are available to you. But you don’t always let them in, and you cannot let them in if you are in denial. You cannot let them in if you are offering a lower vibration that you are completely unaware of.

And it is for these reasons that we prescribe to all of you regular check-ins.

Everything you need to know can be discovered when you take the time to check in with your seven main chakras.

Your seven main chakras are where you are going to feel the vast majority of what you need to feel before you get to feel those higher-frequency energies running through you.

This is why a lot of wise people say that a person who is going down into a very bad place must hit rock bottom before they’re going to come back up again.

When you hit rock bottom, you have no other option but to feel what you’re feeling. You run out of defense mechanisms, distractions, and things to escape into, and you face yourself, a person you are supposed to be loving, honoring, and respecting.

It is by first acknowledging where you are that you can find your way to where you are going.

So do yourselves a favor and do not live for one moment in denial of what’s going on inside of you, because you’re not doing yourself or anyone any good by pretending that everything is all right when it truly is not.

And do not be afraid to communicate to those around you what you are going through you, because they will surprise you oftentimes with compassion, support, and kindness.

There are way more empaths on Earth with you today than there have ever been in all of human history, and empathy is a superpower.

It is those of you who feel that truly have access to all of your power, and the more you feel, the better. The more you feel, the sooner you get to choose what you are going to feel in the next moment, and the next, and the next.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Galactic Federation of Light: Will the Truth be Revealed to All

The Galactic Federation: Will the Truth Be Revealed to All?

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by Inger Noren


Hi Inger, we want to leave you a message about the situation in the world and about the coming big revelation.

It is not very late but it will go out as it has been said, sometime during these days. The councils have agreed that people are mature enough to hear what has happened in the US election with fraud and corruption. Regardless of when this announcement comes out, it will be a shock to the people of the United States but also to the rest of the world. The dark can threaten with whatever they want, the message will still be published for the people.

It has been far too long with the assent for the people and it is time now. Our Lord says “Enough is Enough”. This revelation has significance for very many people, not only for the rulers who are revealed but also for people who have believed that Donald Trump has been their enemy and who now prove to be their savior instead. We know that many people are disappointed that this revelation has not yet been published, but it must still be the right time and place to publish something as serious as this revelation.

Everything follows the divine plan and everything is just as it should be. It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the revelation will be released this week, regardless of what they on the dark side have threatened with. It does not matter what they are trying to do, people need to know what has happened during the eons of time of the dark on this planet. The divine master of your planet has decided that it does not matter when this revelation goes out to the people. It gets just as shocking no matter when it goes out and the sooner the better for everyone. The dark ones still know that they have lost this battle because the light has won.

We in the Galactic Federation of Light know that there will be a great manifestation in this and it will be presented to the people through a channel that the media can not stop or manipulate in any way. There is feverish work in the Council and behind the scenes for this to go out as soon as possible and everything indicates that this must have priority now because people must open their eyes and wake up to what is happening in their country but also in the Universe. We must and must keep this because if there are more delays due to the dark, it can mean a long time before it is possible to fulfill this commitment for the people. It is very urgent and people have deserved to know what has happened in their lives and in all previous lives.

It will be a painful information and you lightworkers must be prepared to help and support the people who are very confused about all this happening now in their lives. You have a very big task ahead of you and it can probably be very difficult sometimes, especially when you yourself are shocked by the revelations that come. No one can imagine what is coming and everyone will be affected in some way. Stand in your light and repeat many times with the intention of saying “I am the light, I am the love, I am the truth, I am”. Then you are anchored in your light in a safe and secure way.

We love you for your patience and God Bless the People.

Galactic Federation of Light

Many thanks. In loving service. I am.


White House Blackout, Police Cars, Buses at White House

White House Blackout 3-6 A.M., Police Cars, Buses at White House

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