Uluru Portal Opening


We were on the Terrey Hills site for the opening of the Uluru portal in September 1994. This is the spot where the waratahs grow. We meditated on each of the 12 portals following an Alton meditation. We asked for help form the Aboriginals around us and Zozar and Rifken and woke up the Rainbow Serpent which reared above us. I told the others not to show fear if they saw him and led them down the Great Divide following the leylines and mineralization. I mentioned the mining which had degraded the land and asked for healing and that we see them in pristine condition. I asked that the portal we were on be opened and the one at Wallaga Lake and we meditated on seeing the symbols between Uluru and the Olgas as a sunflower with each of the 12 portals as a leaf.

We saw a pillar of light come down and Aboriginals painted with feathers dancing, and telling us to celebrate. We did the meditation for 3 days. On the second day I asked the group to focus on Rainbow Serpent’s journey underground. I asked them to see the mined areas renewed and in original condition. We focused on each portal and said Gurusinvaya. I got impressions at most of them. At Uluru an eye appeared. Again the pillar of light came down into the center of our group.

The third day of the meditation was to unite all the energies, Lemurian, Atlantean, Aboriginal, crystalline and etheric as one in a celebration of the earth. I asked who was present at each portal. Greenland was a young girl, Rotorus was a group of women around a hot spring, in fact at each portal there seemed to be mainly women, except the Himalayas where a young initiate was at the Holy City on top of a rock leading the opening ceremony.
There was no-one at Kerguylen Island which we were opening from here. Again the pillar of light was seen and someone noticed an angel turning the pages of a book, which we all heard. Mother Mary and Sananda were present. Where the Rainbow Serpent passed, the land turned to purple. We saw the Rainbow Serpent tail with a gold coil on the end, pass underground to Uluru and saw it curl up on the Uluru portal.

One of the people present at Terrey Hills for the Uluru activation saw a crystal city while we were meditating. He said a thunderbolt came down from RA the sun God. There was a thunderclap before Christ or Mother Mary came and a white light appeared as a prelude to each appearance. He was seeing through the eyes of the Rainbow Serpent and everything was purple including the skin tones.

There was an awakening which reverberated through all the universes and celebrations at Ul;uru with many Aboriginal people celebrating with us.
Shortly after this I had a symbolic vision of Egyptian hieroglyphs which I was able to translate: `The maker of the corporal world, I make even the soul that is in the world, the female person who is receptive of new things.’

Working at Terrey Hills again I saw three Aboriginal women. One with a round face was plump with curly hair and her name is Mer. Another is taller and skinnier who is possibly Mer’s mother. The third is a younger woman.

Many years ago an alchuringa or sacred object from this site had been in my hands. It was a trade item, a paddle which had been traded from the island of Mer in the Torres Strait, according to the `experts’.

The Mirian of Mer see the two planes are interchanging and that things can exist and not exist and that shapes and forms may change. The ancestral spirits may be far away at the end of the seas but are simultaneously here and now. The rites performed by the shaman who wears the sacred masks of Mer, links the human and cosmic cycles. These ceremonies are performed in a different language not known to most of the participants. The timing of the ritual to coincide with stars rising from the Pleaides, indicates a Dreamtiome link between this star system and Mer. On earth this is seen as the time to start preparing the gardens for the new year. Among the Meriam of Mer, all life moves through cosmic cycles denoted in everyday life as the seasons. The world begins to take form within the circle of the seasons. The renewal and regeneration of the harvest is symbolic of the recreation of the cosmos.
The holographic universe is created from a dimensional universe in series with this one and we are creating another universe in series with us. So how do we access the blue print of this dimensional universe? We access it in the moment of no-time between breaths. Then, we have access to all dimensions. This is the moment of channeling information from other dimensions and universes, so it is of prime importance we develop this ability. Sound used on the sacred sites is like an acupuncture needle to the earth.
While meditating I saw that there’s an upright pyramid spinning with the sides infolded and a crystal in the Kings chamber position. We saw a pillar of light come down and activate our top charkas. We also heard a clunk as if the missing alcheringa had landed. It turned out to be a large branch which we put in the middle of the circle.

I dreamt on full moon in February 1995 before I left on my trip, about a secret ceremony. There were organ pipe stalactites painted with Aboriginal white dots on black and red background in a cave. They could be played like the clapping sticks I had with me.

During the dancing an elder gave the children koalas from the store. Then someone sat beside me, the only other European present. He was young and kept talking, so that I had to clamp my hand over his mouth to stop him.
The elder came up to me and lay down and began to knead the veins in my thigh to produce weals. From these he blew a sticky glue-like substance which solidified into opal of different colours, which he moulded into the multi-hued opal he manifested for me – a present from my own body. He peeled it like glue from his lips and beard as he sang it from my body.

Some time after this I left Sydney on my travels and when I returned I heard a house had gone up on this site, which I had believed was in a National Park. Amazingly the house that had been built there at the entrance to the sacred site had apparently been dismantled. In its place was a pile of rubble dumped there. The track was very overgrown and the path barely visible, so very few people had been there since we were last there. The house had been up to the framework stage 6 months before. The work we did in clearing the land of any unwanted negativity had worked and the area is now protected. Four of us meditated on the site and I explained that we had been actively working there for 7 years with the spirit guardians of the site, who have white clay paint on their faces

Rainbow Serpent 2

I’ve just read The Book of Love by a Medium Valerie Barrow, With comments by Sai Baba.She is on the same wavelength as I am saying Star people have had a long period of contact with Aboriginals. Additional copies can be obtained PO Box 925, Bowral. NSW 2576 She had contact with a tjurunga, a sacred stone, which gave her access to channelled information from the Pleiades. This should have a wider audience as now is the time for this information to be available.

What she is saying is that the Wandjina are creation figures, or beings. The energy of the Rock Uluru is the same energy as the tjurunga because it comes from an asteroid. She describes: I found myself standing on a point where I was no longer a human being. I seemed to become an instrument and I felt energy coming in to us from thousands all around Australia, maybe even overseas, that seemed to be tuning in at the same time. The Star People can then draw upon all the energies of like-minded people and focus it, as we did in using the energies at that point between Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It was like bringing in both Male and Female energies together (clockwise and anti-clockwise energies) and they were pumped into the Earth in a very steady mechanical-like way. It was as if the energy was spreading out in circles, like if you throw a stone into a pond and you see the ripples going out further and further and this is what was happening within Mother Earth well beneath her surface, pulsating out further to other points right around the Earth.

It is like the energies of the earth are like an acupressure grid. It is these areas that the Aboriginals have been looking after so well and there is much we can learn from them. I personally participated in the energy alignment at a spot in Sydney where my Aboriginal friend had confirmed the energies were still strong. It was a 3 day event and we participated using toning and sound- a humming bee and soon the Star People wish to make their presence on Earth known and encourage us to see ourselves as aliens, to break down any fear.


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