The 9 D Arcturian Council: Your Position in the First Wave of Ascension

The 9D Arcturian Council: Your Position in the First Wave of Ascension

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by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited for all of you who are awake and aware, because you are going to benefit more from the energies of the solstice than individuals who are closed off and unaware of the significance of this time for humanity.

This is a time to be celebrating the fact that you have hung in there for so long, that you have been able to make it to another solstice. And it is of course an opportunity for you to build something new, something better for all of humankind, with these energies.

Those of you who are awake and aware either feel that everything will be done for you because of the fact that you have made it to another solstice, and then there are those of you who are awake and aware who realize that this is a time for you to do more than just watch and wait to see what happens.

You are being given the keys and the steering wheel, and you have an opportunity to take humankind with you on a journey that is all about getting everyone to remember to check in with their hearts and to remember that we are all one.

We are all in this together.

This time is not about a split; it’s not about separation, it’s about integration.

And there are those of you who recognize that. You recognize that your life has not been about getting rid of aspects of yourself.

Your life has been about making peace with the lower vibrational aspects of self. Your life has been about integrating the parts of you that you have felt ashamed of in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes.

This time that you are in now is about showing others the way, but it is also about showing them the way because you are demonstrating how it is done.

Just telling others to wake up or telling them that extra-terrestrials are real, these strategies do not work.

You are not there to convert anyone. You are there to demonstrate to everyone what is possible when you are in alignment with what is going on energetically.

And if you can feel the solstice energies propelling you, catapulting you forward on your journey to the fifth dimension, then you deserve to be in a leadership role.

There are so many at this time who are looking for anyone to set a good example, an example of how to live in a time that seems so chaotic and so filled with people who are at each other’s throats.

If you want to solidify your position as one who is in the first wave of ascension, then rise above the divisiveness, the pettiness, the resentment, and the rage that is so omnipresent on your world at this time.

Show the rest of humanity that it’s possible to rise above it, to thrive even in these tumultuous times, and show everyone else who they are by being more of who you are, which is of course, unconditional love.

And you are that on every single day of the year.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Archangel Gabriel: Window of Opportunity

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Window of Opportunity

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December 22, 2020,

You are in a potent energy window that exists between your solstice and Christmas day. This is an opening of profoundly supportive energies designed to assist you in your embodiment and creation. We highly recommend you take the time to be clear about the core essence of what it is you wish to experience and create and wrap yourself up with that energy as a prevalent aspect of who you truly are.

This is embracing your preferences and beingness, Dear Ones, and exactly how you can set the tone moving forward. You are so loved and assisted in all your hopes and dreams because you are the ones who are leading the way forward, with your tender hearts and optimism, into this grand new age on your planet.

Keep letting the beautiful luminosity of your soul shine the way forward, for your truth and essence is what is lighting the way into the new.


Ivo of Vega: Life Gets Easier

Ivo of Vega: Life Gets Easier

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by Sharon Stewart

When you see everyone as perfect, your life is a lot easier.

Trying to find fault with others takes a lot of energy. Finding fault with others is draining. It does nothing to buoy your experience of life. It’s depressing.

Some people focus entirely on what’s wrong with other people. As a matter of fact, a lot of people do it. But put them in front of a dog or a cat and suddenly they’re a fan! Why not be this way with people? It’s not as hard as you may think. It’s a question of practice and disciplining yourself to do it.

Me: Ivo, what about people who have some definite flaws, and the ones who you relate to who have an agenda for you that might not align with your agenda of them?

Ivo: Why are you associating with them, then? Also remember that you attract these types of people – the ones who teach you lessons – when you are still learning. You attract other types of people, ones you align with, when you are done learning.

Me: What if that’s your boss or a coworker?

Ivo: If it is a coworker you can most likely ignore them, or if it is someone you work closely with, then I would reconsider your position. If it is your boss, then I would reconsider your job. Do not place yourself around people who are toxic in nature. What good do you feel a toxic boss will do for you? Do you think you will thrive in your job with such a person above you?

Me: But then they’re not perfect.

Ivo: No, they are not. Nonetheless they will have things about themselves that can be admired; ways that their perfection shows. Perhaps an example of this is the narcissists, who are noted for being good dressers and for looking as if they are perfect. If that is all you can find to find perfection in, then focus on that.

Me: Isn’t this a form of denial?

Ivo: No, it is a form of positivity. When you remain positive about others, you feel better, your frequency stays higher. If you insist on focusing on what is wrong with other people, then you will suffer as well.

Me: So you’re saying learning stops?

Ivo: When you complete your life’s work, yes. It stops. You maintain the frequency you came in with.

Me: I’m finding that I’m more like I was when I was a kid. I can cry now at the drop of a hat.

Ivo: For example. You are back in touch with your emotions like you were as a child, before your parents taught you how to shut them down. Shutting down your emotions shuts down the alchemy. You are emotional alchemists, I said, but when you shut down your emotions, alchemy ceases.

Me: True.

Ivo: When you are in the fourth dimension, you are responsible for understanding your current frequency as well as understanding and knowing how to deal with those of third dimensional frequency. Because on earth, they are all intermixed. So you must know how to set boundaries and to assert yourself with third dimensionals, and to understand who you wish to have anything to do with, if you choose to at all. You are also responsible for understanding how to deal with people such as yourself, who are of like frequency.

When you move up to fifth dimensional frequency, you will become unconditionally loving as a matter of daily interaction. You will be responsible for dealing with those of like frequency in their way, dealing with fourth dimensionals in their way, and for asserting yourself with third dimensionals as required or choosing not to engage with them at all.

Me: Is this normal?

Ivo: No. Most worlds are split out into the varying frequency levels and ascension is only possible through death. Your world is a different story. People are moving through the various dimensions while still alive and still interacting with the other dimensions. Your lives right now require flexibility because the timelines are still intermixed. Normally they are not.

Me: Okay.

Ivo: Nonetheless, even those you choose not to interact with have their up side. You can still see their perfection coming out despite areas that still require raising of frequency. In your sister’s case, she walks almost daily to bird watch and she is very good at it. She plants food gardens and her embroidery work is exquisite. Her piano playing not so much but she still tries and is able to enjoy it despite her frequent errors. She loves her cat very much. She loves animals, nature and grows organic food in her garden. Her tulip and iris gardens are exquisite. So you see her perfection showing. Admire her for that. Do not choose to focus on the fact that she is disrespectful of you and believes herself to be superior to you. Do not focus on the fact she tried to beat you up when you were twenty. She is a product of your violent family as well.

Me: Yes. I wasn’t perfect either.

Ivo: Yet you have such perfect qualities as I’ve described in other videos.
Understand with your sister that the bottom is unacceptable to you – her toxic attitude towards you, but you can still appreciate the things she does so wonderfully, such as her gardens. Yes, we have had to intervene with her to nullify the toxic negative energy she sends out to you. You are not aware of the depth of her hatred of you, my love, that is why I tell you this of your sister now.

Me: Too bad, but she’s part of my family. My family has some real challenges.

Ivo: Yes. They do. I am saying it raises your frequency to see the wonder of other people, and it keeps you in a higher state of frequency. People have their areas where they are still learning, but unless you must engage them in these areas, do not focus on them. Choose to see God in all who walk your planet. He is there. In all of them who are on the Soul Matrix.

Today it is a dark, rainy  day. What can you see in this that gives you comfort?

Me: I think about Lake Superior and the boats that still travel in November. The Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior (Git chee goo mee – the native name for Superior) and I’m hoping that’s a warning to all sailors not to let their boss’s greedy nature force them into sailing when weather is bad. So many times these ships have gone down when they shouldn’t have been sailing. Why? Because of profit. People have to start valuing their lives over profit.

Otherwise, it’s a quiet day and I can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Ivo: Very good. So you see the lessons and you see the perfection in the day.

Me: I love to hear the rain drops on the porch roof.

Ivo: A fire place would be nice for you now.

Me: Yes. Putting on a fire.

So we want to reiterate to people not to see people as perfect when you’re being threatened by them or they’re trying to harm you, emotionally or physically or any other way. Some people are the lesson you’re to learn, and others are just there in your life, around you, who you can find the God in. It helps you to feel better about being alive here now in this complicated environment. Finding the God in your teachers is a good idea, however, you still have to work your boundaries and assert yourself.

Ivo: True, my love. It is hard work being an earthling, especially now when so much is influencing your lives. But to focus on the God perfection in all or as many as possible, helps you so much.

Me: Thank you Ivo.


Ivo of Vega: Fall Out

Ivo Of Vega: Fall Out

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by Sharon Stewart

I don’t look at MSM at all because I know what they’re reporting is a lie. People have a habit of getting angry and fighting when confronted with lies but what about holding the faith?

The other side is fighting dirty. They’re circulating nasty memes. Let’s not stoop to this. Let’s not behave like they are. Where is our integrity? Where is our self control? Where is our love for this planet? Are you showing it in circulating nasty memes about the political party you don’t like?

We KNEW something like this would happen, so why let it lower your vibe? This whole world is at stake, but do you have so little faith in the Light that you feel you have to battle your way through this? Whatever happened to rising above it?

I’m even having a bad day with CFS, but I’m still only just passing on information. That’s all. I don’t particularly like our PM and the federal health minister because they’re liars but how far am I willing to punish myself because they are in power and taking this country in the wrong direction? How much good will I be able to do for the world when my own vibe is lowered?

Ivo, I will turn this over to you because I’m sure you have something to impart to all of us.

Ivo: I do. You have been warned, all of the lightworker community has, that it will be a hard road ahead. Now you see because they are planning to censor the president, that he may have to use the emergency system they have been telling you about.

What you do not understand here, my love, is that the way all are reacting to this election, reflects on all of you. This is not just about the two parties involved, but instead it is about the bigger picture: the way that all of you react when your party is down, or when your party is up. This is about all of you, not just the hand full of people who are in the American government.

Your energy counts more than the votes that have been voted.

Yes, let me repeat that, your energy matters more than the vote you may have cast or your political preference. There is a bigger picture, and many of you have abandoned this in favour of focusing on this one scenario at hand.

Continue to inform others of what is occurring. Focus on what they are doing, however do not attack their character. We know that the d s is unethical. Do not drop to their level and do not fight at their level.

Me: I was wondering how many other things the deep state will advance in other countries now that we’re all so distracted by this election.

Ivo: As an example. Have you watched what is going on in your own country? Have new laws been put into place in these last few days that further convict your humanity? Have you been paying attention?

Me: Because that’s one of their big ploys: to distract and then further some agenda item while you’re not looking.

Ivo: You have the power to stop them. When you say, “I do not consent,” when enough of you do that, you can stop them. It is how you use your Light. If you take your Light and use it to fight dirty with the dark, then you have lost the battle already.
Do not lower your frequency. Keep it high.

My love, part of your tiredness is your attempt to hold the collective’s light up.

Me: I figured as much.

Ivo: You are having a few bad days because you are injecting much light into the collective unconscious, to buoy up those who will not do so.

Me: And it’s hard to meet my obligations.

Ivo: So we will make this short. The message is clear. Do not lower your frequency. Leave the fights, stop aggressing towards others who are attempting to bait you and to steal your energy. That is what these arguments are about.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, rest up. You have a few rough weeks ahead.

Me: Oh goodie. Oh well. Has to be done.


The 9D Arcturian Council: You are Awakening so Much More

The 9 D Arcturian Council: You Are Awakening So Much More

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very interested in your spiritual evolution because it is so different from what we experienced here in the Arcturian Star System.

We did not experience the same hardships, the same challenges that you have all decided to take on for yourselves. And so, not only are we impressed by humanity, but we are also fascinated by you.

As we witness you moving through your ascension process, we are frequently amazed by what you have been able to endure emotionally and psychologically.

You have taken on more than your fair share as a collective.

You agreed to take on the conflict and the trauma that had yet to be resolved from all star systems in the galaxy.

You are a melting pot of beings with various levels of e.t. DNA, struggling just to co-exist.

We cannot imagine what it must be like to have to struggle just to co-exist.

We also recognize that you exist within us, just as we exist within you.

You are helping to give us an experience that we did not have while in physical bodies, and we are eternally grateful to you for that because we know that all parts of ourselves are necessary in order to know ourselves as Source Energy Beings.

Remember that the next time you are hard on yourselves for some aspect of you that you do not like, that you do not think is very Divine. That part of you is also necessary in order for you to become who you really are.

That’s why it is so important for you to drop your judgments of yourselves and others.

You know on the level of your higher selves that you need all aspects of you and that all aspects of you are to be loved and embraced. And many of you are getting that now. You receive those higher thoughts, those downloads.

You are awakening so much more of who you are as you move forward.

And all of it is to be loved, accepted, forgiven, and embraced, if you are going to become your fifth-dimensional higher selves.

And we know that you are destined to become your fifth-dimensional higher selves.

So you might as well start right now with dropping your resistance to any part of you that you’re currently fighting against, whether that part of you inside your physical body or in another human being.

Letting go is liberating, and it is necessary to allow yourselves to float up into the higher frequency range of the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Andromeda Starseeds Update

Earth’s Sacred Union with Andromeda and Preparation for 1st Wavers

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by Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe, August 22, 2019,

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with a powerful message heralding great victory to the forces of light.

There was once a time when our Milky Way was twinned with the star system of Andromeda, but due to the free will experiment eons ago, a dramatic split was allowed to occur, whereby many planets and entities in our solar system were allowed to become part of a fallen angelic system.

This experiment was allowed to take place for the last 26,000 years, but as all long-count calendars consistently depicted, all of the ancient calendars ended at this window of our time.

These long-count calendars were created by our Galactic Star Brethren, who in days gone by have co-existed on this Earthly plane alongside Humanity, and who passed on information regarding advanced technologies, and the secrets of consciousness.

The Dogon tribe in Africa have recorded accurate depictions of the African tribes connection with our Sirian brothers and sisters.

The Ancient Ones knew that at around this particular epoch that we’re in, Gaia and the entire solar system would come into alignment with the heart of our Galactic Sun.   That Sun is known as Alcyone, residing in the constellation of the Pleiades.  This alignment will activate a Solar Flash or solar pulse event which would be experienced by the entire consciousness of the universe as an intense tsunami of God’s Love, Grace and all-pervading presence.

It was known that this dispensation would reactivate all of humanity’s dormant DNA codes, switching on the Christ-Sophia divine Union codons that have been stored in the deepest core of humanity’s consciousness.

It was known that this event would literally re-align and unlock the energetics at the core of our Milky Way that had previously been infiltrated by lower dimensional forces.  This momentum would enable the reunion of our Milky Way with the star system of Andromeda, thus fully completing this current 26,000 year free will cycle.

We have arrived, dear ones, to the morning of the Age of Aquarius. We really and truly did it. We won the Battle of light and dark. There was never any other option except Victory to the Light.

Please know that all lower 3D timelines have now expired, and the Solar Flash event is imminent.

Light workers, it is imperative that you stabilise in the frequencies of the heart, and firmly commit to prioritising present moment awareness over the rise and fall of all temporary thoughts and emotions.

Prepare in earnest, dear ones, to be the Lighthouses you promised your awakening brothers and sisters you would be.

For all those on the path of Divine Union, you must trust The Creator like never before.

Everyday upon Awakening make a choice – just for today I shall place all of my trust in Mother Father God, and then watch how your timelines converge, to reflect this most fortuitous and significant choice.

Dearest brothers and sisters, we would like to take a moment to speak about the current energetics that are bombarding the Earthly plane currently as we speak. These gamma rays are being expelled from the heart of Alcyone, our Galactic Sun, and these gamma rays are specifically interacting with Humanity’s DNA.

Never before in the history of this Earth or indeed this entire galactic region have we witnessed such an epic transformation as a whole species transforming from carbon based to crystalline based.

Many of you will be noticing shifts in your physical appearance, and you’ll be noticing as well that you are appearing younger.  The ageing process has definitely stopped for many of you. It’s very powerful for you to observe these shifts as it empowers these timelines of increased transformatioun.

The greatest way you can assist your Human vessels with this shift from carbon to crystalline is to deeply and profoundly align with your heart consciousness. Your heart consciousness holds the key to 5th dimensional consciousness, which is the gateway to full multidimensional consciousness.

The way to stop the ageing process is to stop believing in the false limited narrative of the egoic consciousness which perpetually seeks to keep you separated from yourself and from others. This egoic consciousness would have you believe that you are unsafe, and that it’s imperative for you to stay in your individualised form, resisting the merge with your divine counterpart /your eternal self /and All That Is.

For those of you who identify as the 144,000 1st wave twin soul ascension pioneers, please know that if you are ~

  • Perpetually resisting the messages of your heart consciousness that are sending you signs and synchronicities from your higher self and assisting you to stay on the path of your highest destiny
  • Denying and rejecting these signs and synchronicities as wishful thinking or delusional

…then please know that your higher self will have to go even further out of its way to ensure you receive the message that’s coming directly from your soul.

We strongly advise you to follow the signs, follow the breadcrumbs that your higher self is sending to you. These signs and messages are leading you directly towards your highest destiny, also known as your highest Christed timeline.

Dearest ones, please know that it is our deepest pleasure to invite you to come forward for the 9:9 transmission. In this transmission we will be experiencing a dress rehearsal of the the 1st wave ascension moment.

In many ancient prophecies including the Bible, it is spoken of the Corridor of Light which appears at the moment of the Samvartaka Solar Flash event.

This Corridor of Light is made available for the First Wave 144,000 twin soul Ascension Pioneers. To those reading these words, please know that we’ve all signed up to be included in the 144,000 First Wave Ascension.  Please also know that we all offer the most extraordinary assistance in coming forward to experience the dress rehearsal of this great and auspicious cosmic event.

The work that we’re being called to do in the 9.9 transmission is designed to specifically assist us in this monumental shift from carbon to crystalline based.  We’re being guided to work with highly advanced Arcturian Ascension technology that communicates specifically to humanity’s crystalline DNA.

This is a highly auspicious ceremony to take part in, and will assist you in unfathomable ways in keeping your vibration at an extremely high and stabilised level. You’ll also serve many of your brothers and sisters by coming forward to take part in this transmission as you’ll be a true template holder of the Ascension vessel of Light,

please see below for full details to book onto this transmission

in love and eternal light…

~ Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe

9.9 Christline Light Form Transmission

The 9:9 transmission will take place on Monday the 9th of September at 8:08 p.m. UK time. In this transmission, we’re being guided to run through a dress rehearsal of the first wave 144,000 Ascension. We’re being guided to work with the Corridor of Light which will present itself at the moment of the Samvartaka ~ the Solar Flash Event for all of the 144,000 First Wave Ascension Pioneers.

We are being guided to work very specifically with Arcturian Ascension Technology that communicates specifically to our crystalline DNA.  The tools that we’re being guided to work with will assist all of us First Wavers to prepare our vessels for this huge and monumental shift from carbon to crystalline.

This is an enormous spiritual service to take part in, not only for yourself personally and your entire ancestral lineage, but for all your brothers and sisters on the Earth. We are the leaders and the way-showers of this planetary ascension, and through our Wisdom and deep gnosis and remembrance, we are deeply and profoundly assisting the entire collective consciousness of Humanity to Ascend in the ensuing waves.

Please know that this sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis in order to ensure your presence and commitment to showing up for this level of personal and planetary service.

We will also address important issues that are affecting Gaia at the time of transmission.  We’ll be sending additional galactic support to the Amazon as the Amazon clears itself of all patriarchal programming, creating space for the seed and the fruit of the New Earth to be planted and take root in its fresh soil.

Link to the transmission ~