Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, July 1, 2022

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, July 1, 2022

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1st July 2022.

Regardless of what is happening on Earth, in the greater scheme of things there is progress as a path out of the present chaos has been laid down.

It requires people to wake up to the opportunities that are on hand that will start a movement towards more cooperation between nations, that can set aside their own political beliefs for the greater benefit of all. It must come; otherwise you will keep repeating the same pattern that is a road that leads nowhere at all.

As we have mentioned previously Mother Earth cannot wait indefinitely for you to grasp the opportunities to prepare for major changes that are necessary. It should be obvious that action is called for as the needs of the people are of prime importance, if they are to move onto a new timeline that will release them from the existing conditions.

You may ask what is serving your interests that will guide you away from the old ways that are no longer relevant? Be assured that the energy of change will cut your links with the old paradigm and allow new ones to replace them.

In readiness for your needs much is coming forth that will start a new era, and it may initially cause some inconvenience but that is inevitable. It follows that many souls are waking up to their mission agreed before they incarnated, and they are looking for leadership for guidance.

They come with all of the attributes needed to carry out their work but need to know the direction they should be going in. They are protected in their work so as to ensure that mankind ultimately benefits from their knowledge. You are never without help when you need it and we have ways of ensuring you do get it.

We would remind you that you must first ask for help and then leave the matter in our hands. We have many ways of helping and some might surprise you as we use many means that may not occur to you. It comes down to the power of suggestion as often we guide you this way often resulting in actions that you would otherwise be convinced were entirely of your own making. At the root of our help is your life plan that we always have in mind. We help to ensure it works out as planned, knowing that you will get the experiences you need to evolve.

Events in your life may seem random but few if any that are of importance to you are of this nature. In fact it is largely your own actions that are often of no consequence where the larger picture is concerned.

However, there are times when you endanger your life plan, and at such times we are on hand to get you back on your right path. It is sometimes difficult to keep you out of trouble as when you indulge in negative actions, you also attract negative entities that will encourage you to become even more involved, until it becomes difficult to cut those links.

You attract people to yourself according to the energies you give out, and it is why people of a like kind feel drawn to each other. Hence we warn you about any activities that are likely to pull you down.

It is generally a “couldn’t care less“ attitude that leads to trouble and all types of entities are likely to find you. It is normally accepted that ‘like attracts like’ and in this respect we refer to the energies you give out. You can in fact actually feel another soul’s energy, particularly if it is extremely negative.

Once you begin to be your true self and live an orderly life, you emit an auric energy that attracts others to you who enjoy being with you. Many relationships start this way and are successful because both souls are compatible to each other.

It would explain why some couples on the face of it seem totally unsuited to each other but get on together quite well. There are always going to be extreme examples in relationships and once again a person’s life plan is not always for a lasting relationship.

In the ultimate reckoning it is what you have done with your life that matters, and in your life review it can all be seen quite clearly as only the truth will exist. It sounds like a trial of some kind but it is a means of getting at the truth for your actions, so as to understand the reasons for them with a view to ensuring a lesson is one well learned. It is simply that you are responsible for your actions and must realise how far they affect other people.

However, do not be too concerned about the responsibilities you have as if your life is simply a series of experiences that rarely cause you any great concern. Your Guides are always on hand to help you when it is needed.

Indeed, there are likely to have been times that but for their intervention you may have suffered personal injury or worse.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, July 1, 2022

Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, July 1, 2022

July 1, 2022 by 

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July 1, 2022

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You have a saying that pertains to real estate—”It’s all about location, location, location.” In every location throughout this universe it’s all about vibrations, vibrations, vibrations.

As we have said in previous messages, simply by BEing you are radiating light’s high vibrations, so let us speak about some of the developments you have been assisting.

Of paramount importance is, a significant amount of darkness has been eliminated. Much more will be uprooted in coming weeks and months, thus bringing to an end the long reign of the Illuminati.

Until then, this tenacious group will cause havoc wherever they can. Their primary interest is maintaining their strongholds in the United States, from whence a great deal of their global power is wielded. It is possible that country’s military forces may be called in to safeguard the citizenry from whatever actions the Illuminati may take.

If that intervention does become necessary, Illuminati could claim it’s a coup and mount resistance or they may try to cause panic by staging a holographic alien invasion. It doesn’t appear that in their weakened state they could manage either; however, they are desperate so those possibilities, which are contingencies on their agenda, cannot be ruled out.

We understand that you would like to know what to expect and when, and we don’t know. The energy of billions of thoughts daily—actually each minute—determines what happens. What we can tell you with assurance is, with everything in acceleration mode, dominoes around the world will be falling soon.

You have waited patiently for evidence of the progress we have told you has been going on behind the curtain of the world stage. The undertakings of light forces on Earth in conjunction with off-planet family still require discretion, but as soon as information about what has been accomplished can be disclosed, it will be.

Now, other developments that vibrations have brought about. People are separating wheat from chaff, so to say, by seeing the counter-productiveness of divisiveness and the benefits of discussing how to go about making changes that all see are needed. This cooperative approach at grassroots level, where reform starts and moves upward, is a fine step forward in the civilization’s awakening.

Another heartening development is the surfacing of technologies the Illuminati suppressed to prevent their being used beneficially even as they were using them to your detriment.

Crews in your skies are making their crafts visible often so the populace becomes accustomed to their peaceful presence, thereby bringing closer the day when you can greet each other and extraterrestrial special forces on the planet can introduce themselves.

If you feel a strong sense of kinship with some of them, it may well be soul-level recognition that you and they are from the same homeland. When that day comes, you will start working together to restore Earth’s damaged environment and bring in free energy.

And prevailing vibrations are connecting you more intimately with your godself. Helping Earth’s peoples awaken is your mission and it is vital indeed, but that is not the sole reason you are there.

While it is so that a third-density world presents challenges the worlds you left did not, your life is meant to be enriched by family and friends, the beauty of Nature, satisfying productivity and leisure enjoyments. This is a propitious time to be introspective, to ponder if your actions or inaction may be encumbrances to that kind of life.

You may realize you’re timidly spinning your wheels instead of confidently pursuing a job of greater interest or taking the next step in a meaningful relationship or moving where you’d prefer to live.

Maybe you’ll see that life would be more fulfilling if you heed your intuition instead of trying to meet others’ expectations. Or you would be happier if you let bygones be bygones and let go of feelings about disappointments. If you want to strengthen characteristics you feel good about and divest yourself of those you don’t, vibrations will be your steadfast helpmeet.

You can more easily adjust to ever-rising vibrations if you breathe deeply and rhythmically, get sufficient sleep, eat lightly, drink a lot of pure water, and spend as much time as possible in Nature. Yes, we have mentioned that in previous messages, but when life is filled with busyness, reminders can be useful.

And, dear brothers and sisters, love yourselves! Feel joyous and grateful that of the many, many souls who volunteered, you were chosen to participate in the most dynamic world transformation in universal history. Further, what you are doing is correspondingly benefitting the entire universe—that is how powerful you are!

“The person who sent me your newsletter where Matthew said Illuminati is Deep State or the cabal wrote that Deep State is the New World Order that is controlling everything. Then I heard Khazarian neo-nazis are running the world. Are those different groups or different names for the same group? If the latter, what do members call themselves? Also I just heard of puppets. If they’re part of a group, who is the puppet master? Or are those the people who are being controlled? All of this is very confusing and frankly, it’s hardly believable that any group or groups could tell everyone else what they have to do.”

The writer’s confusion and skepticism are widespread among souls who are starting to awaken, so let us offer clarity. The aforementioned names are four of several—the elitists, One World Government, Secret Government, Shadow Government and One World Government are others—that refer to the same group. They don’t call themselves any name at all and there is no formal membership.

Let us speak of them here simply as the dark ones. They have a global network with a pyramidal hierarchy, and individuals in top levels have influential positions in governments and all national and international institutions and organizations that impact life worldwide.

Mainstream media; education; UN, EU, NATO and all other alliances; Federal Reserve System, IMF, WEF, stock markets and all other monetary systems; trade, taxation and insurance; publishing; legal and justice systems; military forces; INTERPOL, CIA and all other intelligence agencies; energy systems; transportation; agriculture; fraternal organizations; religions; WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH and all other branches in the healthcare industry; charitable foundations; multinational corporations; and the entertainment field. Those individuals at the top also are running the illegal drug industry, sex trafficking, pedophilia rings and Satanic rituals.

The lower in the hierarchy people are, the less they know about what goes on in the pyramid or even that they are part of a pyramid. The many millions at the bottom have no idea that their jobs are supporting a sinister group that operates in secrecy and whose goal is to eliminate billions of lives through warring, impoverishment, toxic pollution and disease.

Individuals in top levels can rightfully be called puppets and the puppet master is a powerful force far beyond Earth. At this point, a brief explanation of the workings of this universe will be helpful.

Everything in existence is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, energy is consciousness, and each of the frequencies has an infinite range of vibrations that function in accordance with the consciousness in thoughts. All thoughts of every person within a civilization are its collective consciousness.

Thoughts are forms of energy. Energy cannot be extinguished, and due to the universal law of attraction that is in constant motion, thought forms that emit the same vibrations attract each other, gather into a cluster and, as like forms keep joining them, grow into a force field.

The dark forces is a massive force field of forms with the lowest vibrations such as those emitted by tyranny, brutality, greed, possessiveness, hatred, deception, lust for power, and desire for fame at any cost. As this vast borderless field meanders throughout the universe, it is drawn to civilizations where the collective consciousness includes those kinds of thought forms.

Individuals in those civilizations whose traits and behavior are aligned with the vibrations of the dark forces become their puppets. Now captives of darkness, they lose all sense of conscience. Their heinous actions create fear in the rest of the population and fear’s low vibrations strengthen the puppets’ control.

Once a world is steeped in darkness or the planet is destroyed by puppets in another civilization, both of which add to the dark forces’ potency, the expanded field drifts around until it is drawn toward other pockets of low vibrations.

As powerful as that force field is, light, which is the same energy as love, is more powerful. That energy is the essence of Creator Source, the origin of everything that exists in this universe and the cosmos. Because love-light energy is anathema to the dark forces, it is an impenetrable fortress for spiritually- and consciously-evolved civilizations.

Now let us speak about puppets on Earth and how various names for them came about. Two and a half centuries ago a few men in Bavaria who felt they were more intelligent than other people, therefore entitled to be their leaders, called themselves Illuminati, “the illumined ones.”

Like-minded individuals who affiliated with them include the Rothschilds, who established the powerful faction in Europe that encompassed royal families who had far-flung empires, and the Rockefellers, whose equally powerful faction is headquartered in the United States. Generations of the two factions and mergers in marriages and businesses enabled them to grow in numbers and fortunes and extend their network around the globe.

However, the idea that a few can rule the masses preceded the Illuminati by almost a dozen centuries. Tribal leaders in Mongolia started moving west, gathering into their midst the people they conquered along the way and establishing the Khazarian empire.

Successive leaders kept adding to its power base, which eventually included the Nazis, with whom the Vatican cooperated in WWII and still does—“neo” because the mindset that caused the holocaust permeates today’s dark ones.

About two millennia ago, self-serving leaders of church and state started amending historic records. Incrementally material was deleted, parts were rewritten, fabricated stories and devised dogma were added, and the composite is the Bible.

Later, wealthy families like the Medici, who established the banking system in Italy that gradually grew into global economic control, put family men in the papacy to spread the Roman Catholic religion and its influence on adherents.

Eventually the many disparate groups that shared the same ideology coalesced into the “umbrella” group that is the formidable foe of humanity and Earth herself. During the past several decades individuals who understood how world affairs were being conducted gave those other names to the dark ones, who have maintained power partly by controlling what people are taught, read, see and hear.

That is why false information and omission of factual information abound in your textbooks and newspapers and on TV, radio and the censored Internet. It is why movies and games glorify violence and war. Not only do those cause death, fear and destruction, all of which emit the low vibrations that keep the dark ones thriving, but their companies produce the machinery of war and add to their ill-gotten fortunes.

Movies and games also portray “aliens” as fearsome monstrous entities that invade Earth to massacre everyone and destroy the planet. This insidious form of mind control has programmed the unsuspecting public to think, feel and believe what the dark ones want them to.

However, never can they control anyone’s intuition, hopes, optimism, inspirations, aspirations or reactions! Thanks to prevailing vibrations, this sacred internal light is motivating many of the populace to embrace the light being beamed by distant civilizations and radiated by lightworkers on Earth.

Beloved family, all light beings in this universe honor you for persevering in your mission and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

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The Road Back to Health

Ascension Symptoms

What I wanted to talk about last night was Ascension symptoms. Many of which can be improved by regular detoxing. I suggest you start with a celery juice detox and this juice apple, celery and ginger fresh if possible. It’s about 4 sticks of celery and 2apples and 1/2 teaspoon of dried ginger.

That makes a large glass of juice per day. For more serious detox , or if problems persist, try the Liver Cleansing diet. a mild version four 2 Weeks and for really serious alcohol and drug and smoking addictions try 8 weeks plan.

This applies to all digestive issues, diarrhoea, constipation, allergies, food and gut discomfort. These are signs something needs to change in the diet to cope with the new energies, ask your body what it needs.

Why is the Lemurian diet important?
Because that was the diet when we first incarnated into 5D and we are now reversing the process and going back to 5 D.
We need to lighten up from heavy 3D diet into an angelic diet which was what was eaten in formerLemurian times. It is a slow process, vegetarians are closer to that goal, but the goal is light frequency. Let your body be the guide.

If you have really serious issues, not cured by the above. You can get a hair analysis from Paradise Nutrients which I have done and would share if appropriate.

Schumann Resonance 30.6.22

Schumann Resonance update 6 30 2022 12:34am This last spike was a disharmonic one and quite strong in Beta Brain Wave State. If you had some odd emotional wreckage come up that is why. Disharmonics happen when the Schumann is gathering information from a terrestrial source. Today was a classic example and one Graph says it all.. the Electro Magnetic Background (EMB). This I will put together into one so you can see again the same thing that happened a few days ago. A phantom spike that came in at the same time from as the one at the 4 hour to about 58Hz A1 and 36Hz A2 but really felt very Beta. Note the Wave Form for all 4 Harmonic look different from each other. I will get more accurate numbers after the one on the far Left of the Graph (80Hz A1 and all upwards in Gamma) falls off the Graph when it updates tomorrow around noon PDT. So be kind to yourself and take extra time to do everything and just try and balance yourself. We don’t want any accidents. This has been a very intense week and this next few days may seem like a lifetime. More coming will stay up on any new events.

Sophia ~ Our Most Powerful Component

Sophia ~ Our Most Powerful Component

June 30, 2022 by 

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by Sophia Love, June 28, 2022, via email

It is the One.

Thank you.

Today let us speak of the things held deep in your hearts. These are unspoken yet they manifest as ripples in what could be a blissful existence.

These are your fears.

We have addressed these at other moments and within other conversations. On this day what will be discussed is the mechanism of fear.

You have heard of the Law of Attraction. I tell you it works with equal force whether what you feel is spoken or unspoken. This law responds to energy, in all of its forms.

The teachings of “making your desires active through verbalization” were instilled into the conversation to increase awareness of conscious creation.

This has been accomplished.

The Law of Attraction is unbreakable. It will not be stopped or thwarted. It is the primary weapon used to enslave the race. You are each familiar with its many nuances.

It will help you immensely to appreciate this law in your days, your conversations, your activities, your desires.

It utilizes energy.

Therefore, with the energy of polarization you will think, write and speak things into life. Things like labels for people, people whose actions oppose your beliefs. Things like judgment, ridicule and calls for violence.

It is a challenge to express the powerful potential you hold without including its misuse. For this is the weapon of your capture and it has entrained you well.

You expect to engage fearful people and fearful actions. Therefore, these things are noticed by you and helped to be perpetuated by your fear of them.

It is not that these fearful things should be ignored with the action of putting your heads in sand. It is that these fearful actions and ideas need not be dwelled on. Instead, a focus on either an opposite action or a remedy or peace.

Love is a powerful antidote to the mechanism of fear and reduces its impact on your life once engaged.

Your society does not need a soft and frilly attitude to destructive ideas and/or actions. It needs a commitment to love in all of its forms.

Love does not often appear with pink hearts and butterflies. This is a negation of love’s force, a camouflage for its power. You have been fooled into thinking of it as a weakness, when in truth it is your strength. With this brilliant tactic your controllers have succeeded in hiding from you your most powerful and effective weapon.

Let us look at what love does:

  • It erases differences.
  • It mends hearts.
  • It rescues the downtrodden, the weary, the injured, the lost.
  • It fortifies souls.
  • It instills remarkable strength.
  • It saves the broken ones.
  • It inspires the crestfallen ones.
  • It expands all that it surrounds.
  • It sees truth.
  • It is eternal.
  • It fuels inspiration.
  • It heals.
  • It seeds creation.
  • It is a simple, yet challenging thing to conjure love in a world seemingly encased in fear.

Yet this is why you are here.

The frequency of love eradicates fear. It does so consistently and eternally, eventually.

It is a deep knowing of love that assists you here.

It is a deep acceptance of self that initiates this love.

As you ponder these things, start with self. For all of creation begins there.

You have come to eradicate fear and are at the stage of self-acceptance. For in that pure act of love, fear dissipates. As it does so, you will see your “enemy” with clarity.

The fear weapon, now dissolved, no longer attracts more fear. In this way, love is made manifest.

Think on these things, my dear, dear human.

That is all.

Thank you.


The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: Do This to Receive All You Want & Need

The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: Do This to Receive All You Want & Need

June 30, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are quite certain that you are being offered everything that you need in this moment, and we know this because we are one of the groups who is offering you what you need. 

We also know that not everyone is open to receiving what they need, and most people are not open to receiving what they want. 

One of the best things you can do for your fellow humans is open to up and receive what you have coming to you, because not only are you setting the example for others and creating the template that others can also use, but when someone comes up to you and says, ‘How come your life is so great?’ you can tell them that you receive consciously from the nonphysical all that is being given to you.

And then they will ask you how you do it, and you can explain it to them. 

You can explain that you realized that there is a certain amount of futility in forced action and in struggle, and you can let them know that you made a decision to surrender, to let go, to relax and to open up, and that when you made that decision, everything changed for the better. 

If you want to be healed, open up to the healing energies that are already flowing to you.

If you want more abundance, open up to the flow of abundance that is always coming to you. 

If you want more peace, open up to the peace that is all around you and inside of you when you look for it. 

Open up to the love of Source, and let the love of Source flow to you and through you, and see how your world is transformed by these simple non-actions.

It does take some letting go, however, and that’s the one caveat. 

You have to let go of tension, doubt, disbelief, angst, resistance, resentment, and all the rest. 

You have to let it go; you have to realize it doesn’t serve you. 

You might also benefit from observing a master; don’t just think about what the master is doing and saying. But also feel into what the master is emanating. 

Feel into their vibration. Notice there’s no tension in their shoulders, in their neck, in their jaw, in their brow. They have freed themselves from all of that because they know they are eternal, infinite beings of light and that this is just one stop on a magical mystery tour.

You are on that tour as well, and you must let go of the idea that you are there to prove yourself to others and to God. 

All you have to do is embrace who you really are, and then the doing comes from an inspired place. It comes from a deep desire that exists within you to explore something. 

It comes from interest; it comes from enthusiasm. 

It doesn’t come from wanting to make up for a feeling of lack within the self. 

You are not trying to fill a hole by taking the actions that you take. Your actions can come from an overflow of energy that you opened yourself up to when you gave up the struggle, the tension, and so on, and you let yourself feel the flow that is coming to you at all times.

That is what channeling is. Channeling is possible when the person has opened up to the energies that are all around them. 

When a person wants to be in the flow and to feel something different, they eventually will. And you can too. 

We know you can receive all that is coming to you, and we know that you do so best when you are more relaxed or when you are asleep. 

Sleep is so beneficial for you in so many ways. You let go enough of the doing and the thinking to allow sleep to happen, and you allow in so much at night while you are asleep.

You also never stop having experiences and exploring consciousness, and many of you are aware that you are doing so in the astral plane. 

Set your intentions for what you want to receive while you are asleep, and then let yourself be amazed at what has come to you in the middle of the night. 

You can wake up to a brand new life and a brand new you, and all you have to do is let go.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Schumann Resonance 29th June 2022 no.2

Schumann Resonance update 6 28 2022 9:50pm MDT All is quiet now and the Resonance looks Calm. Nice 8.09 Hz in the Frequencies F1.. No big spikes nothing alarming and this has had nothing to do with “Terrestrial input”. Alpha Brain Wave State in the Amplitudes. That means.. nothing in the Ionosphere to be concerned about. But.. we should not to become complacent about this as terrestrial disruption remains a concern. What I mean by that is our Tides and EQ’s and the effect by the Moon and Solar eruptions and the Planetary Alignments.

Mostly Emotional upheaval but Cern and HAARP also make Heat and energy signatures the result of which show up in Weather and our EM Field. Part of the reason we are seeing these huge gradient weather fronts like the one over Las Vegas right now is 107F.. this is the ability of these devices to create disharmonic waves. This is the same thing as your Brain is going through. The natural course of Magnetism is also under the control of “artificial” input. We will see how fast this happens. As of now not too much faster but the Polar North and South are moving again more rapidly. Again I say stay aware and certainly report back in terms of Weather anomalies. All I need to collate this information is a general region (i.e. upstate New York or Eastern Washington) and a measure of index to the difference from the “average”. And then I will look at the various markers to see if they hold a pattern for 3 days. So if you want to play post here! This could be very interesting.

From Candice WhiteLight

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Unsealing our Crystalline Codes

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Unsealing our Crystalline Codes

June 29, 2022 by 

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June 28, 2022, /jennifercrokaert.com

The New Moon of June 28th would be like any other new moon, or so I thought. To be honest, I don’t really follow the moon and – perhaps embarrassingly – I seldom think to use its energy to let go of what no longer serves me, and intend to consciously create my future. However, the energetic shifts evolving in the planets around our skies are creating unprecedented changes, which we can embrace for a smoother awakening journey or resist, thereby creating a bumpier ride for ourselves.

In this week’s joint meditation, my spiritual co-conspirator Narendra and I were called to visit the Mother Crystal at Gaia’s core. As we arrived, we were invited into the crystal’s core and, to my surprise, it was not hard, it was an electric, living, conscious plasma.

We were shown all crystals in their higher crystalline form to be plasma, and they agreed to be ‘locked’ in the rigid, hard forms we associate as crystals in order to descend with us into the exploration of darkness and constriction. They stood as anchors of divine Purity, light and higher dimensional energy in the darkness, holding the higher truth within them and transmitting that to all who have an affinity with crystals. I will be the first to admit, I know nothing of crystals, so I found this fascinating.  However, this may be very old news to many of you reading.

Having thanked the guardians who had stood guard of the Mother Crystal and all crystalline energies, we realised that these cloaked figures were the Higher Selves of humans. They had taken this task upon themselves to ensure the light never went out, no matter how great the darkness on Gaia, and that there were always pathways available to point the way back to the higher light, our higher truth.

As we stood in this plasma consciousness, we could feel the energy flying through us, realigning our DNA. What I describe next is at best rough, and I’m sure others will be able to draw a clearer picture: it seemed to us that portions of humanity’s DNA had been shielded (as we know) in order to allow us to forget and descend into the darkness.

That time is now over, and the vibration within humanity is sufficiently high for those layers of shielding to be removed so that we may more fully access the crystalline aspect of our DNA strands. This is in preparation for the solar flash which will catalyze the transformation of our carbon bodies to crystalline bodies, as we awaken to our divine consciousness in form: otherwise known as Ascension.

As the light flows through us and others who enter the Mother Crystal energy, the codes to activate our crystalline DNA are released and shared with all beings. Where we go one, we go all!

At the end of this proverbial light bath, a female form appeared, she, too, was of plasma crystal, and appeared rather like an angelic or fairy figure. She said her name was Ai’issa [Eye’e-sa]. It is our understanding that she is the embodiment of the crystal energy, and she is inviting all who feel called to connect with her to download these codes, simply by visiting the crystal in meditation, and seeing yourself bathing in the energies and light it offers.

Copyright © 2022 Jennifer Crokaert http://www.jennifercrokaert.com YouTube


Divine Feminine Energies

June 29, 2022 by 

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Divine Feminine Energy

by Celia Fenn

Sun into Cancer and the Divine Feminine energy flows.

The Sun moved into Cancer on the 21st of June. Cancer is a beautiful Water sign that flows with Goddess energy.

It is also the time when the Royal Star Lions begin to make their presence felt in preparation for the Lions Gate.

The Star Lioness carries a beautiful soft and loving energy that is available right now. I felt it today as I was having a quiet break after lunch. It was a surge of very high and fine energy that felt joyous and loving and peaceful.

It was indeed the Cathar/Magdalene energy of the Pure Light and the Shining Ones returning to the Earth.

We so need that energy now. A pure and loving and supportive energy. But a powerful and empowered energy, like a lioness. Never a victim, never ignored or repressed! A powerful queen filled with a loving presence.

As we head towards Lions Gate we can draw on this loving and beautiful energy that is once more available to us.
We remember to be confident yet loving, brave and yet kind, courageous and yet compassionate!

This is going to be such a powerful Lions Gate that will lift the Earth to a whole new spiral of quantum time/space evolution.

It is beginning even now, so take a deep breath and be ready to go with the quantum flow.

Most important now is also self-care : rest when you are tired, make sure you are hydrated and eat and sleep in a balanced way.

Ask your Angelic and Galactic families to work with you!

Holding your energy signature stable and shining your light brightly will help you to navigate these powerful times of change with grace and joy!