Crystalline Kingdom: Root Chakra Cleansing

Crystalline Kingdom: Root Chakra Cleansing

January 22, 2022 by 

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love, we are the collective energy of the Crystalline Kingdom. We are the spirits that exist within the crystals upon the Earth and yet we also exist as a collective energy on the inner planes.

We support and are involved in major ascension shifts for the Earth and for all, as we the Crystalline Kingdom are able to exist within all dimensions, which means that it is easy for us to anchor high vibrational light into the Earth.

It is our purpose to bring forth, emanate and also amplify the light of the Creator. We bring forth pure vibrations of light that often have intentions or a powerful purpose.

We are aware of the Over Lighting Project. We are aware of the current or river of light that is flowing from the inner planes into all dimensions and especially into the Earth in order to penetrate cells and anchor supreme light, so the truth may activate to further enlighten all.

We wish for you to know that the Crystalline Kingdom are supporting this current of light. We are sending into this current of light pure white light from the Crystalline Kingdom, this has a purpose of anchoring into the root chakra of the Earth and also the root chakras of all beings upon the Earth.

As this pure, crystalline white light anchors into the root chakras of all, our intention is to support the cleansing of anger.

Anger is a powerful energy and emotion. It is needed in the human reality; it is a reaction that is essential and allows you to learn a lot about yourself. However, when anger is held within the root chakra, it causes many problems. Not only does it mean that your creations are born from or with the vibration of anger. It also means that anger can influence your legs, your feet, and your lower torso, influencing, and impacting the organs.

When anger is allowed to manifest, moving through and transforming into something else. It cannot remain stagnant or held within the body, especially within the root chakra, it becomes a natural reaction that brings forth greater light.

There are many beings upon the Earth holding anger in their root chakras which requires healing and transformation.

We the Crystalline Kingdom wish to bring forth our pure white light, which is anchored into the Over Lighting Project, the current of light. This means that when you absorb and call forth the Over Lighting Project you can ask to specifically connect with, ground and embody the Crystalline Light in order to cleanse your root chakra and to cleanse the anger present.

When we say cleanse, we mean bring the anger to its fruition, to its transformation. Anger often has a purpose of greater enlightenment, a deeper insight, and knowingness of self. When it is stagnant, this knowingness of self is lost, our light continues the momentum of the anger to bring it to that space of knowingness or enlightenment that is needed.

This is an opportunity to understand more about yourself and to recognize what the purpose of the anger and situation was? Thus, you will begin to reflect upon your reality in a different way.

We invite you in this moment to place the attention of your mind and your awareness into your root chakra at the base of your spine.

Imagine the root chakra as a red color. You can ask the root chakra if there is any unresolved anger, and the root chakra will share with you the unresolved anger. In your own time, you can feel into that anger. Maybe the root chakra lets you know of a situation or scenario that is occurred in your reality. As you feel into the anger, meaning connecting with it, it can be daunting as anger holds the energy of power and often many people are fearful of power as well.

If you can sit with that energy of anger and your power, you can ask the Over Lighting Project to flow over and through your being and the Crystalline Light to flow into your root chakra.

As this white light flows into your root chakra you may become aware that your root chakra, almost turns to a pink color with the blending of the red and white light. This will only be during this process, the pink light symbolizes unconditional love and it is this unconditional love that we give to the anger in order for it to resolve itself.

As the Crystalline Light flows into and through your root chakra, creating the presence of unconditional love, you begin to see through the illusions of anger. You also begin to recognize new thought processes and understanding.

The more you become connected into the love space, the unconditional love emanating and manifesting within your root chakra, the more the resolution will dawn upon you.

It can be as simple as needing forgiveness. It could even be creating disconnection or connection. You will understand the answer and the resolution, it is important to realize that once that resolution comes that the anger has been released from your root chakra. It is no longer stagnant.

In fact, it remains as enlightening energy to support you further, and for you to create with. It becomes your foundation. In this time when so much light is anchoring into the Earth, it is the vibrations and emotions that cause separation with the Creator that are being brought into your awareness for a healing, a transformation and a resolution.

It is important to recognize that these energies are stagnant, they are stuck, when you are holding on to it and emotions especially of a negative vibration the energy has not completed its journey.

It is not natural for an energy to remain as one thing. For example, maybe a situation occurs in your reality, that creates a fear, and you hold on to that fear. The fear needs to be felt, to be understood and needs light so that it can resolve and continue its journey. If you hold on to it, you are stopping the flow of energy, you are stopping the flow of that journey that the light, the energy was embarking upon.

With this understanding, we begin to recognize that negative emotions are actually a positive process that allow momentum and the evolution into greater light. Please do call forth the Crystalline Energy within the Over Lighting Project and please anchor it into your root chakra or ask us to anchor it into your root chakra. We will support you throughout the entire process.

We thank you, we love you,

We are the Crystalline Kingdom


The 9D Arcturian Council: Predictions of Major Changes on Earth

The 9D Arcturian Council: Predictions of Major Changes on Earth

January 22, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in your spiritual evolution, and that is true for you as a society and you as individuals. We look at both, and we see how the individual impacts the society, and how your society impacts all of you as individuals. 

We know that you are a part of a larger community of spiritually awake people, and we know that within that community there are a lot of promises that are made to you about big changes that will occur in the outside world. 

We’ve noticed that a lot of you hang on these predictions because you are so desperate for change, and we see more and more of you getting disappointed and even fed up with all of the promises and with very few results.

This has occurred enough times there in the new age and spiritual community for many of you to decide that you are not going to wait for the big changes to occur. In fact, we see the human collective consciousness growing, expanding, and evolving so much more now that people are starting to realize that they are the ones who must initiate the change. 

We see more and more people looking within themselves for how they can let go of some belief, some negative emotion, or some thought that they keep thinking. We see enough of you changing your vibration by going within to make that huge impact on the collective consciousness that you are a part of, and we know that you should feel encouraged by all of that. 

But again, if you just look outside of yourselves and wonder when the big changes will be reflected to you in the physical realm, you might get discouraged or even fed up again.

Therefore, what is happening outside of you needs to become irrelevant to you in the sense that you’re not going to let it determine how you feel and at what frequency you vibrate. 

Yes, at times you cannot help but feel saddened by a situation. You cannot help but react with anger to something, but you are at the point in your spiritual evolution where you must realize that to stay in those states of being doesn’t serve you. 

It serves you so much more to move through them as quickly as possible so that you can get to what really matters, which is the movement of your own vibration to a higher frequency state. 

That’s what you can always do; that’s what you always have control of, and that will make the biggest impact on your world. You can make a much bigger impact with your positive, high vibration than anyone can with their lower, negative vibration.

So you need to take back your power and stop seeing those in positions of power and authority as having all the say in what happens to you and what happens to your fellow humans. 

You can live in that world you want to live in sooner than later, but you are not going to get to it unless you are vibrating in harmony with it, and it’s hard to vibrate in harmony with it if you keep looking at the world that’s outside of you now and reacting and then not doing anything about your reactions. 

Always let what is unwanted about your experience inspire you to move vibrationally towards what is wanted, and you will get there.

It’s not just our guarantee; it’s a law of the universe that you are a part of and that you can rely upon, and that we are affirming for you right now. 

So continue on that inward journey that you’ve been on, because those predictions keep coming up short, and know that you are making a difference there on your world, even if you’re not making the difference that you want to make through action. 

Even when you make the difference through raising your vibration, it’s still having the impact you want it to have, and you are having the impact that you want to have. 

And we want to congratulate those of you who have been doing this work for moving the needle, for bringing the level of consciousness to a higher one once again. We thank you, we honor you, and we look forward to seeing what more is ahead for all of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Judith Kusel: Awakening the Sacred Sites and Energy Centers

Judith Kusel: Awakening the Sacred Sites and Energy Centers

January 22, 2022 by 

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by Judith Kusel

The Mass Awakening and recalibration of the Sacred Sites and Energy Centers as the New Earth Rises

I am being made aware more and more of how the Ancient and Sacred Sites are being reactivated and now synchronize with the New Earth.

Many of these centers were deliberately shut down when Atlantis fell, and the Great Floods happened, and although some had later civilizations build other structures upon the original structures, they could never access the immense high technology and the knowledge and sacred energies of these places, as the Earth had by then sunk into the 3rd Dimension and humans could not access the higher dimensional states and especially what was stored in higher dimensional energy fields.

Note, that this energetic connection is not just in physical sites that we know of, but many have been carefully hidden and indeed sunk under the sea, or were deeply buried when the earth changes happened, and some were indeed sealed off, as said. Yet this extends to the Nature and Animal Kingdoms as well, and inclusive of the Elemental Kingdom, who withdrew their energies, because the Atlanteans were abusing them.

Trees are Wisdom Keepers and indeed the most Ancient Trees have keys and codes within them, which have been programmed into them for millions of years on earth, and they will now start to work intensely with humans who are ready to work with them, and indeed who are ready to transmit such knowledge and use it for the greater good of all.

The Sacred Geometries with all Trees and Plant life is now raising into the Higher dimensional states, and thus the medicinal properties of these species will indeed assist humankind to regain perfect health and vitality and longevity. Thus keep your diet and medicines natural.

Use energy healers if you need to, as well as crystals, for the crystal already carry the 5th to 7th dimensional state and are now being activated to the 9th. They too hold Sacred Geometries and Sacred Keys and Codes. They are living beings just as you are, and so are all trees, plants, flowers, animals, for all have souls. Even rocks have souls and are record keepers and co-creators. This why in Ancient Sites I visit, I will always feel the rocks and place my hands on them, for they transmit information, and energies in ways that humans have all forgotten about.

As the higher dimensional state of the 5th to 7th now are firmly anchored into the New Earth, with the 9th and 12th, already accessible to certain high caliber souls, we will find that drastic earth changes occur. Yet, know that as these energy centers wake up and indeed come into operation again, as the whole Universe has shifted into a much higher creational state, it will have a ripple effect on the Web of Light, and thus on the Earth as well. As they rise, the Old Earth grids will indeed disintegrate, as the New Earth’s Web of Light is already formed and present. This new grid is of the 5th – 12th dimensional frequency band, and indeed is a totally new creation, even surpassing that of what has been before.

Therefore earthquakes, volcanoes erupting – even dormant ones, floods, droughts, extreme temperatures, etc. will be occurring and as all now is either in a state of disintegration, or in total new birth, with the New Earth making her presence felt very powerfully now.

I was being made aware of certain sites here in Africa, as I was made aware of others around the Earth, and indeed what I see makes my heart and soul fill with joy, at the new creation and the fact that in the New Earth vibrational frequencies we will be able to access the information again, and utilize it, for the greater good, AS ONE.

Our cells and DNA have been totally renewed as we are assuming our new Adam Kadman bodies, and indeed this applies to all life forms on Earth!

We are in a huge phase of transformation and transfiguration on all fronts now, and the Earth is no different. The New Earth is indeed vibrant, alive and pulsating with new life and new beginnings, new life forms, and indeed a new Humanity!

What a time to alive on planet earth and being able to witness this!


The 9D Arcturian Council: The New Energies Upon You Right Now

The 9D Arcturian Council: The New Energies Upon You Right Now

January 21, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in how you are handling the latest energies that are upon you there on Earth. 

You have been experiencing a greater influx of energy that is designed to get you to want to experience unity consciousness. 

You are living in a time where there is less socializing going on. You have less people gathering together in large groups than you typically have there on Earth and more people in isolation because of the virus. And while these are unfortunate conditions in many ways, they also give you the opportunity to reach out in a different way to your human collective. 

You realize that when you are in the same room as another person, you don’t have to talk to one another in order to communicate, and you don’t have to touch one another in order to feel the presence of the human that you are sharing space with at that time.

Take this a bit further, and realize that you can feel the energy and the consciousness of all other humans from the privacy of your own home or from your favorite spot in nature where you are sitting. 

You can connect telepathically with all beings – human, plant, animal, extra-terrestrial. You don’t have to wait until you have someone sitting across from you, looking you in the eye, before you open up to nonverbal communication.

If you reach out to just one human being, and then you ask that person if they could perceive the thoughts you were sending them, that is the fastest way to dismiss all of this. 

If instead, you recognize that you want to express yourself to the collective, and you send out a message to all of humanity, then you will feel that you have done something to help other people who are feeling isolated or lonely.

There is always this opportunity, of course, but right now the energies are very supportive of unity consciousness. They are very supportive of those who would like to reach out and make contact, and these energies are answering the call, the summoning of so many who would like to feel less alone. 

People can feel alone even when surrounded by others, but it comes up more at times like these when there are individuals who spend a lot of their time by themselves. 

Feel for the energies that are around you in order to benefit more from them and so they can inspire you to reach out with your consciousness to all humans or to all beings.

You, of course, can also reach out to specific groups. 

You can reach out to a country of people who are struggling with something right now, and you can become a more deliberate contributor to the solutions that they seek to their problems. 

These energies will keep coming, and keep coming, because the need will continue to be there on Earth for quite some time. 

There is a need for all of you to come together and realize that you are all part of one collective. And we, and others like us, will continue to nudge you in that direction for as long as it takes.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 21, 2022

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 21, 2022

January 21, 2022 by 

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21st. January 2022. Mike Quinsey.

Extracts from Kryon. 2018. Describes what the real you is like on the “Other Side” in amazing detail.

Have you ever wondered what is on the “other side” of the veil that separates us from the higher dimensions? There is music that you pick up through your senses. The veil is getting thinner and beautiful things are coming, and you will enter into an advanced knowledge as you are part of All That Is.

There are more dimensions in the new energy that are new to you. It will be the first step to the evolution of Planet Earth, the first step to making your DNA start to vibrate at a greater percentage than 33% or 35% on its way to 44%. It will be reassuring, with no apprehension stepping into the unknown. You will appreciate the God inside and being One with everything.

21st. January 2022. Mike Quinsey.

At last there are signs that Covid virus and later variants are beginning to have less effect on you. With high death rates many of you have pondered what is the nature of human death and what can a soul expect to experience in the higher realms. There is much confusion depending on your belief as to whether you resurrect your body. It would help you to understand the position if you understood the truth, that you have no further use for your physical body once you have died. It is flesh and blood that decays and eventually disappears, leaving just your skeleton that serves no further function and is therefore not resurrected. (1)

So you wonder what is next for the soul that is you, and we can tell you that as has been recounted by those who have had the experience, once you leave your physical body you will immediately find yourself in your etheric body. It is a finer version of it and free from any illness, deformity or injuries. It is as if you were a human in the prime of life. Some souls expect to be exactly the same as on Earth until they realize that they have the power of thought to change things, it will remain as such.

It is normal to first meet family and friends for a reunion, but in a short time you are called to meet your mentor that is also referred to as your Guide. There is an appraisal of your life and measures suggested to overcome problems that were not cleared. (2) They will feature in your next life, giving you an opportunity to overcome them and a life plan is arranged after a mutual discussion. (3) There is no judgment or punishment for mistakes as some believe, but they will have to be addressed and experienced again with the aim of acquiring a successful conclusion. Life has a purpose that revolves around your spiritual growth and you will get all of the help you need. Some souls will reincarnate quickly and return to Earth to continue their growth. With Ascension getting closer others may stay in the higher realms to either ascend or carry on with their evolution at an appropriate level.

There is a place that is referred to as Hell where souls who have a very low level vibration will find themselves in one of the darker levels. (4) They often have little light at all, but those souls who have lifted up their vibrations will naturally be attracted to the higher levels of light. The more negative a soul is the less light is attracted by them and present in their aura. It means that each soul upon death of the physical will automatically find themselves at a similar level. To a higher soul the lower levels would appear extremely dark and lacking in light.

This particular period of time is unique inasmuch that it is a one-off opportunity to permanently leave the lower levels of vibration. The dark Ones have tried their hardest to keep you from learning the truth, so that you end up having a series of lives often with little if any understanding of how to rise up into the higher levels of vibrations. Some of it is due to the enormous number of different teachings concerning the afterlife. Some carry teachings that touch upon the truth, but few give a simple account of what the true reality is, making it difficult to determine which teachings are the most helpful and in line with the truth.

It would be true to say that as people are clearly at many different levels of understanding they seek advancement according to their ability to accept what is given. Logically all paths must eventually lead to the truth but getting there is clearly difficult when presented with so many options. To this end it must be said that you are not left alone to make progress, and events will be arranged to ensure your progress. It needs you to make the first step and as soon as your Guides are aware you have awakened they will be by your side. Clearly meeting other souls who have progressed towards the truth will help to answer your needs, but in the ultimate, it is you who decides what steps to take to ensure your steady progress.

Dear Ones, we know that making progress does not come easily but with pure intent you will almost certainly find the way forward. There are many ways of acquiring knowledge and over the ages many good books have been written to guide those who seek help. You have many groups and societies that profess to have the true teachings based for example on those given by Jesus and recorded in the Bible. However, you still need to be careful what you believe so be discerning at all times.

Much of your progress will have been arranged so that it suits you personally. The most important truth at this time is that God is inside you, and when you are able to acknowledge it you always have your own direct line of contact. How difficult it is to set your mind at rest when you have so many options but you will obviously find your path as a result of your seeking. Certainly when you are ready to progress you will get plenty of help so be assured that in your quiet moments your Guides will be able to contact you. No one wants you to fail except the dark Ones who will willingly lead you astray indeed they will poison your mind and attract you to a path of self-gratification.

If you feel your progress is slow do not worry as you will only be given what is suitable for your spiritual growth at the time. But if you feel ready, every help will be given in one way or another.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


I hope Mike doesn’t mind.

(1) For life on the spirit planes generally, see New Maps of Heaven here:

(2) On this “life review,” see “The Judgment” at

(3) On “Planning the Next Lifetime,” see

(4) See “The Astral Plane – The Dark Plane” at


Jesus Through John: Keep on Being and Expressing the Love that You all Are

Jesus Through John: Keep on Being and Expressing the Love that You all Are

January 21, 2022 by 

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by John Smallman

Keep on being and expressing the Love that you all are.Audio Player00:0000:00

You – all of humanity – are awakening, there are signs of this all around you, so let go of any doubts or negative judgments about it, and allow yourselves to become aware of these signs.

As you do so you further strengthen and empower the flow of Love, the Life Force that enlivens you and your human bodies, as it flows through you and out into the collective energy field of humanity, intensifying everyone’s sense of the imminence of the awakening.

To do this, and just this, is why you are presently incarnate as a human on Planet Earth at this precise moment of now.  Each one of you made the most positive, personal, and individual choice to be here now.  So, now that you are here, allow yourselves to know this, and then at least once daily reset your intent to share and extend the Love that you are to all of humanity, thus gently and compassionately nudging all towards wakefulness.

Your awakening is inevitable, you know this, and your earthly presence in this now moment with such powerful loving intent is bringing it to fruition.  CONGRATULATE YOURSELVES!  And keep on being and expressing the Love that you all are.

As you all know, when you choose to go deep within yourselves – to that holy inner sanctuary, always present within each and every one of you without exception – you often meet your egos encouraging you to doubt or dismiss this holy Truth as they attempt to strengthen your self-doubts and feelings or beliefs that you are guilty sinners, unworthy of Mother/Father/God’s infinite love for you.

Even if at an intellectual level you do not believe this, at the heart level many have great difficulty in accepting themselves as the perfect divine children of our infinitely wise, compassionate, and loving Source who truly knows each one of Us as an absolutely perfect and inseparable part or aspect of the Totality that is All, that is ITSELF, and that therefore must also be you!

Many of you have heard the phrase: “the chosen ones of God.”  This has very frequently been massively misunderstood to mean that God chooses to love and accept those whom various religious organizations judge to be good, and rejects those who are judged unworthy or sinners by those same organizations.

NOTHING could be further from the Truth!  There is only Love.  Love is All, is Mother/Father/God, is Source, and therefore All sentient life – whether in form in the physical realms, or beyond the physical realms – is eternally, and without ever, even for the briefest moment, separated from that state.

This means that none are rejected.  Rejection is impossible because Love is utter and complete acceptance of All that It knows and creates.  There is nothing that was not created, there is only and solely what Source creates, and what Source’s creations themselves create, which are always very expressive extensions or expansions of Love.

All sentient life in form is Love expressing Itself individually in an unreal or illusory state, a dream; and all sentient life in form is presently, right now, in the process of awakening from that unreal state.

It was entered into as a momentary experiment to discover if separation was possible and, for those who chose to participate, it has seemed to be a very real state in which life, inevitably followed by death, was filled with pain, suffering, and constant threats to its existence.

Unreality seems to have been in existence for countless, indeed for infinitely long and possibly endless eons.  The collective has now and finally, seemingly after untold eons – which in Reality has been but the briefest of instants that you can imagine – come to the realization that the dream/illusion serves no good purpose and has chosen to let it go, thus choosing collectively to awaken.

Your awakening back into Reality is an ongoing process within the game of unreality that has, of course, been completed.

The collective has chosen to awaken, and now each individual also has to make the free will choice to do so.  The vast majority are doing so, now.

Nevertheless, there are a few, a very small minority, who are – because of the invalid beliefs to which they are clinging – at present refusing to awaken.  Those choices will be honored.

Love never forces or coerces, It loves, which is All that It can do and be, having no other Will or desire.  Therefore It will wait patiently for as long as it takes – remember there is NO time – for those few unwilling ones to also come to the realization that the game serves no purpose for them, and then also choose to awaken.

There is no judgment, there is no rejection, there is no damnation.

There is Love.

To awaken into that state in which you are eternally present, and which many still remain presently unaware of – Reality – is a miracle of wonder and magnificence beyond your wildest dreams.  Infinite Joy and Peace most lovingly await your awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Simon Parkes 21.1.22

Simon Parkes: 21st January 2022 Update Current News

January 21, 2022 by 

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21st January 2022 Update Current News

Simon addresses the rumor that this British government retreat is a deep-state trick. He does not think it is.

He points out that, even though people at, say, the Arizona rally are showing how knowledgable they are, we’re still only reaching the same people. The unawakened remain asleep.

“The only way we’re going to change this is if the mainstream media starts telling the truth.”

How could anyone think that people trying to keep things together have the time to sit back in a chair and debate these things? The expectation of a quick awakening under ordinary circumstances is not realistic, Simon says (paraphrase).

Hit graphic to watch video

(Or go here:



Bitchute Channel:



The 9D Arcturian Council: What Is Newly Available to Humanity Now

The 9D Arcturian Council: What Is Newly Available to Humanity Now

January 20, 2022 by 

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by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are on the precipice of some new understandings about this universe that we are very excited about. 

We can feel ourselves expanding into this knowing, and it is a delicious feeling, one that we highly recommend. You can get there yourselves because everything is available to all beings, even if that understanding is different because of your dimension and your ability to grasp concepts with your physical mind. 

This is why we will always emphasize the feeling over the truth. 

The truth is a limited perspective. 

It’s one reality, one way of looking at the totality of creation, but a feeling is expansive and undeniable.

You cannot question whether you felt something, but you can question where a thought comes from.

Know that the universe is expanding all the time, and that to keep up with it, you sometimes have to surrender, and you sometimes have to admit that you don’t know everything, and that not everything is meant to be known, not intellectually. 

But what we are all here to do is to experience Source, and experience is something that you get more of when you let go. When you let go of limiting beliefs, you open so many doorways to so many different realities and experiences.

We invite you to let go, to surrender, to seek out oneness with the universe above all else. 

We see so many individuals clinging to their truths and living lives of quiet desperation as a result of that clinging. We want to invite you to the expansive experience of tuning in to what’s available right now with your ability to sense, your ability to feel. 

Think of it as an invitation to more of you. There’s always more of you to explore, just as there will always be more of this universe and Source to explore.

So please don’t think that you have it all figured out or that you know yourself completely, because that is a type of death that you will never experience. 

You will always experience more, you will always discover more, and you will always realize eventually that there is so much more for you to understand. 

You are getting there, gradually, and we see that.

We notice all the little steps and all the improvements, and we certainly notice the spikes in the vibration of your overall consciousness. 

But we still see room for more surrendering, more letting go, and more tuning in to the new energies that will always be available to you when you poke your heads out of the little realities that you have felt stuck in and you allow yourselves to become more, to experience more, and to explore more of the infinite and ever-expanding Source Energy that you are, and that you continue to contribute to, with the lives that you live there on Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Your Personal Matrix

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Your Personal Matrix

January 20, 2022 by 

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January 19, 2022, via email

We are here to honor and celebrate who you are as a multidimensional being of energy. Most earthwalkers are unconscious to their own personal energy, energy signature, or the energy surrounding them. Therefore they are unconscious of the interchange of energy that is continuously taking place between themselves and others and between themselves and their surroundings.

We want you to begin to understand that you, everyone and everything has an energy matrix, from the smallest atom to the galaxy; each connected, nested and woven together in one cosmic whole. These grids or holograms are interactive with your personal energy girds or holograms.

As you move about in your life you move through many grids and matrices. We realize that you usually do not consciously check out or sense or even read the energy flow. But that is an important skill to develop.

Once you begin to sense or feel or see the subtle vibrations, even the thought forms and emotions that create the environment you step into, you will begin to understand how these vibrations are affecting your own personal energy field as well as the effects on your physical body and the exchange of information that is taking place.

You move through these fields of energy all the time and most of the time you are totally unconscious of how they interact with your field or your personal matrix. Realize it is the matrix that holds the pattern, much like the matrix of stone holds the crystal.

Your personal matrix holds your contact with this dimension; it is the framework, the grid of energy vibrating with the memories, the experiences, and the family patterns. Your personal matrix is created from your thought forms, habits, emotions and programmed beliefs. Your energy signature or matrix will always be affected by the energy surrounding you.

Remember that emotional vibrations or frequencies are contagious. If you step into a space or matrix where there is an emotion of fear, it will certainly trigger your own personal stored fear energy. A hospital or dentist office is an example of a space where you might experience your own personal fear being triggered. Become aware of the vibration offered by the spaces or matrices you move into.

As each human begins to awaken, to become conscious and responsible, they become more aware of their personal energy field. As each human strives to enrich their awareness, to grow, to expand, their personal matrix becomes more extended, brighter as it were.

It is valuable and important to become aware of your own matrix and as we said earlier to become aware of the grids or energy fields that surround you each moment. This is a major working. This is a level of awareness that allows your conscious self a bigger playground. Allow yourself to see or sense and become sensitive to the matrices that surround you at all times.

Begin to notice the energy matrix or energy vibration that is being offered by your planet, the stars, the galaxy and the cosmic collective. Make it your intention to learn how to read, feel or hear this energy that is enveloping you. Where do you sense your connections with the global matrix. Does that feel too big, too impossible to even imagine? Where do you sense your connection with the galactic matrix? Allow yourself to investigate your own personal matrix, grid or energy field.

Become sensitive to how far this matrix extends. You will realize how interconnected you are to your planet, your community, your circle of friends and acquaintances, your spirit family and your physical family. Notice the family matrix you experience. Does this matrix trigger any limiting emotions or thoughts or does it feel expansive and accepting?

We invite you to become aware of how your personal matrix does stimulate, affect, shift and intone other fields of energy and how other matrices entrain your vibrations.

As you move about in your life be aware of each subtle shift of the flavor, the sensations, the emotional and mental offerings of the matrix of each experience. There will be a matrix at each store or activity that you will temporarily connect with, a group of people will share a common matrix created by all the combined energy fields of everyone. There will be a skill that you will develop which will allow you to read the information given by others sharing the same space together.

Far more data is exchanged between one being and another, between you and the matrix you step into. This exchange takes place during one in-breath and one out-breath. Remember throughout your day, simply say “All energy that does not belong to me I send back blessed and transformed. I call my energy back blessed and transformed.” This is a gentle yet powerful way to keep your energy field clear of the influence of others.

We invite you to consider the past week and reflect on activities, all the exchanges that took place in the stores or on the street. Gently reflect back to all the people you passed by or sat next to, realize that energy was exchanged especially the ones who made eye contact or spoke to you. Now realize that they were also affected by your matrix, your energy field, your grid.

You have the opportunity to offer a higher vibration, a more conscious vibration with each exchange and with everyone that you encounter. You have the opportunity to trigger the awakening in another by your conscious exchange without a word being spoken.

You have the opportunity to uplift and activate a sense of well-being, a sense of wholeness in the other. You have the opportunity to express acceptance and respect for the other. You can quietly in your mind simply say “I see you.” The energy of that expression will uplift the other. Remember who you are as a magnificent being and use your awareness to transform and offer expansion to all those that you meet.

When you declare “I am aware that I am aware.” When you bring your full consciousness of your matrix, your full awareness into your field, others respond from their highest understanding as well. You trigger their awareness of who they are.

When you set your intention to sense these grids and all these other matrices observe how you are responding and how others are responding to you. You begin to consciously ride these flows of energy, move through these fields of energy with delight and joy. This is the place of transformation, of miracles as you call them, of total synchronicity. Practice this. Be at peace, Beloved, the ‘team’

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Jenny Schiltz ~ New Codes Incoming from the Sun!

Jenny Schiltz ~ New Codes Incoming from the Sun!

January 20, 2022 by 

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January 19, 2022,

In Meditation yesterday morning I was given a message to share with everyone from the Council of Light that I work with. Two beings shared information as there was much excitement.

First council member:

“Many are feeling that the earth system and humanity are lost and will not be able to right itself. There will be much information in the coming time to confirm this supposition. We would like to share with you that this is not the truth. Your earth is not dying nor are her people. Humanity and the planet will survive this transition.

Yet, if the creative potential of humanity is derailed into a catastrophe, of asteroids, starvation, war, and other cataclysmic events this transition will be made much harder for all.

With the intensity and frequency of the information coming at the population, discernment is difficult yet paramount to master. We have urged each of you through the years to master discernment, to master your truth. It was for precisely this time. For to move through this transition with greater ease, one must be able to see through the fabricated reality into the truth. To see through the overlay that has been created.

We have urged each of you to use your heart space as a guide, as your place within to center. We have also urged you to spend time in nature to help clear the distortions within the field that create a disconnect from your highest aspect and Source.

Now we are urging you to connect with nature not only for the clarity but for the connection itself. The interface that made such interaction with nature and her kingdoms difficult is no longer in place. It could not maintain itself in the vibrational rise of the planet. Many will find themselves connecting more with the previously unseen kingdoms of nature and through this interaction healing.”

(It is important to make note that the interface or overlay that kept us from connecting fully with nature is no longer present because it could not stay active in the increasing vibration of the world and her people. THIS is why it is so important to keep our vibration high and to heal what brings it low. With our very vibration, we shift the world.)

Second Council member then spoke:

The sun will continue to be very active as you go forward in this transition. There is much activity that is not recognizable by your instruments, yet the sensitive among you will feel these energies.

The information being sent no longer simply contains awakening and remembering codes it now holds codes for your next steps.

Each person carries within them coding that is to be activated, “turned on” when the time is right. That time is now. You have moved into a new phase at a personal and planetary level that will bring about large shifts within the micro-level of your world. The macro-level will be affected when enough have shifted their micro.

We ask that each person draw their focus within. What can you do to make your life more aligned with your truth? This is the most important question to be asked at this time. Do not wait for the world to align with you, rather align to your truth, you’re knowing, and let the world do what it will.

The coding coming forth is activating the next steps of this journey, awakening it within you, yet it is through your alignment that this activation becomes action and direction. It is through action that you ground the information into something tangible.

You may notice that pervasive unease and anxiety are being felt by many. This may be interpreted as incoming doom/gloom. In fact, you will find confirmation of the doom/gloom in your media. Yet, that is not the reason for the unease, unless that is the desired outcome you wish to create.

The unease is your indicator that something within your personal world is out of alignment. There may be something that needs to be seen, understood or an action that needs to be taken. This will be heightened as you receive the codes that awaken you to your next steps.

To understand what the unease is telling you, quieting your mind and ensuring that you are as clear as possible will be essential. If your mind and body, both physical and etheric are busy with all that the world would like you to pay attention to, deciphering your next steps will be much more difficult. This is where maintaining the integrity of your energetic field and connecting with nature will assist you greatly.

(I questioned how this could make people feel that have not connected in with themselves or begun the process of honoring self and it was described as a fire alarm going off that you can only feel, not hear. This has the potential to be very overwhelming, understanding this will make our interactions with people easier.)

Many of you will find yourselves energized with ideas and receiving confirmations. This is particularly for those who have felt that their journey has been in a holding pattern. Others will begin to grasp their potential and what their heart holds. Many will find themselves asking “What does my soul want?” (This can be different from what the human wants.) Upon glimpsing this truth, their task will be to move through the limitations created by a fixed world.

These codes coming in from your sun will be sent in intervals so that there is time for integration between each activation. Simultaneously you will find that your sun is also exhibiting increased activity that can be categorized. You may find that there is a pattern between the two.

There is much excitement and joy as reaching this phase of ascension has been an anticipated event. We want you to know that you are loved and guided. The next steps of our evolution are being activated within you. Allow them to unfold within your heart and then breathe them into existence within your physical plane.

I thanked the Council members for their message.

This morning I was on Facebook and saw this message from Jennifer Hoffman, that she posted on January 18th, the same day I received the channeling. Her facebook page can be found at Jennifer Hoffman | Facebook

“Today we have another big energy event which is a highlight of this year, the change in the lunar nodes to Taurus/Scorpio, something that happens every 1.5 to 2 years in 19 year cycles. So go back to April 14, 2003 which is the last time we had the lunar nodes in this position and I point this out because it’s when we started on the active phases of this ascension cycle.

Prior to that it had been happening in the background and then it became very public. It’s the year I was first contacted by Archangel Uriel (in October) and I started writing and channeling, as did Karen Bishop and others who were pioneers in the ascension work. We’re coming full circle on that cycle and starting a new one. It’s ascension 2.0 starting today.   

This is a Beautiful confirmation of what the Council was saying. We have entered a new phase of Ascension. I hope that you are well and finding you embracing more of who you are at the deepest level every day.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world. If you share, please share the entire post with the website link so that others can subscribe and find me. Social media is shifting rapidly and profiles are often disappearing.