Gallery: Nicky Hamid: An Open Message to Our Star Friends

Nicky Hamid: An Open Message to Our Star Friends

July 14, 2022 by 

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An Open Message to our Star Friends.

I openly, and with full embrace acknowledge the loving Presence of the Great Gathering of You, my Star Brothers and Sisters from far and wide in time, space, and dimension.

You have watched, and waited (and protected us) for so long, so lovingly, so patiently, for we HUmans to awaken and make our move into SELFHOOD. For us to remember who we ARE.

I am eternally grateful for your Friendship, compassion, patience and total Knowing of our journey and rights to freedom.

As we are returning to our power and Lovingness, I understand that you are no different to us and are holding out your hands in Love and Friendship to all your brothers and sisters in the HUman Family, who are just waking up.

I would like you all to know that, as sovereign Beings who are removing the fear implants of distrust of ourselves, my Heart tells me loud and clear how truly Loving you are and how much joy and sharing we have to look forward to in this next stage of our journey.

WE are of the ONE SOURCE.

People are learning to listen always first to their Heart for the Truth. and to know beyond doubt, who is loving and to allow you to be a part of our New Earth Dream and the reality of The Star, Nova Earth. You are an essential part of my Family here on FB and I am sure that so many know you as such.

I respect, honor and above all Love you as much as any Being on this planet.

Thank you so much for being here and joining with us in our days of liberation.

You are Well Come.

And So It IS.

I So Love You.

PS: If this resonate please say this out loud (within) as is or with your own modification. It would be such a Blessing that they hear us. And we affirm our relationship and sharing of our destiny together.


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