Gallery: Judith Kusel: Entering a New Epoch

Judith Kusel: Entering a New Epoch

July 14, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

We are entering the Epoch of the Power of Love, and thus the keys and codes of Divine Love, as created within all souls, will be fully activated now.

The deepest remembrance will rise of how to live from the heart and soul, with unconditional love, in harmony and unity with all sentient Beings, all life and life forms, visible and invisible. Indeed, the seeming invisible is more real, than the physical worlds.

So often we confused love with the love we projected onto our most intimate relationships, which often were filled with false expectations, platitudes, neediness, begging to be loved, conditions, etc. We are now being cleaved open, so that we can finally transcend this and move into wholeness again.

In truth, you can only truly love another unconditionally, if you love yourself, unconditionally.

Yet we are now moving from being ego-me-centered into other-centered, so that whatever we are and do, and aspire to be, will be steeped in transcendental love, in the highest and best ways, for the highest good of all concerned.

Unity consciousness.

A deep caring will ensue about the welfare of the greater whole, which includes Mother Earth, all life in and upon her, and will expand cosmically, as we reclaim our Universal and galactic birthright.

We will start alchemizing all which is still hindering or blocking, through the Power of Love, transforming, transmuting, transfiguring.

All of this, first within each individual soul, and spreading like wild fire into the collective.

The Power of Love will now crack everything and everyone open.

It is only when the heart is cracked open to the core that healing can come, and transformation.

In truth there is only love.

All else is illusion.

I have spoken.


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