Gallery: Celia Fenn – The Full Moon

Celia Fenn – The Full Moon

July 13, 2022 by 

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by Celia Fenn

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13th

The energy is really popping and buzzing right now. We are on the threshold of the Full Moon in Capricorn, but the Sun is also in hyper mode, shooting off C Class Solar Flares that are Earth directed with the promise of more to come, perhaps even a powerful X Class Flare.

The theme for this Full Moon is Transformation, especially of old structures, in our lives and as a Collective.

Pluto, the engine of Transformation, is still in Capricorn, and as the Full Moon transits Capricorn it will spark off Pluto producing waves of deep transformational energy. Everything that is not in alignment with your soul purpose will be removed, no matter how much you try to hold on. And you should not hold on! Let go and flow with the energies that will take you to a higher level of consciousness and a new shore of experience.

With all that powerful Solar energy around too, you may be feeling a bit weird. I have been feeling surges and flows in my body, and I feel exhausted at times, like I just want to sleep. Of course if I try to sleep, then I can’t!

This is the effect of intense flows of Plasma energy lighting up the Light Body and the Higher Chakras.

Right now your Solar Chakra is filled with Golden Light and this is coursing through your system. So, to prevent “symptoms” remember to breathe deeply (it opens the Heart Center) and focus your energy in your Heart.

Ground yourself by flowing the energy down into the Earth, and connect with your Higher Self by flowing the energy upwards and above your Head into the Soul Star Chakra.

Feel this “axis” centered in your Heart and keep your balance between Heaven and Earth.

This is a powerful and creative time, the last “hop” before Lions Gate when the Portal opens and new energies stream through to allow us to create a new spiral of evolution on Earth.

Walk in Truth and Beauty Beloved Friends, under the Radiance of the Full Moon!


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