Gallery: Kryon ~ The Expanded Human

Kryon ~ The Expanded Human

July 11, 2022 by 

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by Lee Carroll, July 10, 2022, via email

I have good news. I would like to tell you about an attribute you are being given—and we celebrate with you!

It’s an attribute that we can now reveal, that some facilitators in this room are starting to experience. The Human energy field in the posturing of the old energy was approximately three feet, or about one meter.

Facilitators who work with energy will tell you that this is the distance in which they can often sense energy as they approach a Human Being for healing. They can sense the field that is the personal spiritual energy of a Human. It belongs to each Human.

Those who can feel energy will tell you that this is more than an aura. It has your “energy stamp” on it—your name on it—who you are.

Often, medical intuitives and energy workers can feel all manner of things within this space. Some energy workers can put their hands within the field and discuss what is indeed happening at the cellular level of your body—imbalance, as well as enlightenment and even sorrow or joy! This is the way it has been.

Now, that distance is going to change, dramatically. We’re here to tell you this, Dear Ones: You now have permission to expand this personal field, slowly through these new years, foot by foot—taking your power to its full potential of 27 feet!

This is the size of the full Human Merkabah.


From Kryon Book VIII: Passing The Marker, through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via


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