Gallery: Dr. Schavi ~ A Beautiful Indigenous Teaching

Dr. Schavi ~ A Beautiful Indigenous Teaching

July 9, 2022 by 

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by Dr. Schavi M. Ali, July 1, 2022,

The [above] teaching is given by the group “Relentless Indigenous Women,” and I invite all who read it to print it out and keep it inside of a small pouch within their wallet and to take it out and read it whenever necessary.

It provides a wonderful way in which to move through the current time frame that is sometimes fraught with relationship challenges around ~

  • Family, friends or strangers,
  • Political strife in various nations,
  • Sociological policies and procedures that are disharmonious to the collective,
  • Medical misinformation/malpractice,
  • Scientific tampering with Nature, and so many other problems within the “3d” realm.

This teaching is like a brief “Satsangha” which is when people sit down to listen to the wise instructions of an “Acharya” or “Guru.”

“Satsanghas” began in ancient times when temple students sat beneath the feet of a “Rishi” (“Sage”) in lush green forest areas during the height of Vedic civilization.

However, as stated above, the following is from what are known as “Indigenous People” who many refer to as “Native Americans,” which is actually a misnomer, because this civilization (as well as the ancient Vedics and Kemetu) traversed the entire globe as well as the star systems and are, therefore, “Multi-Galactics,” just as we and our ancestors are.

We are indeed comprised of the substances of the stars!


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