Gallery: Celia Fenn: July is Sirius Season

Celia Fenn: July is Sirius Season

July 5, 2022 by 

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July is Sirius Season. It is that time of the year when the Sun rises in the sky conjunct Sirius in the Northern hemisphere.

It is when Earth has “two suns” a Golden/White Sun and a Blue White Sun (Sirius). It celebrates the close and ancient connection between Earth and the Star Schools of Sirius and the Star Lions and Lionesses.

In Ancient Egypt it also celebrated the Rising of the Nile and the beginning of a new cycle of Abundance that was linked to the Sacred River.

For us too, it is a time of the beginning of a new Time Cycle.

We feel the presence of the Sirian Star Teachers and the Star Lions and Archangel Michael in the intense processes of Transformation and Ascension. And new beginnings……..

From the Sirian Star Teachers we learn the importance of the processes of Renewal and Transformation and of honoring these Sacred Cycles in our live.

From the Star Lions and Lionesses we learn the importance of Courage and Strength, and Trust, as we forge our path forward. Especially as we approach the 7/7 Portal of the Spiritual Warriors on Earth!

And from Archangel Michael we accept the Sword of Truth, to stand in our Power and be empowered by the Light of our Inner Truth!

We remember that we are also Galactic and Angelic Beings of Light, and that we stand now as the new Human Angels, the Shining Ones, holding Light for the New Earth.

Dear Friends, as we move into July with all its shifts and challenges, it is essential to remember who we are and to hold that balance and love in our Hearts.

It is our Time to Shine like the Stars!

Love to everyone!


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