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I have been writing forever it seems. My first was a play about the flower fairies I saw in my Grandma’s Garden when I was child. I think I persuaded my brother to perform it with me, a creative work? My mother kept a copy of it, so I know it happened and I remember the flower was a Tiger Lily.

I began writing articles for publication when I began diving at 18, many were published in early diving magazines and I went on to write and publish magazines, and when I went on to university, I was writing essays, reports and so on. After I became a mother, I wrote short stories, the first published was The Expatriate which won a Billy Blue Literary Award and is now published here.

In 1989 while I worked at the Australian Museum, I wrote a book published by Doubleday/ Transworld with my ex-husband Kevin Deacon. It was about our diving experiences and was very successful.

It is published here also, under my copyright. I worked for TAFE for 5 years, working on External Course material and then teaching in Communications up to Associate Diploma level courses. I also taught Creative Writing in Women’s Reentry Programs. I also worked for Workcover on Hazardous Substances, and CCH the legal Publisher and for the Journalists Agency. I also worked as Science Editor on The Australian Encyclopedia. In 1991, I met Aboriginal Elder Guboo Ted Thomas, from Yuin tribe in Southeastern NSW. He predicted I would be going Walkabout. Within a week I had a job at The Supervising Scientist for Alligator Rivers first in Sydney then in Jabiru NT publishing Annual Reports and scientific papers. I also met Bill Neidjie in Kakadu and edited a paper he gave to a conference in Jabiru and he signed copies of his books, Story about Feelings and Kakadu Man.

In 2012 I self published the book Kakadu Dreaming, a book of poetry written while In Jabiru. Following this I went online to promote the book and have been publishing a blog on WordPress which has over 2,000 blogs now. In order to make this Encyclopaedia length material more accessible, I collected material into books and they are collected here as eBooks. In 2022 I registered a domain name and changed my online presence from: to

This is an updated republished Links to my books

You can search for these titles on my blog which will take you to the chapter links. then press the link to get the blogs. I’m working on this to make it more accessible. my blog is now

Light Language Posts


Please enjoy my books which are offered Freely as my gift to humanity

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