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The belt of Orion
This painting depicts the Elohim on the upper left and the fallen angels on the upper right. The aspirant is going into the Hall of Records. It was painted for me by Gary Handford and I was told others would recognise the image.
Hopi rock art with kachinas

The Keys of Enoch tells us: ‘I was taken from Arcturus through a series of tessellations which seemed to be of a different “LIGHT” density, where multiple saddle-shaped concentric fields intersected so that a threshold was formed running through the star spaces connected with Orion.

My physical body at the threshold gate, had to exchange its garment of flesh for a garment of Light as I passed through the star regions served by the Brotherhoods of Light.’ `I was the taken by Enoch to the region known as Saiph in the great star field of Orionis; from there I was taken into the presence of the field of Light known as Mintaka. And within this field of Light I was met by the being of Great Light, a being of great majesty called Metatron, the creator of Light in the outer universe. And my spirit was so overwhelmed with the presence of the Higher Light, I would not have been able to maintain my body of Light were it not for the body of Metatron.’

The Keys are to exemplify both the spiritual understanding and the scientific understanding that must converge if the right reality structure is to be shared by members of the human Race in taking a quantum leap forward into the New Age. The Keys were given in 1973 as fire letters in glowing geometries of light. They are to coordinate sixty four unique areas of scientific knowledge which are to be advanced. Each of the 64 areas are to be given prophetic insight which will allow humanity to increase its understanding and raise its consciousness to participate with other Worlds of Light. There will be tremendous acceleration of the physical sciences into spiritual sciences in truly transmuting the world of material form into the Kingdom of Light.

True evolution is spiritual evolution, the advancement of consciousness power whereby your spiritual vehicles evolve towards your divine self in concert with one another. The Brotherhood of Light has clearly stated that Orion-Kesil is our stellar Central Control, for Orion is a dwelling place of the Living Light consciously and continuously sending the emanations of the spiritual Hierarchy into the gravitational fields of the lower planetary worlds. So Orion is the central region used by the B’nai Elohim and Lords of Light.

A threshold of creation from our immediate physical galaxy into the next level of creation within our Father universe consisting of myriads of super super-galaxies The fire letters can come in during meditation, for example I received they symbol Tau which is an upside down u. My understanding is it refers to the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of this creation.

In Hopi tradition when Orion dominates winter skies (in America), the ants are deep in their own “kivas” (hills). Although this seems contradictory, the zenith and the nadir are actually one shamanistic axis comprising the Underworld. Two separate realms exist in the Hopi cosmology: the surface of the earth as the site of human activity and a combined sky/underground region as the home of the spirits, in particular the kachinas. (For the Hopi a kachina is a masked spirit that can assume the form of any physical object, phenomenon, or living being.) The kachinas are represented in their rock art. Both the ant mound with its dark tunnels and the kiva with its sipapuni (a hole in the floor symbolically linking it to the Underworld) embody the nether plane. This paradoxically arches upward across the skies to serve as home to the star spirits.

Here is a message channelled from Orion: October 1, 2011. `The message that came through this day is from the beloved Elohim, the creator Light Angels. They arrived to offer some understanding about the process of spiritual channelling and connecting to Divine Wisdom. Read on for their loving message… (William) Dearest friends, would you speak to others about the process of spiritual channelling… what it is, how it works, who can do it, and why it is so important?

(The Elohim) Indeed, dear brother, we are most happy to speak to all of you about what you would call the channelled state of being, your birthright, your legacy. For you see, this is not a mystery, although to some, it may seem to be.

This act of channelling, of spiritual communication, is vastly simple, elegant, powerful, yet is a skill that may be had by all people of your planet. It is, in the truest sense of the word, a connection to that which is greater than your awareness in the moment. In other words, it is a connection to greater Love. It is a reaching upward and outward, beyond the limitations of your five senses into the true knowledge of the Universe. Channelling is, for most people, something that appears to be possible for only a few. But we are here to say that this, that we, are available at all times to all people. No one has the market cornered on channelling. It is not the way of the universe to be stingy or exclusive with gifts of the spirit. We are available to you at all times, watching over you, loving you, whispering that which you need to hear and know to live your lives with greater ease and peace. We are your guides, your teachers, your healers, your friends, your family. And when you make the decision to connect to us on a more intimate level, as you have, you activate that part of the mind that resides within the Higher Self, that part of the mind that knows that of which we speak to be true. And by speaking this truth, you unlock the gateway to the heart of yourself, your soul-self, the heart of compassion and love. For you see, this is who we are: the energies of compassion and love.

And we are on your side and at your side in every waking moment. And notice that we remark, “if this is your desire.” Know, at all times, that we respect you. We honor your free will. Although we are always with you, never will we bring ourselves into your full awareness if we are not invited to do so. We shall never break the contract of your life by interfering with you or misleading you in any way. We are with you, yes, but we do not seek to interfere in the learning you have undertaken for it is strictly forbidden by the Creator. We come to you to offer love and greater understanding of your life, your origins, and the Universe, but we do this only by your invitation. And yes, we leave you in an instant if this is your will and your desire. You are the ones in charge, most beloved! This is always the way that it has been and always will be. And so, as you seek to channel us, your guides and angels, you are seeking, most simply, to connect with love and compassion and then channel love and compassion through whatever means is most natural for you. For some, it is in the speaking that love is brought forth. For others, the graceful touch of a hand is all that is needed to bring our love through to another. You bring our love to others by opening your heart and inviting us to channel our love through you. Isn’t that wonderful? It truly is that simple.‎

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