Gallery: Diary of an eBook

Gallery: Diary of an ebook Posts

This is a book about a book. It’s the story of my ebook publishing experience. Kakadu Dreaming is the name of the book. it was published by XLibris, the publisher. I have still not received a cent from XLibris, and according to them I’ve sold one book. I sold almost 20,000 of Australia Down Under, my first book, so I don’t believe what they are telling me. There are some reports in here, from other disgruntled authors of XLibris, so my advice is stay well away from them. This is why I won’t be publishing any more books. I believe publishing as it once was has changed forever. I would rather see the information freely available and if it’s of use, you can donate what it’s worth to you. In the principle of energy exchange.. There’s a donation button at the end.Diary of an ebook of an ebook 2 of en ebook 3 of an ebook 4 of an ebook 5 of an ebook 6 of an ebook 7 of an ebook 8 of an ebook 9 missing in action!
Diary of an ebook 11 of an ebook 12 of an ebook 13 of an ebook 14 of an ebook 15 of an ebook 16 of an ebook 17 of an ebook 18

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