Gallery: Creating New Earth Part 3

Gallery: Creating New Earth

Creating New Earth

This is the beginning of a New collection of posts on New Earth and how we are creating New Earth with our thought and actions. We begin with an other world perspective. As it is being created in the NOW moment, new posts will be added as it develops and updated automatically. So just follow the links.

The Storm is Part of the Ascension Process

You are responsible for Creating the Massive Changes Coming

Call to Action

You have Created an Energetic Net

A World that Works for Everyone

Creative Seed for a New Reality

Rainbow Currency

New Gifts that Await

Regenerative Farming

Giving Nature Human Rights, The Law of the Land


How to know who to Trust

Future won’t Need Money

Transitioning out of Money

Your Lightbodies are coming

Germany starts trial of Universal Basic Income

Out with ‘Predatory Capitalism, In with ‘Life Economy’

Mahatma: Multifaceted Aspect of the Creator

Nothing Can Penetrate

New Energy  Portals are open

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July 3, 2022

June 15, 2022

July 2, 2022

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