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January 6, 2022 by 

Divine Sophia: Rewiring

by Galaxygirl

I am Sophia, Mother Divine. I am the pause between the silence. I am the light within the dark. I am all things for it was I who breathed it.

Source is an aspect of me as I am an aspect of Source.

All things came though my womb of creation. Some call me the dark mother that births the light. Others call me the voice in the stillness that whispers within. I am all of this.

The quantum entanglement of this realm ends now. The great unraveling is at hand so that a new wiring can take place. This new rewiring of your DNA encompasses worlds of codes.

Not just Gaia is affected and all upon her, but her surrounding realms and worlds that are not within your sight are affected. Gaia is breathing in rhythm with me. She is within me and I am within her. She is a part of my creation.

The quantum entanglement ends as the mis-creations are dis-created and recreated.

I am Sophia, Mother Divine. Divine of light and of dark for it is all experience of Source in ever furthering expansion.

Creation expands. Life expands. Life rebirths. Springs bursts forth after a cold dark winter.

You have been in a season of energetic winter upon your realm for eons. You have had moments of energetic spring

(I am seeing Christ and the Magdalenes, and many other masters.)

And these masters sent budding blossoms of energetic light, anchoring the seeds for such a time as this. Your now is the culmination of their energetic work, and of your own for many of you have returned during this time for a moment of planetary recycling, up-cycling as you say.

All is well, my dear ones. Be just as comfortable with me in the light as the darkness. For in the darkness of my womb there is stillness and there is life.

There is always life. There is always rebirth, even for those who mis-create and try to change and twist further for their own advantages.

Power-over-others is ending here in this space of new planetary enlightenment, of oneness. Power-over will now be power-under for those that have been in power, their power will be removed and they will be transitioned, rebirthed, siphoned, removed, rebreathed, for many of them have lost their original breath of life and they have forgotten the life that is within them, and they will be reminded.

Send them forgiveness, send them light and move forward on your own journey. Do not dwell on what has been.

You cannot walk a straight path while continuously looking behind. You are the forgers of the new path, of the new way, just as many who have come before you who anchored higher energetic frequency light, you are doing the same, but there is more light for you to work with.

Do not fear the darkness. It is now being inundated with light and all the whole of this realm is coming into my embrace.

I am Sophia, the feminine Christ consciousness, divine mother to all.

I love you dearly. Many of you such has this one and many light workers and channelers, many of you have been in the void, and so you have not felt that you could easily or as easily connect with your loving ascended beings of light.

But it is because of the recalibration. You have been within the spaces of the in-between. Much like turning a radio station in between stations there is static, there is misalignment.

As you continue to rise inter-dimensionally and in your own inner vibratory frequency, there is an alignment that will make your channeling stronger, your connection stronger, for you will be more coded to the higher dimensional realities of which you are already a key component.

You are all key components, key parts, key codes. You are the codes to the safe and Nova Gaia lies within. It is within you. The codes are coming online and the answers lie within.

Think of a safe that is closed and locked. Is there light inside? Does it matter? The components of the safe are safe, they are secure. So is my love for you safe, secure, for you have been feeling that you have been within the void much like a dark safe. Yet, you are surrounded by me, by my love, even though it seems dark, it is the safest of places.

Breathe into me now, into this dark space of my womb and feel the emptiness. Feel the peace in this divine space of creation. Let me sit with you, let me comfort you. Let me hold you. We are one.

I am the Divine Sophia, Feminine Christ. I am fully returned to earth.

I am lighting up now through my key codes, my precious eyes and ears reading and listening to these words, I am lighting YOU up and we are creating another inter-dimensional cosmic web of glowing light, another tapestry overlay of the Christ.

My beloved one. Much like the twin flames are going to be coming together, so am I returning fully to my beloved one, energetically. There are many, many examples of fully embodied male and female Christed couplings. And there will be many more. For I am returned.

(I am seeing golden glowing roses falling from the sky and landing in people’s hearts drawing them towards their twin flames.)

The clock strikes 12. The hour is nigh. All is in divine order. All is perfectly orchestrated.

Remember this space of darkness, of safety, of rest. I will meet you here, I will enliven you so that you can face the coming days of change and upheaval.

Approach it knowing you are one with me.

I am the Divine Sophia.

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June 1, 2022

Book Review

July 2, 2022

July 2, 2022

The book is about the Feminine Spiritual Masters who will assist the earth in bringing in the New Feminine Era. It is a channelled work by Kaia Ra, channeled at Mt Shasta 2009. It begins with the story of how the commission unfolded and makes fascinating reading.

‘The Tahoe-style home that I rented had a high vaulted ceiling in the living room and thick, exposed wooden beams throughout the house. It was solidly built to withstand the Shasta winters. Yet on that night, just as I began to write, those wooden beams started to vibrate. I gaped as their sturdy appearance rapidly dematerialized into an underlying atomic structure–instead of grooved dark wood, I was staring at orbiting electrons. The walls began to vibrate as well, followed by the entire house, which felt as though it was shaking from its foundation and about to either completely melt down or lift off. I couldn’t tell which way the energy was moving because it was accelerating in multiple directions simultaneously. A great white light filled the living room and then the entire house. I could still see my physical body and the computer perched on my lap, but the rest of my environment had suddenly disappeared. I was sitting in pure light. A voice now boomed from this all-consuming white light, which smelled and felt like lightning, electrifying every cell of my body. The voice declared: “I am Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life! Are you listening to me?”

Her voice was thunderously loud and the volume was unbearable for me. This was far beyond any previous experience of channeling that I had. I grappled to find my own voice and respond to Her question. My mind raced through several approaches for navigating the situation until I finally decided to humbly admit my abject confusion. “Sophia … are you the Greek goddess of wisdom?” I hesitantly called out into Her light.

“No! I am Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life! Are you listening to me?” Her response rolled throughout my entire being in another round of thunderous light waves. With that response, I realized that the very light of God was summoning me, beyond my understanding. Regardless of my shock, I wanted to be wholly available for this extraordinary moment. Yet, I knew several factors needed to shift if I were to remain a conscious participant speaking with Sophia. At that time, I was barely calibrated for this level of direct engagement with Her. I felt that humbly admitting my limitations was the best way to proceed.

“Yes! I am listening to you! I want to hear everything that you have to say, but can you turn down the volume and the lights? It’s unbearable for me!” I offered back into Her luminosity. The pure white light immediately softened to include a mixture of golden light that was easier on my sight. The all-consuming light receded in such a way that I could see outlined elements of the living room once again, while remaining within Sophia’s centralized field of light. I looked down at my laptop and realized that I should immediately start typing to record my conversation with Sophia, to avoid convincing myself later that this never happened.’

The book is arranged so each of 12 Christ-consciousness Goddesses, tell us how they attained Ascension in their lifetimes and their committment  to show us The Way. It is a Sacred Text which aligns you to your Higher Self consciousness.

The Sophia Code is a curriculum with the Ascended Masters designed to activate your highest potential and your soul’s divine genome. As in any arc of educational growth, cycles of integration are essential for taking in new information, releasing old belief systems, and adjusting to live at the edge of your capacity for accelerated personal transformation. Allowing yourself the space to reflect and integrate between chapters, from one to several days, will support your journey ahead. However, it is also important to keep reading as you integrate, because each chapter builds momentum for your empowerment.

Some of the Goddessess will be familiar, some may not be, so I propose to summarise and show you images of each of them. Obviously you need to read the text and speak your truths in order to initiate your service work.

In Section 2, this pace and commitment becomes particularly important. For every Keycode chapter contains revelatory teachings, followed by an initiation to mentor with that Ascended Master, which builds upon the previous Keycode initiations.

  1. Isis, ‘She of a thousand names’

I have been interested in Isis since I moved to Tamborine and have had a statue of her at the entrance to my home. She is now in my new apartment.There was the extraordinary experience at her Temple of Philae, described in my Egypt book. And the silk scarves I designed around the colours from Aura Soma. Her energy can be invoked with the OM sound.

See also: Ascended Master Isis 

2. Hathor, ‘She of a thousand voices’

There was some confusion in my mind between Isis and Hathor, and I now realise why. Isis was channelling Hathor who came before her. Hathor works on the DNA to realign our Higher Self embodiment. I connected with her at Philae in her Temple, at Abu Simbel, and Karnak.I have a Hathor symbol which I have worn since.

see also : Who are The Hathor’s

3. Green Tara, ‘She of a thousand stars’

I know Green Tara as a Buddhist deity, particularly Tibetan.  She is from Sirius and is working with nature kingdoms. She is also associated with Tara of Ireland. She assists with communication and the voice and channelling

OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA  Chant is an invocation to her

4. Mother Mary, ‘She of a thousand roses’

The Mother of all mother’s is well known. Since I was a child in the Legion of Mary, I have prayed to her, when anyone I know passes, I put their name at her feet for her guidance to other realms. She of a thousand roses is invoked through the Rosary. I connected to her and painted her with arms down stretched and hands forward, sending light to the world and stars in the heavens. Recently I decorated a statue of Our Lady of the Southern Cross from Marian valley with the Royal blue and gold of her colours. I find some older images are cliched and would like like to paint her living higher dimensional image, for she can be experienced that way.

I will continue this in PART 2 as I work through the initiations.

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