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Eye of the Bull speaks: “Coming forward to speak out of necessity, I reinforce certain aspects of character that have been somewhat lacking in humanity’s display of attributes as of late. Know ye no sense of honor or integrity? So ready to trade away self-respect for fleeting gain, people are destroying their own souls for what amounts to absolutely nothing in time. One must focus on the eternal not the transitory. Up and down are merely the oscillations that bring beings to understanding through experience. You must remember to bravely play the cosmic game. Rather than searching for final victory, enjoy the intricacy of its unfolding.

Choices made with the whole Earth community in mind will awaken the nobler qualities in humanity that have unfortunately grown dormant through the instigation and repetition of lesser brain pathways. Beware of that which constantly draws you out through the senses. Pleasurable at first, many of these enticements can become addictions which pull you again and again down from spirit consciousness into solely body perception. Rather than living in the open free spaces of the inner world, you will be always in search of sensation. One of your Souls, Gautama Buddha, was a pioneer of freedom in this regard’. Aldebaren was I believe in early contact with Aboriginal people. Aldebaran features on many Meso-potamian clay tablets, suggesting the Anunnaki “gods” are depictions of the Aldebaran aliens. The Anunnaki looked very human. Finally, a few clay tablets show a bell-shaped “space capsule” seemingly having descended from a “winged” object in the sky.

The Aldebaran symbol, a dot surrounded by circles is seen in ancient rock art. The Aldebarans are said to have been drawn to desert areas and this may have included Australia as well as Bedouin and other tribal groups. On May 13, 2001, the first UK crop formation in rape was discovered at Old Winchester Hill, near Warnford in Hampshire. The formation consisted of a circle containing several rings. It appeared at the same time the space probe to Aldebaren sent its last photo.

Here is another report of using Aldabaran as a remedy. The Starlight Elixir is used for grieving and sadness associated with death in conjunction with emerald. It appears to me that the Aldebaran Starlight Elixir draws out the inner soul purpose of parenting, teaching, guiding, facilitating others. Creating an opening through which the higher self of a person can access his soul's mission, if it's in alignment with his free will. Bringing out the inner peace that comes when accessing that totality of the soul's potential.And in hearing the three individual’s comments, the struggle of tough love, unconditional love, and sharing our divinity is the basis for this particular path of the soul. It helped me to realize why after teaching in a public school for twenty years, the angels told me it was time to move on and teach adults.

`At the time, I was coordinating a special program of my design, working with high IQ middle and high school students and their teachers and creating advanced programs of study. The more I worked with them, the more I realized how much they needed emotional support. They never felt understood or accepted. Creating a mentorship program had a profound impact on all the students. All kids felt more at ease, and had better relationships with parents, the school and other kids. Looking back, I understand the ‘Aldebaran’ parent/teacher in me was guiding this project. Why else would I be aware of the emotional needs of the higher IQ kids? Especially in a time when no one else seemed to be addressing it. I also understand why I was to move on and teach adults. It was time to take this even farther, and have more adults understanding the special needs of all kids. “You live. You grow. You may be.”

The unconditional love of allowing free will while transmitting deep and profound compassion. Allowing each to be their best. Whatever that is.’

An Austrian psychic called Maria Orsic – received “channelled” information from the Sumi, a species that had inhabited a planet orbiting the star Aldebaran, 65 light years from Earth. Thousands of years ago, Maria claimed, this species contacted the people of Mesopotamia, the land that is now Iraq. Babylonian myths describe a very strange celestial object called Nibiru that moves through the sky in a manner totally unlike any of the stars or planets. Nibiru exhibits the behaviour of an object that is in a polar orbit around the Earth. Other Mesopotamian myths describe a vessel like an “egg” that fell from the sky as a “fiery bird”, before plunging into the River Euphrates. This vessel was the “celestial boat” that brought Enki – the God of Wisdom – to Mesopotamia. The imagery of a “fiery bird” and an “egg” has echoes of the ancient Egyptian mythologies of the phoenix and the Benben Stone, both of which represented “wisdom”. It seemed to me these myths could be describing the arrival of some sort of space capsule.

Unfortunately the NAZI’s were very interested in Aldebaran and the Vril Project describes some of their exploits, in developing UFO’s from the channelled information, giving this planet a dubious reputation.

This has in recent times led to the launching of the Aldebaran Project, a privately funded group seeking to test the hypothesis that aliens did contact us. The astrophysicist Carl Sagan wrote: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Hypotheses need to be tested. The only method of definitively testing my hypothesis is to launch a satellite into orbit and use this to search for the Ancient Envoy. Until recently, this was impossible as even the smallest of satellites were prohibitively expensive to build and to launch. Now however, an American company – Interorbital Systems – has begun marketing low-cost “cube satellites”. These “cubesats” come as kits that can be assembled without specialist skills. By launching a series of cubesats known as the Seekers, my hypothesis can now be tested. The objectives of The Aldebaran Project are ambitious, but they are realistic. SEEKER I will be launched in 2017-8.

Aldebaran is where the Language of Light originated from. This is the beginning of Creation for this Galaxy. It is a member of the Galactic Federation.

`We arrive at Aldeberan. I see a pool just like the one on The Mall in Washington D.C. It is rectangular shaped. There are massive rectangular stones surrounding the pool and I see a round tower made of these stones. I looked up and saw a tall rectangular compound. Then we are walking up an ancient stairway and then back down another stairway into the center of what I now recognize is a Ziggurat.

When we descend the stairs there are ancient gigantic stone statues of Kings that make up pillars. They look like Egyptian Pharoah statues. KOS is there and he says:
This is it.
There is a secret portal in this ziggurat that will immediately take you to a Star Gate in Pakistan. I will show you on the Pakistan map where the Star Gate is. For years the Illuminati fought over the Iranian StarGate.
That was always a false story. That Star Gate goes other places, but not to Aldeberan. There has always been Kumaras taking Ships in and out from Afghanistan, and that was a decoy spot. There is another Star Gate there, the one I showed you a picture of. That one is another important one, but does not lead here. That large stone tower is where the StarShips enter and exit from.’

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